Friday May 24th 2019

***all times are PST***

monday november 5th-
the first aspect of the day and week is exact at 1:10pm when the sun in scorpio sesquiquadrates retrograde chiron in pisces, creating tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the Wounded Healer planetoid. sun/chiron can bring up old wounds and pain particularly around old emotions and feelings that have been stuffed or denied. being willing to face what is within that is unresolved is key!

at 5:48pm retrograde venus cojoins ceres at 27’25 libra, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. venus and ceres are both in these aspect to chiron right now- venus on 11/3 and again 11/28 and ceres on 11/7. chiron shines a Light on wounding and pain from the past- childhood, past lifetimes and more- that blocks us and holds us back from the growth and integration we week. wherever we overdo the libra energy- over focusing on the positive, trying to keep the peace at any cost or over focusing on others and not doing what we need to do for ourselves- this can be amplified right now. pay attention to what is arising in Love, money and family dynamics right now. be willing to face the shadow and undigested emotions in order to heal right now.

at 10:40pm the sun in scorpio trines retrograde neptune in pisces, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of spirituality and idealism. this is a dreamy, romantic, creative and altruistic combo. give yourself time to meditate, create and just BE rather than do with this watery astrology. pay attention to emotions, intuition and inner experience. there are riches there to discover.

tuesday november 6th-
at 10:59am retrograde uranus backtracks into aries for a last hurrah in the sign of the warrior and drive. until march 2019 uranus will transit the last degrees of aries- bringing the rebel and revolutionary into the last leg of his journey through the sign of the individual. uranus moving into aries in 2011 is when all the revolutions starting springing up around the world (arab spring, egyptian revolution, the 99% versus the 1% and more). uranus has sought to wake up the individual and to have him take control of his destiny! any last areas of life that need to be revolutionized before he fully moves into taurus for good are incoming. this can activate the desire to take action and initiative but it can also exacerbate anger, rage and the desire for war. navigate with consciousness.

wednesday november 7th-
we have a powerful day today! we have the new moon in scorpio at 8:02am PST (lunar samhain and the lunar gate of scorpio) AND we have the solar gate of samhain at 3:32am (the exact midpoint between fall equinox and winter solstice). we have a sacred marriage (hierosgamos) of sun and moon, solar gate and lunar gate- in the death portal to the abyss/void that is samhain! for the ancient celts samhain was the beginning of the new year- and it was the darkest time of the year. this is a time when the veils are thin and the otherworld is more readily accessible. this is about the depths, the shadows, death, loss and letting go to create the space for the new. it’s fascinating that the celts saw their new year beginning with death rather than new life (which the winter solstice is more representative of) and yet to me this shows how their relationship with death was so much better than ours is today. the new moon is well aspected to neptune and pluto- the planet of transcendence and the planet of depth, the light and the shadow. this is a GREAT new moon/lunar gate/solar gate for magic, ritual and ceremony. the watery realms of intuition and emotion are potent right now. for more information on this new moon check the lunar insight posted a few days before the new moon is exact and if you want to receive the lunar gate/solar gates calls be sure to be signed up for a Galactic Benefactor membership which you can do here- you can also purchase these calls individually here- and here-

at 11:41am pluto cojoins vesta at 19’06 capricorn, aligning the planet of Transformation and Evolution with the Priestess asteroid Goddess. pluto sees into the shadows and vesta is deeply committed to what she is focused on. we can make a profound commitment to our personal as well as planetary transformation right now. our willingness to see what old karmic patterns, paradigms, dogmas and structures in our lives are not serving and its time to let them go is key.

retrograde chiron in pisces quincunxes ceres in libra at 7:11pm, bring tension between the Wounded Healer and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. wounding and pain arising around home, family, children or with Mothers or mother figures in our lives can be up right now. chiron is in tense aspect to both venus and ceres this week- bringing up anything unresolved in Love, money, family and more. this is not a time to bury our heads in the sand and pretend nothing is wrong.

at 10:20pm jupiter at 29 scorpio quincunxes retrograde uranus at 29 aries, creating an activating aspect between the planet of expansion and excess and the planet of revolution and upheaval. at the karmic 29th degree there is some high energy present right now that needs to be expressed and dealt with! the 29th degree is a point of fruition, completion but also crisis and climax. anything unresolved comes up at out and at the 29th degree. this month we have a lot of 29th degree activations- jupiter/uranus, venus/uranus, mars/uranus, sun/uranus and the nodes moving to 29 cancer/capricorn. early next month uranus will square the nodes at the 29th degree as well. CHANGE IS IN THE AIR. uranus brings upheaval where things are stagnant and stuck. uranus brings change where change is needed. we can facilitate our own evolutionary processes or we can be dragged kicking and screaming. it is up to us! with mars ruling both jupiter and uranus- being in touch with anger and rage in conscious healthy ways is key right now. be aware others can fly off the handle easy under this kind of astrology. drive safe, communicate with awareness and be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle. (being kind does not mean staying in situations or relationships where you are not being honored and respected though!)

thursday november 8th-
jupiter moves out of scorpio and into sagittarius at 4:38am, shifting the planet of expansion and abundance from water to fire, depths to heights, yin to yang. jupiter rules sagittarius and is very happy in this sign!!! jupiter in mutable fire is set to bring expansion, positivity and growth opportunities via foreign travel, faith/beliefs/spirituality, Higher Education, publishing, teaching and expanding our personal and global perspective! sagittarius is the wandering gypsy and the wild horse running free- and with sadge’s ruling planet back in his home sign the desire to see the world and expand into more freedom and independence will be HIGH! this is also a time to be in pursuit of the Truth- personal, interpersonal, political, collective and more. just watch out for overdoing jupiter in sadge and turning to hubris, self-righteousness and thinking YOU ARE THE ONE who sees it all/knows it all! humility and openness to other perspectives is key ;) wherever jupiter transits in your natal chart (both ascendant chart and solar chart) is where the good luck and opportunities are incoming. be sure to listen to your weekly horoscopes and lunar horoscopes for more info!

retrograde neptune in pisces sesquiquadrates ceres in libra at 6:36pm, bringing tension between the planet of idealism and fantasy and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. this week ceres is under distress- which can make for some big intensity in home and family situations as well as with children and parents. neptune likes to see the positive but can also plain ignore the shadow. watch out for denial, delusion, avoidance of reality, playing the victim or the martyr, turning to addictions to numb out, deceiving ourselves or others, and spiritual bypassing. this is not a time to sacrifice ourselves too much but it’s also not a time to expect everyone else to save us either. deep times ahead! be willing to see and deal with reality!

friday november 9th-
at 12:40am retrograde venus in libra trines mars in aquarius, aligning the Divine Lovers in creative, romantic and fun-loving ways! of course venus is still retrograde and on an internal journey of reclaiming more of her essential self while letting go of that which holds her back from deeper and Higher self/other Love. yet her link with mars is deeply creative and fertile. with both bodies in air signs communication, connection, friendship and partnership can be supported right now.

at 3:45pm jupiter who just moved into the first degree of sagittarius trines the north node who is just about to leave leo (at the first degree of leo). jupiter trine the north node is like a date with destiny. the north node is where your evolution and growth is and has a jupiter kind of energy- whereas the south node is where our karma is and has a saturn kind of energy. interestingly jupiter positively links with BOTH nodes today- linking past with future, karma with dharma. we are given a Bigger Picture perspective of where we have been, where we are right now and where we are heading. destined or fated connections, doors opening, opportunities and more can be incoming. stay open to growth and expansion!!!

saturday november 10th-
mercury in sagittarius semisquares retrograde venus in libra at 9:26am, creating tension between the mind and heart, our thoughts and feelings. mercury in sadge wants the Truth- while venus in libra wants harmony and peace and will at times deny the Truth in order to maintain a facade. being honest about our feelings, thoughts, needs and those of others is recommended right now.

sunday november 11th-
retrograde uranus in aries opposes ceres at 29 libra at 3:42am, bringing intensity between the planet of rebellion and revolution and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. expect the unexpected in home/family situations, with children and parents, and with Mother Earth globally. uranus comes in to show us what needs to change and to force our hand if we resist it. ceres in libra is over focused on keeping the peace at any cost- so sometimes it takes shocking or unexpected things to shake us out of our stupor. stay open to change!

the sun in scorpio sextiles pluto in capricorn at 7:22am, linking the conscious self and ego with the planet of Transformation and Evolution. the sun is in pluto’s sign so there is a double down energy right now of pluto/scorpio potency- which helps us get deep, stay focused and do the deep inner and outer work of transformation. this is a great day for getting focus and moving mountains! rather than give away your power or lord your power over others- step out of the victim/tyrant dynamic and relate to your power from a solid place within.

ceres moves out of libra and into scorpio at 1:34pm, shifting the Great Mother asteroid Goddess from air to water, intellect to emotion, peace seeking to confrontation with the shadow. ceres in scorpio brings the Mother energy into the depths of the Underworld. this is great for nurturing the self and others through deep transformation and death/rebirth processes. yet there can also be some shadow and intensity arising in home/family situations or with children and parents. there is a strong need to nurture or be nurtured with ceres in scorpio but sometimes the lesson is to let go and let others find their way OR stop looking to get from others what we need to learn to Source for ourselves.

have a great week!

~divine harmony

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