Saturday October 24th 2020

***all times are PDT***

monday october 12th-
at 12:06am jupiter in capricorn sextiles retrograde neptune in pisces for the 3rd and final time- linking the two planets of spirituality (and the two rulers of the last sign of the zodiac pisces) in beautiful ways! this has been an amazing year long transit for spiritual expansion, mystical studies, honing our intuition, trusting our dreams and navigating the Unconscious. jupiter in capricorn is deeply grounded and masterful while neptune in pisces opens us up to Other Worlds and Other dimensions. at best jupiter has us solidly rooted and neptune makes sure our crown chakras are open to Higher Consciousness. this is amazing for having one foot in both worlds- material and spiritual, mundane and sacred, 3D and 5D or beyond. jupiter in capricorn is also great for practical application and manifestation of our Highest neptune ideals like compassion, altruism, selfless service and Unconditional Love. tap into the amazing energy available today as you bring completion to this transit that unfolded all year. 2020 has been intense but the capacity for opening our hearts, feeling more compassion and being of service has been on offer- make use of it!

mercury in scorpio sextiles venus in virgo at 9:38am- linking the mind and heart in powerful ways! this is the last aspect mercury makes before his descent into the Underworld. this bodes well for having heart to heart talks where honest sharing of thoughts and feelings is possible. with scorpio and virgo activated this is great for inner work, shadow work, therapy and self adjustments. if we can see our own stuff and what we contribute to situations we have the power we need to change dynamics- by simply changing ourselves! pay attention to conversations, communication and information arising today.


tuesday october 13th-
at 4:26pm the sun in libra opposes retrograde mars in aries at 21’04 – marking the midpoint of the current mars retrograde cycle we are in (from 9/9 to 11/13). pay attention to what is going down today- in your personal life and in the world around you (also politically). the sun is revealing what this descent is about and revealing things that were in the shadows or behind the scenes. watch out for anger and aggression OR stuffing anger and passive aggression. healing relationship to anger and fire is key!

mercury stations retrograde at 11’40 scorpio at 6:05pm, taking the Winged Messenger into the Underworld. mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise the past. in scorpio we have a very deep descent into emotions, feelings, obsessions or fears that need to be faced, felt and moved through. this is an exceptional time to be in therapy or doing deep inner work. mercury will oppose uranus and quincunx chiron 3 times each- so prepare for shocking, revealing, sudden insights or communications. finding ways to speak our Truth and hear the Truths of others is key!


wednesday october 14th-
there are no major aspects today. the moon is in earthy, health focused virgo at the start of the day and she links with the capricorn confluence from 5am to 4pm supporting us in dealing with work and health matters. the moon moves into libra just before 11pm and we are in the deep dark of the moon until the new moon on friday. purge, release, retreat, reflect.


thursday october 15th-
at 3:15am the sun in libra squares pluto in capricorn, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of the Underworld. on the 2nd mercury squared pluto and now the sun does so as well- bringing up all manner of stuff from the shadow and Unconscious realms in relationships, work situations and more. the sun in libra wants peace and harmony but pluto wants to expose what is toxic, stagnant, stuck behind the surface. our willingness to not just keep the peace but to dive deep is key right now. steer clear of power/control dynamics and instead work to stand in your power and Truth!

the sun in libra trines the mean north node in gemini at 1:34pm, linking the conscious self and ego with the node of destiny and evolution. pay attention to conversations, insights and revelations today. the sun is triggering the pluto/mean north node quincunx exact in a week. attending to what is old, toxic, stagnant, stuck, patriarchal and old paradigm in our lives- personally and collectively- is key!


friday October 16th-
the new moon at 23’53 libra is exact at 12:31pm PDT- commencing a new lunar cycle focused on relationships, partnership, marriage, compromise and collaboration. ultimately libra is about finding balance- but with the new moon opposite mars retrograde, eris and lilith and square tot pluto and capricorn- what is happening is a revelation of all that is NOT in balance or perfect harmony so we can see what is and get to dealing with it! with the ruler of the new moon venus in virgo heading to oppose neptune we need to take rose colored glasses OFF. luckily the new moon is trine the north node- opening lines of communication and connection if we seek to meet on common ground. for more info on this lunation check the lunar insight, lunar gate call and lunar horoscopes posted a few days before the new moon or on the new moon itself (horoscopes are posted day of new moon).

the sun in libra opposes retrograde eris in aries at 3:11pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! sun/eris can throw us for a loop- showing us that which we did not want to look at before. remember the libra principle is to find peace and harmony but eris reveals the shadow beneath the facade that creates disharmony. our willingness to look at ALL OF IT- shadow and Light- is key to healing and awakening right now!


saturday october 17th-
there are no major aspects today. the moon is in scorpio plumbing the depths and she triggers the mercury/uranus opposition 12noon to 3pm- so pay attention emotional, intuitive or feeling oriented revelations that arise today.


sunday october 18th-
retrograde uranus in taurus opposes juno in scorpio at 12:19am, creating tension between the planet of upheaval, chaos and change and the asteroid Goddess of parnetrshiop and marriage. there can be things coming to Light in partnerships, marriages and other intimate or financial relationships right now. uranus/juno is mirroring the triple mercury/uranus oppositions due to mercury’s Underworld journey so pay attention to sudden and unexpected things coming to Light. this is a great time to be in therapy or doing any kind of self reflection and shadow work <3 be willing to embrace change and let go of things (or people) that are not aligned anymore.

the sun in libra squares saturn in capricorn at 6:58am, creating tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. sun/saturn brings some reality checks into the picture particularly in relationships. wherever we are being overly libra- people pleasing, staying on the surface, not being honest so as not to rock the boat, and trying to keep the peace at any cost- saturn can face us with some realities we don’t really want to face! the good news is saturn helps us to get real- as until we can see and own WHAT IS we are not fully capable of creating what can be. if you feel heavy, depressed or lethargic- know that this, too, shall pass. sit with what is arising and move with it and through it. don’t spiritually bypass!

at 7:49am venus in virgo opposes retrograde neptune in pisces, creating an opposition between the lower and Higher Hearts. venus/neptune is uber romantic, creative, mystical, idealistic and dreamy. in tense aspect they can also be out to lunch, ungrounded, spiritual bypassing, fantasy based and not willing to see or deal with reality. it’s important that we balance neptune’s compassion, forgiveness and surrender with virgo’s discernment, clarity, boundaries and commitment to being fully present to WHAT IS. don’t check out- check IN!

at 10:02am ceres stations direct at 28’36 aquarius, bringing the Great Mother asteroid Goddess to a standstill in the sky. pay attention to themes around mother/mothering, children, Mother Earth, the environment, safety, security, nurturing and nourishment right now. ceres in aquarius is focused on community, collaboration and freedom. just watch out for the shadow side of ceres in aquarius- being emotionally disconnected and caring for everyone/the world in a mental way but not in an embodied, feeling oriented way.

retrograde mars in aries squares jupiter in capricorn at 10:37pm, creating tension between the will and drive and the planet of expansion but also excess. this is the end of the 2nd round of HUGE mars transits due to mars’ retrograde journey. he just squared pluto and saturn and cojoined black moon lilith and eris in the last 20 days. these aspects he makes he will make one more time after he stations direct (in december). PAY ATTENTION to what is being activated and triggered in your life right now- as what is coming in this month is part of a much longer conversation that will take us to the end of 2020. mars in aries is fiery and ready to go but the tense aspects to capricorn planets can ask for more discipline and patience and can also bring power struggles with authority figures, higher ups, the government and those in power. learn too work with your reactions and triggers so you can get to a deeper level of self mastery where you pause and respond rather than act in the moment. big astrology incoming!!!


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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