Wednesday September 30th 2020

***all times are PST***

monday december 23rd-
at 7:17am the sun in capricorn squares chiron in aries, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Wounded Healer planetoid. sun/chiron activates the jupiter/chiron square that occurred 12/8- as the sun will trigger both from now until 12/27. old wounds and pain arising right now need to be faced, worked with and healed. if we have a hard time taking a stand or focusing on what is best for us OR if we are overly aggressive, selfish and combative- this can be up big time in the coming days. also any tendency to overwork and focus on what we have in terms of material things and work success as the measure of our worth is also needing to be addressed and rebalanced. healing around our sense of self and identity is possible if we are willing to see where woundedness is operating and running the show.

mercury in sagittarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn at 7:08pm, linking the mind and intellect with the Lord of the Underworld. this is great astrology for being in therapy, having deep talks and being open to hearing the Truths of others. with mercury in sadge in pursuit of the Truth and pluto in capricorn exposing what is hidden in the shadow it’s important that we are willing to be open to hearing other perspectives and see other truths. a mind is like a parachute- it works best when it is open! ;)

venus in aquarius semisextiles jupiter in capricorn at 9:51pm, linking the lesser and Greater Benefic in auspicious ways! venus/jupiter is lovely for socializing, having fun, spending money and having a good time ;) in the two saturn ruled signs the benefits can come through work, career, and rewards for not taking short cuts but instead dealing with things with discipline and self mastery. venus in aquarius brings a visionary vibe to this aspect as well- stay open to the new!

tuesday december 24th-
at 12:25am mars in scorpio quincunxes retrograde eris in aries, creating tension and friction between the will, warrior and drive and the Goddess of discord and chaos. deep things are being penetrated into with a need to see what is beneath the surface that no one wants to see. this can play out personally and collectively. mars in scorpio wants you to ruthlessly face any and all shadow pieces within the self that up until now you have avoided, denied, projected or disassociated with. with eris involved we have the Dark Goddess tossing the apple of discord into areas of life that on the surface look shiny and pretty but underneath they are toxic, decaying and in need of some clearing out. if you happen feel anger, rage, irritation or frustration today- know that this part of this astrological signature. much intense energy is up to navigate and the key is in working with these emotions consciously- not stuffing them or repressing them but not acting them out either. looking at our shadow relationship to sexuality, control, dominance, lower vibration desires that come from the ego, fear, jealousy, possessiveness and more is the focus right now. if you are willing to do deep work- mars and eris will rise with you and support you as you move through the valley of the shadow of death (a psychic place where we get faced with our biggest stuff). if you are not willing then you may find chaotic, unpredictable energy and events coming into your life and seeming like fate. the key is in realizing we create our fate by the actions we take- both present and past. a true creator takes responsibility for his/her actions in the past and makes changes in how he/she acts in the present so as to impact the future.

mercury in sagittarius trines retrograde eris in aries at 12:33pm, aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the Goddess of Discord and chaos! this is a day to stay open to information and communications that reveal Truth. eris sees into the shadow and sees what others do not want to see. channeling that energy into our communication and thinking can be revelatory and illuminating today!

at 1:30pm mars in scorpio sesquiquadrates the north node in cancer, creating tension between the will and drive and our path of destiny and evolution. both are in water signs focused on emotions and feelings yet mars in scorpio can brood and be so intense he does not come up for air. watch out for power control dynamics or deep intense emotions arising and give them space to breathe.

the sun in capricorn trines retrograde uranus in taurus at 1:44pm, linking the conscious self and ego with the planet of revolution and change! from today through the 27th the sun is triggering the jupiter/urnaus trine that was exact on 12/15- an amazing aspect for abundance, career expansion, innovation and success!!! sun/uranus reminds us to stay open to the new and be willing to do things in radically different ways. work wise, financially, in your material life and more- positive energy is present to tap into when you take a risk, jump and let the net appear! (metaphorically of course)

wednesday december 25th-
the new moon/Solar Eclipse at 4’06 capricorn is exact at 9:13pm, initiating us into the eclipse season that will take us from 2019 into 2020- from an old decade into a brand new one!!! this amazing christmas eclipse (for those who celebrate) is conjunct jupiter the jolly planet that is kind of like santa clause ;) pre-christianity 12/25 was an important day as it is the first day after the 3 days that the sun stands still (solstice literally means that) and is symbolic of the rebirth of the sun’s light. many male son’s of God/Goddess were seen as ‘born’ around this time to tune into the natural cycles of nature, the solar mysteries and Universal Truth. having an eclipse on this day is exceptionally potent. we also have the eclipse conjunct the south node- pointing to the karmic patterns and old ways of doing and being that are being brought to closure and completion in our lives. luckily jupiter is there so the endings are blessed- even if it does not seem so at first you will see that what is ending in the capricorn area of your chart (listen to horoscopes) is truly the biggest blessing possible. when you let go of the old you make space for the new. energetically the new cannot come in if you are hoarding and holding onto the past out of safety, security, familiarity and the known. this eclipse is trine uranus- bringing revolutionary, inventive energy into the mix. and it’s also square chiron- showing us what blocks us from the mastery, abundance and Greater Purpose we seek. for more info on the lunation check the lunar insight posted a couple days to a week before the new moon/eclipse is exact :) also the SOLAR GATE call for this eclipse and lunar cycle incoming has been posted and you can access that if you are a Galactic Benefactor member. if you are not you can sign up to be one here- OR you can donate for the calls individually here-

thursday december 26th-
neptune in pisces quincunxes juno in libra at 4:30am, creating tension and friction between the planet of idealism, dreams and fantasy and the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage and commitment. neptune/juno can be dreamy and romantic but it can also be ungrounded, escapist and out to lunch. all relationships that are in focus today should be looked at through clear vision, not rose colored glasses. steer clear of deception of self and others- and make sure you are grounding down and setting healthy boundaries. the best use of the neptune energy today is to be in meditation and pay attention to your dreams.

saturn in capricorn semisextiles pallas athena in sagittarius at 7:33pm, linking the Lord of Karma with the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. these two will cojoin in 2020 but right now they are in the waning part of their cycle together. getting real, focused and masterful is key right now. finding balance between capricorn contraction and sagittarius expansion- tradition and opening to the new- is supported right now.

at 8:20pm venus in aquarius quincunxes the mean north node in cancer, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the node of destiny and evolution. venus in aquarius loves her freedom and space- but she also can bypass emotions, preferring to come from the head to analyze them. the north node in cancer is all about emotional intimacy and honoring ALL of our feelings, needs and emotions. seeing where we may be bypassing what needs to be honored, felt and moved through is important right now. in relationships we may find ourselves dealing with too much disconnection as well- if so starting with connection to self and feelings, sharing that and going from there can be healing and opening.

friday december 27th-
neptune in pisces sextile ceres in capricorn at 8:35am, linking the planet of the Higher Heart with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. this is great for nurturing and nourishment with those we love. the focus is on selfless love and supporting of others- children, family members, those in our community and the world at large. neptune/ceres has a world mother kind of energy- wanting to care for ALL. tap into unconditional Love today!

at 10:25am the sun cojoins jupiter at 5’41 capricorn, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of expansion, abundance and positivity!!! this is the first planetary conjunction of jupiter in his new sign (he squared chiron 12/8 and trined uranus 12/15 but this is the first alignment by conjunction which is the most powerful aspect). the sun is bringing Light to the positive, expansive energy jupiter is bringing into our lives! where this plays out in your chart is personal so check the weekly horoscopes. generally there is BIG TIME positive energy today for career success, work expansion, discipline, maturity and spiritual evolution. make use of it!!!

saturday december 28th-
at 8:55pm mercury moves out of sagittarius and into capricorn, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from fire to earth, yang to yin, expansive to contractive. mercury in capricorn is serious, focused and responsible in communication. he thinks before he speaks and is rooted and grounded in his perception. just be aware of the shadow side of mercury in capricorn- only believing what you can see, touch, taste, smell or hear. this can also express as pessimism, cynicism or depression. balance is key.

sunday december 29th-
at 2:42pm vesta stations direct at 12’05 taurus, bringing the Priestess asteroid Goddess into focus. vesta is deeply devoted to her purpose and mission and in taurus that focus is on material wealth, abundance, embodiment, enjoying life and taking care of Mother Earth. pay attention to messages or insights incoming about where you need to be focused and devoted- and perhaps what holds you back from doing so?

venus in aquarius squares a stationary vesta at 6:40pm, magnifying vesta’s station. the push pull between our purpose and our relationships, our embodiment and our enlightenment, our work/money focus and our focus on freedom is illuminated. finding balance between work and pleasure is key today!

at 8:58pm mercury in capricorn squares chiron in aries, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Wounded Healer. similar to what the sun just did- mercury is triggering the jupiter/chiron square from 12/27-29 and the jupiter/uranus trine from 12/27-30. mercury/chiron brings up old wounds and pain in communication and thinking. it’s super important to THINK before you speak right now. therapy and any kind of inner work/shadow work can be supportive right now as we delve into the wounding that runs us from the subconscious. communications can get intense so be sure to be kind because everyone you meet is fighting a battle. but also be sure to have clear boundaries and stand up for yourself in healthy ways. it’s all about a balance ;)

have a lovely week ahead…

~divine harmony

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