Wednesday December 1st 2021

***all times are PDT until sunday when we move to standard time (PST)***

PLEASE NOTE- this week’s forecast includes all major aspects but not minors or asteroids. i will return to writing the in-depth forecast next week. thank you for understanding <3

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monday november 1st-
at 8:20am the sun in scorpio quincunxes retrograde chiron in aries, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Wounded Healer. old wounds and pain around our sense of self, identity, individuality and more can arise right now. both bodies are in mars ruled signs- which are primal, powerful and forceful. chiron can be showing us where we overdo the yang/masculine energy in combative, selfish ways OR where we hold ourselves back from taking action and doing what we need to do in life. tune into where you are being challenged to grow and get to it!

mercury in libra opposes retrograde eris in aries at 8:09pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect that wants peace and harmony and the Warrior Goddess of Discord and Chaos that prefers upheaval to thinly veiled facades. again- communication can be revealing, shocking, intense and upsetting. the key here is to be willing to see what is out of balance or no longer working- not just trying to keep it all together to make it look pretty and peaceful on the surface. being in touch with deep emotions in healthy ways is key right now. healthy expressions of anger and rage can be liberating and freeing.


tuesday november 2nd-
at 2:39am mercury in libra squares pluto in capricorn, creating tension and friction between the mind and intellect that wants peace at any cost and the Lord of the Underworld that wants to expose what is in the shadows. the degree to which we are identified with the surface, with peace and balance and not wanting to rock the boat- is the degree to which things could be a little choppy right now. this is a time to DIVE DEEP and confront what is hidden beneath the surface within ourselves, within our relationships, in business and in the patriarchy. steer clear of power struggles but at the same time don’t back down from speaking your Truth (from a healthy boundaried heart).


wednesday november 3rd-
at 5:09am mars in scorpio quincunxes mean north node in gemini, creating tension between the will and drive and the node of destiny. mars in scorpio is deep but also intense and controlling. the north node in gemini asks that we lighten up. where mars engages in power over/power under dynamics, the north node in gemini reminds us there is always another perspective and asks that we meet on common ground. information or communications day can be revealing- just steer clear of domination or victimization for best results.


thursday november 4th-
the new moon at 12’40 scorpio is exact at 2:14pm PDT, commencing a new lunar cycle focused on diving into the depths, shadow work, transformation and completion. this new moon is luna samhain and solar samhain is 2 days later on 11/6. this is the time of the dark of the sun- the part of the solar year that is about death, decay, release and letting go so that we can begin anew at winter solstice. this new moon is opposite uranus by 7 minutes!!!! this lunar cycle brings unexpected shifts, changes, endings, new beginnings in relationships, finances, material reality and more. this new moon triggers the saturn/uranus square and the saturn/chiron sextile- two of the biggest transits of 2021. all the aspects this new moon makes to these bodies are tense- giving us deeper insight into where we are holding on to the past, resisting change, staying stuck in wounds and not doing the deep work required of us right now. pay attention to what gets revealed this lunar cycle- personally and collectively!

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at 4:58pm (just under 3 hours after the new moon) the sun in scorpio opposes retrograde uranus in taurus, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Great Awakener! venus, mercury and the sun are all opposing uranus this month! lots of upheaval, change and perhaps chaos playing out in our values, material attachments, relationships and that which we hold onto. if we are holding onto things that don’t serve our evolution anymore- this is a time to cut your losses. the more you hold on the more intense the month can be. let go to grow!


friday november 5th-
at 3:44am venus moves out of sagittarius and into capricorn, shifting the Goddess of Love and Beauty from fire to earth, yang to yin, freedom loving to responsibility focused. venus in capricorn values tradition, commitment, loyalty and respect. she is deeply committed to what and who she loves and will stay even when things get tough in order to do the work to move through. the one thing to be aware of is that venus in capricorn can stay way beyond the expiration date. if we are holding onto relationships out of fear of safety and security or for money reasons- venus can shine her Light on that in the comings weeks of her transit through capricorn.

mercury moves out of libra and into scorpio at 3:35pm, shifting the mind and intellect from air to water, thinking to feeling, conscious focus to the Unconscious. mercury in scorpio is DEEP. this is a penetrating placement where we want to get to the root of what is going on. this is great for therapy, shadow work, research and investigation. just watch out for intensity in thinking and emotions- indulging in jealousy, possessiveness and power/control dynamics is not recommended!


saturday november 6th-
at 8:58am mercury at the 1st degree of scorpio sextiles venus at the 1st degree of capricorn, harmoniously aligning the mind with the heart in their new respective signs. mercury/venus is a great day for heartfelt communication and for sharing one’s feelings and thoughts with others. with mercury still retrograde for two more days, some of what is shared or revealed may related to parts of the past we are rethinking, reviewing and revising. paying attention to inner thought and feelings is key right now! this is the 2nd sextile between these two due to mercury retrograde. on 10/16 they linked together in libra (mercury) and sagittarius (venus). notice how the mind and heart have evolved and grown in n the last 3 weeks <3

at 9:59pm PDT we have solar samhain, the precise midway point of the sun’s journey between equinox and solstice. this is the dark of the sun- the last 1/8th of the sun’s journey through the wheel of the year. this is a time of death, descent, release and prepare for renewal. honor the dark time of the year and turn within <3

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sunday november 7th-
daylights savings changes to standard time today at 2am. all aspects below are in PST.

at 2:58am mercury in scorpio quincunxes the mean north node in gemini, creating tension between the conscious mind and intellect and the node of destiny and evolution. mercury rules the north node and is bringing messages and insights from the shadow realms about what holds us back from evolving and growing- personally and collectively. the north node in gemini reminds us that our growth and evolution comes when we open our minds, let go of hubris and self righteousness (south node in sagittarius) and come back to beginner’s mind. this is a time to be curious and open- versus coming from a power/control perspective where we know it all and we are right. seek common ground in communication today!

venus in capricorn quincunxes the mean north node in gemini at 3:42pm, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the node of destiny and evolution. with mercury and venus- the heart and mind- both linking with the north node we have a Yod or Finger of God/Goddess forming between them. pay attention to feelings and thoughts, emotions and intellect- as what is felt, said or heard today can be insight into where you are going, where you are blocked and what needs to be said or done about it. the north node in gemini wants us to lighten up and be more carefree- while both mercury in scorpio and venus in capricorn can be intense, deep and overly heavy or responsible. find some freedom in your life today!


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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