weekly astrology forecast- week of 2/13-2/19

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monday february 13th-
there are no major aspects today <3


tuesday february 14th-
happy valentines’ day! the decan for the last 3rd of aquarius is ruled by venus- which feels apropos for valentines day. there are many kinds of love- not just eros (passion) but also philos (friendship), storge (family), agape (divine Love) and more! if you have not read my articles on the New Paradigm of Partnership i wrote back in 2010 (i originally wrote 2014 and forgot i transferred my website back then and the date changed to posted date of 2014- i actually wrote this article just before i got pregnant). you can read both articles at the links below. happy valentine’s day!



at 7:39am venus in pisces semisquares the north node and sequiquadrrates the south node- forming a tense aspect between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the nodes of Destiny & Karma. it is interesting to see that on valentines day having the Goddess of Love and Beauty link with the nodes of destiny and karma. this can bring up things in relationship that require we take off the rose colored glasses and see the Truth more clearly. are we stuck in relationships and commitments that are karmic, toxic and not vital or life affirming? are we stuck in relationships out of fears around safety, security, money, and more? the north node is showing us the path towards destiny and it requires dealing with reality, aligning with our values and making decisions from this place. as venus makes her way to cojoin neptune tomorrow- the romance and idealism can be high but so can the desire to spiritually bypass, be deluded/delude others or just generally not want to see/face reality. seeing through illusion (of self/by others/from the world at large) is key!

mars in gemini sesquiquadrates pluto at the 29th degree of capricorn at 11:10pm, creating tension between the lower and Higher Wills and Powers. mars/pluto in tense aspect can be a combination for power struggles and intensity. ego will is up against Higher Will- who will win? with mars in gemini communication can get combative, argumentative and power over/power under dynamics can result. navigate the terrain with consciousness and have practices to deal with reactivity tonight!


wednesday february 15th-
at 7:25am venus cojoins neptune at 24’04 pisces- aligning the lower heart with the Higher heart in beautiful ways. when personal love joins with Divine Love the capacity for off the charts compassion, agape, altruism, forgiveness and kindness is present. this can be uber romantic, idealistic, creative, mystical, artistic and psychic. we just want to make sure we are grounded with good boundaries- as it’s easy to project all our Light onto others and miss their shadow. it’s also easy to see the potential but that potential may not be realized for 10 more years or 10 more lifetimes. so staying in the present and living with an open heart with healthy boundaries is key.

venus parallels neptune at 4:40pm so a Super Aspect between the two unfolds all day and can amplify the goodness of this alignment as well as exacerbate the shadow- so be aware and navigate with care <3


thursday february 16th-
at 9:31am pallas athena stations direct at 10’25 cancer, bringing the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess to a standstill in the sky. pallas is about intelligence and intellect yet she is in watery cancer which is more intuitive, sensitive and emotional. pallas at standstill reminds us to pay attention to both our thoughts and our feelings, our intellect and our intuition. pallas completes her retrograde journey that began on november 30th, 2022- which interestingly was the day of the 3rd and final Great Black Conjunction of Black Sun and corrected Black Moon (you can read my article about that linked below). so pay attention to what journey was just beginning back then and where it is coming to completion today. this can be around emotions, feelings, mothers, children, childhood, family, emotional safety and security and more. pallas stationed retrograde opposite pluto and square eris and she now stations direct square jupiter/chiron (who are heading to conjunction 3/12). connect the dots to end of november to now and see where the Wisdom Goddess has been providing insight, intuition and information that it will now be time to act on as pallas comes out of her Underworld journey and starts to pick up speed to move forward.


the sun cojoins saturn at 27’44 aquarius at 11:48am- linking the conscious self and ego with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. sun/saturn can be grounding, masterful and disciplined but there can also be a push/pull energy playing out between doing what we need versus doing what is expected of us or doing what we committed to doing. using saturn’s energy to get real, focused and masterful is ideal. watch out for depression, repression and lethargy- and if you need some downtime give it to yourself. this, too, shall pass. this is the LAST sun/saturn conjunction in aquarius as saturn will be moving into pisces on march 7th. there is only one more conjunction to saturn in aquarius (by mercury) incoming before he exits this sign- so pay close attention to where there is still more saturn work to do (getting real/dealing with reality) in the aquarius part of your chart and get to doing it!

at 4:35pm mercury in aquarius squares the north node in taurus and south node in scorpio, forming a T square between the mind and intellect and the nodes of destiny and karma. this can bring turning points in communication, thinking, ideas and perception. we are being shown the past and where we are stuck as well as the future and where are headed. crossroad moments appear- which path will you choose? in communication today pay attention to what is NOT being said and to the emotion underlying intellectual perception. stay connected to your body and to the earth for best results.


friday february 17th-
at 12:43am the sun in aquarius semisquares chiron in aries, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Wounded Healer planetoid. sun/chiron is great for gaining greater awareness about what wounds and pain are blocking us- particularly around ego, masculine energy, domination, control or being overly yang OR repressing this, being passive, lacking agency and being overly yin. with the sun in community oriented aquarius we may find issues arising in groups, friendships and in the collective. using the detached mind of aquarius to see and face the shadow without disassociating from it is key.

mercury in aquarius semisquares neptune in pisces at 3:47pm- creating tension between the linear logical mind and the intuitive, otherworldly planet. this can be great for intuition and imagination but the tense nature of the aspect can make for spiritual bypassing, escapism, delusion, deception and generally not wanting to see or deal with reality. balance mind with heart, thoughts with feelings for best results.

at 9:13pm mercury in aquarius sextiles jupiter in aries, linking the mind and intellect with the planet of expansion and abundance. this is an excellent day for learning, traveling, speaking and mind expansion! mercury in aquarius has visionary capacity and jupiter in aries has the capacity to set things into motion and make things happen. it’s a great day for broadening horizons and opening up to the new!!!


saturday february 18th-
at 5:34pm the sun moves out of aquarius and into pisces- shifting the conscious self and ego from air to water, intellect to emotion, yang to yin. the sun in pisces is dreamy, intuitive, magical, imaginative and romantic! the coming month is a great time for meditation retreats, introspection, dream work, divination work and taking time to turn within. there are two times in the year that are death portals so-to-speak. once is from samhain to yule (around halloween to winter solstice) which is the end of the solar year. the other is when the sun transits pisces- moving through the last sign of the zodiac. next month when the sun moves into aries we have spring equinox/ostara and we have a new astrological year commence. as with all cycles in life- before something new can take hold we are asked to close out and complete the previous cycle. this is a great time to detox, release, renew, recycle and review the last year. a lot can be learned when turning within.


sunday february 19th-
at 12:04pm venus at 29 pisces sextiles pluto at 29 capricorn- aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the Lord of the Underworld. venus/pluto can be deep and passionate. we are willing to get more intimate and vulnerable with ourselves and others. it’s time to dive into the deep end of the pool! intensity in Love and money situations is possible but pluto’s harmonious alignment is helping us use that intensity as a means for transformation. a rock becomes a diamond but undergoing intense pressure! in our self-worth, self-Love, values, finances and relationships- we can transform if we are willing to go deep right now!

we have a new moon in pisces that is exact early morning monday february 20th eastern time but for those on the west coast it is late tonight! you can read my lunar insight on this new moon, listen to my lunar gate call and listen to the lunar horoscopes at the links below (please note the horoscopes are up the day of the new moon- so they will be up by monday) february 20th)





have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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