weekly astrology forecast- week of 11/28-12/4

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are EST***

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monday november 28th-
at 12:56pm retrograde mars in gemini trines saturn in aquarius, harmoniously aligning the two malefics in positive ways. this is one of the signatures of mars’ retrograde as he will trine saturn a total of 3 times. this alignment is wonderful as mars is very in the moment and wants to do what he wants NOW but saturn has the staying power as well as the long term vision to see more clearly what we are setting into motion. as both of these bodies are in air signs we are supported in being more masterful in how we speak, interact with others, relate and connect. we are able to mature and grow via the relationships that are healthy and perhaps see the ones that are not – and use saturn’s pruning shears to let them go. what you set into motion now has solidity and foundational energy underneath it to withstand time. but take it one step at a time- no need to rush when you have a long time to go ;) (think back to 9/27 when they trined the first time and connect the dots to what is happening today for some greater awareness around these themes).

venus in sagittarius quincunxes retrograde uranus in taurus at 9:19pm- creating tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener! venus in sadge values her freedom and space- and so does uranus! they both do not want to be hemmed in! watch out for knee jerk reactions and impulsivity in Love and money situations right now. we want to embrace change and be open to shift- but watch out for burning bridges and throwing out the baby with the bathwater!


tuesday november 29th-
at 8:34am ceres in virgo quincunxes retrograde eris in aries, creating tension between the Great Mother Goddess and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! this can bring up some sudden things in work or health matters- and if anything is brewing there can be anger/rage that is being suppressed that needs to be dealt with for healing to happen. opportunities to stand up for mothers, children, Mother Earth and her environment, and more- are incoming! remember eris is also the activist and warrior Goddess (seen in joan of arc, wonder woman)- so channel this sacred fire in ways that liberates, heals and frees yourself and others today!

mercury in sagittarius opposes retrograde mars in gemini at 3:30pm, creation tension between the mind and intellect and the God of Will and War. today can be an intense day in communications. arguments, aggression and conflict can be exacerbated. particularly any differences of belief- political, intellectual, spiritual and otherwise- can stoke the fires in polarized viewpoints today. it’s key to be able to both speak your Truth and also listen to and respect the Truths of others. if you were in their shoes could you understand where they are coming from? can you see beyond your own viewpoint? if you cannot- it’s a great day to keep your opinions and judgments to yourself ;)

at 11:17pm mercury in sagittarius sextiles saturn in aquarius- linking the mind and intellect with the planet of mastery and hard work. this is a great day for serious conversations, get real moments and seeing what IS (vs seeing what could be/used to be). honest talks and honest assessment of reality is supported today. with both bodies in uber independent signs- it’s a great time to find balance between freedom and discipline.


wednesday november 30th-
we have the 2nd of 3 GREAT BLACK CONJUNCTIONS- the first was in july 2022, the 2nd was 2 weeks ago on 11/16 and now we have the 3rd and final one due to corrected lilith stationing direct and cojoining again. if you have not read my Great Black Conjunction blog you can do so here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/the-great-black-conjunction-of-black-sun-and-black-moon-✨🖤✨/

at 3:36am pallas athena stations retrograde at 26’33 cancer, bringing the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess to a standstill in the sky. pallas in cancer is nurturing, caring and willing to stand up and fight for women, children and those that are vulnerable. shadow pallas in cancer wants to use her head to deal with emotions. pallas stations conjunct mean lilith, opposite pluto and square eris- bringing quite the potent alignment of the Feminine against the patriarchal oppression. we can see this playing out in iran – where the people there are fighting for their lives against an oppressive regime that dominates and violates the feminine. emotions can be up BIG TIME right now. the key is to work with them consciously so we are moving them through- not repressing, but also not collapsing into them in a way that does not serve healing and evolution. pay attention to any insights or aha moments coming in today that help you see the Greater Picture at play in your home/family life, emotional life and in regards to the feminine in the world at large.


thursday december 1st-
at 12:28am venus in sagittarius opposes retrograde mars in gemini – creating tension between the Divine Lovers in the signs related to beliefs, Truth, mind and perception! a battle between polarized viewpoints is possible today- maybe with others, in the world around you, or perhaps just within yourself. venus in sadge sees the Bigger Picture, but mars in gemini sees the smaller details. this is forest vs trees territory- but can we see and honor BOTH? watch out for hubris and self righteousness (shadow sagittarius) OR being too surface and not going deep (shadow gemini). as this occurs over night- pay attention to dreams upon waking for messages about your inner process and what you need to see/realize for liberation!

the sun in sagittarius sesquiquadrates retrograde eris in aries at 2:25am, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. sun/eris reveals what is going on behind the scenes. if we are being too fiery and going up and out- eris reminds us that there is shadow not acknowledged that we need to go down and in to see. some sudden and unexpected energy is present right now- pay attention to what is up right now and tend to it rather than spiritually bypass it ;)

at 8:08pm mercury in sagittarius squares retrograde about to station direct neptune in pisces- creating tension between the logical mind and the intuitive Soul. this is a great aspect for intuition, imagination and magic! but since this is a tense aspect the shadow of these two can be exacerbated: illusion, confusion, delusion, deception, escapism and addiction. watch out for magical thinking. real magic comes from the heart not the head ;) over the next couple of days we have both mercury and venus (the mind and the heart) square a standstill, stationing direct neptune. watch out for extra illusion/delusion/deception energy and be willing to see beyond the glamor and surface to get to the Truth!

venus in sagittarius sextiles saturn in aquarius at 10:10pm, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. this is a lovely aspect for commitment, grounding, getting real and seeing what/who is of value in life. with both bodies in super independent signs but making a solid aspect- there is capacity to find both freedom and commitment, independence and interconnection in relationships right now. pay attention to who/what is good for you and helps you grow and say ‘more of that please!’


friday december 2nd-
at 6:27pm mercury in sagittarius trines retrograde eris in aries- aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the Goddess of Discord and chaos! this is a day to stay open to information and communications that reveal Truth. eris sees into the shadow and sees what others do not want to see. channeling that energy into our communication and thinking can be revelatory and illuminating today!


saturday december 3rd-
at 4:29pm the sun in sagittarius quincunxes the mean north node in taurus, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the node of destiny and karma. the sun in sagittarius wants freedom at any cost- but the north node in taurus is showing us where we need more grounding, stability, security and ability stay with things. pay attention to the signs from the Universe today!

at 7:15pm neptune stations direct at 22’38 pisces, making the planet of mysticism and illusion the most powerful planet in the sky. neptune is great for mysticism, spirituality, intuition, compassion, altruism and Unconditional Love. yet shadow neptune can also be present in the form of denial, delusion, avoidance of reality, spiritually by passing, playing the victim or the martyr, refusing to see the self and others clearly, mass or interpersonal deception, and turning to addictions (to drugs/alcohol but also to internet/work/food/sex/dating or anything else) as a means to avoid really confronting the emotions and karmic patterns we keep repeating in our lives. the veil between the worlds is thin when neptune stations and the best use of this energy is in meditation, reflection, introspection and inner journeys. it’s not a great time to make definitive decisions as it’s not quite clear which way is up and which way is down. if you can take a time out to go within and Source your answers from your Higher Self (and do your inner work to discern this voice from the spiritually by passing ego voice that often can sound quite similar!) you will make the most of this transit!

the sun in sagittarius semsiquares pluto in capricorn at 8:24pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of the Underworld. with the sun aspecting both the lower will (mars) and Higher Will (pluto) we have some very strong will and energy to focus. a tense aspect to pluto can exacerbate power/control dynamics. making sure we are not coming from my way or the highway positions is key- while at the same time we are asked to stand in our power and come from a place of empowerment (versus power over/power under).


sunday december 4th-
at 2:12am venus in sagittarius squares stationary direct neptune in pisces- creating tension and friction between the lower heart and Higher Heart. on the one hand venus/neptune can be dreamy, romantic, creative and idealistic- but because the aspect is a tense one there can also be an ungrounded, unrealistic, out to lunch energy playing out in relationships, Love and money situations. being able to see the goodness and possibility in people/situations/ourselves needs to be balanced with seeing reality (and addressing things from that realistic place). the best use of this energy is to meditate, create and/or share the Love with all around you.

the sun in sagittarius trines retrograde chiron in aries at 2:13am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Wounded Healer planetoid. this aspect features in the new moon chart incoming in a few days time. healing is possible right now when we are willing to face and turn towards our pain. wounding around the masculine- our own masculine side but also with male figures in our lives- can be exposed with opportunities for healing present at the same time. with both bodies in fire signs healing around our creative fire, individually, self confidence and belief in self are incoming! live your authentic self and shine!

at 11:34am mercury in sagittarius sesquiquadrates the mean north node in taurus and semisquares the mean south node in scorpio- bringing in important communications, conversations and insights that challenge our established beliefs and attitudes. being open to seeing/hearing things that reveal the past and future in radically new ways is key. mercury is heading to the Galactic Center- so we can tap into Truths coming straight from Source. the Truth can set us free- but first it might piss us off ;) be willing to be pisssed and face the Truth anyway- so that freedom and liberation can truly come in!


have a blessed week…


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