Thursday March 4th 2021

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monday february 8th-
at 5:48am the sun cojoins retrograde mercury at 20’01 aquarius, linking the conscious self and ego with the conscious mind and intellect. this is the midpoint of the current mercury retrograde cycle we are in that began on 1/30. all mercury retrogrades in 2021 are in air signs- bringing us opportunities to dive deep and rethink, review and revise our thoughts, relationships, social connections and relationship with our minds. sun/mercury often coincides with aha moments, important information or communications that shed Light on what this journey is about for you personally. be sure to listen to the weekly and lunar monthly horoscopes for more personal information based on your sun sign and rising sign. today be willing to be surprised!

mars in taurus semisextiles the mean north node in gemini at 12:16pm, linking the planet of action and direction with the node of destiny and evolution. mars can help us align with our growth and evolution and TAKE NECESSARY ACTION today! the saturn/uranus square that is almost exact is magnifying where we are stuck, stagnant and resisting change. where are you staying in something that is comfortable but is in fact a cage? where are you choosing security over growth and expansion? pay attention to where the Universe is calling you today! intimations of the path ahead are incoming.

at 3:35pm retrograde mercury in aquarius semisextiles neptune in pisces, linking the mind with the planet of intuition and mysticism. this is great for creativity, compassion, service and selflessness. communicate ideals but balance them with practicality.

pluto in capricorn sextiles ceres in pisces at 8:24pm, aligning the planet of transformation, evolution and empowerment with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. pluto and ceres have an interesting relationship in greek mythology- as he abducted her daughter persephone and caused her to go mad with grief. as a result of this she stopped making things grow (she is a grain goddess and governs the food supply) and people were dying all over the place. luckily the aspect between these two is more positive today- as pluto sextile ceres can help us to get really clear on what needs to transform in our lives, what needs to be let go of and die so something new can be reborn. in ceres’ myth she and persephone were so close but almost too close. they both had to let go of each other so that persephone could become a queen in her own right and not just hide in the shadow of her mother. pluto/ceres helps facilitate endings so that we can let go with grace and ease- aware that a new cycle will always be birthed on the death of an old one. (this can play out in family relationships, with parents, children, co-parents, partners and more)


tuesday february 9th-
at 3:01am saturn in aquarius sextiles chiron in aries, linking the Lord of Karma and the Wounded Healer in deep ways. this is the first of 3 saturn/chiron sextiles- a defining signature of the Astrology of 2021 (which i talked about in the yearly forecast video which you can find here- and also spoke to in the yearly horoscopes here- both saturn and chiron are the heavy hitters of the solar system. saturn is where our karma and lessons are and chiron is where our wounds and pain are. they both take us through gateways if/when we choose to face our karma and learn our lessons (saturn) and face our pain and do the work of healing (chiron). saturn in aquarius brings lessons through shared humanity and collective care. where are we NOT thinking of others and instead prioritizing ourselves. or alternatively where do we overthink of others at the expense of healthy self care and self Love? chiron in aries speaks to the wounding and healing journey around the masculine principle. some of us overdo this and are combative, selfish, argumentative and me-focused. others squash this energy- judging it as ego based- and flip to the other side having a hard time having agency, stuffing anger and being passive (and at times passive aggressive). opportunities for right relationship to our wounds and pain incoming!!! this is an initiation into deeper self mastery. are you ready to stop chasing/grasping and/or stop avoiding/running away and be present? now’s your time!

the sun in aquarius cojoins pallas Athena at 21’17 aquarius at 11:50am, linking the conscious self and ego with the Wisdom and Warrior asteroid Goddess. with both in the sign of the Higher mind, intelligence and insight we can have some major aha moments and bolt out of the blue awarenesses today! keep your mind open, be willing to see beyond duality so that you can find new options and ideas that lie just outside of conscious awareness.

the sun semisquares chiron in aries at 11:53am and pallas Athena semisquares chiron at 12:00pm, creating tension between this brilliant alignment of the sun and pallas athena and the Wounded Healer planetoid. chiron can trigger old wounds and pain today and it is good and healthy to work with anger as it arises- not stuffing it but also not acting out in it. being with anger and letting it guide us to clarity so we can see what is amiss and what actions need to be taken or boundaries need to be set is key. healing insights can come in if we go INTO our pain with consciousness- not run away from it or collapse into it and be victimized by it.

at 3:00pm neptune in pisces opposes retrograde vesta in virgo, creating an oppositional energy between the Mystic and Higher Heart and the Priestess asteroid Goddess. neptune and vesta are on the axis of the Priestess- which the signs of pisces and virgo represents. virgo is the embodied priestess being of service with her feet on the earth. pisces is the spiritual priestess being of service with her heart and crown open. ultimately we want our feet on the earth, our crown open to our Higher Selves and our heart wide open with healthy boundaries!! there can be a nebulous energy today or a mystical one- depending on your own relationship with these two archetypes. vesta in virgo wants to be focused and clear but neptune dissolves 3d reality so we can go beyond. take time to meditate today. stay grounded and open <3


wednesday february 10th-
at 4:16am retrograde mercury in aquarius squares mars in taurus, bringing tension between the mind and the will/drive. this is the 2nd square due to Mercury’s retrograde- the first was 1/8 and the last will be 3/23 (this last one mercury will be in pisces and mars in gemini). since this is occurring 3 times in a 2 1/2 month window there is a storyline here- and it can be insightful to think back to 1/8 and what was going on for you personally and also collectively so you can start to connect the dots. mercury/mars can be direct and forthright in communication but also argumentative, combative and defiant. mercury wants Truth and change while mars in taurus prefers stability and security- even to the point of holding onto the past and resisting necessary change. this is a recipe for an explosion (metaphorically maybe literally) as the old and the new go head to head. as communication can get heated right now- finding the right balance between power and force is key.


thursday february 11th-
at 2:27am retrograde mercury in aquarius trines mean north node in gemini, aligning the planet of communication with the north node of destiny and evolution! this is the 2nd mercury/north node trine (first was 1/19)- so pay attention to an on-going conversation and deepening awareness that is unfolding in your life. mercury is the ruler of the north node so there is a lovely synergy here. pay attention to all communications, thoughts, ideas and revelations coming forth today. community connection and collaboration is supported right now. the path to growth is to think WE not me- to be curious and open and not close minded and self righteous.

venus cojoins jupiter at 12’34 aquarius at 6:59am, linking the lesser and Greater Benefics in amazing ways!!! venus is the Goddess of Love and Beauty and jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance and growth. they were both seen as ‘beneficial’ by the ancients because when they are visible they are the brightest planets (outside of the luminaries- the sun and the moon). as such they are seen as ‘translating a lot of Light’ to planet earth when they are visible- and when they are invisible they are bringing Great Light to the Underworld/shadows/ venus conjunct jupiter in aquarius brings a MASSIVE ACTIVATION of the new Age of Aquarius being anchored and embodied on the planet right now. this is an incredibly blessed conjunction and wherever aquarius falls in your chart great gifts and openings are incoming (listen to weekly/monthly horoscopes for more info). this amazing conjunction comes on the day of the New Moon as well- so use this lunar cycle wisely. aquarius new moons are ‘wishing moons’. make a wish right now- one for yourself (let the Higher Self rather than the ego guide) and one for humanity. then do the work to make that wish a reality!

both venus and jupiter square black moon lilith in taurus at 7:48am and 2:20pm, creating tension between the two Benefic planets and the fierce Dark Feminine! as the benefics are making the square there can be great gifts coming through the shadow right now. lilith relates to kundalini and can activate latent spiritual energy. when breathe (aquarius is an air sign) and body (taurus is earth) are linked- spirit can come through in greater and deeper ways. this can also activate shadow energy though- bringing up fears around being embodied, desire for ascension and floating off the planet and overeliance on the mind at the expense of the body and the heart. balance is key.

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the New Moon at 23’17 aquarius is exact at 11:06am PST- commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on ANCHORING THE NEW AGE OF AQUAIRUS! this new moon chart is insane! saturn, jupier, venus, mercury rettrograde, pallas athena and sun/moon conjunction are all in aquarius- making for quite the stellium. so much energy and activation of this new age we are moving into as well as whatever house aquarius falls in your chart (listen to weekly and lunar monthly horoscopes for in-depth info). the aquarius planets are square taurus planets- uranus and mars- which can bring some upheaval and sudden shifts. the old and the new are battling each other. the past and the future converge. can we be with paradox? can we stay in a balanced place without polarizing or splitting into extremes and duality? the razor’s edge is present. more on this profound new moon will be posted with the Lunar Insight, Lunar Gate Call and Lunar Horoscopes so stay tuned <3

at 5:27pm the sun in aquarius sextiles eris in aries, linking the conscious self and ego with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. today is a great day to embrace change and be an activist in our lives! eris shines a Light on the shadow. her whole focus is on helping us what is within us that hinder us- as well as what is going on with humanity and on planet earth that hinders us as a species. she brings up the shadow in order to show us where the work lies. with the sun in aquarius and so much aquarius/uranus energy present this month- its a great time to implement change! embrace the new! open your mind and access greater Vision.


friday february 12th-
at 11:48pm mercury retrograde cojoins venus at 14’42 aquarius, linking the mind and intellect with the Goddess of Love and Beauty. this is a lovely aspect bringing mind and heart into Union. it’s a great day to share from the heart, listen to others and realize Greater Truths. mercury is still retrograde so he is in his Underworld excavation. pay attention to what is being revealed and realized right now.


saturday february 13th-
juno in sagittarius contraparallels eris in aries at 8:36am, linking the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! if you know your eris story you know she was not invited to the wedding party (discord at a wedding is not ideal) but showed up anyway. she is the uninvited guest and she comes in to upset the apple cart so to speak. juno is a big energy for the first 8 months of 2021 as she will align with the karmic south node 3 times (3 times for true- 2/15, 7/5, 8/8- once for mean which is TODAY). with this occurring at the start of her journey we can see that some major disruption energy is incoming into relationships, partnerships, marriages and commitments that have undigested shadow that has been swept under the carpet. this is NOT AN ISSUE if your relationship is going well and you are both doing your work and things are regularly being processed, worked with and released. but if there are things coming to a boil know that this can bring that boil to an explosion point. being willing to pull back the veil, invite the uninvited guest and deal with the shadow is recommended!!!

juno cojoinis the mean karmic south node at 16’31 sagittarius at 4:32pm (with first true conjunction 2/15 and two more on 7/5 and 8/8). juno is the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage and she represents commitment, alliances, loyalty, partnership and more. yes this can relate to romantic relationships but this can also symbolize financial relationships, business partnerships and other things we are committed to. juno on the karmic south node is magnifying the karmic connections and relationships that are holding us back from evolution and growth. the karmic south node is the point of comfort and security but it’s also the very place we can get stuck and stay in – metaphorically parking it on the side of the road and not continuing down our path of growth and evolution. juno in sagittarius can also symbolize our commitment to our beliefs and attitudes- the very ones that keep us stuck in hubris, self-righteousness and black and white thinking. are you committed to being RIGHT or are you committed to the Truth? real Truth can be edgy and activating. are we willing to be ousted from our comfort zones? well guess what? even if you are not- the disruption is coming (a la saturn square Uranus). be willing to see your patterns and face your shadows right now. be willing to let go of that which no longer serves. more on this in the months to come as juno peaks in july/august.

at 6:13pm mars in taurus sextiles neptune in pisces, linking the will and drive with the planet of spirituality and mysticism. this is great for taking our energy and channeling it into creative expression, selfless service and spiritual missions. mars is deeply embodied in taurus and in harmonious alignment with neptune in watery ethereal pisces we can truly bridge body with Spirit and Soul right now.

the sun in aquarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn at 6:34pm, linking the conscious self and ego with the Lord of the Underworld and planet of transformation. we can access the transformative power of the Higher Will. when we surrender the ego self and allow the Higher Self to be in the driver’s seat amazing things can happen very quickly. tune into your role in the collective shift and your own personal shadow work and transformation being asked of you and get to it!


sunday february 14th-
at 9:59am venus in aquarius trines the mean north node in gemini, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the node of destiny and evolution. all month long some major north node activations are unfolding as aquarius planets link with the north node in gemini. so much alignment with the Aquarius stellium and the north node is super important. PAY ATTENTION all month long to the doors opening and opportunities incoming for growth, evolution and alignment with your dharmic path (meaning righteous living- the path that is right for your Spirit/Soul vs karmic path that keeps us stuck in the ego). opportunities to gather with like minded Spirits, join groups/communities with common vision and purpose, and opportunities to meet others/teachers who help us OPEN OUR MINDS are incoming!!!! with venus involved growth comes through relationships of all kinds- romantic, marriage, friendship and more. give thanks for the healthy, life affirming relationships in your life!

at 1:39pm retrograde mercury cojoins jupiter at 13’20 aquarius, linking the mind and intellect with the planet of expansion and abundance! this is great for shamanic journeys, therapy, deep communication and mind expansion. amazing new ideas, innovations and inventions coming out right now can be super positive! this is the 2nd of 3 mercury/jupiter conjunctions (first was 1/11, last will be 3/4)- so pay attention to an on-going conversation or situation in your life that is unfolding. major opportunities for mind-expansion incoming!!!

venus in aquarius sextiles juno in sagittarius 2:52pm, linking the two bodies that traditionally are associated with love, relationship and partnership. venus is about love, romance and beauty while juno is about commitment and partnership. interestingly these two are in two of thee most independent signs- reminding us that ‘if you love something, set it free- if it was truly yours it will come back and if it was not it was time to let it go’. aquarius values friendship and relationship that a vehicle for evolution and transformation! juno values growth, learning, expansion and reaching higher and higher for the Higher Self! if relationships in your life are not supporting these currents it may be time to question what the purpose is. on an inner level this is a great time to commit to your Higher Self more deeply so that your growth and evolution is at the forefront of your priorities <3


have a blessed week!

~divine harmony

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