Saturday April 4th 2020

***all times are PST***

monday february 3rd-
mercury moves out of aquarius and into pisces at 3:37am, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from air to water, yang to yin, intellect to emotion. mercury in pisces is dreamy, intuitive, imaginative and idealistic. we can be extra mystical and psychic right now. we are heading into our first mercury retrograde of 2020 (exact 2/16) with most of mercury retrograding through pisces but dipping back into the last two degrees of aquarius. we are in the front end shadow now so pay attention to what is arising for you- intuitively, spiritually, mystically- but also in terms of facing illusion, self denial, escapism, addiction, deception (of the self, by others or towards others) and seeing where you are spiritual bypassing. more on this will be explained in the coming month as mercury makes aspects and heads into his Underworld journey.

at 1:26pm pallas athena cojoins the mean south node at 6’26 capricorn, bringing the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess into contact with the karmic past and patriarchal shadow. this is a time for women and men to really question where they are adhering to patriarchal standards, traditions and expectations. where are we perceiving things through an old lens and where is it time to see the past (and the dominant patriarchal consciousness) for what it really is today. being sons and daughters of the system that has been destroying our planet is going to get more and more difficult- as there is a mass awakening happening right now where people are really starting to see the Truth of what is REALLY going on behind the scenes. this is a call to be willing to widen our perception so that we are not one of the ones staying stuck in the past and resisting change. honoring the feminine and matriarchal consciousness which sees all as interconnected is key.

venus in pisces sextiles saturn in capricorn at 2:01pm, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. venus/saturn is lovely for deepening commitment in relationships and for getting more serious and focus on what is of most value to us. venus is exalted in pisces and her capacity for Divine Love, compassion and altruism are high. when linked with saturn’s grounding and boundaries we are given a great container for relationships, self Love and self worth. this is also lovely for grounding our mystical/spiritual path into real world application and embodiment. pisces is associated with the crown chakra while capricorn/saturn is the root. when we have both anchored and accessible it lights up the entire tree of life (world axis) in the body.

tuesday february 4th-
solar imbolc is exact at 1:03am PST, marking the solar gate of emergence on the wheel of the year. imbolc means in the belly and is a great time to gestate things as we are still in the dark of winter but we are starting to see the first stirrings of spring! my SOLAR GATE CALL for imbolc will be up by 2/1. if you are not familiar with these calls they include astrology, mythology, shadow work and a guided meditation to help you work with the magic present at this holy date and solar gate we move through for the coming 1/8th of the year. these calls were started to help people attune to the solar version of the imbolc holy-date as the one conventionally used is the calendar version that does not align with any solar, lunar or stellar currents. GATE CALLS (8 solar, 13 lunar) are part of the Galactic Benefactor membership on my website. to become a member and/or upgrade your existing membership click the links below…

wednesday february 5th-
at 1:43am mercury in pisces sextiles uranus in taurus, linking the lower mind with the Higher Mind in beautiful ways! this is an aspect that mercury makes a total of three times due to his upcoming retrograde journey (stationing 2/16). so this entire month with mercury front end shadow (before the 16th) and his subsequent Underworld journey for the rest of the month until 3/9 is a great time to keep your mind open and listen for messages incoming via intuition, dreams, connection with the Unconscious, your imagination, psychic knowing and more. aha moments, bolt out of the blue awarenesses and sudden innovative answers to questions you have are possible right now! our minds are all being given a big cosmic dose of Higher Wisdom, Cosmic Insight and Divine Perception. be willing to question what you think you know and allow the new information and realizations to come through!

ceres in aquarius semisquares neptune in pisces at 4:32pm, creating tension between the planet of Idealism, mysticism and illusion and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. this is great for being compassionate, altruistic and loving but it can also exacerbate tendencies to be out to lunch, playing the savior/victim/martyr and not keeping to healthy boundaries in family situations, with parents or children, and in regards to the environment (Mother Earth). we need to see clearly- not have rose colored glasses over our eyes. also watch out for the tendency to turn to addictions to numb out from all that is going in your personal life and in the world around you. we need people clear seeing and discerning right now- not checked out!

thursday february 6th-
at 8:37am mars in sagittarius trines eris in aries, aligning the warrior and drive with the warrior Goddess! mars and eris are brother and sister in greek mythology. the war God and war Goddess are aligned in harmonious ways today- supporting us in taking action, pursuing our passions and taking charge! with mars in sadge we have his energy helping us to grow, expand, travel, teach, learn and explore. with eris in aries (where she is for 122 years because of her slow movement)- we are empowered to channel our will and drive into activism, individuality and taking a stand! use this fire wisely!

friday february 7th-
at 2:34am ceres in aquarius sextiles chiron in aries, linking the Great Mother with the Wounded Healer. today ceres triggers the uranus/chiron semisextile- an long term minor transit (2009-2021) that has been helping us awaken to our wounds so we can heal and shift patterns and paradigms. ceres in aquarius is visionary- this is the World Mother who thinks WE not me and mine. chiron is bringing expanded awareness (which can lead to deeper healing) into home/family situations, to relationships with parents and children, and in regard to the environment and our relationship to Mother Earth. we need to see what is blocking us from healing though so today could be an eye opening experience of just what is holding us back – keep your eyes wide open!

mercury in pisces trines the north node in cancer at 10:57am, linking the mind and intellect with the node of destiny and evolution. this aspect is made 3 times by mercury due to his upcoming retrograde journey- so keep your ears and eyes wide open for fated and destined connections, information, realizations, communications and more. in water signs this can be connected to emotions, the Unconscious, dreams, intuition and imagination. this is great month to honor our emotions and allow our feelings to be fully felt and moved through.

at 12:02pm venus moves out of pisces and into aries, shifting the Goddess of Love and beauty from water to fire, omega to alpha, Soul to Spirit. venus is crossing the world axis- and moving into a new yearly cycle! venus is in her detriment in the sign of aries as it’s the sign that rules her opposite (venus rules libra- opposite is aries, venus rules taurus- opposite is scorpio). venus in aries knows what she wants and goes after it! she is ready to take action based on what she values and loves! she can also be a bit too overly self focused and impulsive and aggressive. so be aware as you navigate her coming journey through aries.

ceres in aquarius squares uranus in taurus at 1:45pm, creating tension between the Great Mother and the Rebel and Revolutionary. ceres is in the sign of uranus- and she values and gives freedom and space as her means of nurturing and nourishment. the shadow of this though is fear of intimacy, fear of needing anyone or anything- and then reacting to closeness by shutting down or running away. in family relationships and close emotional connections opportunities to see patterns that do not serve are arising today- pay attention! bigger picture this can bring some major aha moments about what is going on globally with mothers, children, families, the environment and Mother Earth. don’t look away! we can only changes the things we acknowledge are really there.

saturday february 8th-
vesta in taurus sextiles neptune in pisces at 4:30am, linking the Priestess asteroid Goddess with the Higher Heart. this can be amazing for dreams, intuition, imagination and psychic insight. neptune sees beyond the veil and vesta is focused and devoted to something Higher. vesta is luckily in earth taurus which grounds the celestial, psychic energies and helps channel them in practical ways. this aspect occurs in the early morning hours so pay attention to your dreams upon waking.

at 9:59am juno stations retrograde at 21’39 libra, bringing the Goddess of Partnership and Marriage to a standstill in the sign that rules partnership and marriage (if juno ruled a sign it would be libra). juno stations just shy of squaring saturn and pluto and opposing eris- triggering the pluto/eris square that is on going in 2020-21. prepare for some major shifts and changes to unfold around personal or romantic relationships, marriage and financial/business partnerships. this is a deep dive in questioning your agreements, contracts and commitments. are they serving you? are they healthy? do they give as much as they take? or do they take more than they give? libra wants balance and juno wants equality. anything that is not this will be re-hashed in the coming months. be willing to question things and not just keep the peace at any cost while you sweep what is not okay under the carpet. with pluto and eris involved it WILL come back up and when it does you will have less control over it than you would have if you choose to face and address things.

at 5:12pm venus conjoins mean black moon lilith at 1’25 aries, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Dark Feminine in the sign of the Warrior! venus is not well placed in aries- the sign of her opposite- but one of the things she does have is FIRE and agency to go after what she values and desires. lilith adds depth, passion and more intensity to this combination. this can be great for taking a stand for what we really hold to be true! just have healthy outlets for anger and rage- stuffing it will bring depression and disconnection, acting out in it will bring impulsivity, reactivity and uncontrollable rage. balance is key.

the full moon at 20’00 leo is exact at 11:33pm PST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in aquarius on 1/24. this full moon highlights the axis of leo/aquarius- me versus we, my passion and desire versus my collaboration with others, me in the spotlight versus me in collective that works together. some of us have a hard time working with others, others of us have a hard time standing in the spotlight alone. wherever our growth edge is that can be highlighted right now. this full moon is quincunx neptune so there is a need to see through illusion and deception to get to the truth right now. the LUNAR INSIGHT for the full moon will be up a couple days before the full moon is exact.

sunday february 9th-
mercury in pisces semisquares eris in aries at 3:39am and semi squares pluto in capricorn at 12:12pm, bringing a trigger of mercury in the front end shadow to the pluto/eris square. mercury in pisces is dreamy, intuitive, imaginative and otherworldly. he can also be overly idealistic, only want to see the positive and ignore the shadow. but guess what? pluto square eris is all about EXPOSING THE SHADOW- within and without. be open to unexpected insights, truths, information and realizations incoming today. be willing to SEE CLEARLY instead of bury your head in the sand. luckily this mercury retrograde has amazing major aspects to uranus, the north node and mars at the sun/mercury conjunction (midpoint of the mercury retrograde cycle)- so we are supported in opening our minds, seeing and understand more of what is True and then with mars’ help we will be supported in acting on it! keep your mind open =)

have a blessed week ahead…

~divine harmony

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