Monday August 26th 2019

***all times are PST***

monday november 26th-
the first aspect of the day and week is at 12:06am when retrograde mercury in sagittarius squares mars in pisces, creating tension between the mind and the will and drive. this can be fiery and feisty and make for some intensity in communication- so navigate wisely. make sure you and others are not being deceptive or not completely above board- as this will cost you (or them!). arguments around Truth and who is right and who is wrong is a waste of time. instead focus on knowing your Truth and living it.

at 12:33pm the sun in sagittarius semisquares pluto in capricorn, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of the Underworld. this week we have 3 semisquares to pluto- from the sun, mercury retrograde and jupiter. there is significant tension between our desire to see the positive, see the glass as half full and be larger than life- and the realities and karmic consequences arising that need to be faced and addressed. this is not a week to engage in power over/power under dynamics- but instead be willing to dig and get to the Truth, both within and without. finding balance between idealism and realism, expansion and contraction, luck and karma is key!

tuesday november 27th-
the sun cojoins retrograde mercury at 5’03 sagittarius at 1:15am, marking the midpoint of the current mercury retrograde cycle we are in. important insights, aha moments and information or communications arising can be very revealing. pay attention! be willing to see and own the Truth for best results. since this aspect occurs in the early morning hours- pay attention to your dreams upon waking for important insights and revelations.

retrograde chiron in pisces sextile vesta in capricorn at 3:34am, aligning the Wounded Healer planetoid with the Priestess asteroid Goddess. this is a lovely aspect to embrace healing around our purpose and focus in this life. getting more grounded in our ideals and dreams and working towards them from a practical awareness is supported right now. later in the week uranus will square vesta- so she is in the midst of activation, healing and change. being willing to question what we are deeply committed to so that we can ascertain what is good to stay committed to and what we need to leave behind is key.

retrograde mercury in sagittarius semisquares pluto in capricorn at 10:12am, creating tension between the conscious mind and intellect and the Lord of the Underworld. mercury/pluto is great for research, investigation and getting to the Truth of matters- yet the tense nature of the aspect can also incite power dynamics and paranoia in communication with others. if we are overfocusing on the positive as a means to avoid the shadow- we can be facing things around that this week. if on the other hand we are over focusing on the negative and trying to be dominant and in control that can backfire this week too! balance is key.

at 1:31pm mars in pisces sextiles saturn in capricorn, aligning the will and drive with the planet of grounding, integrity and self-mastery. saturn brings an earthy, masterful energy to mars in pisces who by himself can be very slowly and hard to contain. grounding our dreams and realizing our visions is possible when these two team up. keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and your crown chakra open to inspiration today.

retrograde mercury cojoins jupiter at 4’18 sagittarius at 2:27pm, aligning the mind and intellect with the planet of expansion, abundance and opportunity! this is great for communication, learning, teaching, traveling and opening your mind! between the 25th and the 27th both the sun and mercury have triggered jupiter in his new home sign. major insights into what growth and opportunities jupiter has incoming for you are being revealed right now- pay attention!

wednesday november 28th-
at 4:03am venus in libra quincunxes retrograde chiron in pisces for the 3rd and final time (first was 9/10, second was 11/3). all month long venus has been in a slow quincunx to chiron due to her station direct on the 16th. venus/chiron creates tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Wounded Healer planetoid- bringing up all our old wounds and pain around self-worth, self-Love and self-value. old patterns we keep playing out in relationship that are toxic and keep us stagnant or stuck are coming up to be faced right now. with both bodies in signs that tend to over focus on others there is a need to pay attention to boundaries and where we tend to play the victim/marytr OR where we turn to addiction, denial and avoidance rather than dealing with things head on. pay attention to what big wounds and pain are up for you right now. chiron teaches us that our wound is our gift and that the pain we fear to fully feel and move through is the very pain that will liberate us when we face it, feel it and move all the way through!

mars in pisces semisquares retrograde eris in aries at 2:28pm, creating tension between the will and drive in the sign of surrender and passivity and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos in the sign of war and action. mars/eris is an interesting combination when mars is in pisces. typically mars wants what he wants and he wants it NOW- but mars in pisces either has difficulty pursuing his desires or he does so in slippery, out of integrity ways. this is not a time to be dishonest or misaligned as it can cost you. using eris’ energy to willingness face the shadow and see what is going on behind the scenes is key right now!

neptune in pisces semisquares vesta in capricorn at 5:38pm, creating tension between the planet of sacrifice and idealism and the Priestess asteroid Goddess who tends to self sacrifice herself. neptune/vesta is great for altruism and selfless service but not so great for those who tend to over sacrifice themselves and put themselves last. finding balance between purpose/calling and self-care is key. take off the rose colored glasses so you can relate to reality on it’s own terms.

jupiter in sagittarius semisquares pluto in capricorn at 8:28pm, creating tension between the planet of expansion and excess and the planet of transformation, death/rebirth and power dynamics. jupiter/pluto can help us harness the powers of transformation and evolution- yet the tense nature of this aspect can also see us abusing power or feeling victimized at the hands of those who abuse their power. this is not a time for hubris or self righteousness- but it’s also not a time to be all Love and Light and ignore the shadow. change is in process right now and the key is to embrace change- not resist it- and to methodically put change into action not act reactively or impulsively.

thursday november 29th-
saturn in capricorn sextiles ceres in scorpio at 3:43am, aligning the Great Patriarch with the Great Matriarch in harmonious ways. saturn/ceres helps us to get grounded, focused and real about the needs in our lives for nurturing, security, safety and stability. home/family situations benefit from this aspect as it helps us to get real. ceres supports us by nurturing us as we move through intense transformations- death of the old and birth of the new. saturn comes in to help stabilize that transformation so that what is let go of is fully and completely let go of and what stays on and/or grows is grounded and anchored in beneficial ways. use the energy wisely!

sun in sagittarius semisextiles saturn in capricorn at 4:03pm, helping us to link the expansive and positive energy of sagittarius with the grounded and practical energy of capricorn. taking positive, confident action from a place of mastery and maturity is key. think long term benefit not short term reward.

retrograde uranus at 29 aries squares vesta at 29 capricorn at 6:42pm, creating tension between the Rebel and Revolutionary and the Priestess asteroid Goddess. uranus square vesta brings a need for radical change and perhaps even some upheaval in areas of life where we have been overcommitted at the expense of ourselves. vesta in capricorn sticks with things to see them through but sometimes she holds onto things that gone way past their expiry date. use the uranus energy to embrace change! yet make sure to throw out the bathwater- not the baby.

venus in libra sesquiqudrates neptune in pisces at 7:51pm, creating tension between the lower heart and the Higher Heart in tense ways. venus/neptune is idealistic, romantic and compassionate- but can also be overly so with a tendency towards an open heart with zero boundaries. taking off the rose colored glasses so we can see clearly what is going on in Love and money situations is key. this is not a time for spiritual bypassing, deception or illusion.

vesta conjunct mean south node 29’14 capricorn 10:01pm, bringing Light to what we are overly committed and devoted to that drains us and keeps us stuck in karmic patterns. vesta on the south node is the first of some very potent south node conjunctions coming in 2019 (notably pluto conjunct the south node and saturn conjunct the south node). vesta here can illuminate just what it is that we are holding onto karmically that needs to be let go of- be it person, place, attitude, past life karmic pattern and more. when we over focus on the past (aka get stuck in it) we hold ourselves back from the evolution that will take us into the future. let go to grow right now!

friday november 30th-
sun in sagittarius sesquiquadrates retrograde eris in aries at 2:12am, bringing tension between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! sun/eris can be fiesta, fiery and a bit chaotic. upheaval and revelation of things going behind the scenes is what eris is good at. channel the energy wisely and be willing to pull back the veil to get to the Truth!

saturn in capricorn sesquiquadrates retrograde juno in taurus at 5:10am, bringing tension between the Lord of Karma and Father of Time and the Wife asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. saturn/juno can be heavy and bring a dose of reality to relationships of all kinds- marriage, business partnership and more. this is a time to GET REAL and see WHAT IS not what use to be/could be/might be/should be. saturn helps us to see what things we are committed to that are good for us and can help us grow versus what things we are committed to that hold us back from evolution and growth. discerning wheat from chaff is key.

at 6:13pm venus at 29 libra opposes retrograde uranus at 29 aries, also for the 3rd and final time! one of the defining signatures of venus’ retrograde was her opposition to uranus- bringing some much needed change and perhaps a bit of chaos and upheaval into relationships and finances! the 3rd and final opposition is at the karmic 29th degree- which makes for some game changing energy playing out in relationships right now. add to this the fact that at 8;18pm venus also square the nodes that just recently moved into 29 cancer/capricorn and we have a Cardinal Grand Cross formed at the karmic 29th degree of aries/cancer/libra/capricorn! the cardinal signs are about new beginnings but the 29th degree is about endings of an old cycle. the north node is our path of growth/evolution, the south node the path of karma- and venus/uranus is showing us that change is in the air. relationships are changing, relationship patterns are changing and karmic threads we have been stuck in for perhaps lifetimes are up for shift right now. on 12/2 uranus squares the nodes- from now until then watch what is in a state of chaos or upheaval in your personal life or in the world around you and then attune to the underlying perfection of what is happening. uranus only brings change that is needed- once you get on board with it it becomes less anxiety-producing and more freeing. the whole point is EVOLVE rather than repeat old karmic patterns.

saturday december 1st-
retrograde mercury backtracks into scorpio at 3:12am, bringing the focus of mercury’s Underworld journey into the sign of the Underworld! mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise. mercury first stationed retrograde in sagittarius- the sign of jupiter- and now he moves into scorpio- the sign of pluto. it is interesting to note that jupiter is semi square pluto this week as well- showing amplified tension between positivity and reality, expansion and contraction, freedom and control. mercury retrograde in scorpio is a time to dig deeper and confront shadow. this is great for therapy, research and investigation. just steer clear of power/control dynamics with others in thought, speech or deed! use the astrology to confront your own shadow rather than indulge in it!

vesta moves out of capricorn and into aquarius at 12:39pm, shifting the Priestess asteroid Goddess from earth to air, body to mind, tradition to unconventional. where vesta in capricorn was grounded, committed and discipline- vesta in aquarius is wild, freedom loving and outside of the box. vesta in aquarius is devoted to her freedom and evolution- as well as the freedom and evolution of others. this is a time to step outside of the box and attune to a Higher Frequency!

retrograde mercury at 29 scorpio semisextiles venus at 29 libra at 1:49pm, linking the mind and the heart in harmonious ways. this is a great time to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings and communicate both with others. when mind and heart are linked- communications are healing and illuminating. when only one is operating there is a disconnect. find the point of connection and share from that place.

sunday december 2nd-
retrograde mercury at 29 scorpio trines the north node at 29 cancer at 1:47am and then quincunxes retrograde uranus at 29 aries at 2:15am, triggering the uranus/nodal T square that is exact later in the day today. with both venus and mercury triggering uranus and the nodes there are some big changes in the air in relationships, finances, communications and thinking!! mercury trine the north node brings destined or fated communications and information to Light. yet mercury/uranus could bring communications or information that is sudden, unexpected and chaos-inducing. staying open to seeing the Truth about ourselves, others and the world around us is key right now.

venus moves out of libra and into scorpio at 9:02am, shifting the Goddess of Love and Beauty from air to water, thinking to feeling, peace-seeking to depth and shadow-seeking. venus in scorpio demands passion, intensity, depth and rawness in relationship. this is a great placement for deepening intimacy but it can also bring up all kinds of shadows to be faced like jealousy, possessiveness, power/control issues in relationship and more. plumb the depths with awareness in the weeks to come. keep in mind venus is still in her back end shadow- so she is (and by default WE are) still in that period of review and reevaluation of relationships, finances, her values and self worth right now.

the sun in sagittarius squares mars in pisces at 4:34pm, creating tension between the two masculine, yang, fire planets. sun/mars can be feisty, firey and aggressive. of course mars is in pisces- the sign of passivity and surrender. yet mars in pisces can also be slippery, dishonest, addictive and escapist. sun/mars in the spiritual signs can heighten our desire to escape into a fantasy world and do things to check out. this is not a time for spiritual bypassing OR dishonesty and deception. taking action from a place of high morals and deep integrity is key.

at 4:35pm retrograde uranus in aries squares the mean nodes at 29 cancer/capricorn, forming a T-square between the Rebel and Revolutionary, the north node of destiny and evolution and the south node of karma. when planets square the nodes we are brought to a pivotal turning point or cross roads. we can keep doing the same old same old and stay stuck in the karmic past OR we can choose to grow and move into new, uncharted territory. with uranus involved the turning points are likely to be wild, chaotic, unexpected and radical. we may feel the earth shake- literally or figuratively- in our personal and collective lives right now. stay open to change. see what you are holding onto out of fear of control or security and then let that shit go. it’s important to note that the sun/mars square happens a mere 40 seconds before the uranus/nodal T square. some big wake up shake up energy is present today! channel it wisely. conscious creation rather than Unconscious destruction is recommended!

have a blessed week!

~divine harmony

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