Tuesday June 15th 2021

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monday december 7th-
at 4:12am pallas athena moves out of capricorn and into the 1st degree of aquarius- triggering the fast approaching jupiter/saturn conjunction at the first degree of aquarius exact on the winter solstice 12/21/20. pallas moving from patriarchal Capricorn to progressive aquarius shows a shift in our minds, intellects, politics and agendas. pallas in aquarius is inventive, innovative, futuristic and humanitarian. she brings in huge change and when the jupiter/saturn conjunction occurs they will both be conjunct pallas- showing that the new 20 year cycle incoming but also the new age in a 26,000 year cycle is intimately tied in with pallas athena and her archetype. discerning baby from bathwater is key as we move into a new age <3 come join our online winter solstice treat as we anchor in a new age! for more info click here- https://sianna-sherman-inc.mykajabi.com/winter-solstice

venus in scorpio sesquiquadrates retrograde chiron in aries at 7:28am, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Wounded Healer planetoid. venus/chiron can bring up old wounds and pain around lovability, desirability, value and self worth. both bodies are in mars-ruled signs- so having a healthy outlet for anger and rage and being aware of our ego energies and where they might be running us OR where we may be suppressing healthy ego is key.

at 10:42am venus in scorpio quincunxes the mean north node in gemini, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty in the sign of the depths and intensity and the north node of destiny in the sign of lightness and curiosity. venus dives deep but also gets into all the shadow no one wants to look at- like jealousy, possessiveness, resentment and more. the north node in gemini is a reminder to LET GO and lighten up. to get curious and see other perspectives we must let go of where we want to be in control or be right or justified. finding balance between depths and heights, shadow and Light is key.

tuesday december 8th-
mercury parallels saturn at 3:53pm bringing a preview of the mercury/saturn semisquare exact on thursday. heavy conversation, communication, reality checks and get real moments incoming. watch out for depression, pessimism and dogma. use the astrology to see what is and make healthy decisions from this clear-seeing space.

wednesday december 9th-
at 11:40am the sun in sagittarius squares neptune in pisces, bringing a hazy energy to the day. at best sun/neptune is mystical, compassionate and creative- but the tense nature of the aspect can make it easy for illusion, deception, confusion and denial. it’s important to be above board and honest- but also make sure others are doing the same. there’s a strong neptune vibe present right now and going into next year. taking off the rose colored glasses to see the Truth about ourselves, others and the world around us is key. the sun triggers the neptune/nodal T square form today through 12/11- so pay attention to where illusion/delusion/denial may be coloring your ability to see/speak/live the Truth!

mercury in sagittarius semisquares jupiter in capricorn at 7:30pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of expansion and excess. mercury is in jupiter’s sign- so his link to jupiter can double down on the sagittarius energy. this is great for learning, teaching, traveling, exploring and open the mind! but it can go overboard and express as talkativeness, gossip, hubris, self righteousness and overbearing communication with others. balance is key.

thursday december 10th-
at 3:52am venus in scorpio sextiles pluto in capricorn, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the planet of transformation and evolution. venus is in pluto’s sign so there is a double down on pluto energy right now. this is great for passion and romance, as well as transformation through intimacy. it’s also great for wealth and abundance! using the pluto energy to get deep, real and raw- and do the deep work of transformation within and without is supported right now.

venus in scorpio quincunxes retrograde eris in aries at 4:09am, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. with mercury and venus- mind and heart- linking with eris today there can be some revelations and changes of both mind and heart, thought and feeling. venus/eris brings up emotions, attachments and a need to face the shadow in relationships and finances right now.

at 2:11pm pluto in capricorn squares retrograde eris in aries (23’32), making the third of five squares between the two furthest planets in our solar system (that we know of). eris was discovered in 2005 and is the new archetypal energy guiding the 21st century. her patriarchal myth is that of the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. she was not invited to a wedding party and she showed up pissed off and created chaos. but her Highest expression is the Solar Feminine Warrior Goddess- shown in the figures of joan of arc and wonder woman. she is the feminine who is willing to take a stand for Truth and is willing to expose what is in the shadows. 2020 is the year of the exaltation of the Warrior Goddess- in men and women- waking up and/or elevating the leaders our world so desperately needs. pluto/eris is a stand off between the shadow of the patriarchy and the awakening of the Solar Feminine/Warrior Goddess archetype. pay attention today to the shadow getting exposed personally and collectively, to the warrior women and men taking a stand, and to the old paradigm that is dying and creating space for a new one to be birthed! these are powerful times!!!!

eris is a very significant player in the astrology unfolding in this intense year of 2020 and understanding her energy is key to navigating not just the year and decade we are in but also the entire century ahead. if you want to learn more about her you can purchase my ERIS MASTERCLASS on demand. this 2 hour master class includes astrology, mythology, etymology, and more! it also includes a guided meditation with Eris. for more info click here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/eris-masterclass-now-available-for-purchase/

mercury in sagittarius semisquares saturn at the 29th degree of capricorn at 4:30pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. since tuesday we have had mercury aspect saturn by declination and degree- forming a super aspect that doubles down on the energy the two generate together. mercury in sadge is expansive and optimistic but saturn in capricorn demands we get real, see reality and deal with life. mercury/saturn can bring some serious thoughts and conversations but can also exacerbate dogma, rigidity and power/control dynamics so steer clear of giving or receiving that kind of energy and use the astrology to get real and say things that need to be said and do thing that need to be done.

at 10:00pm the sun in sagittarius trines mars in aries, linking the two yang masculine planets in dynamics fires signs! sun/mars is amazing for taking action, making things happen and taking the bull by the horns (so to speak). the sun in sagittarius loves to travel, learn, teach and broaden his horizons. mars in aries likes to put the pedal to the metal and is ready to GO! use this strong fire energy wisely <3 friday december 11th- come join me and astrology hub for my part in the 2 day 2021 Astrology Panel- giving insight into what is incoming next year!! for more info and to sign up for FREE click here- http://astrologyhub.com/2021divineharmony

the sun cojoins the mean south node at 19’56 sagittarius at 4:53am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the node of karma and the past. from 12/9 to today the sun is triggering the neptune/nodal T square which is exact in january. big time reality checks are incoming. we are being asked to take off the veil of illusion and see the Truth- within and without. if we come from excess, hubris, self righteousness and thinking we are right and others are wrong we can get some wake up calls right now (and into next month). stay open to seeing the Truth- even if it pisses you off!

at 6:42pm mars in aries sextiles the mean north node in gemini and trines the mean south node in sagittarius, bringing an amazing alignment between the will and drive and the nodes of destiny and karma. we have the support of mars in completing karmic threads and moving into the future right now. taking action to finish things is key. our willingness to have an open mind and to let go of where we think we are right or the we know it all is key!

saturday december 12th-
there are no major aspects today. the moon is in watery, deep and intense scorpio at the start of the day and then shifts into expansive optimistic sagittarius at 6:39pm. we are in the dark of the moon heading to a very powerful and intense Total Solar Eclipse on 12/14. use the dark moon energies to see into the shadows, clear things out and deal with the past. taking time to retreat, reflect, dream and turn within can be fruitful right now <3 the LUNAR GATE CALL for this potent new moon eclipse will be out this weekend. LUNAR HOROSCOPES will be day of the new moon. to sign up to be a member to access horoscopes, gate calls and more click here- https://divineharmony.com/become-a-member/

sunday december 13th-
at 3:38am mercury in sagittarius squares neptune in pisces, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of idealism, illusion and fantasy. mercury/neptune can be intuitive and creative but can also be deceptive, delusional and in denial. it’s super important that you make sure you are being honest and above board but also make sure others are as well. dig a little deeper to get to the Truth- don’t just take things at face value! mercury triggers the neptune/nodal T square today through tomorrow as we build to a very powerful total solar eclipse. be willing to see the Truth, speak the Truth and live the Truth. eyes wide open!

the sun in sagittarius sesquiquadrates retrograde uranus in taurus at 8:48am, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Rebel, Revolutionary and planet of instability. the sun in sadge wants freedom and space and uranus amplifies that desire. just watch out for addiction to chaos, resistance to responsibility and inability to deal with limitations ;) finding freedom in limitation is the definition of true liberation. do the work to find this within <3 have a blessed week… ~divine harmony

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