weekly astrology forecast- week of 1/2-1/8/2023

by | Jan 2, 2023 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

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monday january 2nd-
at 1:44am retrograde mercury in capricorn sextiles neptune in pisces, linking the planet of communication with the Higher Heart and planet of intuition. mercury/neptune is great for taking dreams/intuition/vision and communicating them/working with them in practical, tangible ways. there is a capacity to bridge the mundane and the sacred right now. communication can be grounded and inspiring. this is the 2nd of 3 mercury/neptune sextiles due to mercury’s retrograde journey. think back to 12/24 (christmas eve) and connect the dots from then to now to see the storyline unfolding.

venus at 29’19 capricorn opposes mean black moon lilith at 29’19 cancer at 8:14am, creating tension between the Goddess of Love nd Beauty at the Karmic completion degree and the Fierce Dark Feminine also at the completion degree. these two are separation from their involvement with pluto who is heading to the Karmic completion degree this year and next year (i talked about this in my 2023 Yearly Forecast). things are coming head to head right now in relationships with women, the feminine, in home/family dynamics, with authority figures and higher ups, in career and more. what is on offer is to see how something needs to evolve or die. if it needs to evolve this can be a turning point it in seeing what work needs to be done. if it needs to die and be released then this can become clear. watch out for power struggles and controlling or collapsing into intense emotion. relating to emotion and power from a healthy place is key.

at 11:02am the sun in capricorn squares chiron in aries- creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Wounded Healer planetoid. old wounds and pain arising right now need to be faced, worked with and healed. if we have a hard time taking a stand or focusing on what is best for us OR if we are overly aggressive, selfish and combative- this can be up big time in the coming days. also any tendency to overwork and focus on what we have in terms of material things and work success as the measure of our worth is also needing to be addressed and rebalanced. healing around our sense of self and identity is possible if we are willing to see where woundedness is operating and running the show.

venus moves out of capricorn and into aquarius at 9:09pm- shifting the Goddess of Love and Beauty from earth to air, responsible to wild, grounded to an energy that is on the move. venus in aquarius values freedom and evolution in partnership. friendship is key and being given space to be one’s own self is equally important. just be aware of the shadow of venus in aquarius- being so addicted to freedom that you see any commitment as restraint, and being so detached from emotions that you are afraid of feelings. massive new energies and frequencies are incoming and need to be anchored and embodied.

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tuesday january 3rd-
at 12:43pm retrograde uranus in taurus sextiles vesta in pisces, linking the Rebel and Revolutionary with the asteroid Goddess of Devotion and Focus. this is a lovely aspect for insight, intuition and psychic downloads- as both uranus and vesta in pisces are deeply mystical and intuitive. uranus is helping us create changes in our material, 3d lives to allow more devotion to the spiritual, creative, mystical and compassionate to come through. get clear on what you are devoted to that helps you wake up and change and commit to more of that today!


wednesday january 4th-
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at 4:08am venus in aquarius sextiles jupiter in aries, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the planet of expansion and abundance. this harmonious aspect links the two Benefic planets in positive and beneficial ways! the first week or so of venus in aquarius involves some great aspects to jupiter, mars and chiron- bringing some super expansive energy into friendships, groups associations, communities, relationships and more. venus/jupiter is a great time to be social, to travel, to do things that expand your awareness. with jupiter in aries we have fire and drive to initiate things and with venus linking with him today there are blessings happening on new beginnings right now- so make use of it!

the sun is at perihelion today- the closets to earth in its elliptical orbit. the sun at perihelion is opposite the fixed star sirius- the Spiritual Sun of our sun. this is because our star the sun is in binary orbit with sirius and they are always opposite each other in their position. when we are at aphelion in july the sun is conjunct sirius. today we also have the sun conjunct the diamond point which is opposite the black sun. the black sun and sirius correlate with the aphelion point just as the diamond correlates with the perihelion point. go out at midnight and you will see sirius culminating overhead! call in the Light of the Spiritual Sun and then anchor and embody it so that you can take this spark of Light and be that Light in the world.

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thursday january 5th-
at 11:43am the sun in capricorn trines retrograde uranus in taurus, linking the conscious self and ego with the planet of revolution and change. this is a reminder to stay open to the new and to be willing to do things in radically different ways. uranus is helping us let go of the past and embrace a new cycle. with both bodies in earth signs this can be great for career, finances, material life and more- positive energy is present to tap into when you take a risk, jump and let the net appear!

retrograde mercury in capricorn opposes retrograde pallas athena in cancer at 2:12pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. this mercury retrograde is a time to question our dogmas, traditions, patriarchal ideas and limited viewpoints. pallas athena has a Bigger Picture perspective and she is able to see the emotional, intuitive and feeling orientation behind these rigid viewpoints and ideas. often when we are rigid it is because there is fear or pain we are trying to block ourselves from feeling. allowing our emotions to inform where our deeper work lies is key.


friday january 6th-
at 6:30am venus in aquarius trines ceres in libra, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. this is a lovely aspect for doing what we love, spending time with family and at home, and basking in the feminine energies of Love, compassion and receptivity. with both in air signs we are supported in spending time with Heart Friends and finding more balance in our family relationships. communication from the heart goes as a long way to clarifying and healing today.

the full moon in cancer is exact at 6:08pm EST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in capricorn on 12/23/22. this full moon is conjunct Sirius and pallas athena in cancer and is opposite the sun/mercury conjunct that is exact tomorrow morning. with the sun/moon opposite square to chiron – we have a potentially intense full moon bringing up old wounds and pain that has been suppressed or repressed. this can be great for emotional catharsis – but if you tend to stuff, deny or bottle up your emotions you can find this full moon extra triggering. go out at night and you can see the moon with sirius in the night sky! call on sirius to help you process and release emotions that are ready to be let go of. with the moon sextile uranus and trine neptune on offer is an opportunity for cathartic release and heart/emotional healing if you so choose. more on this lunation will be posted as a Lunar Insight soon.


saturday january 7th-
at 7:57am the sun cojoins retrograde mercury at 16’36 capricorn- aligning the conscious self and ego with the conscious mind and intellect. this is a great day to PAY ATTENTION to what you hear, think or otherwise receive through information and communication (or the media). this is the midpoint of the current mercury retrograde cycle – and with both the sun and mercury trine uranus (1/5-1/8) there can be some big reveals incoming! open your mind and embrace change!

mercury parallels mars at 1:30pm echoing the mercury/mars aspects incoming 1/17-1/20. with mercury conjunct the sun- marking his midpoint of the retrograde journey we are in- this is hugely significant. mercury originally stationed retrograde in late December in double square to eris (12/27-12/31)- the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. we saw insane storms, water pipes freezing and communities loosing water, the southwest airlines cancellations and many other instances of chaotic things happening. when mercury stations direct on 1/18 he will so do in a double quincunx to mars from 1/17-1/20. we also see that mars is energizing the midpoint of this cycle. mars and eris are war dieties in mythology- they are also brother and sister. this amplifies and exacerbates the energies of war, combative energy, arguments and discord. be aware and navigate communication terrain with care- and also be extra careful with driving, traveling and moving about in the world (mercury rules these things). positively we can use the sun/mercury/mars energy to wield the Sword of Truth and cut through illusion to get to the Truth. make sure you are doing this from the heart space and not the ego- as the latter can have repercussions down the line.

if you have not seen my blogs on Mercury Retrograde and Mars Retrograde you can read them here-




sunday january 8th-
at 8:42am mean black moon lilith moves out of cancer and into leo- shifting the fierce and powerful Dark Goddess’ energy from mothering, nurturing, emotional, yin and introverted to fiery, creative, yang and extroverted. BML in leo is feisty! the focus is now on the self and one’s own creations or creative gifts. tapping into our Dark Goddess energy in conscious ways is key- otherwise this energy can express itself as dark narcissim with a focus on the ego self and what one gets, rather than what one gives and shares with others.

pluto in capricorn sextiles juno in pisces at 10:48am- harmoniously aligning the planet of transformation and evolution with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. pluto/juno can deepen relationships and intimacy. it is wonderful for seeing the shadow and addressing it- but doing so from the place of an open heart. with pluto in the sign of career and juno in the sign of spirituality- this is also great for deeper commitments around our work in the world that is of service. pay attention to the most significant relationships and commitments in your life and see how they can evolve.

at 6:23pm retrograde mercury in capricorn trines retrograde uranus in taurus- aligning the lower mind with the Higher Mind in expansive ways! pay attention to the thoughts, ideas, inventions, communications and connections incoming into your life right now. aha moments and bolt out of the blue awarenesses or happenstance meetings are divinely inspired/guided. the period from 1/5 to 1/8 can be exceptionally revealing as the midpoint of the mercury retrograde cycle coincides with both the sun and mercury trine uranus. pay attention!


have a blessed first full week of 2023…


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