Wednesday September 30th 2020

***all times are PST***

monday december 9th-
at 1:41am mercury moves out of scorpio and into sagittarius, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from water to fire, yin to yang, depths to heights. mercury in sadge loves to travel, teach, learn, explore and expand! the mind wants to grow beyond it’s boundaries and limits! this is a great time for travel. just watch out for the shadow of mercury in sagittarius: thinking the grass is greener on the other side ;)

tuesday december 10th-
mercury in sagittarius trines retrograde and soon to station direct chiron in aries at 1:32am, linking the mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer. healing conversations and communications are possible right now- if we have eyes to see and ears to hear. it’s important to see/hear beyond our own version of the Truth. in all situations there is personal truth (what i think/feel/need) and then there is a larger Truth that encompasses all. being willing to see this, take a stand for it, communicate it and align with it is support today!

the sun in sagittarius sesquiquadrates retrograde uranus in taurus at 2:50am, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Rebel and Revolutionary. the sun in sagittarius wants space and freedom and so does uranus. this can be great for sudden shifts, changes and endings but it’s also a very destabilizing influence that can exacerbate upheaval and chaos. staying open to change without being addicted to it or caught in chaos is key.

at 4:13am ceres cojoins the south node 9’22 capricorn, aligning the Great Mother with the south node of karma and the past. there can be karmic energies playing out in home/family situations, with mothers, children and family dynamics. ceres on the south node can point to where karmic patterns playing out are not serving us. where just bearing down, sucking it up and dealing with things is not serving us and where we need to get more intimate with our feelings, emotions and feminine. we can also have a tendency to stay stuck in attachments and child-like needs that originate from some part of our past, yet we project them and play them out with people and situations in our lives today. finding balance between our Inner Father and Inner Mother is key.

mercury in sagittarius semisexitles jupiter in capricorn at 6:58am, linking the mind and planet of expansion and learning. this is great for communication, learning, teaching, traveling and expanding. mercury is harmoniously triggering the jupiter/chiron square from 12/8 which is supportive of us diving deep, facing wounds, dealing with pain and doing the deep and at times thankless work of healing. inner work and shadow work is not done for accolades but it is done for deepening our sense of ourselves, embodying more wholeness and being a force for Love and transformation in the world. those who are rising to the occasion- THANK YOU!

wednesday december 11th-
the sun in sagittarius semisextiles venus in capricorn at 12:25am, linking the conscious self and ego with the Goddess of Love and Beauty. sun/venus is great for enjoyment of life, love, pleasure and having fun. of course they are both heading into aspect with saturn so there can some reality energy incoming in Love and money situations- demanding that we see/deal with what is and not just be idealistic or entitled.

venus conjunct saturn 19’04 capricorn at 2:05am, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. venus/saturn is a time to get real in Love and money situations. what is working and what is not? what is life affirming and healthy and what is old paradigm and toxic. the saturn/neptune sextile is helping us bridge dreams with reality- but first we have to take off the rose colored neptunian glasses so we can see clearly. venus triggered the saturn/neptune sextile from 12/8-11- helping us to get discerning and committed to what is good for us and helping us to prune away/release what is bad for us. realities in Love and money can come in forceful or harsh ways right now- but the more we can love what is the more we can create what is possible. sometimes this means leaving something or someone behind who is not on the same growth track.

the sun in sagittarius semisextiles saturn in capricorn at 2:29am, supporting us in seeing where we need to balance sagittarius expansion with capricorn contraction, faith with hard work, growth with pruning. seeing where we need to buckle down, show up, be responsible and deal with reality is supported right now.

mercury in sagittarius quincunxes retrograde uranus in taurus at 3:54am, creating tension and friction between the mind and intellect and the rebel and revolutionary. there are some big time changes happening in mind, thinking and perception right now- and some of these changes can seemingly come out of nowhere! staying open to change, revelation and sudden insight is recommended.

at 9:12pm we have the full moon at 19’52 gemini, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in sagittarius on november 26th. with the sagittarius sun opposite the gemini moon we have an opposition between lower mind and higher mind, information versus knowledge and wisdom, personal perspective and Bigger Picture Truth. the moon makes super intense aspects to venus/saturn/puto (with the exact venus/saturn earlier today and exact venus/pluto on friday) and the full moon forms a T square with neptune. this is a very important lunation to pay attention to where we may be deluded, delusional, dishonest, deceptive or out to lunch. it’s easy to see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe. lots going on behind the scenes right now with a need to be discerning, clear, honest and Truthful. this full moon does not make a single positive aspect so the emotional energy but also the mental energy/anxiety/ungroundedness can be high. do things that ground you, meditate, hike in the mountains, walk in the forest, lay down on the earth. be wiling to see beyond the veil of delusion- self delusion, delusion by/of others, and in the media or politics. not all is as it seems!!! for more information read the lunar insight posted a couple days before the full moon is exact.  

mercury in sagittarius semisquares saturn in capricorn at 10:07pm, creating tension between the mind who wants to be free and expansive in fiery sadge with the Great Patriarch saturn who demands boundaries, adherence to limits and willingness to be responsible and accountable. serious conversations are possible right now. communications may seem heavy or blocked, but if you stay committed to being in integrity and speaking/hearing the Truth this day can be a game changer. (lots of saturn today with sun, venus and mercury- 3 of the 5 personal planets!)

thursday december 12th-
at 7:47pm chiron stations direct at 1’26 aries, making the Wounded Healer the most powerful planet(oid) in the sky. our biggest wounds and pain around rejection, acceptance, self-worth, assertion, anger, self focus and the masculine be up right now. but there is an equal possibility for seeing through new eyes, gaining new insight and awareness regarding the past, and healing wounds that have been with us for a very long time. with chiron in the sign of mars we are being asked to heal our relationship to the masculine. if we are overly aggressive, selfish and conflict oriented OR if we have a hard time standing up for ourselves, we stuff our anger and are codependent- whichever end of the spectrum we are on we are being asked to find better balance. be aware that big wounds can be up today and the week surrounding the chiron station. instead of defaulting to repression, aggression or depression- instead stand in the chironic energy and allow it to open you up, deepen you and take you closer to your essence and the Truth of your Soul.

friday december 13th-
mars in scorpio trines neptune in pisces at 3:54am, aligning the will and drive with the planet of spirituality, compassion and altruism. mars/neptune is an aspect of the Spiritual Warrior, the Selfless servant and the Creative or Artist. we are supported in utilizing the depth of our emotions, passions and creative energy in service to the Greater Good right now! paying attention to our dreams, passions, Soul’s voice and intuition is recommended. with bodies in water signs the emotional depths are being plumbed- dive deep!

at 2:05am venus cojoins pluto at 21’48 capricorn, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of the Underworld. this is a potent conjunction that can amplify passion, sexuality and intimacy but can also dredge up all kinds of darker energies like jealousy, possessiveness, power/control dynamics, manipulation and more. venus is triggering the capricorn confluence right now (south node, saturn and pluto) from 12/3 to today. it’s important to pay attention to what is old paradigm, toxic, stagnant and stuck in our lives. where are we holding onto the old out of safety and security. where are we resisting change? where are we adhering to patriarchal standards of who we should be, what we should do and how the world is? this is a time of stripping away and getting to the Truth of matters- in relationships, finances, our values, self worth and self Love.

mercury in sagittarius semisquares pluto in capricorn at 5:09pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Lord of the Underworld. this is a great day to dig and get to the bottom of things via research, investigation, therapy, shadow work and inner inquiry. mercury in sadge brings the desire for Truth while pluto in capricorn brings the focus to exposing what is in the shadow. watch out for power/control dynamics in communication though.

the sun in sagittarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn at 7:27pm, linking the conscious self and ego with the Lord of the Underworld. earlier mercury was in tense aspect to pluto but now the sun is making a minor harmonious aspect. if we are willing to focus on transformation, empowerment and facing the shadow- this astrology can support us in doing that! finding balance between optimism and realism is key ;)

mars in scorpio sesquiquadrates chiron in aries at 7:35pm, creating tension between the warrior and will with the Wounded Healer. chiron is in the sign of mars and both mars and chiron are in mars-ruled signs. there can be a need to focus on healing around the masculine, anger, rage, agency, healthy selfishness and more. mars in scorpio can be driven but also too intense, controlling and power hungry. chiron in aries is shining a Light on where we play the victim or tyrant, where we are too selfish or not healthfully selfish enough. right use of power and fire is important right now. don’t use it to destruct (or self-destruct). use it to transform!

saturday december 14th-
at 12:06pm venus in capricorn squares retrograde eris in aries, creating tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and Beauty who values stability and security in capricorn- and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos who values upheaval and change at any cost. venus/eris can be quite activating- and from yesterday’s pluto conjunction to todays eris square- there can be A LOT up right now in relationships, finances, work/career and anything that is operated out of tradition, expectation or obligation in our lives. what needs to change in your life and where are you resisting it? now’s the time to get on board with your evolution! where capricorn is is where you need to detox and let go. check the weekly horoscopes, lunar horoscopes and yearly horoscopes for more information!

mercury in sagittarius sesquiquadrates retrograde eris in aries at 4:46pm, bringing tension between the mind and intellect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. prepare for some revealing and maybe shocking thoughts, insights, information and Truths coming to Light. mercury in sadge wants the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. but first sometimes the Truth will piss us off. being open to Truth- living it, speaking it, seeing it- is key. watch out for combative tendencies in communication. my way or the highway, hubris or self-righteousness is going to get you nowhere ;)

sunday december 15th-
at 5:54am mercury in sagittarius quincunxes the mean north node in cancer, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the node of destiny and evolution. mercury in sadge likes truth, talking, movement and expansion. but sometimes he can do all of this as a means to bypass feeling, emotion, vulnerability and honoring of his own neediness. checking in to see whereto are checking out or going up and out rather than down and in is key today ;)

the sun in sagittarius trines retrograde eris in aries at 6:00am, harmoniously aligning the conscious self and ego with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. sun/eris is great for taking charge and taking action! being willing to see the Truth, speak the Truth and uncover the Truth is key! accessing the firey energy of transformation and change is recommended.

neptune in pisces squares pallas in sagittarius 10:37am, creating tension and nebulousness between the planet of mystification and the asteroid Goddess of politics, wisdom and war. with both bodies in spiritual signs there can be a strong mystical, spiritual energy present but this is also a square and there can be a lot of confusion, delusion or deception present particularly when we or others are so sure that we have the only Truth. being able to discern between Truth and lies, fact and fiction, fantasy and reality, fear and intuition is going to take some mastery today. in political machinations beware of what is going on behind the scenes!

jupiter in capricorn trines retrograde uranus in taurus at 11:01am, aligning the planet of expansion and abundance with the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener. this is the second major aspect jupiter in capricorn makes after moving into this sign for his yearlong stay (he moved in on 12/2). this earth trine of two bodies who are innovative, positive, expansive and open to the new is AMAZING. with capricorn the sign of career, business and success- and taurus the sign of abundance, finances and values- we have some pretty amazing energy present to bring new energy into the work we do to make it a success (materially and otherwise). PAY ATTENTION to new ideas, visions, people, connections and collaborations incoming into your life right now. they can be absolutely amazing for your success, financial abundance and more! this is a time to take risks financially and within your business for amazing opportunities and radical growth. try something new and open up to the potential inherent in this earth trine :) of course where this plays out based on your sign is going to be different for everyone so listen to the weekly/lunar monthly horoscopes for more information.

mercury in sagittarius semisquares venus in capricorn at 2:29pm- creation tension between the mind and the heart, thinking and feeling. sadge likes fun, freedom and space! capricorn values work, commitment and stability. these two are coming from different perspectives despite being neighboring signs. in communication make sure to give voice to what you feel AND think- and be sure to listen to the thoughts and feelings of others.

have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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