weekly astrology forecast- week of 11/22-11/28

by | Nov 21, 2021 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are PST***

monday november 22nd-
there are no major aspects today.


tuesday november 23rd-
the sun cojoins the mean and true south node at 1’33 sagittarius (mean 7:38am, true 11:03am), bringing some of the final activation to the karmic journey around sagittarius that we have been in since may 2020 when the nodes moved into gemini and sagittarius. the south node in sadge has exacerbated hubris, self righteousness, i am right and you are wrong mentalities. if we are more committed to being right than we are to seeing and owning the Truth then we have been stuck in the south node and need to face, clear and release so we can move on and grow. today through 11/25 as the sun and mercury both align with the south node right before they cojoin each other on 11/28- pay attention to things you hear, say, need to give voice to or need to listen to. if you tend to be the one dishing it out- now is your time to listen. if you tend to hold back your voice- now is the time to speak up. tune into where your growth edge is and push past it!


wednesday november 24th-
at 7:36am mercury moves out of scorpio and into sagittarius, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from water to fire, yin to yang, depths to heights. mercury in sagittarius loves to travel, teach, learn, explore and expand! the mind wants to grow beyond it’s boundaries and limits! this is a great time for travel. just watch out for the shadow of mercury in sagittarius: thinking the grass is greener on the other side and only being able to teach/speak but never being able to listen ;)

venus in capricorn sesquiquadrates the north node in gemini and semisquares the south node in sagittarius at 1:47pm, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the nodes of destiny and karma. with the tense nature of the aspect we can have truths coming to Light today in relationships, partnerships, business associations, finances, our values and more – where we need to face or own things in order to move forward. pay attention to what is arising today.


thursday november 25th-
happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate. please remember there is a lot to the USA’s history that needs to be re-membered in order for true healing to happen. i prefer to celebrate this day as a day of gratitude as much of what we are told in history is not true or has been altered. if you do not know what i am talking about google ’the true history of thanksgiving’. today let’s give thanks for our Beloved Planet Earth we live on- the Great Mother and Great Provider. let’s commit to taking care of her as well as taking care of each other- no matter our race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or political preference. we are all Mother Earth’s children and us realizing we are One Body on our beloved planet is key to shifting out of the timeline of death and destruction we are currently on.

at 2:00am pluto in capricorn semisquares pallas athena in pisces, creating tension between the planet of death, rebirth and intensity and the Wisdom and Warrior asteroid Goddess. pallas in pisces is imaginative, intuitive and dreamy but can also be too ungrounded in her assessment of things. pluto comes in and disrupts her revelry bringing the shadow and unsavory things into the Light of awareness. be wiling to see beyond the veil of illusion!

mercury conjoins the mean and true south node at 1’27 sagittarius (true 9:25am, mean 5:45am)- bringing important insights, communications, conversations and aha moments into the mix. pay attention to where you are stuck in old karmic patterns and be willing to do something different to break the karmic chain.

at 7:28pm mercury in sagittarius semisquares venus in capricorn, creation tension between the mind and the heart, thinking and feeling. sadge likes fun, freedom and space! capricorn values work, commitment and stability. these two are coming from different perspectives despite being neighboring signs. in communication make sure to give voice to what you feel AND think- and be sure to listen to the thoughts and feelings of others.


friday november 26th-
a 5:04pm saturn in aquarius sextiles retrograde chiron in aries, linking the Lord of Karma and the Wounded Healer in deep ways. this is the 3rd and final saturn/chiron sextile (first was 2/9, second was 6/23)- a defining signature of the Astrology of 2021 (which i talked about in the yearly forecast video which you can find here- https://divineharmony.com/yearly-astrological-forecast/ and also spoke to in the yearly horoscopes here- https://divineharmony.com/yearly-horoscopes/). both saturn and chiron are the heavy hitters of the solar system. saturn is where our karma and lessons are and chiron is where our wounds and pain are. they both take us through gateways if/when we choose to face our karma and learn our lessons (saturn) and face our pain and do the work of healing (chiron). saturn in aquarius brings lessons through shared humanity and collective care. where are we NOT thinking of others and instead prioritizing ourselves. or alternatively where do we overthink of others at the expense of healthy self care and self Love? chiron in aries speaks to the wounding and healing journey around the masculine principle. some of us overdo this and are combative, selfish, argumentative and me-focused. others squash this energy- judging it as ego based- and flip to the other side having a hard time having agency, stuffing anger and being passive (and at times passive aggressive). opportunities for right relationship to our wounds and pain incoming!!! this is an initiation into deeper self mastery. are you ready to stop chasing/grasping and/or stop avoiding/running away and be present? now’s your time!


saturday november 27th-
there are no major aspects today.


sunday november 28th-
at 8:39pm the sun cojoins mercury at 7’10 sagittarius, aligning the conscious self and ego with the conscious mind and intellect. sun/mercury can bring insights, aha moments, important information and communications that shed Light and open our minds! with both having just aligned with the karmic south node part of what we are realizing, hearing or communicating can be connected to karmic completion. it’s time to let beliefs, ideas and connections go that no longer serve our growth and evolution. it’s time.

both the sun and mercury cojoin vesta (2:24am and 12:19pm respectively), bringing devotion and focus to conversations, communication and thinking. yet with all 3 bodies separating from the karmic south node- and heading towards a solar eclipse in sagittarius conjunct vesta on the south node- we do need to be aware of where our focus and devotion is no longer serving us. whether this is devotion to a belief system or truth we live our lives aligned with- or devotion to the bigger, faster, more, NOW culture of western society. it’s a good time to question belief systems you adhere to and be willing to confront where your devotion to being RIGHT outweighs your devotion to the Truth.


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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