Saturday October 24th 2020

***all times are PDT***

monday october 19th-
at 12:03am venus in virgo quincunxes retrograde mars in aries, creating tension between the Divine Lovers the can be passionate and sexual or aggressive and combative. venus in virgo wants organization, efficiency, cleanliness and acts of service. mars in aries wants passion, action, friction and fire! they have different needs and we can find ourselves identifying with one and experiencing the other in projection onto someone else. if we can balance our receptive and active energies we could use this energy romantically, creatively and fertility wise!

venus in virgo trines jupiter in capricorn at 12:35am- linking the two Benefic planets in super positive ways! venus/jupiter is a great time to enjoy life and have fun! of course they are both in earth signs so the expansive energy may be better channeled into work, health and career. good things come to those who are willing to work for them! get to it!

retrograde mercury conjoins juno in scorpio at 5:25am, aligning the mind and intellect with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. yesterday (10/18) uranus opposed juno and later tonight uranus opposes mercury retrograde- bringing important communications, information and realizations into relationships, commitments and partnerships of all kinds (romantic, business and otherwise). mercury is digging into the past and getting into the shadow. facing fears and obsessions as well as bringing what was hidden, obscure or purposely hidden to Light is in focus right now. stay open to sudden and unexpected revelations and realizations! they could be shocking or they could be freeing- maybe both.

at 7:53pm retrograde mercury in scorpio opposes retrograde uranus in taurus for the 2nd of 3 times, creating tension between the lower mind and the Higher Mind in sudden and unexpected ways! mercury/uranus can be revealing, liberating and freeing but it can also bring shocking and chaotic information, revelations, communications and more. staying open to the Higher Mind frequency is key. do not hold onto the old out of safety and security. the new wants to come in! also be aware there is a ungrounded energy present today- so be more aware when driving and moving about in the world. as the taurus/scorpio axis is highlighted there can be some sudden and unexpected news or energy playing out around money- which could be positive or could be negative (uranus is the planet of the unpredictable so it’s hard to tell which way things will go). opening up to new ideas of how to make money could be part of the process today! (think back to 10/7 when this aspect first occurred and play connect the dots to see what back then is related to right now)


tuesday october 20th-
there are no major aspects today.


wednesday october 21st-
at 1:50am mean black moon lilith moves out of aries and into taurus- shifting the Dark Goddess from fire to earth, yang to yin, spirit-focused to embodied. lilith in taurus is sensual, connected to the natural world and fully embodied. this is a time to honor our natural instincts and connect to Mother Earth. watch out for possessiveness, materialism, aquisition, hoarding and going overboard with self indulgence. balance is key.

retrograde mercury in scorpio sesquiquadrates the north node in gemini at 10:32am, creating tension between the conscious mind and intellect who is in the Underworld and the node of destiny and evolution who is in the sign of mercury. the north node in gemini asks that we come back to beginners mind and have curiosity and openness in all our discussions and interactions with others. mercury is plumbing the depths and getting into the shadow and crap no one wants to see or address. balancing depth with lightness, shadow with Light is key.

at 1:30pm retrograde mercury in scorpio semisquares venus in virgo, creating tension between the mind and the heart, thinking and feeling. mercury in scorpio wants to get to the bottom of things- while venus in virgo wants things to be organized, efficient, clean and neat. things may get messy in communication today. listen to what is not being said and be willing to go beneath the surface to get to the Truth of matters.

venus in virgo trines pluto in capricorn at 2:42pm, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the God of transformation and the Underworld. this lovely alignment between these two is great for depth of passion, romance, Love, intimacy and connection with others. because they are both in earth signs this can also be great for finances and work/career success! being willing to go deep, face shadows and do the inner work required leads to powerful transformations and rebirth experiences in Love and/or money situations in our lives. with both bodies in earth signs, honoring our embodied, physical experience is supported today.

at 3:52pm venus in virgo squares the nodes of the moon, creating a pivotal point of choice. are you going to keep on doing the same old karmic patterning or are you going to move into a new direction. leaving behind hubris, self righteousness, i am right you are wrong black and white thinking is key. coming back to a place of open mindedness and curiosity is required. venus is triggering the pluto/north node quincunx exact tomorrow – pay attention to revelations and shadow coming to Light in relationships, finances, self worth and self Love.


thursday october 22nd-
vesta moves out of leo and into virgo at 12:34am, shifting the Priestess asteroid Goddess from fire to earth, heart to body, creativity to embodiment. virgo is one of the two signs that vesta has a strong association with- as the Priestess asteroid Goddess is associated with the axis of the priestess virgo and pisces. the High Priestess sits between the black and white pillars of severity (virgo) and mercy (pisces). when in virgo vesta is practical, embodied, service oriented, detail focused and brings incredible precision to all she does. just watch out for the shadow of vesta in virgo- perfectionism, criticism and treating the body like it’s a workhorse.

retrograde mars in aries semisextiles retrograde neptune in pisces at 2:10am, linking the will and drive with the planet of the Higher Heart and compassion.  this is great for taking our will and channeling it into selfless service, art and spiritual things.  mars is softened by neptune- and with mars in the alpha sign and neptune in the omega sign we have capacity to link seeming opposites and have our personal egoic will channeled and focused on something Higher.

pluto in capricorn quincunxes the mean north node in gemini at 2:31pm (true north node was 10/3)- bringing tension between the Lord of the Underworld and God of Shadow and the node of destiny and evolution. the north node in gemini reminds us that to grow we have to open our minds, be curious, embrace change and let go of the past. the karmic south node in sagittarius shines a Light on where we are stuck in dogma, self righteousness, hubris and holier than thou attitudes. pluto in capricorn exposes what patriarchal paradigms we are stuck in and where shit has got to cleared out and let go of! pluto quincunx the north node can bring fated, destined shifts along our destiny paths. facing fears, stripping away what is superfluous and coming back to beginner’s mind so we are OPEN and in the flow rather than closed, controlling and resistant is key. being willing to see what blocks us from evolution- personally and collectively- and then facing/dealing/releasing whatever that is is key!

at 3:59pm the sun moves out of libra and into scorpio, shifting the conscious self and ego from air to water, intellect to emotion, harmony focused to getting into the shadows. the sun in scorpio is a very deep time of the year. in the northern hemisphere this sun sign takes us into the dark of the sun portal (the last solar gate of the year- with the next yearly sun cycle commencing with winter solstice). this is a time of death, loss, letting go and turning within. giving ourselves time for these inner processes is key in the coming months!

venus in virgo quincunxes retrograde eris in aries at 6:13pm, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. venus/eris can bring some upheaval and revelations in relationships, finances, our values and self-worth or self-Love. seeing what is not whole or integrated helps us to see what shadow is playing out that needs to be addressed. being in touch with our anger, passion, rage and desire is key right now. don’t stuff it, don’t act out in it- but relate to it directly and see how it changes dynamics in your life!

at 6:34pm retrograde mercury in scorpio quincunxes retrograde chiron in aries for the 2nd of 3 times, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Wounded Healer planetoid. both bodies are in mars-ruled signs which can make for intense, conflict oriented or aggressive communication. mercury in scorpio wants to get to the Truth but the chiron wounding around right use of anger and will can exacerbate tendencies to either stuff anger and be passive aggressive or overreact in anger and be dominating and emotionally violent. the potential for healing is possible if we bring a lot of consciousness to our words, thoughts and intentions right now. pay attention to what is coming up in communication, thinking and information today.

venus in virgo sesquiqudrates retrograde uranus in taurus at 8:04pm, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener. expect the unexpected today in relationships, finances and more. venus in virgo likes things to be neat and all figured out but uranus likes upheaval and change! stay open to shifts and letting go of what no longer serves.


friday october 23rd-
at 9:35pm retrograde mars in aries squares pallas athena in capricorn, bring tension between the War God and the Warrior Goddess. pallas is in capricorn the sign of the patriarchy- while mars is in his own sign but retrograde and limited in his full expression. these two in tense aspect can exacerbate arguments and combative energy personally and politically. channeling the lower will into healthy expression is key. watch out for reactivity, implusivness and violence.


saturday october 24th-
at 8:40am venus in virgo trines saturn in capricorn, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. venus just harmoniously activated the whole capricorn confluence in the last week- bringing focus to the deep and profound transformations and karmic clearings happening in our lives (personally and collectively). virgo and capricorn are 2 of the best signs to have on board to get the job done right. when we are humble and committed to doing the work (virgo) we can use our authority and power (saturn and pluto) wisely. be clear on what you are committed to that is good for you- and prune away and release that which is not!

retrograde mercury in scorpio sesquiquadrates retrograde neptune in pisces at 10:16pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect who is in the Underworld and the planet of idealism, Love and mysticism but also fantasy, illusion and deception. it’s easy to see/say what we want to see or others want to hear. watch out for being deceptive and being deceived. compassion and forgiveness must be balanced with seeing reality and seeing the shadow.


sunday october 25th-
at 11:23am the sun cojoins retrograde mercury at 2’47 scorpio- marking the midpoint of the current mercury retrograde cycle we are in (from 10/13 to 11/3). pay attention to what you hear, think, say, dream or otherwise receive via information and communication. the depths are being plumed and the Unconscious/Shadow are coming to Light! this is great for investigation, research, therapy, shamanic journeys and more. dive deep!

retrograde neptune in pisces sextiles pallas athena in capricorn at 6:43pm, linking the planet of mysticism and idealism with the practical, logical Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. this can be amazing for bridging dreams with reality, imagination with practicality, spirituality with embodiment. taking our neptune visions and putting them into practical application with pallas is supported right now.


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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