Saturday April 4th 2020

***all times are PST***

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monday january 20th-
venus in pisces semi squares pluto in capricorn at 1:58am, semi squares eris in aries at 5:51am and semi squares saturn in capricorn at 4:42pm. all day long the Goddess of Love and beauty triggers the separating saturn/pluto conjunction and saturn/eris square and the fast approaching pluto/eris square. there is a dance in the sky right now between saturn and pluto in capricorn and eris in aries- which could literally be the astrological metaphor of the 1% and the 99%, the corporate state and the individual. eris in aries is asking us to wake up the warrior archetype within and TAKE A STAND for Mother Earth, for all sentient beings on the planet and for what is Right, True and Fair. first we have to see what blocks us and where we are stuck in an old paradigm or deferring our power and projecting it onto others. wielding the Sword of Truth needs to be focused internally as well as externally- personally and as well as collectively. with venus in pisces tensely aspecting them all checking in to see where we are trying to check out, spiritually bypass, float and not deal with what is facing us is key. don’t turn to addictions, escapism or rose colored glasses to avoid facing reality right now!

at 6:55am the sun moves out of capricorn and into aquarius, shifting the conscious self and ego from earth to air, yin to yang, stabilizing to freedom loving. the sun in aquarius is outside of the box, revolutionary, radical and eccentric! this sign does not like the status quo and marches to the beat of it’s own drummer! the coming month is a great time to think outside of the box and do things that are wild and differing! just watch out for being so addicted to be different that you cannot be like others- and also watch out for fear of commitment that pretends to be independence.

mercury in aquarius quincunxes the mean north node in cancer at 4:05pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the node of destiny and evolution. mercury in aquarius is very linear and logical, whereas the north node in cancer is emotional and intuitive. there can be an at odds energy today between mind and heart, thoughts and feelings. if we coming from the head too much we are reminded to drop down into the body and to FEEL our emotions. balance is key.

tuesday january 21st-
there are no major aspects today.

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wednesday january 22nd-
the sun in aquarius semisquares neptune in pisces at 12:58am, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the planet that dissolves ego boundaries. this is great for mysticism, inspiration, romance and creativity but it can be out to lunch, ungrounded, idealistic and escapist. pay attention to your dreams upon waking for messages from the Unconscious.

at 10:03am the sun in aquarius sextiles chiron in aries, linking the conscious self and ego with the Wounded Healer. deep healing is possible today in relationships with others and in relationship with ourselves. accepting ourselves as we are and believing in our Light and what we have to genuinely offer into the world is supported right now!

the sun in aquarius squares uranus in taurus at 10:54pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener. this can bring sudden and unexpected energy which can be freeing and liberating but it can also be chaotic and ungrounded. staying open to change and not being rigid and dogmatic is recommended right now ;)

thursday january 23rd-
at 5:07am venus in pisces sextiles jupiter in capricorn, aligning the lesser and Great Benefic in expansive ways!!! this is an amazing alignment where the positive energy these two Lights put out is doubled =) venus in exalted in pisces- with her Highest expression playing out when we access and embody Unconditional Love, compassion, selfless service and altruism. jupiter in capricorn is very work and success oriented- and brings some grounding to the ideals of venus in pisces. put the two together and you can take your service and do something masterful (and perhaps profitable?) with it! enjoy the good things in life right now- spiritual and material.

pallas athena in capricorn squares chiron in aries at 3:50pm, creating tension between the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess and the Wounded Healer. we are seeing the Wounding created by excess masculine energy not balanced by the embodied, nurturing feminine. this is a time to get in touch with repressed anger and rage OR own where we are reactive, aggressive and selfish. pallas is bringing awareness to what is operating behind the scenes. there can be things heating up politically right now- pay attention to what is not up front and center.

friday january 24th-
the new moon at 4’22 aquarius is exact at 1:42pm- taking us into a new lunar cycle and lunar imbolc! the coming month (moon-th) is great to focus on being visionary, outside of the box, non-traditional and unconventional. opportunities to be part of a wider community, get involved with technology or the media, and doing things that are ahead their time are present! with this new moon sextile chiron and square uranus- staying open to healing, change and shift is key! for more information on the lunation read the LUNAR INSIGHT posted a few days before the new moon. also the LUNAR GATE CALL will come out for this new moon a few days before the lunation and the LUNAR HOROSCOPES will be up by today. the

at 11:45pm pallas athena in capricorn trines uranus in taurus, linking the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess with the Higher Mind, Rebel and Revolutionary. stay open to insights, aha moments, bolt out of the blue awarenesses. potential for radical shifts and openings- work wise, career wise, politically, financially and more are present! be willing to do things different for a better results!

saturday january 25th-
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at 5:09am mercury in aquarius sextiles mars in sagittarius, linking the mind and will in potent ways. this is a great time to speak up, take a stand, express ourselves and stand in our Truth. both aquarius and sagittarius are super independent signs which is great for trusting what we think and know and speaking up when it’s time to do so. just watch out for being overly aggressive or combative- as we all have our own paths and our own truths to navigate ;)

sunday january 26th-
at 8:54am pluto in capricorn squares eris in aries, making the first of five squares between the two furthest planets in our solar system (that we know of). eris was discovered in 2005 and is the new archetypal energy guiding the 21st century. her patriarchal myth is that of the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. she was not invited to a wedding party and she showed up pissed off and created chaos. but her Highest expression is the Solar Feminine Warrior Goddess- shown in the figures of joan of arc and wonder woman. she is the feminine who is willing to take a stand for Truth and is willing to expose what is in the shadows. 2020 is the year of the exaltation of the Warrior Goddess- in men and women- waking up and/or elevating the leaders our world so desperately needs. pluto/eris is a stand off between the shadow of the patriarchy and the awakening of the Solar Feminine/Warrior Goddess archetype. we go VERY DEEPLY into eris and the pluto/eris square in the recent weekend webinar i co-hosted about the Astrology of 2020. she is HUGE and understanding her energy is key to navigating the year ahead.
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pay attention today and this month to the shadow getting exposed, to the warrior women and men taking a stand, and to the old paradigm that is dying and creating space for a new one to be birthed! these are powerful times!!!!

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mercury in aquarius semisquares chiron in aires at 1:32pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Wounded Healer. this can be good for being in therapy and being reflective but the tense nature of the aspect can bring up old wounds and pain in communication and thinking. it’s important to be willing to expand our awareness and not think we know it all or see it all. if we are too much in our heads we can find intense emotions like anger erupting out of nowhere. repression is not the answer and neither is reactivity. finding the right balance is key.

venus in pisces squares mars in sagittarius at 5:37pm, creating tension and friction between the Divine Lovers. venus in pisces is altruistic, compassionate and deeply feminine. mars in sagittarius is fiery, dynamic and deeply masculine. this can be creative and romantic but can also expose what is out of balance in the sacred marriage without (in relationships) but also within. from the 26th through the 28th we have an interesting dynamic between venus, mars and neptune- bringing an idealism but also potential for illusion and deception. it’s important that we are being honest, above board and in integrity in our dealings- romantically, creatively, financially and more. use this energy to get clear on what you want to birth in your life and what it will ask of you- and then get to it!

black moon lilith moves from 29 pisces to 1st degree of aries 11:35pm – spotlighting the Dark Goddess and her activation of the aries point. where BML in pisces is intuitive, psychic, inward focused and magical- BML in aries is a Warrior Goddess ready to take action, take a stand and have agency!!! BML is going to trigger saturn, pluto and eris in august and september of 2020. we have a ways to go but let me tell you she is gearing up for something powerful. tap into your fire and have a healthy relationship with your anger and rage in the coming year. having anger on tap and used skillfully is an amazing tool- particularly when you have to take a stand for what you believe in (not ego belief but belief that has the whole planet in focus).

have a potent week!

~divine harmony

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