Wednesday January 26th 2022

***all times are PDT***

*this is a shorter forecast with major aspects only- i will return to the in-depth forecast with minor aspects next week*


monday november 29th-
at 6:10am mars in scorpio trines retrograde neptune in pisces, sweetly aligning the will, warrior and drive with the planet of mysticism, idealism and spirituality. at best mars/neptune is inspired, creative, romantic and a spiritual warrior. at worst, mars/neptune is deluded, deceptive, confused and lacks direction and clarity. tapping into the Highest expression of mars/neptune is recommended- and the best avenues to do so are through meditation, art and mystical pursuits.

mercury in sagittarius trines retrograde chiron in aries at 6:41pm, linking the mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer planetoid. communication can be healing today IF we are willing to own our shadow pieces and clean up our side of the road. truth must be balanced with compassion and kindness. tempering our ego energies so we can see and speak the Greater Truth is key.

at 11:19pm mercury in sagittarius sextiles saturn in aquarius, linking the mind and intellect with the planet of mastery and hard work. this is a great day for serious conversations, get real moments and seeing what IS (vs seeing what could be/used to be). honest talks and honest assessment of reality is supported today. with both bodies in uber independent signs- it’s a great time to find balance between freedom and discipline.


tuesday november 30th-
at 6:38am the sun in sagittarius trines retrograde chiron in aries, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Wounded Healer planetoid. this aspect features in the new moon chart incoming in a few days time. healing is possible right now when we are willing to face and turn towards our pain. wounding around the masculine- our own masculine side but also with male figures in our lives- can be exposed with opportunities for healing present at the same time. with both bodies in fire signs healing around our creative fire, individually, self confidence and belief in self are incoming! live your authentic self and shine!

at 12:46pm venus in capricorn sextiles retrograde neptune in pisces, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the planet of spirituality, mysticism, confusion and delusion. this is a sweet aspect so the Higher/lower heart energy is supported. being compassionate, loving, spiritual and creative are all a focus right now! with venus in earthy, grounded capricorn we are supported in balanced the root chakra with the crown chakra, reality with believing in what is possible!

the sun in sagittarius sextiles saturn in aquarius at 3:14pm, linking the conscious self and ego with the planet of mastery and integrity. it’s a great time to bee responsible, reign in desires and find freedom through discipline and self mastery. slow steady steps towards your intended goals will bring you the expansion you seek!


wednesday december 1st-
at 5:23am neptune stations direct at 20’24 making the planet of mysticism and illusion the most powerful planet in the sky. neptune is great for mysticism, spirituality, intuition, compassion, altruism and Unconditional Love. yet shadow neptune can also be present in the form of denial, delusion, avoidance of reality, spiritually by passing, playing the victim or the martyr, refusing to see the self and others clearly, mass or interpersonal deception, and turning to addictions (to drugs/alcohol but also to internet/work/food/sex/dating or anything else) as a means to avoid really confronting the emotions and karmic patterns we keep repeating in our lives. the veil between the worlds is thin when neptune stations and the best use of this energy is in meditation, reflection, introspection and inner journeys. it’s not a great time to make definitive decisions as it’s not quite clear which way is up and which way is down. if you can take a time out to go within and Source your answers from your Higher Self (and do your inner work to discern this voice from the spiritually by passing ego voice that often can sound quite similar!) you will make the most of this transit!

at 6:15pm mercury in sagittarius quincunxes retrograde uranus in taurus creating tension and friction between the mind and intellect and the rebel and revolutionary. there are some big time changes happening in mind, thinking and perception right now- and some of these changes can seemingly come out of nowhere! staying open to change, revelation and sudden insight is recommended.


thursday december 2nd-
at 2:51am retrograde chiron in aries trines vesta in sagittarius, linking the Wounded Healer with the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and focus. healing around what we are devoted to and to living align with our Sacred Fire/Heart’s Truth is possible right now. with chiron in aries tempering will and ego so that it is in service of Spirit is key. vesta is devoted to the Truth- but sometimes we have to be willing to be devoted to seeing where we are not seeing clearly first before the Truth can become clear and set us free.


friday december 3rd-
saturn in aquarius sextiles vesta in sagittarius at 5:30am, linking the Lord of Karma and Father of Time with the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and focus. saturn is showing us what is worthwhile for us to be focused on or devoted to. saturn helps separate the wheat from the chaff- so seeing what needs to be pruned, released or seen for what it is is key. with both bodies in freedom loving signs- this aspect is about the freedom we access when we are committed and disciplined to living aligned with Spirit’s Truth (which can feel like imprisonment to the ego). pay attention to your dreams upon waking for messages from the Unconscious about what this means for you personally.

at 7:14am the sun in sagittarius quincunxes retrograde uranus in taurus, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Rebel and Revolutionary. both sagittarius and uranus want freedom at any cost. in extreme ways this combination can create excess, impulsivity, reactivity and restlessness. if our desire for the new is simply a covert means to escape being responsible for the past- this can catch up with us eventually. finding balance between stability and change, responsibility and freedom- is important right now.

the total solar eclipse at 12’22 sagittarius is exact at 11:43pm, initating us into a new lunar cycle that is focused on Truth, expansion, growth, luck and belief. this is a south node eclipse- the last of the sagittarius south node eclipses- and it is powerful! we are being asked to see where any hubris, self righteousness, i am right you are wrong perspectives are holding us back from our growth and evolution- personally and collectively. this eclipse is trine chiron and quincunx uranus- bringing the potential for healing but also unexpected awakenings into the mix. there is A LOT to say about this eclipse- so be sure to read my Lunar Insight posted a few days before the lunation and listen to the Lunar Gate Call (posted a couple days before) and the Lunar Horoscopes (posted day of the eclipse). a powerful ending to an intense year is incoming!


saturday december 4th-
at 4:26am mars in scorpio quincunxes retrograde eris in aries, creating tension and friction between the will, warrior and drive and the Goddess of discord and chaos. deep things are being penetrated into with a need to see what is beneath the surface that no one wants to see. this can play out personally and collectively. mars in scorpio wants you to ruthlessly face any and all shadow pieces within the self that up until now you have avoided, denied, projected or disassociated with. with eris involved we have the Dark Goddess tossing the apple of discord into areas of life that on the surface look shiny and pretty but underneath they are toxic, decaying and in need of some clearing out. if you happen feel anger, rage, irritation or frustration today- know that this part of this astrological signature. much intense energy is up to navigate and the key is in working with these emotions consciously- not stuffing them or repressing them but not acting them out either. looking at our shadow relationship to sexuality, control, dominance, lower vibration desires that come from the ego, fear, jealousy, possessiveness and more is the focus right now. if you are willing to do deep work- mars and eris will rise with you and support you as you move through the valley of the shadow of death (a psychic place where we get faced with our biggest stuff). if you are not willing then you may find chaotic, unpredictable energy and events coming into your life and seeming like fate. the key is in realizing we create our fate by the actions we take- both present and past. a true creator takes responsibility for his/her actions in the past and makes changes in how he/she acts in the present so as to impact the future.


sunday december 5th-
there are no major aspects today


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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