Sunday July 21st 2019

***all times are PST***

monday january 21st-
at 3:48am mars in aries squares saturn in capricorn, creating tension between the will and drive and the Lord of Death and Rebirth. just as the sun and mercury have triggered saturn, pluto and the south node this month- now we have mars heading into do the same from now until 2/7. mars is a planet of action and often transits by mars to outer planet configurations/transits can be the trigger for whatever is unfolding. remember we have a CAPRICORN CONFLUENCE this year. we are in a trilogy of years that are like chapters of a story- last year was the 1st chapter and this year is the 2nd. where capricorn is in our charts is where we are being asked to DIE TO THE OLD so new birth can take hold. yet many of us resist change and don’t actually embrace change until we are forced to or until things get really, really bad. mars/saturn can be great for harnessing our will so we take action with mastery and maturity- but the shadow is that mars wants what he wants and he wants it now and saturn is the like the breaks being put on. watch out for frustration, irritation and combative energy. don’t blow your lid but don’t repress your anger either. it’s super important to have a conscious relationship to anger and rage in the coming weeks. what you don’t make conscious will control your life and you will call it fate!

uranus in aries quincunxes ceres in scorpio at 2:27pm, creating tension and friction between the Rebel and Revolutionary and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. today both uranus and chiron link with ceres- putting the spotlight on home/family dynamics, relationships with parents or children, Mother Earth, the environment and our needs for nurturing and nourishment. ceres in scorpio is deeply nurturing during transitions and transformation. when we are dying to an old aspect of self/an old life and about to birth something new- ceres in scorpio is the midwife to these processes. yet uranus/ceres can bring some sudden and expected things to Light in home and family or in regards to planet earth. it’s important to stay open to seeing what needs to be faced and dealt with- particularly if has anything to do with anger or rage that is suppressed or over expressed in reactive ways.

at 6:01pm mercury cojoins the south node at 26’27 capricorn, aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the karmic south node. just like the sun’s trigger on the 16th we have mercury triggering the south node bringing focus to what is karmic, stuck, stagnant and toxic in our personal and collective lives. what are you holding onto out of safety and security? where are you resisting death, transformation and change? pay attention to the messages and messengers incoming right now.

chiron in pisces trines ceres in scorpio at 6:08pm, linking the Wounded Healer planetoid with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. chiron/ceres is a lovely aspect for healing around emotions, around one’s relationship with the feminine (within and without), around one’s relationship with their Mother or children and more. chiron is in the depths of pisces- helping us to see the emotions, wounds and pain that operate in our Unconscious and end up controlling us. deep healing around these emotions, around childhood, the past, Mother/child connection and more are possible right now. this is a great day to make sure we are nurturing and nourishing ourselves and others. pay attention to the depths- as the healing happens when we are willing to go beyond the surface.

tuesday january 22nd-
saturn in capricorn semisquares ceres in scorpio at 3:48am, creating tension between the Great Father/Patriarchal planet and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. saturn/ceres can show us clearly what is limiting us, holding us back and keeping us small. saturn is where we want to suck it up and get on with it- but ceres particularly in a water sign is where we have deep feelings, emotions and needs that need to be acknowledged. with uranus and chiron linking with ceres yesterday and saturn with ceres today there is a big focus on home, family, parent/child dynamics, nurturing and nourishment, and childhood past. being willing to get real about our past and how it has informed our present is the first step. then we need to take responsibility for carrying whatever that is in the present moment so that we can consciously choose the path that takes us into our future.

venus cojoins jupiter at 16’03 sagittarius at 4:26am, aligning the lesser benefic and Greater Benefic in expansive ways! venus/jupiter is a great time to have fun and enjoy life! of course we are right smack in the middle of some really heavy astrology and so make sure you don’t use this astrology to escape, turn to addictions to numb out or to spiritually bypass. venus has been triggering the jupiter/neptune square since 1/20- so the tendency to want to check out, overspend, use people/things to avoid dealing with the shadow can be strong. there’s a strong idealistic, fantasy based energy present right now. if you use your dreams to inspire you but are still doing the work to ground them into reality great! but if you use your dreams to check out and escape then this month and year could be a call back into reality.

mars contraparallels pluto at 7:12am, bringing a preview of the energy incoming on 2/1 when mars squares pluto. a super aspect from 1/22 to 2/1 is in effect between the lower will and Higher Will. the best use of this energy is to get the ego self/lower will on board with the Higher Self so that our actions taken are in service to something Higher. just watch out for power struggles, victim/tyrant dynamics and intensity arising. we are heading into some potent mars territory that can be activating- which requires a good practice of pausing/breathing/counting to 10 during reactivity so that we can respond rather than react and consciously create rather than unconsciously destroy.

mars in aries semisextiles neptune in pisces at 10:13am, aligning the will and drive with the Higher Heart. mars has triggered the saturn/neptune sextile the first 2 days of this week- asking us to get real about our dreams and do the work to bring them into reality. mars in aries wants what he wants and he wants it NOW- yet saturn in capricorn understands we have to work for what we want and sometimes it’s one step forward two steps back. with neptune linking with mars when we take action in service to our dreams, altruism, inspiration and Higher Purpose we are making the most of the astrology right now!

wednesday january 23rd-
at 3:13am mercury in capricorn squares uranus in aries, creating tension between the lower mind and Higher Mind. mercury/uranus can bring bolt out of the blue awarenesses, aha moments and sudden or unexpected information and communications coming to Light. the key is to stay open to Truth being revealed. if you are attached to dogma, control or old ways of thinking- uranus could do a number on you right now to get you to LET GO.

at 4:28am mercury in capricorn sextiles chiron in pisces, linking the mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer. this is a great aspect for being in therapy, for having healing communications and/or healing our relationship with our mind. wherever we are rigid or resisting change- chiron can help soothe our mind. mercury links with both uranus and chiron who are about to move into the 29th degree of their signs- so there can be focus on completion and communication that is centered on finalizing things so we can move on.

mercury 29 capricorn semisquares neptune in pisces at 5:05pm, creating tension between the linear logical mind in grounded, serious capricorn and the planet of intuition, compassion and altruism. mercury/neptune can be dreamy, idealistic, imaginative and creative- but these two combined can also make it hard to tell reality from fantasy, fact from fiction, intuition from fear/fabrication. it’s important to have one food in both worlds right now so that dreams can be made into reality.

mercury moves out of capricorn and into aquarius at 9:49pm, shifting the mind and intellect from earth to air, yin to yang, traditional to futuristic. mercury in aquarius thinks outside of the box and is visionary in perspective. communicating and embracing new ideas and staying open minded is supported now! explore technology, spirituality and Higher Wisdom in the coming weeks! just watch out for being too intellectual and detached from emotions which is the shadow of both mercury and aquarius.

thursday january 24th-
mercury in aquarius semisquares jupiter in sagittarius at 8:18pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect and planet of expansion and abundance. mercury/jupiter loves to travel, explore, expand and be social! this is a great time to be with friends, join in community, go to another country, take a course, study with a teacher, teach and more. both aquarius and sadge love freedom and independence- so giving ourselves as well as others the freedom to be who we/they are is key.

friday january 25th-
at 9:53am mars in aries trines juptier in sagittarius, linking the will and drive with the planet of expansion and positivity. this is a great day to take action and set things into motion! we have mars in his rulership and jupiter in his rulership and truly the sky is the limit! with both bodies in fire pursuing our creativity, desires, passions and spiritual expansion are supported right now. make your life happen on your terms!

ceres moves out of scorpio and into sagittarius at 10:05am, shifting the Great Mother asteroid Goddess from water to fire, yin to yang, deep and intense to light hearted and expansive. ceres in sagittarius nurtures and wants to be nurtured by being given freedom to roam, to explore and expand. sadge is the wild horse running free- live and let live is a great motto for this sign. honoring this for ourselves and others (including our parents and children) is key!

saturday january 26th-
there are no major aspects today.

sunday january 27th-
venus in sagittarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn at 1:32am, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of the Underworld. venus/pluto is deep, passionate and intense. our desire for depth of connection is strong right now. venus in sadge loves freedom and space and this needs to be balanced with intimacy and vulnerability. the shadow of venus in sadge is where we think we just need more space and freedom when actually we are afraid of deeper intimacy and vulnerability. being willing to see where we may be doing that or where another may be doing that can help us understand the deeper nuances in relationships right now.

have a beautiful week!

~divine harmony

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