Friday August 23rd 2019

***all times are PDT***

monday march 11th-
retrograde mercury in pisces semisquares venus in aquarius at 1:10pm, creating tension between the conscious mind and intellect and the Goddess of Love and Beauty. the mind and the heart are at odds right now. the mind is sensitive, intuitive, feeling oriented- while the heart wants space and freedom and does not want to be bound. in communication and thinking we want to honor both sides of ourselves and others. pay attention to what you think and say today and be willing to feel into the other side of the spectrum (in yourself but also with others).

tuesday march 12th-
juno in gemini opposes ceres in sagittarius at 8:41pm, creating tension between the wife asteroid Goddess of commitment and partnership and the Mother asteroid Goddess of care taking and nurturing. there can be disparity in relationships in our lives- where are we partners that are meeting each other and where are parent/child dynamics playing out. this is not just in romantic relationships but can be in friendships or work relationships. also on the inner levels

wednesday march 13th-
today there are a lot of aspects to the sun- bringing focus to our individuality and expression. from today through tomorrow the sun triggers the pluto/eris square, the pluto/south node conjunction, the eris/nodal T square and the jupiter pluto semisextiles. the sun triggers all of these HARMONIOUSLY so there is potential for big intuition and insights into our Unconscious. this is a time where we can see beyond the veil- so pay attention!

the sun in pisces sextiles pluto in capricorn at 7:29am, linking the conscious self and ego with the Lord of Transformation. sun/pluto is great for accessing the power of transformation and evolution and doing something with it. there is depth present and a capacity to dive even deeper if we are willing to go into the places that scare us. dive deep!

sun in pisces squares jupiter in sadge at 6:29pm, creating tension between the ego self and the Higher Mind. at best sun/jupiter is courageous, risk taking and fun loving. the shadow though is overdoing things to the point of hubris, self righteousness and being larger than life. as both of these signs are spiritual signs there can be a lot of idealism and even escapism present- so navigate with consciousness!

sun in pisces semisextiles eris in aries at 9:53pm, linking the conscious self and ego with the Warrior Goddess! eris demands we take a stand, speak the Truth and live aligned with the Truth. anything out of integrity gets magnified by eris. it’s key we are willing to look and dig deeper- in ourselves first but also in relationships and in the world around us.

thursday march 14th-
at 3:02am mars in taurus trines saturn in capricorn, completing his trigger of the saturn/neptune sextile that began on 3/10. mars and saturn are great for manifestation and doing the slow, laborious work of success and achievement. with mars linking with both saturn and neptune he is bringing focus to the dreams we are seeking to materialize. mars/saturn in earth signs demand that we show up and be embodied so we can get to work! neptune in pisces reminds us to have faith and listen to our dreams. inspiration can be put into manifestation right now!

sun in pisces trines the mean north node in cancer at 7:35am, linking the self and ego with the north node of destiny and evolution. with both bodies in water signs the path of evolution requires intimacy with our emotions, our feelings and honoring of our sensitivity. being wiling to see where we are being resistant, dogmatic or authoritarian and where we need to let down our guard and let our feelings flow is key.

the sun cojoins retrograde mercury at 24’11 pisces at 6:47pm and they both trine the mean north node today and tomorrow- bringing VERY important insights and information into the mix. pay attention to intuition, dreams, visions, emotions and feelings. the watery depths of the Unconscious are potent right now and they have messages for us if we have the courage to listen!

friday march 15th-
venus in aquarius semisquares chiron in aries at 4:50am, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Wounded Healer planetoid. venus/chiron brings up old wounds and pain around love, self-love, self-worth, values and relationships. chiron in aries magnifies our relationship with anger, ego and drive. are we aggressive or passive aggressive? are we selfish or afraid to our ourselves first? where are we not in right relationship with the aries archetype and what do we need to do to heal? pay attention to what is arising in Love or money situations right now- it is showing you where healing wants to happen.

venus in aquarius semisextiles neptune in pisces at 6:11am, linking the lower heart and Higher Heart in compassionate, altruistic, romantic ways! this can be mystical, spiritual, idealistic and loving. with both bodies in the last 2 signs that are very humanitarian there is access to Greater Love and Greater Compassion, understanding and forgiveness right now. make sure you give it to yourself as well as others :)

at 7:49am retrograde mercury in pisces trines the mean north node in cancer for the 2nd of 3 times. think back to 2/25 when this aspect occurred for the 1st time- as often these aspects are like chapters of a greater story. mercury/north node links the conscious mind and intellect with the north node of destiny and evolution! with both bodies in water signs our intuition and psychic antennae can be spot on. pay attention to what you hear, think, say and intuit. pay attention to your dreams, to synchronicities and your inner knowing. this is a time to get deeply in touch with your emotions and feelings. it’s not a time to bypass and escape but to go deeply within. so pay attention to what is arising right now as it’s something you will be journeying with for the next 1 1/2 months.

retrograde mercury semisextiles eris in aries at 4:08pm, linking the conscious mind and intellect with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. pay attention to communication, information and thinking. game changing insights or information arising can shine a lot of Light on what is hidden in the shadows. speak your Truth and commit to living the Truth at any cost!

at 4:16pm retrograde mercury in pisces squares jupiter in sadge, also for the 2nd of 3 times. think back to 2/22 when this aspect first occurred. mercury/jupiter creats tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of expansion and excess. the mind loves to learn and explore when these two team up but we can also overdo it. we need to watch out for thinking anything we think or fantasize about is our intuition. learning discernment between fear, fantasy and true intuition is key. mercury is triggering the jupiter/neptune square 3 times in a 2 month period of time- asking us to see where we are overdoing positive thinking, spiritually bypassing or love and light at the expense of facing the shadow and doing the real work. balance is key.

jupiter in sagittarius trines eris in aries at 6:17pm and then quincunxes the mean north node on the 18th (monday next week)- bringing a fiery, dynamic and assertive energy into the mix! eris is the Warrior Goddess who reveal the shadow! jupiter in sagittarius is in search for the Truth at any cost! just make sure you are coming from the heart when you do so and be sure to be in touch with your emotions during the process. finding the path forward requires Fierce Love- an open heart with healthy boundaries. (for the true nodes this lasts from march 15th through march 24th)

saturday march 16th-
at 6:08am retrograde mercury in pisces sextiles pluto in capricorn for the 2nd of 3 times (think back to 2/23 for the first chapter in this story). mercury/pluto links the mind and intellect with Lord of the Underworld. these two are deep, penetrating and intense. this is a great time for therapy, research and investigation. mercury in pisces is intuitive and psychic and pluto is pulling back the facade and showing us what is in the shadows. this is a great time to get real and express things from a raw, honest place. it’s also key we listen to the Truths of others! this aspect will repeat once more in april- so pay attention to what you hear/think/say today as there can be insights that are important to pay attention to.

sunday march 17th-
at 7:32am retrograde mercury cojoins vesta at 21’46 pisces, linking the mind and intellect with the Priestess asteroid Goddess. this is a great time to pay attention to intuition, dreams and information arising right now. our focus is strong but make sure you are focusing within as much if not more than you are focusing without. the psychic/Unconscious waters are deep right now! dive in!

venus in aquarius semisextiles saturn in capricorn at 9:09am, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. venus/saturn asks us to get real and focused on what IS in our relationships, finances, self worth and more. saturn is grounding and binding. this is great for commitment but can also be quite karmic and heavy. we need to find balance between aquarius freedom and spaciousness with capricorn roots, foundations and commitments right now.

at 8:23pm retrograde mercury in pisces sextiles mars in taurus, linking the mind and intellect with the will and drive. this is a great aspect for speaking up, expressing ourselves and speaking the Truth. yet mercury is retrograde so we also need to be willing to listen to not just what is said but what is going on behind the scenes- in ourselves and in others around us.

have a blessed week!

~divine harmony

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