Sunday May 16th 2021

***all times are PDT***

monday april 19th-
at 2:31am pallas athena in pisces squares the mean nodal axis (north node in gemini/south node in sagittarius), creating a T square between the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess and the nodes of destiny and karma. pallas in pisces is intuitive and mystical but can also be escapist or overly idealistic. the south node in sagittarius highlights hubris, self-righteousness and thinking we are right and others are wrong. the north node in gemini requires we come back to beginners mind, be open minded and see other Truths. check points around belief are incoming!

mercury moves out of aries and into taurus at 3:29am, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from fire to earth, yang to yin, mars ruled to venus ruled. mercury in taurus is earthy, stable, secure and grounded. we are supported in communicating in steady ways- not being fiery, dramatic and impulsive with words or deeds. just watch out for the shadow of mercury in taurus- rigid thinking and beliefs and resistance to change.

at 5:33am mars in gemini sesquiquadrates saturn in aquarius, creating tension between the two malefic planets. mars in gemini speaks up and takes action but he can also be impulsive, reactive and restless. saturn puts the breaks on and can be great for disciplining our egos, minds and mouths OR he can exacerbate restrictions, limitations and power control dynamics with others. right use of will and drive is key!

the sun moves out of aries and into taurus at 1:33pm, shifting from fiery yang to earthy yin, from active to passive, from mars ruled to venus ruled. the sun in taurus enjoys embodied experience! sensuality, pleasure, the 5 senses, abundance, the finer things in life are all appreciated! this is a time to stop and smell the roses! just be aware of the tendency to be stubborn, resistant to change and over indulgent when the sun is in taurus for the next 30 or so days.


tuesday april 20th-
at 12:08am vesta stations direct at 6’41 virgo, bringing the Priestess asteroid Goddess to a standstill. if vesta were to govern a sign virgo would be a contender as virgo and vesta are both about service. vesta is deeply devoted to being of service and in virgo she focuses her devotion on physical help, health and well being, and doing the day to day things that need to be done (in love languages her language would be acts of service). with vesta at a stand still we have an opportunity to reflect on what we are devoted to and if it is serving us. watch out for perfectionism, criticism and seeing the trees but not the forest!

at 4:44am venus in taurus semisquares neptune in pisces, creating tension between the lower and Higher Hearts. venus/neptune is romantic, idealistic and can indulge in fantasy. venus in taurus wants perfection in the body and physical experience, neptune in pisces wants perfection in the spirit and soul. this can be uber romantic it can also be completely out to lunch, ungrounded, spiritual bypassing and addictive- using romance, sex, money, physical things as a means to indulge and escape. being aware is key <3

jupiter in aquarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn at 12:09pm, linking the planet of expansion and abundance with the planet of depth and transformation in harmonious ways. both aquarius and capricorn are saturn ruled signs- so jupiter and pluto are bringing their expansive and transformative energy into structures and foundations in our personal and collective lives. this is about transformation at the root level- in government, business, community and collective awareness. this is a minor aspect but it operates all year long – asking us to embrace new ideas and ways of doing things in the world!


wednesday april 21st-
there are no major aspects today


thursday april 22nd-
at 12:10pm mercury in taurus semisquares neptune in pisces, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Higher Heart. mercury/neptune can be great for spirituality, intuition, creativity and compassion- but the tense nature of the aspect can create a schism between the linear logical mind and the part of us that confuses intuition with fear or fantasy. we want to reality check our thoughts and feelings right now and see what might be motivating them from behind the scenes.

venus cojoins uranus at 10’13 taurus at 6:01pm, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener! venus/uranus brings sudden and unexpected energy into relationships, finances, our values and more. where venus in taurus likes stability and security- uranus likes change, freedom and revolution! change is in the air! if you resist change it won’t be so much fun but if you embrace it you could get a new lease on life. there could be new people coming into your life right now- and perhaps at the same time others leaving your life or relationships endings. navigating endings and new beginnings with conscious is key.

at 6:55pm venus in taurus semisextiles chiron in aries, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Wounded Healer. healing is possible when we are willing to feel our emotions. being in touch with anger, rage and the Inner Masculine is key. some of us are disconnected from these and tend to project them out onto others. if we over identify with being relational and venusian we will disconnected from the mars/aries archetype and others will live it for us- often in extreme ways. some of us overdo the mars/aries energy which can express in shadow as selfishness, aggressiveness, combative energy and me first attitudes. the challenge then is to be more relational, think of others and be aware of other people’s needs. checking in and doing the work to find balance is recommended <3


friday april 23rd-
at 4:49am mars moves out of gemini and into cancer- moving him from air to water, mind to emotion, light and carefree to sentimental and sensitive. mars in cancer is not his favorite placement. mars is the warrior and he likes to be direct while cancer is the crab that moves side to side. at best mars in cancer is great for taking a stand for home, family, country and those that are less able to stand up for themselves (children, animals, the elderly). yet the shadow of mars in cancer is that he can be passive aggressive and he can take confrontational stands based on emotion, attachment and subjectivity. being able to step outside of emotions and see our own stuff is important, yet also harder to do, when mars is in cancer.

at 9:55am ceres conjoins Eris at 24’12 aries, linking the Great Mother asteroid Goddess with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! from today through 4/29 ceres triggers the pluto/eris square- a HUGE transit of 2020-21 that is bringing up all the shadow and things denied, avoided or ignored. it’s great for inner work and shadow work- but it’s also pretty explosive, intense and can even get violent. with ceres the focus is on home, family, mothers, children, planet Earth (ceres is also gaia), and our precious natural resources. activists taking a stand for any of these things are empowered right now but with the square to pluto coming there can be power dynamics with authority figures, governments and big businesses to contend with! on a personal level shadow coming up in family dynamics or in regards to childhood is coming up to be faced and addressed.

mercury cojoins uranus at 10’18 taurus at 11:42pm, aligning the lower mind with the Higher Mind in powerful ways! typically taurus likes stability, security and the known- yet uranus is all about change, upheaval and unexpected things come to Light. this is a great time to keep your mind open and to challenge what you think you know! insights, aha moments, bolt out of the blue awareness are all possible right now! being willing to question things, open up to change and be surprised are key right now ;) this week we have had mercury cross the ecliptic so he paralleled uranus on 4/19 and contraparallels on 4/24- so all week long a super aspect between these two is in operation. keep your mind OPEN!


saturday april 24th-
at 12:10am mercury in taurus semisextiles chiron in aries, linking the mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer. mercury/chiron is a great time to have heart to heart talks, be in therapy, work with your dreams and bring deeper awareness to your mind, thoughts, perception and communication style. being willing to see your own blocks and what is in your own shadow FIRST and then seeing it in others or in situations you are a part of is recommended ;)

saturn in aquarius trines the mean north node in gemini at 6:16am, creating a harmonious alignment between the Lord of Karma and Father of Time and the node of destiny and evolution. this is the last of the aquarius planets to trine the north node which began in mid january with mercury 3 times due to retrograde sun, venus, jupiter and now saturn. this is also the completion of the trigger of the jupiter/saturn conjunction (december 2020) to the node of growth and where we need to evolve. saturn is very “get real”. he demands we see reality and deal with it but the also shows us the structures and foundations we need in order to grow and evolve further. pay attention to where your are being pointed in the direction of growth. sometimes pruning and letting go of certain things is required for new life or new paths to open up. with both bodies in airs signs communication, collaboration, and connection to others is key.

at 8:12pm venus in taurus semisextiles the north node in gemini, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the node of destiny and evolution. venus is triggering the saturn/north node trine tonight which can bring focus to what is good, workable and evolutionary in our relationships, values or self worth and what is not and is holding us back. pay attention to where destiny is calling and where karma is keeping you stuck!

venus in taurus squares saturn in aquarius at 9:21pm and they parallel each other at 9:44pm, creating a super aspect of tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. venus/saturn can be a wet blanket making us see and deal with reality. we may find ourselves feeling lonely, withdrawn or depressed but we can also use this astrology to get real, serious, grounded and responsible. with venus in taurus this can be around money, health, the body or values. pay attention to where you are being asked to get really today.


sunday april 25th-
at 3:56am mercury in taurus semisextiles the north node in gemini, linking the planet of intellect and communication with the node of destiny in the sign of communication! pay attention to things you hear, think, say or receive via Dreamtime. mercury is triggering the saturn/north node trine and there can be some reality checks coming in- showing you clearly what helps you grow and evolve and what only serves to hold you back or keep you stuck.

mercury in taurus squares saturn in aquarius at 4:58am and mercury contraparallels saturn at 6:27am, creating a super aspect of tension between the mind and intellect and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. mercury/saturn is a time to get real, focused, disciplined and aware of our words and thoughts and how we use them. this is a tense aspect so we could feel depressed, limited in expression or questioning of our intelligence or capacity to perceive reality right now. this is a time to be masterful and grounded and to reality check where we may be acting or thinking with privilege, laziness or resistance to change.

at 3:19pm mercury cojoins venus at 12’53 taurus, linking the mind and heart in harmonious ways (with these two aspecting by declination at 4:52am as well). this is a great day to have heart to heart talks- to share honestly and be open to hearing the Truths and experiences of others. in venus-ruled taurus we can also discuss things related to money, values and self-worth. keep in mind they are both squaring spurn (4/24-25) and just square uranus (4/22-23)- so the saturn/uranus square is majorly activated. feeling between a rock and a hard place is common right now. drop into your heart and speak from this place as you navigate relationships and communication right now.


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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