weekly astrology forecast- week of 11/15-11/21

by | Nov 14, 2021 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are PST***

this week we have a LUNAR ECLIPSE FULL MOON- taking us into the Eclipse Portal.   you can read the Lunar Insight about it here- https://divineharmony.com/lunar-insight/lunar-eclipse-in-taurus-conjunct-algol-the-fierce-feminine-is-on-the-rise-11-19-21/

we also have VENUS ENTER FRONT END SHADOW commencing this week!
i will have a blog or video up soon about this which you can find below-

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monday november 15th-
at 12:07am venus in capricorn squares retrograde chiron in aries , creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Wounded Healer planetoid. old wounds and pain can arise right now in relationship, around self-worth and self-Love or around money and abundance consciousness. venus in capricorn is very traditional, grounded and committed- but if she is defaulting to the old and the past out of fear around safety and security that can get exposed right now. if there is fear of change, fear of taking a stand or walking away, or fear of going it on one’s own- facing those fears are on offer right now! the cave you fear to tread holds the treasure that you seek (joseph campbell). be wiling to question what you have always done or always defaulted to. the new can only come in when you are willing to question the old!

the sun in scorpio squares jupiter in aquarius at 11:58am, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the planet of expansion and excess. sun/jupiter is great for having fun, being confident and taking leaps into the unknown. yet these two in tense aspect can exacerbate those qualities so watch out for overdoing, overspending, over partying and/or doing things in excessive ways as a means to avoid feeling emotions and dealing with what is in the shadow.

at 6:16pm the sun in scorpio sesquiquadrates retrograde chiron in aries, bringing tension between the ego self and the Wounded Healer. the sun in scorpio wants depth and transformation- chiron in aries exposes wounding around masculine expression of anger, will, drive and ego. both bodies are in mars-ruled signs- so our relationship to mars is being highlighted right now. do we stuff our anger and refuse to take agency for our lives? or are we angry, aggressive, combative and selfish? too much mars or too little mars is out of balance. seeing where our wounding is and what we need to do to heal- and then getting to doing it- is key.

at 6:36pm the sun in scorpio quincunxes retrograde eris in aries, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. sun/eris can bring up some big stuff from the shadows- so navigating emotional terrain with consciousness is important. with both bodies in mars-ruled signs having a healthy expression/connection to anger and rage is important. don’t stuff it but don’t react in it either. being willing to see and own the shadow is the path to empowerment right now.


tuesday november 16th-
vesta- the Priestess asteroid of devotion and focus- moves out of scorpio and into sagittarius at 6:04am, shifting this Goddess from water to fire, yin to yang, depths to heights! vesta in sadge is committed to Truth! her focus is on that which is honest and has integrity. the coming journey of vesta through sagittarius is a time to travel, explore, teach, learn and open our minds! keep in mind she is heading to trigger the karmic south node on friday- bringing endings, completion and/or realizations to something you have been committed to that may need to end.

at 1:01pm the sun in scorpio sextiles pluto in capricorn, linking the conscious self and ego with the planet of Transformation and Evolution. the sun is in pluto’s sign so there is a double down energy right now of pluto/scorpio potency- which helps us get deep, stay focused and do the deep inner and outer work of transformation. this is a great day for getting focus and moving mountains! rather than give away your power or lord your power over others- step out of the victim/tyrant dynamic and relate to your power from a solid place within.


wednesday november 17th-
at 9:23am mars in scorpio opposes retrograde uranus in taurus, creating an oppositional energy between the will, warrior and drive and the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener. mars/uranus is a recipe for sudden change, upheaval, shift and perhaps some chaos and reversals we were not expecting. uranus’ motto is ‘expect the unexpected’. we want to be aware of our will, anger, energy and drive and how we run them. if we react and are impulsive this can cost us. if we stuff them they can internalize and express as depression and illness. in the signs of holding and letting go- as well as money and debt- we need to be aware of where we are defaulting to one at the expense of the other. changes are incoming! stay open to change and facilitate your own death and rebirth processes for best results ;)

jupiter in aquarius semisquares retrograde chiron in aries at 5:05pm, creating tension between the planet of expansion and abundance and the Wounded Healer planetoid. jupiter/chiron is great for experiencing growth as we turn towards and work with wounds, pain and shadow. but jupiter can also exacerbate shadow and bring things to Light we have been avoiding- so go as slow as the slowest part of you and don’t just bowl through what is arising. having healthy outlets for emotion like anger and rage is key- so shadow practices for working with emotions are great right now!

***VENUS ENTERS FRONT END SHADOW TODAY*** we have a VERY POWERFUL Venus Descent incoming. she will conjoin pluto and square eris three times- and she rules the north node that is about to enter taurus (in december) and that this first of the taurus eclipses this week activates. big time deconstruction and reconstruction energies incoming into work, career, money, finances, values, relationships and more! this is a time to get more aligned with the TRUTH OF YOUR HEART and what really matters. if you find yourself running ragged while operating in the patriarchal paradigm- the incoming astrology is a time to strip away what is not life affirming and destroy foundations that are decrepit. new life is incoming but the old must die. more on this in a venus retrograde blog and/or video coming soon which you will find in links below-


thursday november 18th-
at 4:40am jupiter in aquarius sextiles retrograde eris in aries, for the 3rd and final time (first was 4/4, second was 9/10)- linking the planet of expansion and abundance with the activist and warrior Goddess. this is an amazing aspect unfolding all year long- and it is waking up the rebels, revolutionaries, activists and those who are ready to take a stand for life, liberty, collective care and humanity. find your tribe with jupiter in aquarius and tap your sacred fire to take conscious action with eris. eris is an amazing body to tune into now- as we are heading into some powerful eris energy in the coming weeks. to learn more about eris check out my 2 hour masterclass about her that includes a guided meditation “A Journey to Eris” <3 more info here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/eris-masterclass-now-available-for-purchase/

mercury in scorpio trines retrograde Neptune in pisces at 7:37am, aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the planet of mysticism, intuition and compassion. mercury/neptune is lovely for spirituality, mysticism, dreams and imagination. with both bodies in water signs letting the emotions flow and focusing on communicating from the Higher Heart is supported right now.

at 10:08pm venus in capricorn trines retrograde uranus in taurus, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Great Awakener! on monday venus squared chiron and today she trines uranus- bringing opportunities to face wounds of the past and open to positive shift and change. uranus is in the sign of venus and when linking with her there is amazing support for growth and evolution in relationships, radical change in relationship patterns and paradigms, expansion and evolution of our values and opening up to deeper and more expansive self worth and self Love. uranus in taurus is radically revolutionizing our values and helping us to wake up and EMBODY MORE (read my blog about this here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/uranus-in-taurus-the-embodiment-revolution/ ). this is about being here now in this body on this planet- rather than escaping, denying, staying in the head and disconnecting from the earth. this is a lovely earth trine for work and career with opportunities for new things incoming that can be amazing for financial abundance! please note this is the first aspect venus makes in her front end shadow- giving insight into what this descent will be about for you personally and collectively. pay attention!


friday november 19th-
the full moon lunar eclipse at 27’14 taurus is exact at 12:57am PST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the powerful new moon in scorpio exactly opposite uranus on 11/4 (you can read the Lunar Insight on that new moon here- https://divineharmony.com/lunar-insight/new-moon-in-scorpio-midwifing-death-in-the-dark-of-the-sun-11-4-21/ ). this is the first of the taurus/scorpio eclipses due to the nodes moving into taurus/scorpio in december. this is a north node eclipse so pay attention to what destiny, growth or evolution is opening up for you in the taurus part of your chart (listen to horoscopes for more info- to sign up to be a member click here- https://divineharmony.com/become-a-member/). this powerful eclipse is conjunct the pleiades and algol the Fierce Dark Feminine star and is trine pluto. the capacity for transformation, evolution and empowerment is HUGE but the key is to work with your emotions and do the work of embodiment (scorpio/taurus axis). freedom comes from within, not without. much insight and illumination is possible if you focus on the Source. for more information on this full moon eclipses read the Lunar Insight on it here- https://divineharmony.com/lunar-insight/lunar-eclipse-in-taurus-conjunct-algol-the-fierce-feminine-is-on-the-rise-11-19-21/

at 7:25am the sun in scorpio semisquares venus in capricorn, creating a minor aspect between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of Love and Beauty. venus is in her front end shadow- so all the aspects she makes between this week and 12/19 when she stations retrograde are a preview of her Underworld journey. pay attention! sun/venus is bringing Light to the shadow in relationships, finances, work, career and more. being willing to see what needs restructuring or to be deconstructed all together is key. a blog and/or video about venus’ descent is coming soon- stay tuned.

at 12:28pm vesta cojoins the mean south node at 1’45 sagittarius, bringing the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and focus into contact with the node of karma and the past. there can be karmic things up right now in what we have been devoted to and focused on- with a need to assess if it’s time to complete and release certain connections, beliefs or patterns. with vesta and the south node in sadge- being willing to see where our devotion to being RIGHT has been stronger than our devotion to the Truth. we are in the last legs of the south node in sagittarius journey (and north node in gemini) – the mean nodes move into taurus/scorpio 12/22 and today’s eclipse is the first of the taurus/scorpio eclipses- so new eclipse activation territory is incoming. so from now until then we have endings and completion of a previous cycle spotlighting the sagittarius part of your chart! be sure to tune into the horoscopes for more info.


saturday november 20th-
at 10:07am mercury in scorpio sesquiquadrates retrograde chiron in arie, creating tension between the conscious mind and intellect and the Wounded Healer planetoid. old wounds and pain can arise in communication today bringing a need to find balance between ruthless honesty and penetrating conversation and compassion and care for self and others. as this aspect occurs in the early morning hours pay attention to your dreams upon waking for important messages from the Unconscious.

mercury in scorpio quincunxes retrograde eris in aries at 11:37am, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. mercury/eris can be revealing but also chaos inducing in communication and thinking today! the mars-rulership of both signs can unearth some fire, aggression and combative energy- so navigate with care!

at 3:43pm mercury in scorpio squares jupiter in aquarius, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of expansion and excess. mercury/jupiter is great for learning, teaching, traveling and expanding your mind! yet the tense nature of the aspect can exacerbate the mind and mental energies as well as overdo the ‘grass is always greener’ syndrome. be aware and navigate with care <3


sunday november 21st-
at 1:14am mercury in scorpio sextiles pluto in capricorn, linking the mind in the sign of the Underworld with the planet that rules the Underworld! with mercury in the sign of pluto AND linking to pluto there is a double dose of plutonian/scorpionic energy present. this is very deep astrology for penetrating conversations, insights and aha moments- as well as therapy, shadow work, research and investigation. anything that helps us get to the bottom of things is supported right now! be wiling to see and face the shadows- within and without!

the sun moves out of scorpio and into sagittarius at 6:34pm, shifting the conscious self and ego from water to fire, yin to yang, internally focused to externally focused. the sun in sadge brings focus to travel, expansion, Truth, teaching/learning and opening our minds! the pursuit of Truth and positivity unfolds over the coming month! just watch out for overdoing it (including spending/eating/drinking), hubris, self-righteousness and thinking you have the right Truth and everyone else just needs to follow ;)


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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