Weekly Astrology Forecast- Week of 10/23-10/29

by | Oct 22, 2023 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***All times are EDT***

Monday October 23rd-
At 12:21pm the Sun moves out of Libra and into Scorpio- shifting the Conscious Self and ego from Air to Water, intellect to emotion, harmony focused to getting into the shadows. The Sun in Scorpio is a very deep time of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere this Sun sign takes us into the Dark of the Sun portal (the last Solar Gate of the year- with the next yearly Sun cycle commencing with Winter Solstice when the Sun rebirth itself). This is a time of death, loss, letting go and turning within. Honoring the dark as well as the Light is key to living a balanced life. Giving ourselves time to dive deep and move through deep inner processes is key in the coming 2 months!


Tuesday October 24th-
At 3:14am the Sun at 0’37 Scorpio trines Retrograde Saturn in Pisces- aligning the Conscious Self and Ego and the Lord of Karma and planet of Mastery. Sun/Saturn is great for getting real, focused, deep and masterful. With both bodies in water signs we are given greater mastery over our emotions and empowered to pay attention to our creative and intuitive impulses. Dreams and therapy can be deep and insightful!


Wednesday October 25th-
At 6:53pm Retrograde Chiron in Aries quincunxes Ceres in Scorpio- creating tension between the Wounded Healer and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. Chiron/Ceres can bring up a lot of old wounds and pain from our childhood and from the past- and we have a choice when we meet this moment. We can A) convert our fear and pain into anger and hate and take it out on others B) stuff our wounds and pain and allow it to internally fester into depression and/or disease or C) meet our pain and wounds face on, do deep shadow work and healing around the past so we can transmute what was once poison into the cure. The key with Chiron/Ceres is to keep our hearts open- but the default is often to shut down and/or convert our emotions into hate and violence (as can be seen on the world stage). Deep pain and trauma particularly related to loss, death, mothers, children, violence and more are a crucible in which we can wake up and demand change. As within, so without- if you want the world to heal start with doing deep work on yourself and the extend it out in the world. ALSO take a stand, speak up, do not be silent. As Martin Luther King Jr said- “There comes a time when silence is betrayal”. I only recommend using your voice when you have really gone within to see what is being triggered within you. If you have not done deep shadow work within- you will project it without and not see clearly. This is why I think the single most important thing humanity can do is Shadow Work <3 You can learn more here- https://divineharmony.com/shadow-work/


Thursday October 26th-
At 9:10pm Venus in Virgo quincunxes Retrograde Chiron in Aries- creating tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Wounded Healer planetoid. Old wounds and pain can arise today in relationships, in our finances and in our self-worth and self-love. Venus in Virgo is super humble but can also be hard on the self- expecting perfection. If we are stuffing our anger and not expressing it that can arise today. Healing around our masculine is key to healing our feminine. We want them in Union and either of them out of balance creates inability for them to meet fully. Inner work is key right now!


Friday October 27th-
At 3:21am Mars in Scorpio sequiquadrates Retrograde Neptune in Pisces- creating tension between the Will and Drive and the planet of illusion, confusion and escapsim. Today and tomorrow we have Mars and Mercury both tensely aspecting Neptune- as they also both head to oppose Jupiter, get activated the Lunar Eclipse tomorrow and then Mercury and Mars cojoin themselves on Sunday. From today through tomorrow we are navigating some deep and intense territory. We need to have our rose colored glasses off so we are seeing the Truth as it is on its own terms. Gabor Mate says it is a good sign when we are disillusioned because it means we are seeing through illusions. It is a good sign and also it is not fun. But it is part of the pathway to freedom. Rose colored glasses, head out of sand, beer googles off. Start with seeing yourself clearly first. Where are you checking out, escaping, in denial, avoidant of reality? If you only focus your vision outside- but you cannot see inside clearly- you will be seeing through a glass darkly. Only when your inner vision has been cleansed by inner work and deep healing- will you be able to see clearly. As this transit occurs in early morning hours- pay attention to dreams upon waking for messages from your Unconscious about what is hidden and concealed and needs to be revealed.


Saturday October 28th-
At 10:16am Mercury in Scorpio sesquiquadrates Retrograde Neptune in Pisces- creating tension between the Mind and Intellect and the planet of idealism and illusion. Question what you think, say, hear, read or otherwise receive as information right now. Discerning intuition from fear or fantasy is key. Misinformation is rampant with both Mercury and Mars tensely aspecting Neptune and heading to cojoin as they oppose Jupiter and get triggered by the Lunar Eclipse. Not all is as it seems- check in with your body wisdom and check in with your heart first. Emotions are ON HIGH right now and it is easy to get manipulated emotionally. Not all is as it seems- dive deeper to get to the Truth.

At 12:03pm Mars in Scorpio opposes Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus- creating tension between the Will and Drive and the planet of expansion and excess. Mars/Jupiter can be great for going for it, taking a risk and making things happen! But the tense nature of the transit can exacerbate aggression, reactivity, impulsivity and ego. Today both Mars and Mercury oppose Jupiter while Mercury and Mars cojoin tomorrow. It is a great time to initiate conversations but just watch out for arguments, aggression and accidents (staying present and embodied will mitigate the accident prone nature of this astrology).

The Lunar Eclipse at 5’09 Taurus is exact at 4:24pm EDT- marking the midway point of the current Lunar Cycle we are in. We are in the Eclipse portal- a time when the New Moon and Full Moon align with the Nodes of Destiny & Karma- amping up the energy and bringing change, endings and new beginnings. This Full Moon in Taurus is conjunct Jupiter and they are both opposite the Sun, Mercury and Mars (the latter 2 are heading to conjunction on 10/29). Jupiter can bring expansion and opportunities – financial and relational- but the tense nature of the aspects with Mercury and Mars involved can amplify and exacerbate issues as well. Arguments, differences of values, financial issues and intensity can be amped up to the Nth degree with this eclipse. Use the Jupiter energy to get wide angle vision about what the path of self-Love and self-worth is asking of you and what decisions you need to make or actions you need to take to align with it <3 More info on this Full Moon Eclipse will be posted in my Lunar Insight which you can find here- https://divineharmony.com/lunar-insight/

At 11:44pm Mercury in Scorpio opposes Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus- creating tension between the Mind and Intellect and the planet of expansion and excess. Typically Mercury/Jupiter is great for travel, learning, teaching and mind expansion! The shadow of the opposition can exacerbate the mind and particularly the intensity and even obsessional capacity of Mercury in Scorpio. Watch out for speaking before you think or acting impulsively. What is set in motion right now will be hard to retract or undo!


Sunday October 29th-
At 10:22am Mercury cojoins Mars at 11”53 Scorpio- linking the Mind and Intellect with the Will, Warrior and Drive. Mercury/Mars is great for being decisive, speaking up and taking a stand! Yet there can also be excess Mars energy right now which can amplify and exacerbate power dynamics, arguments and conflict. With both bodies in Mars/Pluto ruled Scorpio- the power and transformational capacity present is IMMENSE. Allow the Will to serve the Higher Self (rather than the ego) for best results! Yesterday Mars and Mercury opposed Jupiter and today they align- which brings a lot of expansion and possibility into the mix but also exacerbate shadow tendencies of domination, control, jealousy, and revenge. Mastery is key!


Have a blessed week…


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