Tuesday October 26th 2021

***all times are PDT***

monday april 6th-
chiron in aries sextiles vesta in gemini at 6:56am, linking the Wounded healer planetoid with the Priestess asteroid Goddess. chiron brings awareness to wounds and pain but also reveals the path to healing. with vesta involved we are healing our relationship to the sacred, to our capacity to turn within and be with ourselves. pretty apropos for social distancing right now. vesta in gemini is focused on Truth and comes from beginner’s mind. vesta is focused on personal integration and spiritual attunement and chiron is supporting that right now but revealing what blocks us from this so we can dive deeper <3

mercury in pisces semisextiles eris in aries at 8:30pm, linking the mind and intellect with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos in harmonious ways. mercury is deeply intuitive and mystical in pisces and eris supports us in taking action based on our intuition and finding clarity of direction when we listen to our dreams.

venus in gemini semisextiles the north node in cancer at 10:13pm, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the node of destiny and evolution. destiny calls and opportunities to align (or re-align) with our own True North is present. aligning with our values and healthy self worth and self Loves is key. this is a time to honor or thoughts (gemini) and feelings (cancer)- and not shut down our hearts or emotions.


tuesday april 7th-
ceres in aquarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn at 8:37am, linking the Great Mother asteroid Goddess with the Lord of the Underworld. we had ceres sextile eris over the past weekend and now she links with pluto- harmoniously triggering the pluto/eris square. pluto and eris are here to reveal the shadow and show us where we are off track personally and collectively. ceres in aquarius is showing us a greater vision of humanity that goes beyond our personal selves, our culture, our religion, our country affiliation. we are being asked to care for the whole world and by doing so we transform ourselves and transform our relationship with all that is around us.

mars in aquarius squares uranus in taurus at 11:50am, creating major tension and friction between the will, warrior and drive and the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener. mars is extra rebellious and revolutionary when in uranus’ sign and square to uranus- but he can also go overboard. the positive side of this aspect is being able to do innovative and radically new things in sudden and unexpected ways! the shadow side is we can act in the moment without thinking of the future or where our actions will take us down the line. we need to watch out for reactivity and hastefulness right now or it can cost us! the best use of this astrology is to initiate long term change in the structures and foundations in our lives that are long overdue for an overhaul! watch out for accidents, impulsivity, reactivity and restlessness. make sure you are grounded, not disconnected from your body.

at 2:28pm mercury in pisces sextiles pluto in capricorn and at 7:20pm he sextiles jupiter in capricorn- activating the jupiter/pluto conjunction that just occurred for the first of 3 times on 4/4. the possibilities for immense transformation, illumination of and working with the shadow are in focus right now. conversations, communications, dreams, intuitions and visions about what is possible (pisces) needs to be balanced with practical action and focus (capricorn). the idealism of pisces is tempered by the realism and practicality of capricorn. pay attention to what you hear, think, read or otherwise receive as information today.

the full moon at 18’44 libra is exact at 7:35pm PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle that began with the new moon in aries 3/24. the aries/libra axis highlighted right now brings into focus the balancing or lack thereof between self and others, independence and interconnection, leadership and cooperation. it’s also illuminating shadow dynamics of selfishness and aggression (shadow aries) and codependence and passive aggression or disassociated anger (shadow libra). this full moon is opposite the sun and eris in aries and square pluto- triggering the pluto/eris square! the full moon is bringing Light to what is OUT OF BALANCE. where is the fabric of life not in harmony and what is our part in it so we can do the personal and collective work to change it? luckily the ruler of this full moon is venus and she is trine mars and saturn and sextile chiron. healing is possible. healing in the masculine/feminine imbalances as seen on the planet, in relationships, in the way we relate to Mother Earth and the way we disassociate from our bodies and emotions (earth and water being the feminine elements). use this full moon to shed light on your part in the rebalancing happening on earth right now and then take action to move things back into harmony <3. (for more info on this lunation check the lunar insight posted a few days before the full moon is exact)


wednesday april 8th-
at 10:24am mars in aquarius sextiles chiron in aries, aligning the masculine and warrior planet with the Wounded Healer in mars’ sign. mars/chiron has a focused on healing around our will, drive and ego energies. bringing awareness to where we overdo mars- with anger, rage, dominance or violence- or where we disconnect from mars and stuff our anger, internalize our rage and turn it into depression or passive-aggression is the path to healing now. mars in aquarius is the visionary and sees the Bigger Picture. when we combine him with chiron’s deep inner awareness we can expand our vision and take action from a healthy and integrated place. from this place real change and revolution is possible.

jupiter in capricorn semisextiles ceres in aquarius at 12:32pm, linking the planet of expansion and abundance with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. ceres is in the midst of making harmonious minor aspects right now bringing into focus home, family, nurturing, nourishment, Mother Earth, the environment and all the beings (human and non-human) that call Earth home. ceres in aquarius wants to nurture the whole world and care for the collective experience. when we elevate our awareness of family and home beyond our own own blood lineage and beyond our own neighborhood and country we begin to really tap into the Age of Aquarius energy.

the sun in aries semisextiles neptune in pisces at 3:34pm, linking the conscious self and ego with the planet of mysticism and romance. sun/neptune can be great for mysticism, intuition, creativity and compassion. with the sun in yang, fiery aries and neptune in yin, watery pisces- we can link alpha and omega, masculine and feminine- in powerful ways. when you take action today do it from the space of the Higher Heart.

the sun in aries semisquares venus in gemini at 5:58pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of Love and Beauty. the sun is triggering thee venus/neptune square that is building with the first of 3 happening 5/3. we are heading into venus retrograde with front end shadow happening TOMORROW. pay attention today to what is arising in Love and money situations, in your alignment (or lack thereof) with your values, and in your self worth and self Love. information, communications and insights incoming about your personal Underworld journey with venus is incoming. pay attention!


thursday april 9th-
venus enters her front end shadow today as she crosses over the 5’20 gemini. from today until 5/12 she is in the first phase of her Underworld journey where we get hints about what is incoming. her whole journey has two significant themes- linking with chiron the Wounded Healer and linking with Neptune the Higher Heart. deep healing is possible in the coming months but first we have to take off the rose colored glasses and see through our own denial, deception, illusion and confusion to get to the Truth. i will have a youtube video up this week about venus retrograde so stay tuned!

venus in gemini semisextiles uranus in taurus at 11:40pm, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener. venus/uranus is lovely for trying new thing and for opening the heart (venus) and the mind (gemini). embrace change today!


friday april 10th-
at 6:39pm venus in gemini sextiles chiron in aries, linking the heart with the Wounded Healer. venus/chiron is lovely for heart healing and healing in relationship. we are being supported in sharing our hearts, feelings, wounds and pain honestly and truthfully with others. venus in gemini wants to communicate and connect- from both mind and heart! from this space intimacy can open up and deepen. communication can be healing when we make sure our mind (and what we say/how we listen) is in service to the heart. with both mars and venus sextile chiron in the last 2 days there is deep healing energy present for relationships between men and women, masculine and feminine within and without. FIRST OF THREE

mercury moves out of pisces and into aries at 9:48am, shifting the mind and intellect from the last sign of the zodiac to the first sign of the zodiac- from the omega to the alpha. mercury in aries is fiery, direct, action oriented and ready to speak his Truth! he can also be overly self focused in communication, angry, aggressive and combative. finding ways to speak and express that are balance is recommended :)


saturday april 11th-
at 4:58pm mercury in aries sextiles saturn in aquarius, aligning the mind and intellect with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. this is great for serious, focused communication. seeing reality clearly, speaking Truthfully and honestly, and assessing how to move forward are supported right now. we are supported in thinking about ourselves (aries) and also community and others (aquarius) at the same time. wherever we do one at the expense of the other- it’s time to find a new balance.


sunday april 12th-
at 3:29pm mercury in aries squares the nodal axis, bringing the mind and intellect into tense aspect between the nodes of destiny and karma. we are at pivotal points of choice- do we want to keep doing the same old same old or are we ready to grow and evolve? pay attention to things you think, hear or say today. pay attention to where the pull of what is comfortable, familiar but also old paradigm is at odds with the pull towards the new, growth and evolution. choose wisely!


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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