Thursday November 21st 2019

***all times are PST***

monday january 7th-
venus moves out of scorpio and into sagittarius at 3:18am, shifting the Goddess of Love and Beauty from water to fire, yin to yang, intense to Light hearted. venus in sadge loves to travel, explore and expand! she loves to connect with people through a love of other cultures, spirituality, education and learning. venus in sadge is independent and loves to be free to do her thing. in the coming weeks spread your wings- fly, travel and explore! just watch out for the shadow side of venus in sagittarius- thinking the grass is always greener elsewhere and not having the stamina to commit to things and see them through.

tuesday january 8th-
at 2:05am mercury in capricorn squares mars in aries, creating tension and friction between the conscious mind and intellect and the will and warrior planet. mercury/mars can be fiery, feisty, combative and argumentative. particularly if mercury in capricorn is dogmatic and rigid- mars can through more fuel on the already hot and heavy fire. use this astrology to assert yourself but do so with awareness. steer clear of reactivity and impulsivity as it can cost you!

wednesday january 9th-
mars parallels pluto at 12:29am, giving intimations of the approaching mars/pluto square that occurs on 2/1. from now until then we have a super aspect between mars and pluto- the lower will and Higher Will! mars/pluto can combine in transformative or destructive ways. at best mars/pluto helps us to align our lower, ego self with our Higher Self so that actions we take are in the pursuit of the Soul’s desires rather than the ego’s desires and demands. yet the shadow of mars/pluto is when the ego does battle with the Higher Self/HIgher Power- then we have power struggles internally (our lower self is at odds with the Higher Self) or we have power struggles without in relationships and in dynamics in our everyday lives. with mars in aries- the sign of the individual- and pluto in capricorn the sign of authority and patriarchy- we are likely to see things rev up politically and globally in the coming month. having a conscious, healthy relationship with your anger, rage, will, drive and ego is key.

mercury in capricorn sesquiqudrates juno in taurus at 3:24am, bringing tension between the mind and intellect and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. mercury/juno can be great for communicating in relationships and sharing our needs but the tense nature of the aspect can bring up conflict of values where different parties have different needs which makes communication and finding common ground difficult. navigate communication with care.

jupiter in sagittarius sesquiquadrates uranus in aires at 1:33pm, creating tension between the planet of expansion and excess and the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener. jupiter and uranus have similar energies in that they both like to live life to the fullest and they are no stranger to embracing change. yet the tense nature of this aspect can create an excess of there energies together which could manifest as aggression, selfishness, self righteousness, taking action without thinking of the consequences, overdoing things and/or spiritual bypassing (i.e. using spirituality and the Love and Light mentality to avoid facing one’s pain and shadow). jupiter triggers both uranus and neptune this week- so stay open to sudden shifts, insights and spiritual openings but make sure you have your feet firmly planted on the ground. manic energy is possible this week and we need to ground it into the body and give presence to our emotions in order to balance things out.

thursday january 10th-
at 12:32pm eris stations direct at 22’59 aries, bringing the newest planet (discovered in 2005) into focus at the start of the year. eris is the goddess of discord and chaos but she is also the goddess of activism and she is a manifestation of the fierce Divine Feminine (aka the Dark Goddess) that comes in to clear out where things have gotten stuck, stagnant or toxic. with eris stationary a couple days after mercury/mars and days before sun/pluto/eris there’s a lot being stirred up right now! eris’ gifts of intuition and seeing through the shit and shadow are very accessible. just watch out for her unskillful qualities of rage, dominance and power/control dynamics- playing out personally as well as collectively. being willing to shine a Light on the shadow so we can see it for what it is- collectively but also personally- is key to awakening, healing and evolution right now!

sun parallel NN 3:33pm
mars in aries semisquares juno in taurus at 8:36pm, creating tension between the will, warrior and drive and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. there can be some intensity to navigate today in relationships- marriage, financial partnerships, business partnerships and more. mars wants what he wants and he wants it now- while juno in taurus is more steady, slow, loyal and focused on the long term. addressing relationships and what is out of balance can be a focus today and this week.

friday january 11th-
at 3;38am the sun cojoins pluto at 20’56 capricorn, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Lord of Transformation, Death and Rebirth. from 1/1 to 1/16 we have the sun triggering saturn, pluto and the south node- giving us a big heads up regarding the incoming 2019 transits of pluto on the south node and saturn on the south node (be sure to listen to my yearly forecast video and my yearly horoscopes for more in-depth info). sun/pluto can be about transformation and evolution but it can also be super intense and can unearth power/control dynamics and force us to face hidden shadows within. between today and tomorrow as the sun triggers the approaching pluto/eris square (exact in 2020 but building up this year)- which can be quite intense. the key here is to use pluto’s energy to dive deep and do the work to transform and use eris’ energy to face the shadow and embrace change.

mercury in capricorn semisquares ceres in scorpio at 10:28am, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. mercury/ceres brings focus to home/family situations, our needs for safety and security and also to Mother Earth and her precious resources. insights, communications or information arising today could shed Light on the shadow- that which is not being looked at in family situations, relationships or in regards to the environment. there can be a ‘get real’ energy playing out right now that requires we see what is- not just what might be, could be, should be or used to be. this is a great day for being in therapy or doing any kind of deep work as we can access some profound depths right now!

saturday january 12th-
the sun in capricorn trines juno in taurus at 5:09am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. on 12/23 pluto trined juno- bringing potential for transformation, evolution, death and/or rebirth into our relationships, commitments, our career, material life and abundance. this weekend the sun triggers both pluto and juno bringing more awareness to what is deeply shifting, changing or rearranging in our lives- personally and professionally. getting clear on what we value and need- financially, romantically, relationally and more- is key right now. then we show up to do the work it requires. pay attention to what helps you evolve and embrace it. pay attention to what holds your evolution back and let it go.

venus in sagittarius semisquares pluto in capricorn at 9:19pm, bringing tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Lord of the Underworld. venus/pluto can be deep, passionate and intense- but it can also unearth power struggles and shadow in relationships. venus in sadge wants freedom and fun while pluto comes in and demands that we look at what’s going on behind the scenes. if we are using relationships to escape and avoid facing ourselves- the astrology right now could be very confronting! use venus/pluto to dive deep and face your fears and obsessions as until you do you unconsciously attract them into your life and you will call it fate.

sunday january 13th-
the sun squares stationary direct eris at 3:48am, creating tension between the conscious self and ego that wants stability, constancy and the old and the Dark Goddess who prefers upheaval and chaos to anything old paradigm, karmic or toxic. sun/eris can be revolutionary! it can also be unexpected and shocking. staying open to change and to letting go of the old that keeps us bound and Unconscious is key.

at 5:31am mercury cojoins saturn at 12’51 capricorn, aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. mercury/saturn is an aspect for being serious, grounded and committing our mind to some kind of practice or focus. this is great for research and long term focus. the shadow is that mercury/saturn can exacerbate pessimism, cynicism and depression. luckily mercury will trigger the saturn/neptune sextile today and tomorrow helping us to get real while still staying connected to our dreams and visions. taking off the rose colored glasses so we can see reality clearly is key.

at 10:58am jupiter in sagittarius squares neptune in pisces for the 1st of 3 times- kicking off a big transit that we are working with for much of 2019. jupiter and neptune are the two planets of spirituality and they are in the signs they rule (jupiter is actually the ancient ruler of pisces but neptune is the contemporary ruler). jupiter/neptune can support inspiration, idealism, mysticism, spiritual openings and creativity! yet the tense nature of the square aspect can make it so that these two similar minded planets/signs overdo their energies- leading to denial, delusion, avoidance of reality, escapism, addiction and spiritual bypassing. this is not a time to float off the planet but instead to ground down into the earth so that we can take our dreams and make them a reality. being willing to see where we are checking OUT instead of checking IN is key. turn to capricorn/saturn for help with that ;)

have a blessed week!

~divine harmony

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