Sunday May 16th 2021

***all times are PDT***

monday april 12th-
at 3:13am juno stations retrograde at 24’02 sagittarius, bringing the wife and companion asteroid Goddess to a standstill in the sky. in 2021 we have a big juno journey as she aligns with the karmic south node 3 times (true node) from february to august. she also squares neptune three times from march to october so all year long we have karmic, illusionary, escapist or addictive stuff playing out in partnerships and relationships. from march 28th through april 13th mars has been triggering this T square dynamic (juno on south node opposite north node, both square to neptune)- really activating and energizing whatever this is about for us personally but also collectively. when Neptune is involved we need to take the rose colored glasses off and get more discerning. the south node in sagittarius can magnify where we think we know the Truth and where we are right- but the north node in gemini demands we come back to beginners mind, be teachable, open and curious. in relationships right now (and all year!) we need to see and speak the Truth. eyes wide open!


tuesday april 13th-
at 4:56am venus in aries semisquares the mean north node in gemini, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the node of destiny and evolution. the tense nature of this aspect can show us where our own desires, will or ego energies can be blocking us. the north node shows us where we need to GROW- venus can be illuminating what we may need to release in order to do so. pay attention.

mars in gemini opposes stationary retrograde juno in sagittarius at 8:00am, finishing mars’ trigger of the T square of juno on the south node/opposite the north node with both square neptune (began march 28th, april 9th and completes today). mars/juno can bring up anger and conflict in relationships (partnerships, marriage, business relationships). with both in signs of communication and beliefs watch out for arguments over who is right and who is wrong! with mars finishing up the trigger of the neptune/juno T square (running from march to october) we need to take the rose colored glasses off in relationship and make sure we seeing reality, being honest and hearing the Truth!

at 10:52am mars in gemini sextiles eris in aries, linking the Warrior God with the Warrior Goddess. in roman mythology mars and eris are brother and sister- and they both are connected to war. this is a harmonious aspect and between yesterday and today mars has been triggering the jupiter/eris trine. opportunities to speak up, express Truth, take action, be an activist and/or a pioneer are strong right now! the key is to make sure you navigate communication with a lot of of consciousness as mars also just made very intense aspects to saturn, pluto and the karmic south node. if you tend to hold yourself back- this isa time to take action and make things happen. if you tend to be assertive but also aggressive and self focused this is a time to find balanced awareness around your will, ego and drive.

at 12:55pm the sun cojoins eris 24’06 aries, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! eris gets a bad a rap- she is a Goddess that reveals the chaos and shadow that is already there (rather than a Goddess that creates chaos and shadow). the sun is the Source of Light and Life in our galaxy and his alignment with eris today can be very revealing and illuminating about the chaos and/or shadow going on behind the scenes in our personal lives and collectives lives. this could be great for revealing more Truth! or it could be a chaotic and unexpected day :-0! navigate the day wisely! between today and 4/16 the sun triggers the pluto/eris square- the biggest astrology of 2020-2021. pay attention to what is being exposed and brought out of the shadows and into the Light today and tomorrow!

the sun in aries sextiles mars in gemini at 4:09pm, linking the two yang masculine planets in harmonious ways. sun/mars is great for taking action, speaking up and embracing change. both bodies link with eris today which makes it a powerful day for activism, taking a stand, expressing sacred anger and rage in fierce but compassionate ways. love and rage can coincide- and must coincide if we are to use sacred anger and fierce love in healthy ways.


wednesday april 14th-
pluto in capricorn semisquares pallas athena in pisces at 1:41am, creating tension between the planet of death, rebirth and intensity and the Wisdom and Warrior asteroid Goddess. pallas in pisces is imaginative, intuitive and dreamy but can also be too ungrounded in her assessment of things. pluto comes in and disrupts her revelry bringing the shadow and unsavory things into the Light of awareness. be wiling to see beyond the veil of illusion!

at 11:22am venus moves out of aries and into taurus, moving from mars rulership to her own rulership where she is much more comfortable! this shifts the Goddess from yang to yin, assertive to receptive, independent to interconnected and relational! the coming weeks of venus in taurus’ journey are a time to enjoy the sensual, physical world. venus in taurus oozes abundance, sensuality, softness, pleasure and connection. it’s a great time to find more stability, solidity and security both financially and in relationships. just watch out for the shadow side of venus in taurus: being too self indulgent, entitled, lazy and resistant to change.

mars in gemini semisquares uranus in taurus at 1:17pm, creating tension between the will and drive and the Rebel and Revolutionary! mars/uranus can be irritable and impulsive. both of them want to act in the moment and don’t necessarily like pausing to reflect first! this can be accident prone or explosive in communication so be aware and navigate with care.

at 4:48pm mercury cojoins ceres at 20’44 aries, linking the mind and intellect with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. mercury/ceres is great for communicating from a place that is mothering, nurturing and caretaking. of course the conjunction is in aries so we have more fire here but we can nurture and care for others by allowing them to be independent and have their own thoughts and beliefs- and we can do the same for ourselves!


thursday april 15th-
at 6:32am mercury in aries semisextilles neptune in pisces and at 12:08pm mercury parallel neptune- forming a super aspect between the linear, logical mind and the planet of mysticism, intuition and transcendent consciousness. mercury/neptune is great for psychic abilities, dreams, imagination, creativity and more. as one of these aspects occurs in the early morning hours, pay attention to your dreams upon waking for messages incoming from the Unconscious.

the sun in aries sextiles jupiter in aquarius at 9:58am, linking the conscious self and ego with the planet of expansion, abundance and opportunity. from 4/13-4/15 the sun triggers the jupiter/eris sextile bringing action and illumination to the Eris energy and how to wield it in the most positive way possible. using the Light and Heat of eris to bring to awareness what needs to be seen and do the work of transformation is so key! use this energy wisely.


friday april 16th-
at 6:27am the sun in aries squares pluto in capricorn, bringing major activation to the pluto/eris square that is exact all year long and throughout 2021. sun square pluto can be intense- with lots of shadow, power/control dynamics and the like coming to Light. the sun in aries wants FREEDOM NOW! pluto in capricorn is about the powers that be that hold us back from what we want- both externally in the form of authority figures and internally in the form of our own limitations, restrictions, dogmas, patriarchal tendencies and control mechanisms. from 4/13 through today is super intense and powerful- and big insight into your personal experience of the pluto/eris square is incoming so pay attention. with sun conjunct eris our warrior energies are on HIGH and sun square pluto- big shadow is being revealed. this can be a time to fight for what we believe in but just make sure you are not being overly aggressive or impulsive and reactive. taking slow steady conscious steps taking a stand against oppression is key.

at 8:17am mercury cojoins eris 24’08 aries, aligning the mind and intellect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos in powerful ways! eris reveals the shadow- she shines a Light on that which others do not want to see or look at. communication or information incoming can be revealing but also disarming and destabilizing. being willing to see beyond the surface and get to the Truth is a must- personally and collectively. mercury is triggering the pluto/eris square today through tomorrow and with pluto stationary and about to go retrograde there are some pretty big (intense) energies afoot. navigate wisely!

saturn in aquarius semsextiles pallas athena in pisces at 7:02pm, linking the Lord of Karma and Father of Time with the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess! saturn/pallas is great for getting focused and serious so that we can assess things and get clear. with both bodies in the last two transpersonal signs what we are getting clear on can be Big Picture things like community, collective care, spirituality and compassion. paying attention to intuition, dreams and instincts is important.

at 10:14pm mars in gemini trines jupiter in aquarius, linking the planet of action and will with the planet of expansion and opportunity. this is a great day to take action with Higher Vision and Purpose guiding that action. the Greater Benefic is helping us to see the Bigger Picture so we do not take action from the ego but from a place of awareness of what is important to the collective and the whole.


saturday april 17th-
today we have both mercury and mars making tense aspects to pluto who is slowing down to station retrograde on 4/27- magnifying the intensity of the aspects below. be aware and communicate, travel, think and perceive with care!!!!

at 9:00am mercury in aries sextiles jupiter in aquarius, linking the mind and intellect with the planet of expansion and abundance. this is a great day for learning, teaching, speaking, sharing and opening our minds! be open to seeing and understanding things from a different viewpoint.

mercury in aries sextiles mars in gemini at 12:09pm, linking the mind with the will in harmonious ways. this is a great aspect for communications and speaking up to express the Truth in our minds and hearts. we are direct, honest and open right now. we can also be extra fiery, feisty, assertive and possibly aggressive. navigate communication terrain with consciousness for best results.

at 2:49pm mercury in aries squares pluto in capricorn, creating tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the planet of transformation, death and rebirth and power. mercury square pluto is an aspect of a depth psychologist, researcher or investigator- someone who is willing to dig deep and go way beyond the surface to get to the Truth. communications and thoughts can be intense and probing today- but they can also get to the root of things if we stay with the process. just watch out for the shadow side of mercury/pluto- being jaded, cynical, paranoid and only seeing the shadow without the capacity to also see the Light. also steer clear of power/control dynamics in communication with others.

mars in gemini quincunxes pluto in capricorn at 9:26pm, creating a tense aspect between the lower will and the Higher Will. mars is in the midst of some pretty intense aspects this month- neptune, pluto and eris- the three most outer planets that are at the edge of our solar system. he is getting challenged to think outside the box, question his thoughts and ideas and not just react impulsively but THINK and drop down deep so that his actions are in response to what is going on. in addition mars is triggering he pluto/eris square from 4/13 to today- so there’s a high energy frequency present right now and we want to be sure we are working with it wisely!!! mars/pluto is a reminder to steer clear of power/control dynamics with others and instead find ways to stand in your power/stand your ground without dominating or controlling others. mars in gemini prefers things Light while pluto is anything but Light. being willing to question structures/foundations/traditions in our lives is key- as excavation around the underlying dynamics present is possible right now. because mars is in gemini- be aware when you travel, teach, communicate and express yourself right now- as accidents and shocking events are possible when you misuse the energy available this month.


sunday april 18th-
mercury in aries semisquares pallas athena in pisces at 2:53am and squares the mean north node in gemini at 6:34am – triggering the T square between pallas athena and the nodes that will be exact tomorrow (monday april 19th). mercury tense to the nodes reminds us to pay attention to communications, information and ideas incoming. they could be challenging, shocking, revealing and eye openings. pallas square the nodes brings us to a pivotal point of choice. are we going to allow idealistic beliefs to cloud our judgement or are we going take off the rose colored glasses so we can SEE CLEARLY?

at 6:49pm the sun cojoins mercury at 29’14 aries, aligning the conscious self and ego with the conscious mind and intellect. sun/mercury is great for communicating, talking, share ideas and opening the mind. with both bodies in aries being forthright, honest and open with our Truth and where we stand is key. just watch out for overdoing the fire and engaging in conflict and power/control dynamics with others. bridges can be burned today if you are not paying attention. this conjunction is at the karmic completion degree so important things said, revealed, realized and more can be significant. pay attention!


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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