weekly astrology forecast- week of 4/18-4/24

by | Apr 17, 2022 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are PDT***

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monday april 18th-
at 12:15am venus in pisces sextiles uranus in taurus, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener! venus is exalted in the sign of the Higher Heart and is full of compassion, romance, intuition and mysticism! her link with uranus brings new, evolutionary energy into relationships, finances, our values and embodiment. this is a time to open up to the new!

at 8:14am the sun in aries squares pluto in capricorn, bringing major activation to the pluto/eris square that is unearthing shadow in powerful ways. sun square pluto can be intense- with lots of shadow, power/control dynamics and the like coming to Light. the sun in aries wants FREEDOM NOW! pluto in capricorn is about the powers that be that hold us back from what we want- both externally in the form of authority figures and internally in the form of our own limitations, restrictions, dogmas, patriarchal tendencies and control mechanisms. with sun conjunct eris on 4/14 and the full moon opposite eris on 4/16- our warrior energies have been on HIGH the last week and with the sun square pluto- big shadow is being revealed. this can be a time to fight for what we believe in but just make sure you are not being overly aggressive or impulsive and reactive. taking slow steady conscious steps taking a stand against oppression is key. keep in mind pluto stations retrograde in 10 days – so this aspect is magnified by his slower, set to station movement.


tuesday april 19th-
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at 7:24pm the sun moves out of aries and into taurus, shifting from fiery yang to earthy yin, from active to passive, from mars ruled to venus ruled. the sun in taurus enjoys embodied experience! sensuality, pleasure, the 5 senses, abundance, the finer things in life are all appreciated! this is a time to stop and smell the roses! just be aware of the tendency to be stubborn, resistant to change and over indulgent when the sun is in taurus for the next month.


wednesday april 20th-
at 8:51am juno moves out of aquarius and into pisces, shifting the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage from air to water, detachment to emotional depth and connection. juno in pisces is the idealist! she is yearning for the perfect Soulmate and Other who can complete here. she is willing to sacrifice herself for her relationships but she can also overly do this. we need to be aware of where we too idealistic, ungrounded, playing the victim or the martyr, and sacrificing our health and well being for others. the Highest expression of juno in pisces is Divine Love, Unconditional Love and deep compassion for all. tap into this but stick to healthy boundaries and proper self-care as well :)


thursday april 21st-
at 3:30am saturn in aquarius squares mean nodes of the moon, bringing us to a cross roads on our path of growth and evolution. similar to the mars trigger of the nodes on 4/7- we are challenged to see where we are stuck in the past and how it keeps us from growing and evolving. choices made right now are highly influential on the future we move into- so choose wisely. saturn is the pruning shears- and he comes along to show us the weeds and demand we pull them/shear them. this is part of a larger saturn/nodal cycle that began september 25 2013- when saturn and the mean north node were at 9’26 scorpio. interesting to see that the south node is now in scorpio- reversed of this cycle’s north node sign. think back to 2013 and what began or was seeded- and perhaps reflect on 2019 when we had the opposition happen (saturn on the south node). we are now at the 3/4 way point- much like the samhain or dark sun part of the saturn/nodal cycle. it’s time to compete the karmic lessons we set out to learn around power, control, shadow and facing darkness. in it’s best scorpio is about transformation and empowerment that comes by way of facing the deepest darkest things about the self and in doing so moving beyond them (not because we have killed them off but because we have seen through the illusion so deeply). much to contemplate right now! the rest of the dates of the cycle are below for you to consider and track in your own personal experience <3

1st square sept 26 2016
saturn conjunct SN- may 19 2019, june 23 2019, sept 15 2019
the next sautrn/NN cycle will begin april 13 2025

at 10:51am neptune in pisces parallels pallas athena in aries, creating an aspect by declination between the planet of compassion and illusion and the asteroid Goddess of wisdom and strategy. as pallas athena relates to government and even war (she is a war strategy Goddess) – the neptune aspect can bring some nebulous, unclear or deceptive energy into the mix in both arenas of life. not all is as it seems- and although pallas prides herself on seeing the whole picture, neptune can throw some shadow or obscuring mists that make it hard to discern fear and fantasy from authentic intuition. being willing to question what you perceive is key.


friday april 22nd-
there are no major aspects today


saturday april 23rd-
there are no major aspects today


sunday april 24th-
at 12:30am mercury cojoins the mean north node at 23’31 taurus, aligning the mind and intellect with the node of destiny! mercury is triggering the separating saturn/nodal T square that was exact on 4/21. pay attention to all communications, conversations, information and ideas that come in. be open to the revolutionary, the new, and the mind expanding!

mercury in taurus squares saturn in aquarius at 6:50am, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. mercury/saturn is a time to get real, focused, disciplined and aware of our words and thoughts and how we use them. this is a tense aspect so we could feel depressed, limited in expression or questioning of our intelligence or capacity to perceive reality right now. this is a time to be masterful and grounded and to reality check where we may be acting or thinking with privilege, laziness or resistance to change.

at 3:37pm mercury in taurus sextiles neptune in pisces, linking the conscious mind and intellect with the planet of intuition and imagination. this is a great aspect for linking intuition with intellect, thoughts with feeling. it’s great for creativity, artistic expression, mysticism and more. with mercury in earthy taurus and neptune in mystical watery pisces- we are supported in linking our bodies and Souls/Spirits so that we are embodying our spirituality instead of using as it as a means to escape.


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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