Friday August 17th 2018

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monday october 8th-
the day starts off with the sun in libra sesquiquadrate retrograde neptune in pisces at 6:21am, bringing tension between the ego self and the planet that dissolves ego. positively our intuition and psychic energy can be enhanced, but with the tense aspect of neptune to the sun there can be some confusion, delusion and even deception going on beneath the surface. dissolving all that we think we are is supported right now- but we need to keep healthy boundaries or we could lose ourselves.

venus in virgo quincunxes retrograde uranus in aries at 6:55am, bringing tension with a need for adjustment between the goddess of Love and beauty and the great awakener and rebel! venus will trigger the uranus/pluto square today and tomorrow- but today the aspect is tense. sudden changes, reversals and information coming to Light around relationships and finances can arise today. if we are too much in the head and only seeing the details but not the bigger picture, uranus can come in and upset the apple cart so as to shake things up!

at 10:52am the sun in libra trines retrograde jupiter in gemini, harmoniously aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of expansion, abundance and opportunity! sun/jupiter is a high point of feeling energized and ready to take on the world. with this morning’s sun/neptune and now sun/jupiter we have a lot of spiritually expansive energy coming into our conscious self experience. intellectual and spiritual growth are supported today!

the day ends with mercury in scorpio trine to retrograde chiron in pisces at 11:48pm, harmoniously aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the wounded healer. opportunities to have deep, healing conversations with others is possible tonight. with water signs highlighted, the emotional and Soulful energies support us in communication and thinking.

tuesday october 9th-
the day starts off with venus in virgo trine pluto in capricorn at 1:04am, completing venus’ trigger of the uranus/pluto square that began yesterday. with venus and pluto in harmonious alignment we have a deepening of relationship and financial awareness. our ability to see the shadow, confront it and integrate is supported today! with earth signs highlighted manifestation, grounding and practicality are where it’s at!

at 3:39am retrograde uranus in aries trines juno in sagittarius, harmoniously aligning the planet of liberation, change and freedom with the asteroid goddess of partnership and marriage. juno has been under fire of late- last weekend she was involved in a t-square with venus and chiron, which is an energy that has permeated the entire year of 2012. wounding and healing in partnership is a theme. with uranus trine juno we can find some freedom from the old wounds of the past and a clearing in front of us to help us evolve our partnerships and/or release the karmic bonds of the past so that we can move on and grow. either way new life is coming into our partnerships- past, present and future!

at 3:45am venus in virgo contrparallels saturn in scorpio, energetically opposing the goddess of Love and beauty with the lord of karma and father of time. venus/saturn can be heavy and restricting, but it can also be real and honest. looking at the reality of our relationships with rose colored glasses taken OFF is supported today. seeing where the issues are and then dealing with them is saturn’s domain- particularly now that saturn is in deep and intense scorpio, we have to be willing to plumb the depths to find the gold. don’t be afraid of your own shadow!

mercury in scorpio quincunxes retrograde uranus in aries at 8:38am, bringing sudden conversation, communication and insights that can be destabilizing, freeing or BOTH! mercury will trigger the uranus/pluto square today and tomorrow so the radical, revolutionary energies of change, breakdowns and breakthroughs are coming through in the next 24 hours ;) with mercury in deep, penetrating scorpio we have to be willing to see what most don’t want to see- but we also want to be sure we don’t stay stuck in the shadow or we can become over cynical and pessimistic. it’s all about a balance!

the other mercury aspect of the day involves mercury’s semisextile to juno in sagittarius at 10:06am, supporting us in communicating with our significant others and important partners (romantic and otherwise) in ways that are honest, deep and freeing. sharing our deepest needs and desires with others can be liberating!

the last aspects of the day involve the warrior mars! at 11:09am mars in sagittarius contraparallels ceres in cancer, energetically opposing the will and drive with the asteroid goddess of mothering and nurturing. feistiness can arise in our home and family relationships today- especially if we are overbearing, too aggressive and/or trying to force our will on others. ceres in cancer is double nurturing (cancer is the sign of the mother) but also doubly passive aggressive. if we are not channeling our mars energy in healthy ways we can find that we are either overly aggressive or passive aggressive- neither of which is balanced. learning to assert ourselves and our needs in ways that help and heal is key.

the last aspect of the day involves the sun in libra semisquare to mars in sagittarius at 11:31am. another feisty, fiery mars aspect! with the sun in peace-loving libra in tense aspect to the warrior we can find ourselves split between the need and desire for peace and harmony and our needs and desires to take a stand. if we are too wishy washy (libra) we can find ourselves feeling very activated today. but if we are too willful and pushy we can find ourselves completely out of balance. finding the middle place is key.

wednesday october 10th-
at 12:32am mercury in scorpio sextiles pluto in capricorn, completing mercury’s activation of the uranus/pluto square that began yesterday. mercury is in pluto’s sign- so mercury/pluto is deeper, more passionate, more intense and more perceptive right now. seeing beyond the surface and getting to the Truth of things is supported today! in communication and dreams we should pay attention to what we say/hear or see- messages can come from the most unlikeliest of places!

at 2:28am mars in sagittarius quincunxes ceres in cancer, echoing the mars/ceres aspect by declination that occurred yesterday. with this aspect occurring by both degree AND declination we have a super aspect that lasts tuesday through wednesday. feisty, fiery energy is playing out in home, family and emotional relationships. ceres in cancer just wants to feel safe and secure, while mars in sadge wants to feel free and uninhibited! if either need (within ourselves or in our relationships) is not being acknowledged the mars/ceres energy can certainly bring it up!

the day ends with a powerful astrological aspect that starts now and lasts until end of july 2013- saturn in scorpio trines retrograde neptune in pisces at 7:38am. with the root chakra planet (saturn) harmoniously aligned with the crown chakra planet (neptune) we have profound opportunities over the coming 10 months for kundalini activation. finding balance between material reality and spiritual reality, the mundane and the sacred, practicality/discipline and idealism/dreams is supported right now! with both bodies in water signs the emotional, Soulful realms of existence are opened up for us. in the midst of the massive changes and endings playing out in our lives right now- this energy confers our ability to see why it’s happening and to midwife the death and birth experience that are coming through. this is very positive energy that will get even more positive next summer when jupiter moves into cancer and forms a grand water trine with saturn and neptune. this auspicious energy is the silver lining in the uranus/pluto years ahead- give thanks for it!

thursday october 11th-
there are no major aspects today. the first half of the day the moon is void of course in firey, dramatic leo and then just after noon the moon moves into earthy, practical virgo. after the moon moves into virgo she will opposes neptune and chiron and sextile saturn- bringing a need to find balance between the material and the spiritual, the mundane and the sacred (similar to the saturn/neptune energy of yesterday). by evening the moon will square mars and bring a firey, feisty energy to any unexpressed emotions- so watch out!

friday october 12th-
the day starts off with pluto in capricorn semisextile to juno in sagittarius, exact at 9:32am. on tuesday juno connected with uranus and today she does so with pluto- bringing major changes and evolution to partnership and committed relationships in our lives. luckily both aspects are harmonious- so those changes and evolution are not as intense as uranus/pluto can be ;) with pluto/juno we have a deepening of partnership and what that means to us in our lives. getting clear on our needs and honoring them, as well as honoring others- is key. with juno in sadge our relationships need to be based on growth, exploration and freedom. ownership and constriction won’t work- and if that is what relationships are based on then you can expect issues to be coming up right now!

the only other aspect today occurs at 8:36am when mars in sagittarius contraparallels retrograde jupiter in gemini, bringing an energetic opposition between the will and warrior and the planet of expansion and abundance. mars is currently in jupiter’s sign- so there is a resonance between the two planets right now. yet both sagittarius and jupiter can tend to be excessive, restless and impulsive- so the tendency to overdo, take on too much, do too much and self-aggrandize is HIGH right now. finding ways to assert the self, take action and be courageous while not overdoing it is key ;)

saturday october 13th-
the only aspects today involve the sun in libra. at 1:25am the sun contraparallels venus in virgo, creating an energetic opposition between the conscious self and ego and the goddess of Love and beauty. positively relationships are a focus (the sun is in venus’ sign) but there can also be some tension arising in relationships that needs to be addressed.

then at 3:14am the sun in libra sesquiquadrates retrograde chiron in pisces, bringing up all our old wounds around our identity, boundaries, and balance of self/other, give/take and yin/yang. both libra and pisces have a tendency to overfocus on other’s needs at the expense of the self- so paying attention to where we are being martyrs and doing unhealthy things in relationship for the sake of keeping peace is key. with the only aspects today involving the sun in relationship-focused libra, venus (the goddess of relationships) and chiron we have deep opportunities to address old wounds and pain in partnerships (past and present) and do what we need to do to heal them.

sunday october 14th-
the week ends with mars in sagittarius square to retrograde chiron in pisces, exact at 11:47am. the will, warrior and drive is firey, feisty, restless and raring to go! but with chiron’s square we can find our wounds and pain around the masculine, anger, assertiveness and aggression come up to be addressed. if we are too firey and not sensitive enough to ourselves and others- we can experience the consequences of that today. OR if we are afraid to speak up, take a stand and express our anger or assert ourselves- then we can find that our fears, wounds and pain around those self-preservation impulses are what we need to address. either way there is an opportunity for deep healing around the masculine (within and without).

enjoy your week!

~divine harmony

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