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by | Sep 30, 2012 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are PDT***

monday october 1st-
the only aspect today occurs at 5:10am when mercury in libra parallels juno in sagittarius. with the conscious mind and intellect aligned with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage we are supported in communicating about our needs and desires in our partnerships and committed relationships. relationships are a focus this week- so taking time to get clear about what we think about, need and desire from them is key today.


tuesday october 2nd-
the day starts off with mars conjunct north node in scorpio at 8:06am, bringing major opportunities to embrace the warrior energy and evolve our relationship to the masculine within and without. with mars and the north node in deep, intense and passionate scorpio we can align with very deep reservoirs of inner strength and staying power. this mars/NN conjunction is opposite the south node in taurus conjunct algol- traditionally seen as the demon star but if you look deeper you see algol’s connection to the Dark Goddess. with algol aspecting mars and the nodal axis there can be a need to address the balance of Light and Dark, masculine and feminine within. the shadow side of power and control can be activated by this energy- but with mars on the north node mastering our will, drive and anger is key in using this potent energy for transformation and evolution instead of destruction and manipulation.

at 5:02pm the sun in libra parallels retrograde chiron in pisces, energetically aligning the conscious self and ego with the wounded healer. with sun/chiron we can find ourselves aware of our deepest wounds and pain around our identity, independence, balance and boundaries (or lack thereof) in relationships. looking to see where we overgive, idealize and/or deny the truth of our relationships is key.

then just minutes later, at 5:05pm, venus at the last degree of leo sextiles saturn at the last degree of libra, harmoniously aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty and the lord of karma, discipline and commitment- just before these two bodies move into new signs! venus/saturn can help us get real about our relationships and what the require of us. with venus in the sign of the self and saturn in the sign of relationship- a new balance must be found! learning how to balance self and other, give and take, independence and connection is necessary right now.

the day ends with venus moving out of leo and into virgo, exact at 11:59pm. the shift of the Goddess of Love and beauty is from fire to earth, self-focus to service to others-focus, passionate heart energy to grounded embodiment. with venus in virgo our focus in relationships and finances is on what is. dealing with the details, discerning the Truth and focusing on how we can be more efficient, organized and balanced in our connections with others and in our financial situations is key. with venus now in virgo she will oppose neptune and chiron in pisces over the next week- so expect some major activation in relationships and finances with a need to take those rose colored glasses off and see reality as it is!


wednesday october 3rd-
the day starts off with mercury in libra semisextile to the north node in scorpio at 12:28am, harmoniously aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the north node of evolution, growth and destiny! important communications with others- particularly regarding relationships- are possible today. pay attention to your thoughts and mental habits and see how a shift in your thinking can create openings in relationships- inner and outer!

at 12:48am venus in virgo contraparallels retrograde neptune in pisces, energetically opposing the Goddess of Love and beauty with the planet of spirituality, romance, delusion and deception. later in the day (at 3:26pm) venus opposes neptune by degree and this morning they do so by declination- making for a super aspect between these two and enhancing/exacerbating their energy. venus/neptune can be incredibly romantic, idealistic, creative and compassionate- but they can also lead to illusions, delusions, deception and denial. seeing what we want to see in relationships and financial situations can be much easier than seeing and dealing with the Truth. yet the Truth will prevail! so it’s really a choice about WHEN you see the Truth and perhaps about HOW. finding balance between being discernment (virgo) and the tendency to wear rose colored glasses (pisces) is key.

the last aspects of the day involve mercury with the Divine Lovers- bringing more opportunities for communication regarding relationships! at 3:24pm mercury in libra semisextiles mars in scorpio and at 8:27pm mercury contraparallels venus in virgo. finding ways to communicate honestly and effectively with others regarding our needs and desires is key. in relationships there are needs that are negotiable and there are needs that are not. finding ways to share these with others without being demanding, controlling or manipulating is the way to go right now ;)


thursday october 4th-
the day starts off with venus in virgo sextile to ceres in cancer at 6:14am, harmoniously aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the asteroid Goddess of mothering, nurturing and caretaking. this is a lovely energy for being aware of our/other people’s needs and wanting to actually nurture and care for self and other. Divine Mother energy is present this morning!

at 6:18am jupiter stations retrograde at 16’22 gemini, shifting the planet of expansion, abundance and opportunity downward and inward. positively the coming months of jupiter retrograde can be a wonderful time to focus on inner growth, expansion and spiritual abundance. on the shadow side the typically optimistic greater benefic planet is limited in his external effectiveness. it’s almost like a bear hibernating for the winter. taking time to turn within and focus on our thoughts, beliefs, and mental energies is a great use of this inner energy. the days surrounding today can be slow moving- as the planet that likes to go-go-go is being slowed to a stop. learning how to reign it in and not push things can be a lesson right now.

at 7:31am mercury in libra parallels retrograde neptune in pisces, energetically aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the planet of mysticism, spirituality, illusion and deception. this can be a wonderful time for intuition, psychic energy and taking time to turn within. yet it can also be a time of fantasy, delusion, deception and confusion. being clear and honest with communication is recommended. and don’t take everything at face value with others- if your gut says something is off, ask questions.

the day ends with the sun in libra semisquare the north node in scorpio at 8:04am, bringing tension between the ego and it’s focus on beauty, balance and perfection and our Soul’s journey of evolution and growth that is focused on the depths, shadow and underside of things. libra is a light, airy energy that at best is social and pleasing and at worst is superficial and only focused on what is skin deep. with the north node in scorpio- and saturn soon to follow (tomorrow!) we have major karmic and evolutionary lessons around the scorpio realms of existence- which are anything but light, fluffy and superficial. finding balance between the Light and the Shadow is key- and being willing to dive deep and see what lies beneath the surface is necessary as well, especially in the coming years of saturn in scorpio!


friday october 5th-
the day starts off with mercury conjunct saturn at the very last degree of libra, exact at 2:44am. mercury/saturn is deep, serious and perhaps even a bit depressing. this is the last aspect made to saturn in libra- who has been in this sign for the last 2 1/2 years. all the lessons we’ve been given around partnership, relationship, commitment, balance and boundaries is coming to a close today- and the lessons are shifting to a new arena of life. with mercury aligned with saturn this morning we can get some clear messages- from dreams/the Unconscious as well as from elsewhere- about what the last 2 1/2 years brought for us to learn and if we actually learned the lessons and can move onto the next level of our karmic mastery. if we did learn the lessons this energy can bring us wisdom and appreciation for all that came before. if we did not fully learn them this energy can feel limiting, restricting and repressing. either way there is a culmination of the last 2 1/2 years today- and what was not fully resolved at this point will come back in greater force in 7 years when saturn moves into capricorn and squares the degrees it passed over as saturn was in libra. pay attention to your dreams upon waking this morning- and give thanks for your lessons and challenges. they have brought you to where you are today!

at 3:35am mercury moves out of libra and into scorpio, less than an hour after his conjunction with saturn. mercury paves the way for saturn as they both move into scorpio today. pay close attention to thoughts/communication/mental stuff that is activated today. insights into the coming 2 1/2 years of saturn in scorpio and the karmic lessons he will bring are possible today! with mercury moving out of light, airy, social libra and into deep, watery, intense scorpio our minds, thinking and communication move to deeper, more penetrating waters. again- pay attention to your dreams upon waking.

at 1:34pm the biggest shift this week occurs as saturn moves out of libra, where he has been for the last 2 1/2 years, and into scorpio where he will stay until september 2015. with the lord of karma and father of time moving into deep, passionate and intense scorpio we can expect lessons and opportunities for growth and mastery to be heading our way regarding the depths, the psyche/Soul, the shadow, the occult/mysteries of life and the taboo topis of society- sexuality, death, money and power. with saturn in libra we had major lessons around partnership and connection to others- and with saturn moving into scorpio those lessons go beyond the surface and get much, much deeper. wherever scorpio is in your chart is going to be initiated into a whole new level of mastery and growth! check the weekly horoscopes for more information and be sure to read for your sun AND rising sign/ascendant.

the last aspect of the day occurs at 3:06pm when mercury, newly in scorpio, trines retrograde neptune in pisces- aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the planet of mysticism, spirituality and creativity. on thursday mercury aspected neptune by declination and today he does so by degree- making the past couple of days a powerful time for intuition, psyche ability and spiritual illumination. deep insights into the Soul are possible right now! take time to turn within, meditate and reflect today!


saturday october 6th-
the day starts off with mercury in scorpio sesquiquadrate recently turned retrograde jupiter in gemini at 1:53am, bringing tension between the deep, penetrating mind and the planet of overdoing things in the sign of the mind. with this tense aspect our minds can get out of control- particularly if we are overly focused on the shadow to the point of cynicism. we need to find a balance between the dark and the Light, the conscious and the Unconscious, inner and outer. with this aspect occurring in the early morning hours it is recommended to pay attention to your dreams upon waking for important messages from the Unconscious.

then at 8:37am mercury in scorpio trines ceres in cancer, aligning the deep, passionate mind with the asteroid Goddess of mothering, nurturing and caretaking. communications with our Beloveds and our family is supported today- particularly when we are talking about our needs for Love, caring and emotional connection. Soulful communication is where it’s at!

the day ends with mars moving out of scorpio and into sagittarius at 8:21pm, shifting the warrior out of deep, intense scorpio and into lighter, expansive, unbounded sagittarius. this energy can be experienced as a perceptible shift from the depths to the heights. the north node and saturn are still in scorpio, and they will be for a couple of years to come- but with mars moving on to a lighter, more fun-loving sign we can feel the energy shift today for sure. as mars separates from saturn and the north node we should be clear about what our evolution is asking of us and where we need to take action in our lives. if we are not clear then the saturn transit to come is not going to be fun. but if we are clear and ready to take on our own evolution then our fire and will to live, grow and evolve can be felt today!


sunday october 7th-
the day starts off with mars newly in sagittarius semisextile to saturn newly in scorpio, exact at 2:30am. mars just moved out of scorpio- where saturn currently is and will be until 2015. with mars into a lighter, more expansive sign but still aspecting the lord of karma in deep, penetrating scorpio we have opportunities to align our firey, dynamic will and drive with our karmic lessons that involve the shadow, the underworld and mastery over our primal drives (sexuality, power, control and life energy).

at 6:51am venus in virgo contraparallels juno in sagittarius, creating an energetic opposition between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the asteroid Goddess of partnership, commitment and marriage. finding a balance between our desires and needs in relationship- with ourselves and with others- is key. with venus in virgo we are aware of our mundane needs for grounding and practicality, while juno in sadge is aware of our needs for growth, expansion, freedom and movement. ultimately we need to balance our needs for grounding and movement, security and freedom. opportunities to see where this balance is or is missing occur today!

at 11:49am retrograde chiron in pisces squares juno in sagittarius, creating tension and friction between the wounded healer and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. the old wounds and pain being brought up to process and release in relationship has been a theme all year ever since chiron squared juno for the first time on february 27th of this year and then again on march 25th. this is the last chiron/juno square for a while- bringing a completion to the cycle of wounding and healing patterns in relationship. have you noticed the plethora of celebrity breakups in the past year? particularly with long-term (for hollywood) couples like seal and heidi klum (together for 7 years), johnny depp and vanessa paradis (14 years), tom cruise and katie holmes (5 years). but this has not just played out in the public eye- personally there have been a lot of relationship transitions. separations and endings as well as deep healings and shiftings- both have been a theme of this year. to add to the important astrology both juno and chiron have made aspects to the north and south nodes of the moon all year long- so the juno/chiron lessons have been very much tied up with our personal and collective evolution as well as our karmic past. today’s chiron square juno aspect completes the cycle that began at the start of this year- and next may (2013) when the nodes square juno we have a testing of what was dealt with and either solidified and/or dissolved in the last year. if you still have deep wounds coming up in partnership (present or past connections) take time to deal with them NOW- otherwise you just carry them into your next partnerships, as the karmic past will not escape you until you DEAL WITH IT.

at 7:10pm mars newly in sagittarius squares retrograde neptune in pisces, bringing tension between the firey, assertive and dynamic will and warrior the planet that dissolve will and drive and waters down or even puts out fire. mars/neptune can be inspiring, spiritual and selfless but it can also be lazy, confusing, directionally challenged and a doormat for others. learning how to balance self-focus with selflessness, will and drive with surrender, assertiveness with compassion is key!

then at 8:05pm venus in virgo opposes retrograde chiron in pisces, bringing up old wounds and pain in relationships and financial situations. juno triggered chiron earlier in the day and now venus does so. with both bodies that govern relationships involved in a t-square with chiron you can bet that BIG STUFF is going to be up today! next week the sun opposes chiron so we are in a virgo opposite chiron in pisces frequency for the next few days. looking at our deepest wounds is never pretty or fun- but is it the only way to work towards healing. the only way out is through- so don’t bury your head in the sand of denial! deal with what comes up and then you can heal.

the day ends with venus in virgo square to juno in sagittarus at 11:07pm- finalizing the t-square formed by venus, juno and chiron that was precise today. our desires in romance and our needs in committed partnership need to find a better balance. the virgo energies of grounding, discernment, organization and perfection are at odds with the sagittarius energies of freedom, movement, unboundedness and independence. wherever we are in excess- the opposite is our reflection. if we are not balanced within we will see the imbalance without in the face of another- likely our Beloved! integrating our inner opposite is the means to wholeness and will shift our frequency and release others from an Unconscious (or perhaps it’s conscious?) need to live out what we lack within. major shifts and realizations in relationships- past and present- are possible right now! open up and see your own reflection so that you can grow :)

enjoy your week…

~divine harmony

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