Tuesday October 26th 2021

***all times are PDT***

monday march 30th-
at 12:43pm mars moves out of capricorn and into aquarius, shifting the will and drive from earth to air, body to mind, the past to the future. where mars in capricorn was focused on success, hard work, and maintaining power and control- mars in aquarius is focused on vision, rebellion, revolution and change! mars in aquarius wants change and he wants it now! he also tends to be radical, impulsive and restless. tomorrow mars will conjoin saturn- just after they both have shifted into new signs. this can be felt as the breaks being put on and feeling limited or restricted OR it could feel like mastery, discipline and maturity is deepening. pay attention to what is happening in your life and in the world around you today and tomorrow! change is incoming!

tuesday march 31st-
at 11:31am mars cojoins saturn at 0’39 aquarius, linking the will and drive with the planet of mastery, restriction and maturity. interestingly mars conjoined jupiter on 3/20 at the degreee of the saturn/pluto conjunction at 22’47 capricorn (from 1/12) and today mars aligns with saturn at the degree of the jupiter/saturn conjunction at 0’29 aquarius (happening 12/21/20). mars this month is activating two of the three most powerful transits of 2020 (the other being the pluto/eris square- which he was triggering 3/20-22). mars/saturn today is revealing what you want to birth or create and bring into fruition come december. now is the time to see the work it will take to bring things into manifestation. aquarius has vision but often wants things to happen NOW. saturn knows that anything worthwhile takes time to build and takes sacrifice and focus to bring into manifestation. mars/saturn is great for mastery but if you feel restricted, hemmed in, depressed or irritated today make sure you have a healthy outlet to anger and rage. suppression or reactively expressing will detour you from where you really want to go.

pluto cojoins pallas athena at 24’50 capricorn at 7:58pm, for the first of 3 times. the other two are 7/2 (close to the USA birthday) and 11/12 (close to the USA presidential election) with 11/12 being a triple conjunction of jupiter/pluto/pallas (this year long transit is intimately tied in with the USA). all the pluto/pallas conjunctions are close to jupiter but the last one in november is EXACT. the contemporary version of athena is very patriarchal. she is a daughter of the system- being born of the head of zeus. her dad ate her pregnant mom after he heard a child born to him would overtake him- one day he had a splitting headache and took an axe to his head and pallas athena sprang from his head fully grown and in full armor. so she comes form the head- not the heart. she was born of a man- not a woman. and she is disconnected from her inner child- having never had the experience of being one. this can speak to women who are serving the patriarchy and it can speak to the oppression of the feminine and disconnection from the Mother (Mother Earth and the Mother archetype). positively pluto/pallas is great for sleuthing, researching, intensive therapy, shadow work and getting to the bottom of things. pallas’ capacity to see clearly combined with pluto’s depth perception can manifest this way. shadow pluto/pallas can manifest as manipulating the Truth in shadowy, controlling, subversive, even black magic kind of ways. demetra george tells us that pre-patriarchy pallas was known as tritogenia (meaning born of water), from ancient libya 6000+ years ago and was associated with primordial ancient Mother Goddess net (neith). the shift of the myth from net/tritogenia to the contemporary pallas athena myth is symbolic of the transition from matriarchy to patriarchy. another symbolic meaning of pallas conjunct pluto and square eris can be about deconstructing the patriarchal feminine- really showing us where we have adhered to a patriarchal standard and internalized it not knowing we are living from a system of oppression that we SAY we are against but actually unconsciously operate out of. pluto pallas is death of the patriarchal version of pallas- and eris speaks to the rise of the Female Warrior archetype. when the dalia lama said ‘the world will be saved by the western woman’ i feel he meant the Solar Feminine Warrior archetype that expresses in women and men. this archetype fights evil, stands for Truth and will NOT back down from what is right.

wednesday april 1st-
mercury in pisces semi squares saturn in aquarius at 12:35am and semisquares mars in aquarius at 1:57pm- triggering the mars/saturn conjunction from yesterday that is now separating. mars/saturn is a get real moment. the two malefics in Union can be heavy and intense but also productive if we are willing to reign our egos in, work within limitations, discipline ourselves and stay accountable and responsible in our actions, words and deeds. mercury in tense aspect to both can bring up some GET REAL info that confronts us particularly if we tend to want to idealize, fantasize, see the Light but not the shadow, escape, true to addictions to numb out or spiritually bypass. mercury is past his back end shadow now and on friday cojoins neptunee- an aspect he came close to making when we went retrograde on 2/16 but is exact this week. mercury/neptune is dreamy and loves to see potential and focus on highest dreams and visions but mars/saturn is about reality and asking us to really see what is going on in the collective right now.

thursday april 2nd-
there are no major aspects today but the moon is quite busy- in cancer at the start of the day opposing pluto and jupiter early morning and then moving into leo just before noon and opposing saturn/mars and squaring uranus just afternoon noon till evening. big emotions can be up today- so navigate with awareness and rather than stuff or deny (saturn) or act out impulsively (mars/pluto) find the middle point and bring presence to what is without enmeshing with it.

friday april 3rd-
at 10:10am venus moves out of taurus and into gemini, shifting the Goddess of Love and Beauty from earth to air, body to mind, fixed to mutable, stability/security focus to movement/freedom focus. venus in gemini values freedom and space in relationships. she likes to flit about like a butterfly- being social and flirtatious with others. this is great for enjoying talks with others, sharing intellectual pursuits and being free! just watch out for the shadow side of venus in gemini: being superficial, noncommittal and/or bored in relationship. keep in mind venus is about to head into front end shadow as of april 9th- with her station retrograde occurring may 12th. into the venus retrograde shadow we go- where we will be re-evaluating relationships, our finances, our values, how we communicate our thoughts, feelings and hearts desires, how we perceive and understand the world around us and more. a defining signature of the venus retrograde is here triple square to neptune- bring tension between the lower and Higher Hearts. at best we can accessed deeper and higher levels of compassion, altruism, kindness and empathy. but we can also be more susceptible to delusion, deception, illusion, confusion, escapism, addiction, spiritual bypassing with a Love & Light attitude that ignores, denies and even outright refuses to see the shadow and reality as it is right now. the first venus/neptune square is 5/3- so we will see this more strongly come in end of april/start of may- but we are having the mercury/neptune conjunction today so the neptune energy is strong right now. look beyond the veil of delusion, illusion and deception- within yourself, in your relationships with others, in the media and the world around you!

at 6:14pm mercury cojoins neptune at 19’22 pisces, linking the linear logical mind with the intuitive, imaginative planet. the energy right now can be deeply psychic, mystical, imaginative, intuitive and creative. this is a great time study the occult and the mysteries and open up to hearing messages from Source! yet the shadow of this aspect is that it can be really hard to discern fact from fantasy and Truth from illusion. it’s easy to deceive ourselves, deceive others and believe our own lies! this is the one and only mercury/neptune conjunction that occurs right after mercury retrograde and the end of his back end shadow. so track what you have been sitting with and trying to discern clearly about over the last 2 months. be discerning and be willing to question what is on the surface right now. don’t just pay attention to words- pay attention to actions. also pay attention to your dreams, fantasies and illusions. be willing to pull back the veil and see yourself, others and the world around you more clearly. do this in yourself, in your life and relationships but also in regards to the media, in politics, in the spiritual community and more. yes even in spiritual circles this can manifest and it can be even more subtle and pervasive as it can spun as in spiritual terms and make you think you are being evolved to think or believe in such things!!!

ceres in aquarius sextiles eris in aries at 10:18pm, linking the Great Mother asteroid Goddess with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. eris is the female warrior Goddess and activist- and her link with the Earth Mother is powerful when it comes to taking a stand for our environment, health and well being of all on planet earth and coming up with innovative, outside of the box ways of embracing progressive change on the planet. ceres in aquarius nurtures by giving us freedom and independence and also by educating us so that Higher Wisdom is guiding us. stay open to Truth and to radical shifts. be the change you wish to see in the world!

saturday april 4th-
at 4:27am mars in aquarius quincunxes the north node in cancer, creating tension between the will and drive and the node of destiny and evolution. we just had the mars/saturn conjunction on 3/31 so we have both mars and saturn quincunxing the north node. saturn does not do so until 4/30. tension between aquarius and cancer- between mind and heart, thinking and feeling, intellect and emotions. shadow aquarius can seen in artificial intelligence where they want to remove emotions and put only intelligence in a machine that is devoid of feeling. emotions and feeling are connected to the heart and empathy. to have empathy you must FEEL what another feels and in order to feel what another feels you have to be able to feel your own emotions. mars/saturn in aquarius at odds with the north node in emotional, watery cancer can exacerbate tendencies to want to shut down feelings, close the heart, go into the mind and stay stuck there. if your response to the coronavirus is to spout off statistics about why we don’t need to be concerned because it’s only those with other health conditions that are dying- YOU ARE DISCONNECTED FROM YOUR HEART. if you had a health condition or someone you know and love has a health condition it would bring things home to you in a way that your mind- when only being logical and looking at statistics- will not get. this month there is a big wake up call to see where we are disconnected from our hearts, compassion, empathy and emotions. the north node in cancer demands we get intimate with our emotions and honor our feelings and if the Universe has to take greater measures to force us out of our heads and out of our rational minded perceptions it will!

venus in gemini trines saturn in aquarius at 10:09am, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of Karma and Father of Reality. venus trine saturn is great for grounding, commitment, security, stability and focus. in relationships and finances we are supported in setting solid foundations and seeing what is working versus what isn’t- and further seeing what is able to be fixed and what is not. being clearly aligned with our values so we are engaging in relationships and dealing with money from a place of alignment is key! with both bodies in air signs the desire to be social can be strong but with social isolating (very saturn in aquarius if you ask me- saturn is isolating, aquarius is about. community) finding innovative ways to stay connected via the internet, calls, zoom, texting, etc… is key!

at 11:08am uranus in taurus semisextiles vesta in gemini, linking the Rebel and Revolutionary with the Priestess asteroid Goddess. vesta in gemini is devoted to information sharing, staying connected and being open minded. uranus the Higher Mind is opening her mind and showing her radical and revolutionary Truths that need to be brought out of the head, into the heart and into embodiment. think outside the box and stay open to revelation!

mercury in pisces semisquares uranus in taurus at 11:16am, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Higher Mind and Revolutionary. mercury/uranus is great for opening the mind and seeing Greater Truth but the minor tense aspect with mercury in delusional pisces can require that we question where we are checked out, escaping, spiritual bypassing, believing in lies/illusions/untruths or propagating those lies/untruths ourselves! when the veil of illusion gets removed everyone is shocked- so don’t think you can see it all and know it all right now. that way of thinking will block you from seeing the Full Truth.

at 7:45pm jupiter cojoins pluto at 24’53 capricorn for the first of 3 times. this is one of the big transits of 2020- along with saturn conjunct pluto 1/12, pluto square eris 2020-2021 and jupiter conjunct saturn in aquarius end of the year. jupiter is a trigger planet that comes along and actives out planetary transits and takes them up a few notches. from 3/27 to 4/4 jupiter has been triggering the pluto/eris square- arguably THE MOST IMPORTANT TRANSIT OF 2020. not many astrologers are talking about eris as she is a new body discovered in 2005. but historically new bodies discovered always tied into what was unfolding in the collective and her role as distruptor is clearly seen in what is happening on the planet right now. at best jupiter brings Light (he is the Greater Benefic/one of the Great Lights) to the shadow (pluto). he brings massive opportunity for transformation, evolution and rebirth after death/endings/dark nights of the Soul. but he can also magnify the shadow of pluto- ruthless desire for power & control, back door/behind the scenes domination, subversive manipulation and even black magic. pluto is massively intense and extreme and jupiter is adding more fuel to the already hot and heavy saturn/pluto and pluto/eris fire. this is amazing for inner work, shadow work, therapy, shamanic journeys and diving into the depths of our being. yet what is down there can be intense, fear inducing and not a walk in the park. the whole world is going through a dark night of the Soul right now- as people are being forced to stay at home, with less distractions, forced to feel their emotions and feel the fear, anxiety and uncertainty that the whole planet is in the midst of. it’s a lot. and then jupiter/pluto comes along and takes things to even deeper levels. your greatest tool in your toolbox right now will be your ability to be with the dark, work with emotions, relate to your fear (rather than deny/disassociate or enmesh/fuse) and really take the time to do DEEP INNER WORK. pay attention to what is going on right now in your life, relationships and in the world around you. things are heating up and we want to have EYES WIDE OPEN. (the Truth can set you free but first it might piss you off)

sunday april 5th-
mars in aquarius semisquares neptune in pisces at 10:28pm, creating tension between the will and drive and the planet of idealism, illusion and deception. mars/neptune can be great for aligning the will and ego with a Higher purpose and altruistic cause. but this is a tense aspect and neptune can dissolve the will- making it hard to take a stand and set boundaries. neptune can also exacerbate tendencies to lie, manipulate, pretend, lie, cheat or steal. we need to make sure our greater visions (mars in aquarius) are really coming from the right place. honest self-checkins when we think we are right or we are the only ones seeing Truth is important. rose colored glasses OFF.


~divine harmony

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