Sunday June 13th 2021

***all times are PDT***

monday march 16th-
at 12:42am mercury moves out of aquarius and into pisces, shifting the mind and intellect from air to water, intellect to emotion, yang to yin. mercury in pisces is super intuitive, psychic and imaginative. mercury is typically the linear, logical mind but in pisces he takes the circular, DNA spiral route (rather than point A to point B). mercury in pisces is great for spirituality, poetry, music and art! yet it’s not so great for being fully present and grounded in reality. watch out for fantasies and floating off the planet. we want to take our visions and dreams and bring them fully down into reality. be here now!


tuesday march 17th-
at 5:17pm mars conjoins pallas athena at 21’05 capricorn, aligning the will and drive with the asteroid Goddess of Wisdom and War. pallas athena is a political Goddess and her alignment with mars, jupiter, saturn, pluto and eris over the coming months is significant (3/27-31 is most significant as she triggers the pluto/eris square for the first of 3 times). mars/pallas is good for military strategy and taking action based on information coming in that is practical, logical and backed up with science and rationality (pallas is in capricorn). from 3/17 to 4/4 we have some pretty big alignments unfolding- the first jupiter/eris square is 3/26 and the first jupiter/pluto conjunction is 4/4- and we have mars and pallas athena triggering them. as mars is an activator paying attention to what is up politically, globally, environmentally, economically and more!


wednesday march 18th-
there are no major aspects today


thursday march 19th-
at 4:50pm the sun at 29 pisces sextiles saturn at 29 capricorn, harmoniously linking the conscious self and ego with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. sun/saturn is great for being grounded, rooted, serious and focused. normally the sun in pisces is floaty and otherworldly but saturn makes sure our root is firmly grounded while the sun in pisces makes sure our hearts and crowns are fully open. taking your dreams and visions and doing something concrete with them is supported right now.

the sun moves out of pisces and into aries at 8:49pm PST, marking the spring equinox/ostara in the northern hemisphere. when the sun moves from 29 pisces to 0 aries it cross the omega/alpha point- the place of the ending of the zodiac to the point of new beginnings. this palpable shift can be felt as resurrection of some aspect of self- a time of planting seeds, setting intentions and starting new cycles. spring has sprung and new life is incoming! tuning into where we are being asked to to start new things and set off on new journeys in our lives is key right now. for more information on stars check out my series on THE 8 SOLAR GATES: JOURNEY THROUGH THE WHEEL OF THE YEAR- if you are not already signed up for these calls click the ‘8 solar gates’ image in the right hand column of my website for more information or click here-


friday march 20th-
at 4:35am mars cojoins jupiter at 22’48 capricorn, linking the will and drive with the planet of expansion and success. this conjunction at 22’48 is ONE MINUTE from the precise saturn/pluto conjunction of 1/12 which occurred at 22’47 capricorn. this is an important day in the timeline of the saturn/pluto cycle that will last the next 38 (or so) years. positively the focus here is on taking action for success, self mastery, stepping more into authority and transforming old structures, foundations, ways of doing and being. the shadow can manifest as power/control dynamics and intense stuff coming to Light in personal and professional relationships. pay attention to what is happening today and use the energy for positive empowerment rather than victim/tyrant dynamics.

at 3:57pm saturn at 29’54 capricorn trines vesta at 29’54 taurus, aligning the planet of mastery and limitation with the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and focus. vesta moves into a new sign later tonight, saturn does so tomorrow! with both bodies at the karmic 29th degree- there are big things up right now politically and globally that we want to pay attention to. this is great for being disciplined and focused on material matters- work, money, values, health and more.

neptune in pisces semisextiles ceres in aquarius at 6:08pm, linking the planet of the Higher Heart with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. this is lovely for compassion, altruism and care for others beyond the self. both pisces and aquarius are the most transpersonal of signs and are focus on community and global humanity. think globally, act locally is a good mantra. sacrificing for the care of others is supported right now. just make sure you do not oversacrifice. self care is also key ;).

vesta moves out of taurus into gemini at 10:06pm, shifting the Priestess asteroid goddess from earth to air, body to mind, solidity to movement. vesta in gemini is great for focused and devoted communication, sharing of information, collaboration and community. just watch out for being all over the place and too ungrounded ;).


saturday march 21st-
ceres in aquarius sesquiquadrates the north node in cancer at 1:53am, creating tension between the Great Mother asteroid Goddess and the north node of destiny and evolution. ceres is showing us where we need to think more globally (aquarius) while we act locally and in our own homes (cancer north node). this is also good time to check in to see where we may be going into our heads and overthinking when what we need to do to balance things out is FEEL and really drop into our embodied experience. honoring emotions and working with what arises (fear, grief, joy, love- all of it) is key.

8:42am mars in capricorn squares eris in aries, creating tension and friction between the will, warrior and God of War and the Warrior Goddess of chaos and discord! mars/eris is a powerhouse of an aspect and when used wisely we can use it to preserve, be focused and discipline and deal with things head on! of course the shadow of this aspect unfolds when we engage in power/control dynamics with others and when we repress or act out our anger and rage in unhealthy ways. navigate with care! of course this aspect is in the early morning hours so the dream time could be potent and revealing- pay attention!

mercury in pisces trines the mean north node in cancer at 11:33am, aligning the mind and intellect with node of destiny and evolution. important communications, information, connections and realizations can be incoming. with both bodies in water signs pay attention to your intuition, dreams, fantasies, synchronicity and psychic perception. emotions flowing today can be very healing!

at 8:58pm saturn moves out of capricorn and into aquarius- commencing the Lord of Karma and Father of Time’s journey from earthy capricorn to airy aquarius. both of these signs are signs saturn classically rules- but uranus also co-rules aquarius. saturn will go back and forth between the last degrees of capricorn and the first degrees of aquarius all year long- until just before winter solstice when he officially enters into aquarius where he will remain until he moves into pisces 2 years later. saturn in aquarius is a call for lessons and mastery around community, our capacity to collaborate and join together with like minded souls for the Greater Good of all of humanity, friendships and social connections, and the realization of our hopes and dreams. at best this can be about creating new structures that are evolutionary and support positive change. at worst this can be about those in power clamping down and resisting change while they try to hold onto the old. more on this in the months to come as saturn in aquarius starts to make aspects :)


sunday march 22nd-
at 6:19am mercury in pisces sextiles uranus in taurus for the 3rd and final time, linking the lower mind with the Higher Mind in beautiful ways! the last 2 months with mercury’s retrograde in pisces has been a great time to keep your mind open and listen for messages incoming via intuition, dreams, connection with the Unconscious, your imagination, psychic knowing and more. aha moments, bolt out of the blue awarenesses and sudden innovative answers to questions you have are possible right now! our minds are all being given a big cosmic dose of Higher Wisdom, Cosmic Insight and Divine Perception. be willing to question what you think you know and allow the new information and realizations to come through!

venus in taurus semisquares the mean north node in cancer at 6:52pm, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the north node of destiny and evolution. issues cropping up between love relationships and family relationships, what we want for pleasure and fun and what is responsible for our well being, emotions and families can be up right now.

venus in taurus sextiles neptune in pisces at 8:08pm, linking the lower heart and Higher Heart in positive ways. this is lovely astrology for romance, creativity, artistic expression, altruism and Unconditional Love. we are supported in elevating our desires to mystical, spiritual and altruistic levels. venus in her rulership and neptune in his rulership make this aspect extra potent. linking body with Spirit is supported right now. live your spirituality- don’t just proclaim it.

mercury in pisces semisextiles chiron in aries at 8:19pm, linking the mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer. this is a great time to have heart to heart talks- sharing feelings and thoughts in an honest, open atmosphere. mercury in pisces is intuitive so paying attention to dreams, intuitions and inner knowing is key right now.

at 10:20pm mars cojoins pluto 24’43 capricorn, aligning the lower will and Higher Will in potent and intense ways! this brings a potent energy that could be used creativity or destructively. if we align the lower will with the Higher Will- having the latter lead the way- then this can be a powerful time for transformation, evolution and purging of the past. yet if we act out the shadow this can express in power struggles, ego clashes, manipulation and even violence. be aware of how you channel this energy and shoot for the Highest expression if you want to enjoy this transit ;) (focus the power of this astrology WITHIN)


have a blessed and protected week!


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