weekly astrology forecast- week of 1/16-1/22

by | Jan 14, 2023 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

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monday january 16th-
there are no major aspects today


tuesday january 17th-
at 1:42am retrograde mercury in capricorn quincunxes a recently turned direct (on 1/12) mars in gemini- creating tension and friction between the mind and intellect and the God of War, Ego and Drive. we have mercury stationing direct tomorrow and so we get a double mercury/mars quincunx from today through 1/20. this can be tense territory to navigate. watch out for arguments, aggression, combative energy, accidents and escalation of conflict and war. today’s mercury/mars quincunx involves mercury retrograde but the final one on 1/20 involves mercury direct. it may not be until after that aspect that we get clear on what is really going on. with mercury in capricorn watch out for being dogmatic, authoritarian and resistant to changing your mind or beliefs. with mars in gemini watch out for arguing just for arguments sake. get clear on what is worth fighting for and what Truths need to be spoken and do so from a place of response rather than reactivity. pay close attention in travel and moving about in the world right now as this can be accident prone astrology.

venus in aquarius semisquares jupiter in aries at 6:04pm, creating tension between the two Benefic planets. venus in aquarius needs lots of space and freedom and jupiter in aries wants what he wants NOW. this can be great for empowering us to go after what we desire but it can also make us extra selfish, self focused or emotionally detached in relationships to be aware and navigate with care.


wednesday january 18th-
at 8:12am mercury stations direct at 8’08 capricorn – stopping the Winged Messenger’s Underworld journey and commencing his journey back up and out. it will take him a while to exit his backend shadow- so we are still in the review, revise, rethink territory. this has been one DEEP mercury retrograde- with his triple square to eris on the front end and his double quincunx to mars on the back end- the deities of war, aggression and conflict have been very involved in this whole Underworld journey. much is being revealed, unearthed, researched, investigated and exposed! this is a great time to question the patriarchal paradigms you adhere to, the authority you project onto others and the ways you operate in the world in old paradigms that are not serving. as this is capricorn there has also been a deep focus on government, big business, corporations, power and control. if you have not seen my mercury retrograde blog you can find it here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/mercury-retrograde-in-capricorn-challenging-sacred-cows-12-29-22-1-18-23/

the sun cojoins pluto at 28’13 capricorn at 9:44am- aligning the conscious self and ego with the Lord of Transformation, Death and Rebirth. sun/pluto brings focus to what is in the midst of evolution and transformation or what needs to transform, evolve or die and be fully released in order for new growth to come in. in capricorn this can play out in big business, government, traditions and expectations we put on others or ourselves. we only have a coupe more sun/pluto conjunctions in capricorn as this year pluto starts to ingress into aquarius! from 2023-early 2025 he will go back and forth between capricorn and aquarius- so we only have a couple more years of excavation, transformation, and purging happening in this tropical sign. watch out for power struggles today and rather than engage in power/over power/under dynamics use the pluto energy to dive deep and do the profound work of inner transformation.

at 5:08pm retrograde pallas athena conjunct Sirius is sextile retrograde uranus in taurus who is about to station direct on 1/22 at the same degree and minute he is today. this is a powerful alignment of the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess who is journey with the Spiritual Sun of our sun- while they are both linking with the planet of Higher Mind and Higher Wisdom. insights, dreams, visions, inspiration and bolt out of blue awarenesses incoming can be be profoundly illuminating and revealing!!! as pallas is in cancer and uranus is in taurus- these are two deeply feminine signs connected to Great Mother energy. allow your intuition, feelings, body and somatic awareness to guide you. some Truths come in through the mind like a bolt of lightning from the top- others come from the root or belly- like kundalini shakti awakening. they both are valid- and right now it’s the lower body awakening energies that are supported. ultimately we need to unite them all in the heart (so above and below comes to Union within). stay heart centered today!


thursday january 19th-
at 3:47am mercury parallels mars for the 2nd time in the last 12 days (first was on 1/7)- amplifying the mercury/mars aspects we are in the midst of from 1/17-1/20. mercury originally stationed retrograde in late December in double square to eris (12/27-12/31)- the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. we saw insane storms, water pipes freezing and communities loosing water, the southwest airlines cancellations and many other instances of chaotic things happening. when mercury stationed direct on 1/18 he did so in a double quincunx to mars from 1/17-1/20- and the mercury/mars declination is amplifying this Super Aspect BIG TIME. mars and eris are war dieties in mythology- they are also brother and sister. this amplifies and exacerbates the energies of war, combative energy, arguments and discord. be aware and navigate communication terrain with care- and also be extra careful with driving, traveling and moving about in the world (mercury rules these things). positively we can use the mercury/mars energy to wield the Sword of Truth and cut through illusion. make sure you are doing this from the heart space and not the ego- as the latter can have repercussions down the line.


friday january 20th-
at 3:29am the sun moves out of capricorn and into aquarius- shifting the conscious self and ego from earth to air, yin to yang, stabilizing to freedom loving. the sun in aquarius is outside of the box, revolutionary, radical and eccentric! this sign does not like the status quo and marches to the beat of it’s own drummer! the coming month is a great time to think outside of the box and do things that are wild and differing! just watch out for being so addicted to be different that you cannot be like others- and also watch out for fear of commitment that pretends to be independence.

mercury in capricorn now direct quincunxes mars in gemini for the 3rd and final time at 8:06pm. the mercury/mars portal of 1/17-1/20 is exceptionally intense. the mind and intellect goes head to head with the God of War, Ego and Will while mercury stations. arguments, combative energy, escalation of conflict, accidents and more are possible. watch out for being reactive- and instead find the capacity to pause, count to 10 and respond rather than react. the jupiter perihelion adds to this massively today. it’s a recipe for overdoing things – so watch out!

jupiter is at perihelion- closest to our sun in his 12 year orbit. this magnifies jupiter’s energies- positively this can be expansive and bring success but too much of a good thing can turn sour. too much jupiter manifests as hubris, self righteousness, dogma, entitlement and overblown ego. jupiter is largest planet in our solar system and his influence on all of life her is significant. we had jupiter’s opposition in september 26th 2022 and now the perihelion- bringing jupiter closest to earth than it has been in 70 years. a cursory look at the news on 9/26/22 and we see that edward snowden was granted russian citizenship by putin, NASA’s DART mission successfully crashed into the asteroid Dimorphos, and probably russian sabotage on two Nord stream pipelines was detected. jupiter was in pisces at opposition- whereas now Jupiter is in aries for perihelion. it will be interesting to see the nature of the tropical sign and how it expresses at this event. jupiter in aries is ruled by mars- our wills, drives and egos can be magnetized. positively we have an extra boost of energy to take action, have agency, and set new things into motion. negatively this can exacerbate war, conflicts and egotistical energy. on the same day as the mercury/mars quincunx – we have some big amplification of mars energy right now!

(***please note various astronomy sites list the exact perihelion anywhere from 1/20-1/22***)


saturday january 21st-
we have the new moon at 1’33 aquarius exact today at 3:53pm EST- commending a new lunar cycle that is focused on the collective, community, inspiration and realization of hopes and dreams. this new moon is conjunct pluto- who this year and next transits between the karmic completion degree of 29 capricorn and the first degree of aquarius (i talk about this in depth in my 2023 yearly forecast livestream here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/2023-yearly-forecast-livestream-event-1-1-23-at-4pm-est/). there is a lot of aquarius in this new moon chart- sun, moon, venus and saturn. and the new moon is sextile jupiter in aries. so the visionary capacity of aquarius is supported by the expansive energy of jupiter and the action oriented energy of aries. it’s time to act on your hopes, dreams and visions! put your money where your mouth is!

for more on this new moon check my lunar insight, lunar gate call and lunar horoscopes posted a few days before the new moon (horoscopes are up on day of new moon). gate calls and horoscopes are membership content. you can sign up to be a member here- https://divineharmony.com/become-a-member/


sunday january 22nd-
at 12:39am venus in aquarius sextiles eris in aries- linking the Goddess of Beauty and Love with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos in positive ways (thank Goddess!). venus in aquarius is fiercely independent and freedom-loving, while eris in aries is a Warrior Goddess through and through. this is great astrology for taking initiative in Love and money situations and dealing with things head on! just be aware there is an extra strong energy of self-interest and self-focus right now. this can be healthy for people who are overly Other oriented but for people already oriented to themselves it can tip the scales too far in one direction!

mercury in capricorn semisquares venus in aquarius at 2:41am, creating tension between the mind and heart with both in saturn-ruled signs. talks today can be serious, focused, intense and maybe depressing. saturn is focused on what IS not what can be, used to be, might be, or should be. we are being asked to assess our thoughts and feelings honestly- within ourselves, in relationship with others and more. finding the right balance between tradition and change is necessary right now.

at 4:33am mercury in capricorn trines the mean north node in taurus/sextiles the south node in scorpio- linking the conscious mind and intellect with the node of destiny! pay attention to communications, information, insights and revelations incoming right now. a guiding Light is showing you your next step on the path. listen deeply- as the message may be coming from within. this is the 3rd and final trine mercury makes to the nodes due to his recent retrograde journey- so pay attention to what is coming in right now.

jupiter cojoins juno at 4’20 aries at 5:03am – aligning the King of the Gods with wife the Queen of the Gods! in greek mythology jupiter and juno were partners- and symbolically this can make for a great day for relationships and partnerships of all kinds. more importantly it can also be great for the Inner Marriage and Union of masculine and feminine within. jupiter tends to expand and/or grow what he touches and with juno involved the focus is on our partnerships, commitments and contractual arrangements. the energy of the day supports navigating relationships with an awareness of the dance between self and other, give and take, yin and yang. with both bodies in aries we have initiative and passion driving us and we can start things or set things into motion in powerful ways today.

at 5:13pm venus cojoins saturn at 24’47 aquarius- linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. venus conjunct saturn starts a new venus/saturn cycle which lasts for 12-14 months. it’s an important time to be intentional with what we are committing to or committed to. venus is about relationship but also money, values, self-worth and self-Love. saturn is the Great Pruning Shears and he comes into to cut the weeds out of our lives but also strengthen the foundations beneath things/relationships/situations that have life in them and can help us grow. seeing what of the old needs to go (people/things/attitudes/beliefs) and what can stay and be built upon for further growth is key. with venus in aquarius there can be extra focus on our friendships, social groups, communities and hopes and dreams. getting clear on the ones that are solid and enduring versus the ones its time to let go is key.

uranus stations direct at 14’56 taurus at 5:58pm- making the rebel revolutionary and Great Awakener the most powerful planet in the sky! the past several months of uranus retrograde has been a time to focus the energies of change and revolution within, but now that he is waking from his slumber we can expect some big shifts and outer movement in our personal and collective lives. today/this week the electric, sudden and impulsive energy can be high! our need to embrace change and be free needs to be balanced with some grounding and stability or we will feel like we have been plugged into an electric outlet that is giving more energy that we can process. stay open to shifts and changes- but watch out for impulsivity, reactivity and conflict orientation at home and in the world around you. use uranus’ energy to be out with the old and in with the new! just make sure you can determine which is the baby and which is the bathwater ;) uranus stations at the solar beltane degree! to read about this and the winds of change that are blowing read my blog here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/moving-from-fixed-to-mutable-the-changing-of-the-times/


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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