Friday August 23rd 2019

***all times are PDT***

monday march 18th-
at 4:36am jupiter in sagittarius quincunxes the mean north node in cancer, creating tension between the planet of expansion and excess our north node path of growth and evolution. the north node in cancer reminds us that we need each other and we need intimacy and emotional expression for health, well being and growth. jupiter in sadge wants freedom and when faced with emotions or vulnerability will often prefer to move on. yet if our desire to move on is a means of escapism this is not going to be useful right now! pay attention to where you are avoiding growing and instead of running away- face and move into the places that scare you!

retrograde mercury in pisces semisextiles venus in aquarius at 3:56pm, linking the mind and the heart in harmonious ways. this is a great time to speak from the heart, listen from the heart and come from a higher perspective. with both bodies in the last 2 signs of the zodiac there is potential for Higher Visions/communications/thinking to come through!

tuesday march 19th-
pluto in capricorn sextiles vesta in pisces at 11:45am, linking the Lord of the Underworld with the Priestess asteroid Goddess. pluto is the roto rooter and detective who is able to plumb the depths and see what is hidden. vesta is the asteroid that focuses and is deeply devoted to some sacred or altruistic cause. we have the power of penetration and illumination right now! vesta in pisces is deeply mystical, intuitive and imaginative. focus your imagination (the root word of imagination is magic so focus your magic) and see what powerful things are possible today!

wednesday march 20th-
mars in taurus trines pluto in capricorn at 4:41am, linking the lower will with the Higher Will for ultimate transformation and regeneration capacity! stay focused on the end goal and be willing to take one step at a time. think long term reward not short term gratification.

at 7:27am retrograde mercury in pisces sextiles saturn in capricorn for the 2nd of 3 times (think back to 2/19 for the 1st one), linking the mind and intellect in the sign of mysticism and compassion with the Lord of Karma and planet of self mastery in the sign of discipline and accountability. mercury will trigger the saturn/neptune square until 3/24- and this is one of the defining signatures of his Underworld journey we are in the midst of. saturn/neptune is about taking our dreams/vistions(neptune) and anchoring them into reality (saturn). yet first we have to take off the rose colored glasses and see ourselves and others clearly. pay attention to things you think, say, hear or understand right now. there are many layers that want to reveal themselves. go ever deeper till you get the Source.

venus in aquarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn at 1:54pm, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of the Underworld. venus/pluto is deep, passionate and intense. luckily these two are in minor harmonious aspects. the capacity to dive deep in relationships is present right now. it’s also a great time to deepen our understanding of our values and our personal self-worth and self-Love. being willing to embrace change and not just hold onto the past is key right now.

vesta in pisces semisextiles eris in aries at 2:56pm, linking the Priestess asteroid Goddess with the Goddess of discord and Chaos. luckily this is a harmonious aspect! vesta is triggering the pluto/eris square right now- which is about to get triggered by the nodes of the moon (mean node today with eris through 4/4 for true node with pluto). big activation of our paths of karma (where we are stuck/stagnant and need to deal with the past) and our paths of dharma and destiny (where we need to grow and it’s not easy and we get pushed by the Universe) incoming!!! vesta is helping us get focused and devoted on our evolutionary path so that we are seeing what needs to be seen and doing what needs to be done. pay attention to your dreams, intuition and imagination- important insights incoming can be key to your evolution!

the sun moves into aries at 2:58pm and commences spring in the northern hemisphere and fall in the southern hemisphere. this is a point of balance- we are 1/2 way between winter and summer in the north, and summer and winter in the south. what is growing in your life and/or what are you harvesting? where are there imbalances in your life that need to be rectified? the sun in aries says get ready to take action!

vesta in pisces trines the mean north node cancer at 3:03pm, aligning the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion with the north node of destiny and evolution! there is a fated/destined energy playing out today and vesta is helping us to see where we need to focus and where some part of our Higher Path is calling us. pay attention to what is being revealed today.

the mean nodes of the moon square eris the Goddess of Discord and Chaos at 3:56pm- bringing us to a pivotal point of choice on our path of destiny and karma! we can keep on doing the same old karmic past OR we can grow and move into new uncharted territory. the old patriarchal paradigm of power, control, dominance and self focus is not going to work anymore. with the north node in cancer the Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine heart, compassion and care need to lead the way (and both men and women can embody these qualities). (eris squares the true nodes on 4/2)

the equinox full moon libra is exact at 6:43pm PDT today- bringing into focus our relationships and how they are bring balance or imbalance into our lives. do we over focus on others at the expense of ourselves? do we selfishly put ourselves first at the expense of others? we each have our tendencies and that which is not easy is the point of growth right now. this full moon is opposite chiron the wounded healer and quincunx uranus in taurus- bringing in some big changes into relationships and relationships dynamics. we need to face wounded relational patterns that don’t serve us right now. for more info on this lunation read the lunar insight posted a couple days before the full moon is exact.

at 11:29pm mars in taurus sextiles the mean north node in cancer, linking the will and drive with the node of destiny and evolution. mars/north node is a great time to take action when it comes to growth and getting out of our comfort zone. with taurus and cancer involved- too signs that have deep attachment- growth right now is not about detachment but healthy attachment. with ourselves, our family, our partners and friends. healthy emotional relationships are good for us!

thursday march 21st-
today venus and mars do a dance with jupiter- making for a creative, romantic and fertile day but there can also be some tension! venus in aquarius sextiles jupiter in sagittarius at 7:16am and we want freedom and space and exploration! mars in taurus wants stability, security and loyalty and in tense aspect to both venus (at 1:07am) and jupiter (at 12:43pm) there can be push back between what we want and what we need. we need to find the right balance between stability and security (mars in taurus) and freedom and adventure (venus and jupiter). pay attention to dynamics arising in relationships today- they are important.

venus and mars also both link with the north node (venus at 12:11am and mars yesterday)- venus in tense ways and mars harmoniously. if our need for freedom at any cost is costing us our capacity for emotional intimacy and connection we need to check it. the path to healing is embodiment and fully FEELING all of our emotions. and they both link with eris (12:12am and 12:37am)- this time they both link with eris positively! there is potential for radical change today! in our inner experience and our inner relationship with masculine/feminine within- and without.

we also have uranus in taurus semisquare to juno in gemini at 4:11am, bringing even more changes to relationships, commitments and contractual arrangements. truly the order of the day is to stay open to change while knowing the difference between healthy change and change that is actually us escaping and denying that we need to deal with something.

jupiter in sagittarius squares vesta in pisces at 7:38am, activating the priestess asteroid Goddess and bringing focus to our spiritualiity, beliefs and morals. just watch out for being self righteous and holier than thou ;)

friday march 22nd-
at 11:37am the sun cojoins chiron the Wounded Healer at 1’50 aries- activating chiron who is officially in aries for good (for the next 8 years). illumination is brought to our biggest wounds and pain- but the path to healing is also being illuminated. how are you with asserting yourself, expressing anger and taking a stand? do you overdo it or underdo it? pay attention to what arises today and use it as a hint about where your healing journey wants to take you next.

at 3:46pm venus cojoins mean black moon lilith at 252’20 aqua, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the fierce Dark Feminine. we have the light feminine and the dark feminine merging which can be a potent combination! they are also both squaring mars (from 3/21-3/24)! there can be some powerful energy afoot in relationships right now. venus/lilith is fierce and wild and free. she is one to be reckoned with! in aquarius she is the rebel here to turn things upside down! navigating relationship terrain with consciousness is key. we don’t want to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

saturday march 23rd-
neptune in pisces squares juno in gemini at 12:08pm, creating tension between the Higher Heart and planet of compassion and idealism and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. neptune/juno can be uber dreamy, romantic and idealistic- but it can also be completely out to lunch. we can project fantasies onto others and/or put them on pedestals- all the while ignoring red flags or shadow that is wanting to be seen. we have the mercury/neptune conjunction triggering this today as well- so pay attention to information, insights, intuitions, dreams and connections incoming. they could be amazing and they could also be not all they seem. the key here is to discern intuition from fear or fantasy and to be discerning. clarity is key.

mercury retrograde in pisces squares juno in gemini at 11:33pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. pay attention to thoughts, ideas, communications, connections, intuition and insights incoming about relationship- romantic, business, financial and otherwise. this is a time to rethink, review and revise your fantasies, intuitions, projections and more. discernment is the perfect counter balance to all the pisces energy flying around- USE IT!

sunday march 24th-
at 5:04am mars in taurus squares mean black moon lilith in aquarius, making for some tension in relationship dynamics particularly between the masculine and the feminine. lilith just aligned with venus- and both of them in aquarius want freedom, space and the new! mars in taurus is stable, secure but also resistant of change. aquarius is the sign of change! can you see the recipe for fireworks here? (the good kind or the bad kind- it could go either way). navigating relationships and anything regarding finances or friendships with consciousness is key!

at 10:27am retrograde mercury cojoins neptune at 16’49 pisces for the 2nd of 3 times. fro now until april 2nd we have a massive double conjunction of these two due to mercury’s direct station on march 28th. PAY ATTENTION to information, communications, thoughts, dreams, intuitions and more. there’s a strong mystical energy present but it can also be nebulous, confusing, deceptive and in denial. discerning Truth from fantasy or fear takes mastery.

have a blessed week!

~divine harmony

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