weekly astrology forecast- week of 4/4-4/10

by | Apr 3, 2022 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are PDT***

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monday april 4th-
juno in aquarius sextiles eris in aries at 1:55pm, linking the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. this is a harmonious aspect – which can support us in taking action in relationships and partnerships in our lives. juno is highly aspected right now- aligned with saturn last week and this week squaring the nodes and conjoining mars. the mars/saturn conjunction later today is triggering juno- so there can be much karma and intensity playing out in relationships and partnerships of all kinds (romantic, business, financial, between countries and more). eris helps us see where shadow needs to be seen or addressed and what actions need to be taken- so tap into her sacred fire today to clarify and make decisions moving forward. just keep in mind all day long a heavy mars/saturn energy is present – so balance action with discipline and forethought for best results.

at 6:51pm mars cojoins saturn at 22’24 aquarius, linking the two malefics in powerful but also intense ways. the Highest expression of these two manifests when we surrender our ego and will and allow our mastery and integrity to guide us. the shadow is when our ego gets the best of us and we react impulsively and aggressive in ways that can create explosions or destruction in our lives (within and without). it takes a lot of mastery with the malefics to work this one wisely! in friendships, group associations and communities you are a part of- watch out for intensity and find ways to assert yourself while honoring other’s truths. it does not have to be a rigid power struggle with one winner and one loser- that is a recipe for disaster. when both parties are willing to give a little and get a little- the sweet spot of mars/saturn can be accessed. with this whole month being under the auspices of a new moon in aries conjunct chiron- we are all in deep territory around will, drive, ego, anger, rage and how we wield our masculine fire energies. navigate with consciousness for best results! (mars parallels saturn on wednesday 4/6 at 3:43am- so a super aspect between these two unfolds from tonight through tomorrow and early morning wednesday).


tuesday april 5th-
at 8:16am juno in aquarius squares the mean nodes of the moon, bringing us to pivotal points of choice in relationships, partnerships and marriages. turning points are present and we need to make decisions that navigate us towards growth and evolution rather than staying stuck in the karmic patterns of the past. a crossroads is present- choose wisely!

venus moves out of aquarius and into pisces at 8:17am, shifting the Goddess of Love and beauty from air to water, mind to emotions, detachment to deeply empathetic. venus is exalted in pisces- it’s one of her favorite signs to transit! when we have the lower heart (venus) in the sign of the Higher Heart (pisces)- we have HUGE capacity for Unconditional Love, empathy, sensitivity and even Divine Love. venus in pisces is romantic, idealistic, loving and mystical! just watch out for the shadow of venus in pisces: codependency, lack of boundaries, putting people on pedestals (which they will eventually fall off of) and seeing what you want to see rather than seeing reality on its own terms.

at 7:44pm mercury cojoins pallas athena at 19’40 aries, linking the mind and intellect with the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. mercury/pallas is great for communication, seeing the Bigger picture and how everything interconnects, and with both bodies in aries it is great for strategy (like war strategy). pay attention to what you hear, think, say, realize or receive as information today- lights bulbs can go on!


wednesday aril 6th-
at 3:43am mars parallels saturn- forming an aspect by declination that follows their aspect by degree monday night. we have a super aspect between the two malefics that has unfolded the last 2 days- amplifying their energy and intensity. read monday’s entry for mars/saturn- and know what this energy dominates the first half of the week. as mars makes his way to square the mean nodes (tomorrow) and saturn does the same later in april (april 21st)- turning points are present and a crossroads is arrived at. decisions made can be karmic and definitive. choose wisely!

at 11:59pm chiron in aries sextiles vesta in aquarius, linking the Wounded Healer and the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and focus. deeply healing experiences can be incoming today in friendships, groups we are a part of, and/or communities we are connected to. this is great for deep devoted focus on our healing journey- helping us to get clear on what from the past informs the present and determines the future if we don’t address it at its root. pay attention to old wounds arising as well as healing journeys deepening today!


thursday april 7th-
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at 5:37am mercury in aries sextiles saturn in aquarius, aligning the mind and intellect with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. this is great for serious, focused communication. seeing reality clearly, speaking Truthfully and honestly, and assessing how to move forward are supported right now. we are supported in thinking about ourselves (aries) and also community and others (aquarius) at the same time. wherever we do one at the expense of the other- it’s time to find a new balance.

mars in aquarius sextiles eris in aries at 5:54am, aligning the will and drive with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. in greek mythology ares (aka mars) and eris are brother and sister. they are the God and Goddess of War. with mars in visionary aquarius harmoniously aspecting eris in the sign of mars- we have amazing capacity to take a stand for Truth, embrace change, be the agents of change and radically revolutionize our personal and collectives lives!!! healthy detachment so we are seeing clearly and not seeing through the veil of illusion is important right now. use the Sword of Truth to cut through falsity and stand up for what is True!

at 10:31am mars in aquarius squares the mean nodes of the moon, bringing us to pivotal points of choice on our individual and collective paths of karma and evolution. when a planet squares the nodes we are asked to choose- will we keep on doing the same old karmic patterns or will we move into new directions and grow. the thing is the north node growth path is NOT comfortable. it’s unfamiliar and edgy- it exposes us and asks us to vulnerable. even more so with a north node in venus ruled taurus- versus the karmic south node in power hungry scorpio. big shadow lies in the south node in scorpio and we have to resist our tendency to fall into the power over/power under dynamic energy that scorpio can devolve into. mars squares the nodes now, saturn later in the month- so both malefics trigger the nodes of destiny and karma. choices made have consequences right now- so think wisely and act consciously.


friday april 8th-
at 12:43am mercury cojoins eris at 24’16 aries, aligning the mind and intellect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos in powerful ways! eris reveals the shadow- she shines a Light on that which others do not want to see or look at. communication or information incoming can be revealing but also disarming and destabilizing. being willing to see beyond the surface and get to the Truth is a must- personally and collectively. mercury is triggering the pluto/eris square today through tomorrow and with pluto stationary and about to go retrograde there are some pretty big (intense) energies afoot. navigate wisely!

at 1:55am mercury in aries quincunx the mean south node in scorpio, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the karmic south node. from today through 4/14 we have not one but 3 intense contacts between aries planets (mercury, eris, sun) and the karmic south node. we have mercury and the sun aligning with eris while they all tensely activate the south node of karmic and the past. with all bodies in mars-ruled signs there can be a lot of fire and intensity to navigate with as much care and compassion as we can muster. aries is more hot in the moment- while scorpio is more intense long term and behind the scenes. what they both have in common is a tendency to be reactive and aggressive- over or covert- it can be felt there brewing underneath the surface. this is not an issue if we are working with these energies consciously. it’s only an issue if we react in them or repress them- as either of these responses magnifies their energies and power of destruction. so do some honest self checkins where your own growth path is asking you to dive deeper. a good rule of thumb- what you think it is may actually the opposite. so try on both for size and see where that takes you ;)

mercury in aries sextiles mars in aquarius at 11:18am, aligning the mind and intellect with the warrior and drive. mercury is in the sign of mars and mars in is in the sign of uranus- so there is a strong revolutionary energy present right now! taking action to support change, innovation, revolution and positive shifts in your personal life but also in the world at large are supported right now! mercury just linked with venus and mars in the last 2 days- opening lines of communication in relationships, between men and women and the masculine and feminine within us. be willing to both speak AND listen.

uranus in taurus squares vesta in aquarius at 11:32am, bringing a tense aspect between the Rebel and Revolutionary and the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and focus. vesta is in the sign of uranus- so the aspect by her ruler amplifies and exacerbates the aquarius energies. positivity this is great for focusing on change, community, social revolution and commitment to collective awakening! negatively the tense nature of uranus can bring disruption, chaos and didn’t see it coming reversals in communities, friendships, social groups and/or the collective. be aware and navigate the upheaval territory with care!


saturday april 9th-
at 4:26pm the mean south node in scorpio quincunxes eris in aries (the true south node did this on march 17th) bringing huge and potentially intense activation between the karmic south node and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. with both bodies in mars-ruled signs there’s lots of fire, anger, rage, will and ego to harness properly so this does not get out of hand and destructive. eris is making a semisextile to the north node- so if we use her revelations to face shadow, deal with things and do the work to heal- this can be revolutionary and incredibly constructive. but this requires we stand on the razor’s edge and do deep work with our anger, passive aggression and/or repression of anger. right relationship to all aspects of self is needed for wholeness and healing. honest self check ins where your journey is showing you it’s time to dive deeper is key. keep in mind right now we are in the midst of major eris/south node activations with the sun and mercury triggering both from 4/8-4/14. pay attention to what is revealing and activating in your life- personally and collectively- as there is much opportunity for shadow work and diving deeper that is present. use the sacred fire wisely!

mars cojoins juno at 26’09 aquarius at 5:52pm, linking the warrior and drive with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. mars/juno can be great for taking action in relationships and partnerships but mars can also stir the pot and exacerbate conflict, power dynamics, arguments and aggression. as mars is separating from saturn- this is triggering the saturn/juno conjunction from last week- so pay attention to what has been unfolding in relationships, commitments and alliances in the last couple weeks. saturn is showing you what IS life affirming and healthy- and what is NOT. mars is the power and drive to take action based on that information- just make sure to do so wisely!


sunday april 10th-
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at 1:45am mercury in aries squares pluto in capricorn, creating tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the planet of transformation, death and rebirth and power. mercury square pluto is an aspect of a depth psychologist, researcher or investigator- someone who is willing to dig deep and go way beyond the surface to get to the Truth. communications and thoughts can be intense and probing today- but they can also get to the root of things if we stay with the process. just watch out for the shadow side of mercury/pluto- being jaded, cynical, paranoid and only seeing the shadow without the capacity to also see the Light. also steer clear of power/control dynamics in communication with others.

at 7:09pm mercury moves out of aries and into taurus, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from fire to earth, yang to yin, mars ruled to venus ruled. mercury in taurus is earthy, stable, secure and grounded. we are supported in communicating in steady ways- not being fiery, dramatic and impulsive with words or deeds. just watch out for the shadow of mercury in taurus- rigid thinking and beliefs and resistance to change.


have a great week…

~divine harmony

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