Sunday June 13th 2021

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monday april 5th-
pallas athena in pisces semisquares eris in aries at 1:37am, creating tension between the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess and the Activist Goddess of Discord and Chaos. these two in tense aspect can be disruptors – bringing things to the Light of consciousness that previously were ignored, denied or suppressed. this aspect occurs in the early morning hours so pay attention to your dreams as you wake- important messages from the Unconscious can arise.


tuesday april 6th-
at 12:12am uranus in taurus sextiles pallas athena in pisces, linking the Higher Mind and planet of inspiration with the Goddess of Wisdom and Intelligence. at 3:03am chiron in aries quincunxes pallas athena in pisces as well, creating tension between the Wounded Healer and the Goddess of Wisdom. there can be some major insights, aha moments and revelations incoming! some can be transcendent and amazing, some may be revealing what is deep and dark in the shadows. turing into your dreams is key.

venus in aries sextiles mars in gemini at 4:17am, linking the Divine Lovers in harmonious ways! venus in aries is fiery, passionate and forthright- while mars in gemini is communicative, fun loving and embraces change. this lovely energy is great for fresh air coming into relationships as well as new creative energy coming into our lives. use it wisely!

at 2:36pm jupiter in aquarius semisquares chiron in aries, creating tension between the planet of expansion and abundance and the Wounded Healer planetoid. jupiter/chiron is great for experiencing growth as we turn towards and work with wounds, pain and shadow. but jupiter can also exacerbate shadow and bring things to Light we have been avoiding- so go as slow as the slowest part of you and don’t just bowl through what is arising. having healthy outlets for emotion like anger and rage is key- so shadow practices for working with emotions are great right now!

today eris moves into the 25th degree of aries today (by rounding up) and the star sparks for 25 aries is ON POINT. all the eris aspects the rest of this month and until november activate this degree. she first entered this degreee in 2018 and will return again over the years until she exits this degree for good in 2027. all the eris aspects this month- particularly the conjunctions by planets- empower this star sparks. it’s a good one to print and keep out somewhere for reminding <3

by elias londsale

Aries 25 A great dragon asleep in a cave

The dark deep inside seeking to emerge from a spell, from an enchantment, from a curse. The shadows, the beast, the serpent, the dragon of legend and myth stirring, restlessly, pervasively, bringing forth longings and desires previously suppressed and denied.

Secrets and mysteries. Realms within realms. So much to get back in touch with now. A promise to the children of the future to come alive at the appointed times. The inquiries of karma and of destiny. That which cannot be understood, will not conform to convention.

A wildness, a raw primal quality of needing an immense outlet for a huge energy that never had a place here. A desperate drive to let these things emerge, or else feel trapped and stuffed and caught in meaningless retrials of self avoidance at all cost.

An emotional energy of ferocious intensity. So deep. So forbidden. So strange to the modern ways. Called to merge, to tap the depths, to activate the dormant powers for the sake of the whole.

An absolutely extraordinary ability to draw forth what was hidden in each and all. A threshold capacity to elicit confidence and strength and new forces in those who are seeking a further enfoldment beyond the known.

The world’s most fertile energy frequency. Yet often postponed, or held in reserve. Captured by pasts and futures at war with each other. The shadow must be honored if the light is to dawn. All of this is known and sensed with overwhelming force. It will come out. It will come through.


wednesday april 7th-
at 12:05am the sun cojoins ceres at 17’41 aries, linking the conscious self and ego with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. sun/ceres brings focus to home, family, mothering, nurturing, children, the inner child and our needs for nourishment and safety. with both bodies in aries there is a fiery mother energy present- the kind that nourishes us to take action and make things happen as opposed to coddling us into submission. focus on home/family situations is arising today. keep in mind ceres is heading to trigger the pluto/eris square (from april 23rd-april 29th) so some disruptions to home/family situations and/or revelation of shadow is incoming!

venus in aries semisextiles neptune in pisces at 5:54pm, harmoniously linking the lower and Higher Hearts in lovely ways. venus in aries is passionate and immediate, while neptune in pisces is ethereal, transcendent and otherworldly. linking the first and last signs of the zodiac – we have an alignment of alpha and omega, beginning and end. this is a great aspect for creativity, mysticism, compassion, art and love! use it wisely. (venus parallels Neptune tomorrow so there is a super aspect between these two that last today and tomorrow).


thursday april 8th-
venus parallels neptune at 9:33pm, echoing the aspect yesterday between venus and neptune (so read yesterday’s info). Divine Love, compassion, altruism and Love in action are accessible right now!

at 11:37pm mercury in aries semisextiles uranus in taurus, linking the lower and Higher Minds in expansive ways! mercury in aries is dynamic, direct and raring to go! linking with uranus we can have aha moments, insights, inspiration downloads and revelations incoming that open our minds and challenge old ideas!!! keep your mind open.


friday april 9th-
at 12:08am mercury cojoins chiron 9’29 aries, aligning the mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer planetoid. old wounds and pain can arise in communication and thinking today but there is also potential for deeply healing communication to happen. chiron in aries is teaching us to have right relationship with the masculine and with our will, anger, desire and drive. some of us stuff our anger and have a hard time asserting ourselves. others of us are reactive, aggressive and overly self focused. wherever you fall too far on the end of this spectrum the other side is calling for presence for healing to happen. this is a great day to be in therapy and for expression of your wounds and pain. awareness of what runs you subconscious is incoming- pay attention.

mercury in aries semisquares jupiter in aquarius at 4:21am, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of expansion and abundance. mercury/jupiter is great for learning, speaking, teaching, sharing and opening our minds. this is a tense aspect though so be aware of arguments, combative energy and thinking you are right and everyone else is wrong ;)

at 12:18pm mars in gemini squares neptune in pisces, creating tension and friction between the will and drive and the planet of idealism, illusion and fantasy. mars/neptune at best takes the spiritual, creative and compassionate energies of neptune and takes action to express them. mars/neptune is the spiritual warrior and the artist! yet this is a square and the tense nature of the aspect can exacerbate tendencies towards delusion, deception, dishonesty, escapism, and weakness of will. since mars is in gemini it is super important that our words are honest and in integrity- if not it can cost us! be willing to question things- as all is not what it seems. first start by questioning yourself and what drives you Unconsciously- then extend that out to others and the world around you. look a little deeper to find the Truth.

venus cojoins eris 24’03 aries at 4:17pm, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the fierce Warrior Goddess! venus/eris is fiery, dynamic and a force to be reckoned with. venus in aries is ready to take action and eris in aries is ready to expose what his hidden behind the facade. this is a time to be assertive and have agency while doing your best to avoid power/control dynamics. where do you need to take action, be a pioneer and/or an activist? make sure you do this from the heart! between today and tomorrow venus triggers the pluto/eris square- so watch out! activating energy incoming in relationships, finances, values and self worth. taking a stand for what you believe in needs to be tempered with right use of power so you are not playing the victim or the tyrant.


saturday april 10th-
at 8:09am mercury in aries sextiles saturn in aquarius, aligning the mind and intellect with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. this is great for serious, focused communication. seeing reality clearly, speaking Truthfully and honestly, and assessing how to move forward are supported right now. we are supported in thinking about ourselves (aries) and also community and others (aquarius) at the same time. wherever we do one at the expense of the other- it’s time to find a new balance.

venus in aries sextiles Jupiter in aquarius at 11:53am, linking the two Benefic planets in positive ways! venus in aries is dynamic, passionate, direct and goes after what she wants. jupiter in aquarius is visionary, social, progressive and open minded. the two together are exceptional for joining forces with kindred spirits particularly when it comes to common vision and purpose with social activism, collective care and taking action for the benefit of humanity.


sunday april 11th-
at 2:19am mercury in aries sexiles the mean north node in gemini, linking the planet of communication with the node of destiny and evolution in the sign of communication. pay attention to conversations, communications and information shared/received today. important insights or aha moments incoming can be revealing of your path forward.

the sun in aries semisextiles neptune in pisces at 4:10am, linking the conscious self and ego with the planet that dissolves ego boundaries. this is great for mysticism, altruistic, inspiration and creativity. this aspect occurs in the early morning hours so pay attention to your dreams upon waking.

the new moon at 22’25 aries is at 7:31pm, starting a POWERFUL new moon cycle! this new moon is conjunct eris- the activist and warrior Goddess, venus the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the ceres the Great Mother. this is a major new cycle around the fierce feminine, sacred anger, fierce rage and the awakening of the Solar Feminine. the whole month of aries we have massive Eris activation by the new moon, mercury, venus, mars and Jupiter. eris reveals what is in the shadow and brings things to Light. she is fierce and intense and brings both Light and heat (aka fire) in order to fascinate our transformation process personally and collectively. this is a very big lunar cycle. the lunar insight will be up a few days before the lunation, lunar gate call and lunar horoscopes will be up around then as well.

at 8:20pm venus in aries squares pluto in capricorn, creating tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the Lord of the Underworld. venus/pluto can bring up shadow and intensity in relationships and finances. stuff we are not looking at can arise right now. this is great for excavation, therapy and shadow work. just steer clear of power/control dynamics, jealousy, obsession, possessiveness and paranoia! from 4/9-4/11 venus triggered the pluto/eris square- a HUGE transit that is bringing up ALL the shadow and forcing us to bring things into the Light of consciousness. the pot is getting stirred- in relationships, finances, values and self-worth. channel the firey energy wisely!


have a blessed week….

~divine harmony

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