Wednesday September 30th 2020

***all times are PST***

monday december 16th
the first aspect of the day and week is exact at 9:38am when mars in scorpio semisquares jupiter in capricorn, creating tension between the will and drive and the planet of expansion and excess. mars in scorpio is super intense and driven and jupiter can enhance but also exacerbate the desire for power and control. being aware of our lower drives and how they may be running us is key. be aware of power/control dynamics and how you relate to authority- both within and without. instead of power over/power under find a way to come to the table empowered!

tuesday december 17th-
there are no major aspects today.

wednesday december 18th-
the sun aligns with the Galactic Center today- which is the center point of our milky way galaxy. prepare for cosmic downloads, illuminating dreams and messages coming from the beyond. stay open to Truth- particularly if looks quite different than your lower self’s version ;)

thursday december 19th-
at 2:00am mars in scorpio sextiles saturn in capricorn, aligning the will and drive with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. mars/saturn in harmonious aspect is excellent for discipline our will and drive so we can focus on what we really want to manifest and bring into reality. mars in scorpio is DRIVEN and add saturn in rulership and we have the capacity to climb that ladder (or literal/metaphoric mountain) and make it to the top. mars tends to be more in the moment wanting what he wants NOW but saturn puts the breaks on and makes sure we are thinking long term benefit not just short term reward. use this astrology wisely to build what you want to last in your life today, this month and in the coming year(s)!

mercury in sagittarius squares neptune in pisces at 8:19pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of idealism, illusion and fantasy. mercury/neptune can be intuitive and creative but can also be deceptive, delusional and in denial. it’s super important that you make sure you are being honest and above board but also make sure others are as well. dig a little deeper to get to the Truth- don’t just take things at face value!

at 10:41pm venus moves out of capricorn and into aquarius, shifting the Goddess of Love and Beauty from earth to air, responsible to wild, grounded to an energy that is on the move. venus in aquarius values freedom and evolution in partnership. friendship is key and being given space to be one’s own self is equally important. just be aware of the shadow of venus in aquarius- being so addicted to freedom that you see any commitment as restraint, and being so detached from emotions that you are afraid of feelings.

friday december 20th-
venus in aquarius semisquares neptune in pisces at 7:51pm, creating tension between the lower heart and Higher Heart in idealistic and perhaps confusing ways. venus/neptune can be dreamy, romantic and creative but these two combined in tense aspect can also be delusional, deceptive, avoidant, escapist, wearing rose colored glasses and spiritual bypassing in Love and money situations. don’t just go up and out- be sure to also go down and in, stay embodied and aware of reality ;)

mercury in sagittarius sesquiquadrates retrograde uranus in taurus at 11:59pm, creating tension between the lower mind and Higher Mind. sudden insights, information and communication incoming can be illuminating but also shocking and unexpected! mercury is focused on finding the Truth when in sagittarius and uranus throws a few curve balls! dreams, intuition and insights can be radical- keep your mind OPEN!

saturday december 21st-
at 3:14am venus in aquarius sextiles chiron in aries, linking the lower Heart with the Wounded Healer. this is a lovely aspect for healing in relationships and healing around self worth and self Love. venus helps us spread our wings and fly and chiron helps us heal our broken hearts. use this energy wisely!

mercury cojoins pallas athena at 18’35 sagittarius at 11:48am, aligning the mind and intellect with the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. the traditional myth of athena has her very intellectual and heady- so a link with mercury can expand but also exacerbate that. communications and information incoming on the political scene could be revealing- particularly with both square to neptune (neptune/pallas was 12/15, mercury/neptune was 12/19- so from this past sunday until today lots of neptunian energy swirling in the political arena). being willing to see what is going behind the scenes and see where manipulation might be happening is super important! focus on capital T Truth versus personal, egoic truth for best results.

the sun moves out of sagittarius and into capricorn at 8:19pm, marking the Solar Gate of Yule and Winter Solstice and a new yearly solar cycle commencing (in the southern hemisphere this is the Solar Gate of Litha and Summer Solstice)! the sun in capricorn is hard working, disciplined, responsible and authoritative. this is the sign of the mountain goat who gets to the top of the mountain no matter how hard the journey is. we have staying power right now and we can focus on what we want to build in our lives. just watch out for the shadow side of the sun in capricorn: being overly austere, rigid, controlling, perfectionist and emotionally repressed. ***the SOLAR GATE CALL will be up a couple days before the solstice*** if you are not a Galactic Benefactor member and want to become one OR upgrade to access this call click here-

sunday december 22nd-
at 5:30am venus in aquarius squares retrograde uranus in taurus, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener. venus is in the sign of uranus so there’s an extra potent uranian/aquarian energy present in relationships, finances and values right now. we need space and freedom- sometimes at any cost! venus is noncommittal and revolutionary in aquarius- she values friendship, community and space to roam. add in uranus who is revolutionizing our values and relationship to the material world and we can see a topsy turvy energy is incoming. being open to change- in relationships, in how we deal with money, in what we value and how we love and value ourselves- is key. just watch out for being overly addicted to change and freedom as it can cost you both monetarily as well as in terms of relationships.

mars in scorpio sextile pluto in capricorn at 6:32am, aligning the lower will and Higher Will in transformative, empowering ways! mars/pluto can help us dig deep and align with the Higher Self so that we are making decisions in our lives from this place. harness this energy to move mountains (literal and metaphorical) is recommended today!

mercury in sagittarius semisextiles saturn in capricorn at 3:23pm, linking the mind with the planet of mastery and reality. this is great for having serious conversations, getting to the bottom of things and getting real. mercury in jupiter-ruled sadge likes to see the glass as half full but saturn in capricorn sees when it’s empty or when the glass is broken. having both perspectives brings balance to whatever we are dealing with today.

have a blessed week…


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