Tuesday April 13th 2021

***all times are PDT***

monday april 8th-
the day and week starts off with the sun in aries parallel venus in aries at 4:32am. with the conscious self and ego aligned with the Goddess of Love and beauty we are being asked to focus on relationships, finances and self-worth. taking action and dealing with issues in our lives is a focus- yet we are in the dark moon that time of the lunar cycle that is about release, endings and letting go. the new moon on wednesday is a time to start things- but for now we need to clear out for some new delight (thanks rumi!).

at 1:05pm mars in aries contraparallels juno in aquarius, creating tension between the will, warrior and drive and the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage and commitment. our ego’s needs and desires can be at odds with the greater needs and Bigger Picture in our relationships. learning to balance awareness of I AM (mars in aries) with WE ARE (juno in aquarius) is key.

at 8:55pm the sun in aries semisquares neptune in pisces, bringing tension between the conscious self and ego the planet that dissolves ego boundaries. sun/neptune can be great for spiritual practice, meditation and compassionate service but it’s not so great for healthy boundaries and being grounded. we need to be aware of the tendency to delude ourselves and/or see what we want to see. take time to drop into your inner experience tonight!

the day ends with mercury in pisces semisquare to juno in aquarius, exact at 9:28pm. this is the first aspect that was made when mercury entered his retrograde shadow back in the first week of february. after this aspect is made we are fully out of the mercury retrograde frequency- that is until the next one in june! pay attention to conversations, communications and contemplations about relationships, commitments and contractual arrangements that are present today. something that began in february is trying to resolve itself. aha moments and insights can come in, but so can a desire to deny/avoid (mercury is in pisces after all!). we need to balance our compassion and Love with healthy boundaries and healthy separation.
tuesday april 9th-
the first aspect of the day is exact at 12:42am when venus in aries contraparallels juno in aquarius, creating tension between our desires and our needs in relationships and commitments in our lives. venus in aries wants fun, fire, passion and action- while juno in aquarius wants independence, intellectual rapport and detachment. seeing where our needs or desires are not being honored or addressed is key- as that is the only way to go about fixing them!

at 5:33am the sun in aries contraparallels juno in aquarius- bringing tension between the ego’s needs and desires and our partnership’s needs and arrangements. again- a balance needs to be struck between ME and WE. if either end of the spectrum is getting denied there can be issues arising right now.

the day ends with mercury in pisces sesquiquadrate retrograde saturn in scorpio at 10:29pm, bringing tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of limitation, restriction and karma. heavy conversations can be had tonight- ones that may not be fun but they are serious and have long-term implications. dealing with reality is not fun but it is necessary! if you feel that communication is restricted in any way take this time to get clear within yourself so that when things open up again (which they will) you have clarity and awareness of the Truth you need to speak.
wednesday april 10th-
the first aspect of the day is exact at 12:24am when venus in aries parallels mars in aries, aligning the Divine Lovers is passionate and creative ways! these two aligned by degree this past saturday (the 6th) and they do so today by declination- making for a super aspect between the Divine Lovers that lasts all week long! the best use of this energy is to generate creativity and passion in our lives. yet with this alignment in firey, dynamic and sometimes aggressive aries things can get a bit hot under the collar. we need to watch out for being overly selfish, impulsive and argumentative right now. we need to be careful of burning bridges that cannot be rebuilt!

the new moon in aries is exact at 2:35am, starting a new lunar cycle. the new moon is conjunct both venus and mars- supporting new starts and new chapters in relationships and creativity. after all the aries activation of the last part of march we are now ready to start a new chapter in regards to our will, our drive and taking action in our lives! hopefully now we are little clearer about what we want and need and ready to go after it. just watch out for too much fire which can be aggressive, selfish and impulsive. learning how to compromise as we meet our own goals and needs is key.
thursday april 11th-
there are no major aspects today. the moon is in earthy, stable and sensual taurus all day long putting a focus on grounding, stabilizing and seeing things through. the moon sextiles neptune in the morning which is sweet and spiritual, but she opposes saturn in the afternoon which can be heavy, repressive and restriction. we are heading into eclipse season and the first lunar eclipse is conjunct saturn- so this focused, serious and karmic energy is not going anywhere anytime soon. the saturn energy is very powerful right now- particularly at the end of april (read the monthly forecast and monthly horoscopes). pay attention to what needs to be pruned/purged and/or fully dealt with in your life. it won’t go away until you deal with it- so may as well get to it!
friday april 12th-
the first celestial shift of the day is exact at 12:35pm when pluto stations retrograde at 11’35 capricorn, making the lord of the underworld the strongest planet in the sky. themes of regeneration, death and rebirth, catharsis and transformation are a focus. deep shadows can erupt in the collective and personally- so be aware and use the depth insight in constructive rather than destructive ways. this is a great time for shamanic journeys, therapy and dreamwork! deep subconscious material is coming up to be addressed- work with the energy to purge, release and renew!

at 12:57pm mercury in pisces contraparallels uranus in aries, pitting the lower mind opposite the Higher Mind in electric, sudden and perhaps anxiety-producing ways!
mercury/uranus can open our minds so we can see the Bigger Picture, but it can also tear us apart with realizations that we may have not be prepared for. stay open to Truth presenting itself and embrace it with arms wide open!

at 2:41pm venus in aries semisquares chiron in pisces, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the wounded healer. old wounds and pain around relationships and finances can arise today. in order to heal we have to FEEL all that we have not felt and/or have buried for fear of feeling so deeply. this aspect can bring up deep stuff but the point is to bring awareness to it so we can shift it and move beyond it. pay attention to the issues or wounds cropping up in Love and money situations today and see what is asking for more awareness!

the sun in aries parallels mars in aries at 3:56pm, aligning the conscious self and ego with the will, warrior and drive. this is a dynamic, masculine, yang aspect that can be great for focus, action and purpose, but it can also be a bit too firey, aggressive and conflict oriented- so be aware! the best use of this energy is to get clear on the path ahead and then take one confident step at a time!

the day ends with retrograde saturn in scorpio quincunx uranus in aries at 8:29pm, creating tension and friction between the planet of stability, security and safety and the planet of liberation, eruptions and sudden change! this is definitely not a stabilizing energy. the past confronts the future, the old confronts the new, what has been confronts what can be. we have to find a balance between structure/tradition and liberation/new energy coming in. if we are too stuck in the past this energy can serve to sever our ties. if we are too obsessed with the future this energy can be a reminder to address and deal with the roots, foundations and day to day details in our lives. pay attention to what is up for you today and address it- don’t repress it!
saturday april 13th-
the first aspect of the day is a powerful one: retrograde saturn in scorpio squares juno in aquarius at 3:29am. saturn and juno will be doing this dance all year long- bringing a HUGE focus to karmic issues in finances and relationships. saturn will square juno again on 8/26 and again on 11/29. all year long relationships and financial realities are being tested, pruned and processed. things that are strong enough/meant to be will make it through this period of testing- but things that are not will fall away. it’s a time of getting real about our needs and desires in partnership and connection with others- as well as facing our deep fears and shadows around possessiveness/jealousy/obsession/compulsion and fear of abandonment (saturn in scorpio) and/or fear of commitment//engulfment/suffocation and our ensuing detachment (juno in aquarius). pay attention to what is going on in your relationships and financial reality this week- something is trying to get your attention so you can deal with it!

then at 7:42am uranus in aries sextiles juno in aquarius. saturn is testing things and bringing us face to face with reality- while uranus is helping liberate us and free us from attachments to the past! uranus rules juno (juno is in uranus’ sign) so the freedom/indepedence/evolutionary energy of uranus and aquarius is amplified right now. relationships MUST be for evolutionary purposes. any relationships or commitments that hold us back and keep us stuck in the past need to be revolutionized or released completely.

at 7:37pm mercury moves out of pisces into aries, joining the sun, venus, mars and uranus in the sign of the warrior! the conscious mind and intellect is moving from water to fire, receptive to active, inward to outward, yin to yang. mercury in aries is direct, honest and speaks his Truth! we just have to watch out for being overly aggressive and selfish in our communication- it’s not all about oneself, there are other views and beliefs that we have to accommodate. over the coming week or so mercury will trigger the uranus/pluto square, bringing more breakdowns and breakthroughs via communication!

the last aspect of the day occurs at 9:36pm when mercury, newly in aries, parallels chiron in pisces- aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the wounded healer. the best use of this aspect is to have healing conversations, but the shadow is that words can wound rather than heal so we need to use awareness in speech and thought right now. dive down deep and see what you need to see! something is trying to come to Light!
sunday april 14th-
the week ends on a sweeter note! at 10:18am venus at the last degree of aries semisquares jupiter in gemini, pitting the two greater benefic planets against one another. the desire to enjoy life, indulge the self and experience pleasure is high right now! with aries and gemini highlighted we want our passions to be expressed and we want our intellects and desire for fun and spontaneity fed. this can be very sweet, although it can also be over-indulgent. take heed as there will be consequences to pay tomorrow if we overeat/overspend/overdo it today ;)

the last aspect of the day and week is exact at 1:55pm when venus, newly in aries, contraparallels neptune in pisces, energetically opposing the lower heart with the Higher Heart. this is a great aspect for spirituality, mysticism, compassion and Unconditional Love! the desire to help, heal and bliss out is high. yet we need to be aware of wearing rose colored glasses. seeing the Light in everyone and everything needs to be balanced with seeing and addressing/dealing with the shadow. rose colored glasses make life pretty but at some point they have to come off- so use the sweet venus/jupiter/neptune energy wisely today but don’t sweep things under the carpet. they will come back out at some point!
enjoy your week…

~divine harmony

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