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by | Mar 19, 2023 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are EDT***

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monday march 20th-
at 4:12pm the sun at 29’57 pisces sextiles pluto at 29’57 capricorn, making the last planetary link with pluto at the Karmic Completion Degree (asteroid Goddess ceres will do so just before the ingress). pay attention to the insights and deep realizations incoming right now as the Universe is showing both personally and collectively what MUST BE FACED & ADDRESSED. we have pluto navigating the Karmic Completion Degree in 2023-2024- so what is being brought up right now is not the whole story and will be part of the next 2 years to navigate! sun/pluto is great for harnessing the powers of transformation and evolution and with the sun in pisces at the Karmic Completion Degree- i HIGHLY RECOMMEND paying attention to your dreams, intuition and inner knowing. big reveals can come from within and big reveals can be coming from without. stay open to seeing the Truth!

the sun moves out of pisces and into aries at 5:24pm EDT- marking the spring equinox/ostara in the northern hemisphere (or fall equinox in the southern hemisphere). when the sun moves from 29 pisces to 0 aries it crosses the omega/alpha point- the place of the ending of the tropical zodiac to the point of new beginnings. this palpable shift can be felt as a resurrection of the Light within after the darkness of winter. it is a time of planting seeds, setting intentions and starting new cycles. spring has sprung and new life is incoming! tuning into where we are being asked to to start new things and set off on new journeys in our lives is key right now.

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tuesday march 21st-
at 5:26am jupiter in aries semisquares saturn in pisces, creating tension between the two Teacher Planets who are in the Alpha sign (jupiter in aries) and the Omega sign (saturn in pisces). jupiter in aries is ready to take action and make things happen! he is not one to twiddle his thumbs or wait. saturn in pisces on the other hand is slowing down to tune into to the inner realms before taking any action. at best we can find mastery over our intuition and dreams with saturn in pisces and then jupiter in aries can help us take action based on that inspiration. but as this is a tense aspect there can be conflict between DOING and BEING, actiion/reaction and passivity.

from 12:30pm to 10:57pm venus, juno and the mean north node all align from 5’42-5’57 taurus – linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty, the Goddess of partnership and marriage and the north node of destiny and evolution. venus is in her own sign and she rules the north node- so there is some extra potent energy incoming with this triple alignment. fate, destiny and doors opening in love, relationships, finances and more are incoming. pay attention to who you meet and what you realize right now as the Universe is guiding you forward on your path- with doors opening or perhaps as joseph campbell said (loosely quoting) “doors appearing where walls were before”. as this is in earthy taurus there can be focus on finances, resources and abundance- as well as deepening self worth and self Love. destiny calls! be sure to listen!!!

the new moon at 0’50 aries is exact at 1:23pm EDT- commencing a new lunar cycle focused on taking action, setting things into motion and starting new things. this new moon comes one day after the spring equinox (fall in the southern hemisphere) so we have some back to back ‘new beginning’ energy incoming! there is SO MUCH aries in the new moon chart!! sun, moon, mercury, chiron, jupiter, vesta and eris are all in aries. the sun is separating from a conjunction with neptune (3/15) and it is as though we are moving out of the primordial waters of the Unconscious and moving back into the Light. this new moon can definitely have a rebirth energy feel to it. the new moon is square mars who is at 28’12 gemini about to move into cancer on 3/25. there is still a big dose of mars tension afoot in this lunar cycle- amped up by the fact that the new moon is in mars ruled aries. luckily the new moon semisextiles saturn at 1’37 pisces and sextiles pluto at 29’58 capricorn- about to move into aquarius. these two planets are in transition in march- moving from an old sign to a new one, symbolizing huge endings and new beginnings unfolding. the new moon activates this in a big way! more on this new moon can be found in the lunar insight, lunar gate call and lunar horoscopes posted a week to a few days before the new moon (horoscopes are up the day of the new moon).

at 11:51pm mercury in aries quincunxes the mean south node, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the karmic south node. it’s interesting to see the heart (venus) in alignment with the north node, while the mind (mercury) is in tense aspect to the south node. the heart must lead right now! today watch out for the mind taking you on tangents, embroiling you in drama and arguments that have no end. pay attention to who and what makes you feel good and grounded- and pay attention to who or what just keeps on triggering you and making it so you don’t ever feel peace. some things are best let go of right now to make space for the new wanting to come in.


wednesday march 22nd-
at 1:44am the sun in aries semisquare uranus in taurus, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Rebel and Revolutionary. the new moon yesterday was semisquare uranus- and now the sun perfects that minor tense aspect early this morning. unexpected and chaotic things can come in- but so can big shifts for change, revolution and shift! this can be trigger happy territory though- so be aware and navigate with care.

at 11:50pm retrograde ceres moves from 0’00 libra to 29’59 virgo – shifting the Great Mother asteroid Goddess from air to earth, mind to body, intellect to embodiment. ceres in virgo is in one of the signs she is most associated with. she is an Earth Mother related to the environment and precious natural resources- and virgo has to do with digestion, food and health. ceres can be asking us to look deeper at what is or is not supporting health and well being- on the individual and collective level. one of the themes of this ceres retrograde journey is a tripe opposition to neptune- the first was on 11/25/22, the 2nd will be 4/10/23 and the last will be 6/10/23. taking off our rose colored glasses so we can see the environmental and climate reality of our planet is necessary right now. when it comes to health and well being- we need to have the rose colored glasses of denial OFF. pay attention to where this is playing out in your life- as health is not just physical- it is also mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relational and more. whatever is unhealthy or out of balance can be coming into focus right now- and then it is up to us to address it <3


thursday march 23rd-
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at 12:27am pluto at 29’59 capricorn trines retrograde ceres at 29’59 virgo, aligning the Lord of the Underworld with the Great Mother Goddess in harmonious ways while they are both at the Karmic Completion Degrees! pluto and ceres have a relationship in mythology because pluto abducted ceres’ daughter persephone. this aspect is harmonious- so there can support for transformation, evolution and regeneration when it comes to family dynamics, environmental concerns, climate change and more. but to get there we have to see reality- not bury our heads in the sand. pay attention to what is coming up right now and also think back to 12/8/22 when we had the 1st trine with the last one being on 6/20/23. connect the dots- personally and collectively- to see what pluto and ceres are trying to reveal in your life right now.

pluto moves out of capricorn and into aquarius at 8:14am EDT, commencing the beginning of a very significant shift of pluto into his new home sign. pluto will go back and forth between the last degrees of capricorn and the first degrees of aquarius this year and next year and will enter into aquarius for good on 11/19/24. he will stay in aquarius until 2043 when he starts to transition between aquarius and pisces. pluto has an eratic orbit so he does not stay in each sign for the same amount of years. the coming journey of the Lord of the Underworld through the sign of community, freedom and artificial intelligence will be very significant. we can just look back at pluto transiting through capricorn that began in 2008 to see how intense and transformative his transits can be. capricorn is about big business, patriarchy, government, power and control. all of these have been themes particularly when it comes to revealing the shadow behind them that was not being revealed. now it is aquarius’ turn! pluto in Aquarius will bring evolution and transformation to so much of human experience and culture that likely life will look radically different by 2043. we do have to be aware of the shadow of artificial intelligence as well as the shadow of group mind- both can take us down dark paths if not dealt with wisely. in terms of the age of aquarius pluto’s entry into this sign is a harbinger of significant shifts in the aquarian timeline! if you have not listened to my Age of Aquarius webinar you can purchase it on demand via the link below. having two slower moving bodies move into new signs in the same month make march 2023 a significant month and the most powerful month of the year.

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friday march 24th-
at 1:42pm mars at 29’38 gemini squares retrograde ceres at 29’38 virgo, creating tension between the Will, Drive and God of War and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess with both at the Karmic Completion degrees. from today through tomorrow mars triggers the pluto ingress and the pluto/ceres trine that happened right before pluto moved into aquarius. mars will be in tense aspect to both pluto and ceres- bringing confrontation with power or shadow around family dynamics, the environment and Mother Earth, health and well being and more. ceres is very active this week- so pay attention to what is coming up around these themes as they are not going away anytime soon and are intimately tied into the big pluto transit/ingress this week.


saturday march 25th-
at 7:45am mars moves out of gemini and into cancer – moving him from air to water, mind to emotion, light and carefree to sentimental and sensitive. mars in cancer is not his favorite placement. mars is the warrior and he likes to be direct while cancer is the crab that moves side to side. at best mars in cancer is great for taking a stand for home, family, country and those that are less able to stand up for themselves (children, animals, the elderly). yet the shadow of mars in cancer is that he can be passive aggressive and he can take confrontational stands based on emotion, attachment and subjectivity. being able to step outside of emotions and see our own stuff is important, yet also harder to do, when mars is in cancer.

at 9:34am mars at 0’02 cancer quincunxes pluto at 0’02 aquarius – bringing a tense aspect between the lower will and Higher Will just as they enter into brand new signs! this is particularly significant as the first trigger of pluto who just moved into aquarius !!!! mars in cancer is deeply emotional and his emotions can influence his actions and reactions right now. pluto in aquarius is detached and cerebral and can be distant and even dissociative when it comes to feelings and the heart. mars/pluto is a reminder to steer clear of power/control dynamics and instead find ways to stand in your power/stand your ground without dominating or controlling others. mars in cancer is ready to stand up and fight for country, children, animals and those unable to stand up for themselves! yet he can also be passive aggressive or emotionally reactive so being aware of our own suppressed emotions and/or triggered reactions is key. pay attention to what is going down 3/23-25! we have pluto’s ingressed followed by a hard trigger of mars- what is unfolding now is informing what the pluto in aquarius cycle will be about.

venus in taurus semisquares neptune in pisces at 12:10pm- creating tension between the lower and Higher Hearts. venus/neptune is romantic, idealistic and can indulge in fantasy. venus in taurus wants perfection in the body and physical experience, neptune in pisces wants perfection in the spirit and soul. this can be uber romantic it can also be completely out to lunch, ungrounded, spiritual bypassing and addictive- using romance, sex, money, physical things as a means to indulge and escape. being aware is key <3

at 2:06pm uranus in taurus sextiles pallas athena in cancer – linking the Rebel and Revolutionary with the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. uranus is showing us what needs to change and pallas athena is providing the wisdom and insight to back that up. this can be amazing for innovation and new ideas or inspiration incoming!!! both uranus and pallas are in deeply feminine signs associated with the Great Mother- so on offer can be an awakening of the feminine within and without that helps direct us on our path forward. pay attention to intuitive hits, dreams and aha moments today as revelations can be forthcoming that blow your mind open!


sunday march 26th-
at 11:45am the sun in aries quincunxes the mean south node in scorpio- creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the south node of karma. with both in signs of mars things can be extra emotional, intense and conflictual today so be aware and navigate with care. big things are up, being revealed and being activated! tune into where you are stuck in old karmic patterns that are no longer serving and then do the work to shift trajectories! conscious action (versus reaction) is key.

at 2:58pm mercury cojoins chiron at 15’16 aries- aligning the mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer planetoid. old wounds and pain can arise in communication and thinking today but there is also potential for deeply healing communication to happen. chiron in aries is teaching us to have right relationship with the masculine and with our will, anger, desire and drive. some of us stuff our anger and have a hard time asserting ourselves. others of us are reactive, aggressive and overly self focused. wherever you fall too far on the end of this spectrum the other side is calling for presence for healing to happen. this is a great day to be in therapy and for expression of your wounds and pain. awareness of what runs you subconsciously is incoming- pay attention. mercury is triggering the separating jupiter/chiron conjunction from 3/12 today and tomorrow- pay attention to where healing needs to happen and get to doing the work to do it!


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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