Friday May 24th 2019

***all times are PDT***

monday october 8th-
at 6:37pm jupiter in scorpio quincunxes retrograde eris in aries, creating tension and friction between the planet of expansion and excess and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! eris in aries wants to reveal what is in the shadows and she is activating feminine anger and rage in a HUGE way. jupiter in scorpio throughs more fuel on the already hot and heavy fire. with both bodies in mars-ruled signs- healthy, conscious connection to emotions (particularly anger and rage) is SO KEY right now. transformation and evolution are possible when we confront and work with our emotions. eris likes to upset the apple cart so be aware and be willing to see the Truth even if at first it pisses you off!

the new moon in libra is exact at 8:47pm PDT- commencing a new lunar cycle focused on relationships, peace, harmony, balance and collaboration. yet this new moon is opposite eris and square pluto- so there are some big wake up/shake up energies playing out in relationships and any facades we may have erected in our lives. if we are only living on the surface and sweeping things under the carpet the astrology right now is a call to pull back the veil and see what is really going on behind the scenes! opportunities to do just that are incoming this lunar cycle! be sure to check out the LUNAR GATE call, LUNAR HOROSCOPES and LUNAR INSIGHT that will be posted by the time of the new moon.

tuesday october 9th-
at 8:21am mercury at 29 libra quincunxes retrograde chiron at 29 pisces, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Wounded Healer. old wounds and pain can surface in communication right now with a need to take off the rose colored glasses and see ourselves and others more clearly. if we are ignoring our own shadow- this is a time to reorient and face it. if we are not wanting to see the shadow of others this is a time to take people off the pedestal and relate to them with more discernment and clarity. pay attention to thoughts, information and communication had right now. revelation is possible!

mercury moves out of libra and into scorpio at 5:40pm – shifting the mind and intellect from air to water, thinking to feeling, conscious focus to the Unconscious. mercury in scorpio is DEEP. this is a penetrating placement where we want to get to the root of what is going on. this is great for therapy, shadow work, research and investigation. just watch out for intensity in thinking and emotions- indulging in jealousy, possessiveness and power/control dynamics is not recommended!

wednesday october 10th-
mercury in scorpio opposes retrograde uranus in taurus at 10:36am (and parallels him at 12:21pm making a super aspect), creating tension between the lower mind and the Higher Mind in sudden and unexpected ways! mercury/uranus can be revealing, liberating and freeing but it can also bring shocking and chaotic information, revelations, communications and more. staying open to the Higher Mind frequency is key. do not hold onto the old out of safety and security. the new wants to come in!

at 7:29pm retrograde venus in scorpio squares mars in aquarius, creating some passionate tension between the Divine Lovers! this can be great for romance (although remember venus is retrograde so likely has to do with something from the past) and creativity but could get out of hand and unearth lots of intense emotions in relationships right now. navigate with care.

at 11:04pm mercury in scorpio squares the nodes, bringing us to pivotal points of choice on our path. are we going to keep on doing the same old karmic patterns or are we going to grow? our willingness to go deep- confront shadow, feel and consciously express emotions, and question what we thinking we know is key!

thursday october 11th-
pluto in capricorn trines pallas in virgo at 12:02pm, aligning the planet of transformation and evolution with the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess! pallas athena helps us to see things clearly and with deep discernment (particularly in virgo). pluto/pallas can bring great transformation politically and in the material aspects of our lives (work, career, health, finances). our commitment to showing up to WHAT IS and from this place working on it/with it can pay off today and this week!

juno stations retrograde at 0’39 gemini at 9:03pm- bringing focus to the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. commitments, marriage and partnerships of all kinds (romantic, business, financial) are in focus right now. juno links with the nodes, with chiron and uranus- showing that major healing, change, awakening and/or endings happening in partnerships right now has a destined energy. juno is quincunx saturn when she stations- reminding us to get real about what commitments are healthy in our lives and which ones are not. with mars on the karmic south node (separating but still there) karmic patterns around partnership can be released IF we are willing to do the work (and let go of that which does not help us grow).

at 9:11pm the sun in libra squares pluto in capricorn, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of the Underworld. on the 2nd mercury squared pluto and now the sun does so as well- bringing up all manner of stuff from the shadow and Unconscious realms in relationships, work situations and more. the sun in libra wants peace and harmony but pluto wants to expose what is toxic, stagnant, stuck behind the surface. our willingness to not just keep the peace but to dive deep is key right now. steer clear of power/control dynamics and instead work to stand in your power and Truth!

friday october 12th-
at 1:20am mercury in scorpio sextiles saturn in capricorn, aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. mercury/saturn is a lovely aspect for getting focused, serious, real and grounded. having important communications and speaking/hearing Truth is supported right now. get real.

saturday october 13th-
there are no major aspects today.

sunday october 14th-
the only aspect is a minor one linking retrograde venus in scorpio with vesta the Priestess asteroid Goddess in capricorn. venus and vesta are two potent feminine archetypes that bring focus to this inner Underworld journey that venus is on (if you have not listened to my talk about venus retrograde you can find that posted here- this is a great aspect to get focused on and deeply committed to what is showing up in your life as your inner work. remember venus retrograde is a time to go over the past, deal with the past and clear out that which blocks us from deeper self love, self value, abundance and connection.

have a blessed week!

~divine harmony

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