Friday August 23rd 2019

***all times are PST until sunday when time changes to PDT***

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monday march 4th-
juno in gemini semisquares eris in aries at 1:32am, creating tension between the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. juno has been triggering the pluto/eris square since saturday 3/2 and there can be some big wake up/shake up energies happening in relationships and partnerships of all kinds (romantic, business, financial, sibling, neighborly and more). with juno in gemini communication is important right but can also be sudden, unexpected and disruptive. make sure you are being honest and above board in all relationships! juno will trigger the nodes on wednesday- so we have her triggering the approaching eris/nodal T square as well as pluto/south node conjunction (both of these happen with mean and true nodes of the moon from 3/20 to 4/4). pay attention to what is being revealed or disrupted in your life! remember eris does not cause chaos- she reveals chaos that was not being faced or dealt with. she shines a Light on the shadow so we can deal with it. use her medicine wisely.

tuesday march 5th-
at 10:19am mercury stations retrograde at 29’38 pisces- the omega point and last degree of the entire zodiac. this is a time to rethink, review and revise our inspiration, spirituality, intuition, fantasy, fears and connection to the Unconscious. mercury makes a triple conjunction to neptune during this retrograde cycle (running from front end shadow to back end shadow starting 2/19 and lasting until 4/16) which can be amazing spirituality, creatively and inspirationally but there can also be some confusion, illusion and deception to navigate. taking time for meditation, dream work and inner reflection is key!

at 12:38pm the sun in pisces semisquares uranus at 29 aries, creating tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the rebel and revolutionary. the sun in pisces wants peace, bliss and retreat- but uranus is an upstart who brings to Light what is going on behind the scenes! sudden and unexpected revelations are possible right now- particularly considering today is the last day of uranus in this mars ruled sign. tomorrow he moves into taurus for good and will not return to aries for 80+ years! pay attention to whatever last bits of certain areas of your life need revolution and change- and then embrace them!

neptune cojoins vesta at 16’07 pisces at 5:07pm, aligning the mystic and Higher Heart with the Priestess and asteroid of devotion. this is profound for spirituality, intuition, psychic gifts and more. neptune and vesta have very similar energies in that they are both willing to sacrifice their personal desires for altruistic goals and visions. we just have to watch out for OVER sacrificing ourselves or being so transpersonal and big picture that we are not attending to the details of our personal life and emotions, or not dealing with reality. imagination, inspiration and creativity run high! give yourself time to meditate, retreat, reflect, dream, paint, draw, dance, play music- or whatever else feels like a channel through which inspiration can pour through you right now. the neptune/vesta conjunction is conjunct the new moon tomorrow so this energy permeates the entire lunar cycle we are heading into. just watch out for the shadow of pisces: being in denial, spiritual bypassing, escapism, addiction and and believing in illusion.

wednesday march 6th-
at 12:27am uranus moves out of aries and into taurus, shifting the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener from fire to earth, yang to yin, activating to stabilizing. from may to november of 2018 uranus dipped into taurus but he backtracked back into aries for one last journey through the sign of mars. now he is in the sign of venus for good for the next 7 years! uranus in taurus is an interesting transit as uranus is about change and taurus is about stability and constancy. when you have the revolutionary in the sign of material reality you can see that big change is incoming into finances, abundance, the financial world, our values and what we hold onto! we can use the coming 7 year transit to let go of what we hold onto out of safety and security that does not serve us or perhaps serves those who hold all the power and money. our addiction to things, to spending money and to sourcing security from having things/possessing/owning things at the expense of the health of the planet or health/vitality of others has to change. pay attention to what is shifting or changing in your value system right now. awakening to more earth centric values- where we honor the environment and the animals as much as we honor people and MORE than we honor things is important!

juno in gemini semisquares the north node in cancer at 5:33am, creating tension between the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage and the node of destiny and evolution. the north node path of growth and evolution involves emotional intimacy and being in touch with our needs to nurture and nourish ourselves and others. the shadow of juno in gemini is being superficial and flitting from thing to thing. shadow gemini does not like to get too deep and emotional. seeing where our patterns in relationship (or perhaps certain people/partners) might be blocking us/holding back our evolution is key right now.

at 8:04am the new moon in pisces conjunct neptune and vesta is exact- commencing a lunar cycle that can ignite the eternal flame of inspiration and Higher Love. this mystical lunation brings many visions and dreams but it is up to us to anchor them into our being and manifest them into the material world! some can see what is, others can see what is possible. this is a lunation to link them together and become the bridge between potential and reality. just watch out for the tendency to be in denial, deceive yourself/others and spiritually bypass. first we love what is (reality) then we are empowered to create what is possible!

***more info on this new moon will come via the lunar insight and lunar gate call posted a few days before the new moon as well as the lunar horoscopes for the upcoming lunar cycle posted on the day of the new moon.

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at 5:00pm the sun cojoins neptune at 16’09 pisces, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet that dissolve ego boundaries. this is great for mysticism, creativity, intuition and spirituality but it’s not so great for seeing reality, being grounded and seeing through illusion. do an honest self check in where you may be in denial or escaping and take time to meditate and reflect today.

thursday march 7th-
jupiter in sagittarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn at 8:33am, linking the planet of expansion and abundance with the Lord of the Underworld and planet of transformation. there’s a lot of transformative power and potential available to us right now- if we choose to use it! jupiter in sadge is expanding his mind by travel, learning or teaching and he is helping us to access deeper reservoirs of power to die to the old and rebirth the new in our lives. change of beliefs and attitudes is supported right now. the key is to let go of the mental habits and rigid/dogmatic ways of seeing/thinking that we hold onto!

retrograde mercury at 29 pisces semisquares mars in taurus at 10:18am, making for the first aspect to mercury since he went retrograde earlier this week. mercury/mars can be feisty and fiery in communication. mars wants to take action and speak up- while mercury in pisces wants peace and connection. mercury can be super intuitive and since he is retrograde this is definitely a time to go over the past to get more information as not all is as it seems. because this mercury retrograde has a triple conjunction to neptune- there can be a lot of intuition, mysticism and creativity present but also a lot of illusion, confusion and even deception. navigate wisely and ask questions to get discerning- about your own self illusion but also about others.

at 5:00pm the sun cojoins vesta at 17’02 pisces, linking the conscious self and ego with the Priestess asteroid Goddess. sun/vesta brings spiritual focus and devotion- which is great for mysticism, dreams, intuition and psychic abilities. but there’s also a strong pisces/neptune vibe dominant right now which can bring with it a neptune fog where it is hard to see what is what, what is Truth and what is a lie, what is real and what disillusion. discernment is key right now. stay committed to seeing the Truth- within and without- at any cost!

venus in aquarius semisquares jupiter in sagittarius at 7:15pm, creating tension between the two Benefic planets. venus/jupiter both like to enjoy life and have a good time! spending, eating, partying, socializing are all in focus. with both bodies in uber independent signs neither of them like to be reigned in! the shadow of this is when we overspend, overeat, over party and generally go overboard without any sense of limits. balance is key.

friday march 8th-
the sun in pisces sextiles saturn in capricorn at 11:10pm, linking the conscious self and ego with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. the sun is in mystical otherworldly pisces- so saturn can bring some grounding to dreams and visions. this is a time to work hard, show up and be masterful. the sun triggered the saturn/neptune sextile from 3/6 to today. taking dreams and bringing them fully into manifestation takes hard work! be willing to see where you are not seeing clearly. own your own self deception.

saturday march 9th-
there are no major aspects today

sunday march 10th-
***daylight savings commences***
at 12:30am the mean north node in cancer quincunxes mean black moon lilith in aquarius, creating tension between our path of growth and evolution and our need for freedom, equality and space. the north node in cancer reminds us that our growth comes through mothering, nurturing and honoring our emotions. lilith in aquarius is mentally focused and is not into emotions and she demands freedom at any cost- whereas cancer is about connection. honestly checking in to see where we are over alienating or isolating at the expense of growth is key. (last week lilith linked with pluto and eris and this week the nodes do- giving us a heads up on the pluto/eris/nodal T square that is up coming end of march/early april- pay attention to what is being revealed right now- personally and collectively)

mars in taurus semisquares chiron in aries at 1:51am, creating tension between the will and drive and the Wounded Healer. chiron is in mars’ sign now and will be for the next 8 years! there’s deep wounding and potential for great healing incoming around the masculine and our relationship to ego, anger, rage, drive, selfishness, violence and war. in order to heal we first have to feel and what can come up today is that which we need to face and feel before we can move all the way through. mars is not in his best position in taurus- the sign of venus- as typically mars wants to take action NOW and taurus likes to wait, watch and resists change. if we tend to be impulsive or we tend to be lazy- that which we overdo or underdo can be magnified right now. healing around how we take action is the focus.

mars in taurus sextiles neptune in pisces at 9:20am, linking the will and drive with the planet of spirituality and mysticism. this is great for taking our energy and channeling it into creative expression, selfless service and spiritual missions. mars is deeply embodied in taurus and in harmonious alignment with neptune in watery ethereal pisces we can truly bridge body with Spirit and Soul right now.

saturn in capricorn sextiles vesta in pisces at 4:49pm, linking the Lord of Karma and Father of Time with the Priestess asteroid Goddess. we have the saturn/neptune sextile getting triggered by vesta this week- with the whole configuration showing up in the new moon chart from wednesday. saturn is about grounding, mastery and discipline and he totally supports vesta’s focus and devotion. because vesta is in pisces and just aligned with neptune there can be a lot of dreams, visions and inspiration present right now- but until we do something tangible and practical with it it will simply stay in the ethers. this is a great week and lunar cycle to take inspiration and turn it into manifestation. mystical energy needs to be grounded- the crown chakra activation must be anchored deeply through the root and into the earth. there can be some big kundalini activations present this lunar cycle (and even this week?) if you are ready. commit to your path of being of service and the path will open up in deeper and higher ways right now!

have a beautiful week!

~divine harmony

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