Saturday April 4th 2020

***all times are PST***

monday february 10th-
at 12:06am venus cojoins chiron 2’56 aries, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Wounded Healer planetoid. venus/chiron is an aspect of the heart healer and in synastry would be a sign of a soulmate connection. there is deep potential for heart healing and healing in relationships or self-worth and self-love today. but there can equally be some big activation of old wounds and pain around worth, value, relationships, finances and more. venus is in detriment in aries- meaning it’s not her best sign to be in as it’s the sign of her partner mars. if we have wounding around asserting ourselves, taking a stand and setting boundaries that can be exacerbated today. if we have wounding around being overly assertive to the point of being aggressive, selfish and combative that can be exacerbated today. pay attention to where the wounds are today and do the work to heal them.

tuesday february 11th-
there are no major aspects today.

wednesday february 12th-
at 6:07am the sun in aquarius sextiles eris in aries, linking the conscious self and ego with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. today is a great day to embrace change and be an activist in our lives! eris shines a Light on the shadow. her whole focus is on helping us what is within us that hinder us- as well as what is going on with humanity and on planet earth that hinders us as a species. she brings up the shadow in order to show us where the work lies. with the sun in aquarius and so much aquarius/uranus energy present this month- its a great time to implement change! embrace the new! open your mind and access greater Vision.

venus in aries squares the nodes of the moon at 2:26pm, bringing us to a pivotal point of choice between our growth and evolution and our karmic past. the karmic south node is in capricorn- showing us where we have overdone the patriarchal paradigm, held onto things that are old/toxic/stagnant/stuck and no longer working. the north node in cancer the sign fo the Divine Feminine/Divine Mother and also the sign of emotions, feelings, nurturing and nourishment. it’s time for a change to express in our relationships, the way we deal with money, the way we live aligned with our values (or not) and how we honor the feminine within and without.

thursday february 13th-
there are no major aspects today.

friday february 14th-
at 9:34pm ceres in aquarius quincunxes the north node in cancer, creating tension between the Great Mother asteroid Goddess and the evolutionary north node in the sign of the Mother! ceres in aquarius nurtures by giving space and freedom but shadow ceres in aquarius is detached, heady, and inconsistent in her nurturing. we are asked to see where our detached way of dealing with things may in fact be a means to ignore or deny feelings, our Inner Child and our need to honor our emotions. honest self check ins today are key!

saturday february 15th-
at 8:03am uranus in taurus semisextiles chiron in aries, harmoniously aligning the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener with the Wounded Healer planetoid. these two have been in semisextile aspect since the start of 2009 and will continue to do so until the middle of 2021- so this is a long term transit that really spans a whole generation. uranus brings things to Light and helps us make radical shifts and changes and when he is in contact with the Wounded Healer we have huge potential for seeing our own wounds and doing deep healing work that helps us to dramatically release the past and the hold it has on us. this is the third time we have uranus in taurus and chiron in aries (the first was july 2018 the second june 2019)- so we have a shift in what is being brought to awareness. uranus is helping us change our values and attachments. uranus is freeing us from old ideas of safety and security that are based on an old paradigm. chiron is helping us heal our relationship to the masculine within and without. coming into right relationship with our anger, will, drive, rage, sexual energy and aggression is key right now. this astrology provides us with the impetus and potential to bring to Light that which we could not see or face in the past. cathartic healing is possible right now- be sure to embrace it and work with the energies present right now! (because both of these bodies are slow moving planets this transit lasts 12 years- but the degrees and signs they activate during each exact aspect change. in 2009 uranus was at 20’22 pisces and chiron was at 20’22 aquarius. in 2021 uranus will be at 10’50 taurus and chiron will be at 10’50 aries. so both bodies transit over 50 degrees respectively over this 12 year cycle- helping to awaken and heal parts of our individual and collective experience that is ready for shift).

sunday february 16th-
mars moves out of sagittarius and into capricorn at 3:33am, shifting the will and drive from fire to earth, expansion to contraction, fun and freedom to responsibility and integrity. mars in capricorn is a very powerful placement for will and drive. with the mountain goat in the sign of success- we are assured success when we show up, do the work and stay committed to something so we can see it all the way through. this is an exceptional transit for working for what we want. mars will head into align with saturn early next month- which will be a time to get real and get focused. tuning into where we are being called to get more responsible, accountable and aligned with integrity is key right now.

at 4:54pm mercury stations retrograde at 12’53 pisces, shifting the mind and intellect into the realm of the Underworld. this is a time to rethink, review and revise our inspiration, spirituality, intuition, fantasy, fears and connection to the Unconscious. mercury makes great aspects throughout this entire retrograde journey- most notably to uranus and the north node- which can be amazing for new insights, radical shifts, aha moments and destiny’s gates opening up to take us somewhere now! taking time for meditation, dream work, imagination, creativity and inner reflection in the coming 3 week journey. (for those in my Astrology & Your Shadow class this is PERFECT for what we are doing all month!!!)

have a great week!

~divine harmony

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