Wednesday January 26th 2022

***all times are PST***

monday january 10th-
retrograde venus in capricorn semisquares jupiter in pisces at 2:24pm, creating tension between the two Benefic planets. venus is in her Underworld journey and jupiter in pisces can bring Light to what she is revealing and re-evaluating- particularly through intuition, dreams and more. but this is a tense aspect so we can also overdo these energies- either being too responsible, rigid or controlling (shadow capricorn) or too escapist, love and Light and idealistic (shadow pisces). finding balance is key.

at 7:28pm the sun in capricorn sextiles neptune in pisces, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of mysticism, spirituality and compassion. sun/neptune is dreamy, romanctic, mystical and loving. taking time to turn within and access the richness of Spirit hidden within ourselves and the material world is key. tapping into intuition, paying attention to dreams, accessing creativity and more are all supported right now! we can have one foot in both worlds now- mundane and sacred, material and spiritual. embody your Light and enlighten your body!

eris stations direct at 23’41 aries at 8:50pm, the goddess of discord and chaos into focus. eris is not all bad- she is also the goddess of activism and she is a manifestation of the fierce Divine Feminine (aka the Dark Goddess) that comes into clear out things that have gotten stuck, stagnant or toxic. with eris stationary there’s a lot being stirred right now! eris’ gifts of piercing perception and seeing through the shit and shadow are very accessible right now. just watch out for her unskillful qualities of rage, dominance and power/control dynamics- playing out personally as well as collectively. being willing to shine a Light on the shadow so we can see it for what it is- collectively but also personally- is key to awakening, healing and evolution right now!

at 9:16pm vesta moves out of sagittarius and into capricorn- shifting the Priestess asteroid Goddess from fire to earth, from inspiration to discipline, from expansion to contraction. vesta in capricorn is extremely focused and responsible. she is aware of her purpose and goals and can sublimate all other needs and desires to focus on them. of course she can also be a workaholic and overdo things- so balance between work and play, focus and rest is key. as vesta is crossing the solstice point (aka aries point) pay attention to world events today.


tuesday january 11th-
at 1:43pm mars in sagittarius squares neptune in pisces, creating tension between the will and drive and the planet of spirituality, illusion and deception! mars/neptune squares can be tough. on the highest side this is an aspect of a spiritual warrior- someone who takes their ideals and uses there will in service of realizing these idealistic visions. yet the aspect is tense and where mars wants to be direct and forward moving, neptune can make for illusory, confusing and even outright deceptive energies present right now. we need to be aware of dishonesty, denial and delusion- in ourselves, in others and coming towards us from others or the world around us. mars in sadge wants the Truth but with neptune square it’s easy to believe in a lie! watch out for escapism, addiction and spiritual bypassing. be in the pursuit of the Truth, not in pursuit of being right.


wednesday january 12th-
there are no major aspects today.


thursday january 13th-
the sun in capricorn squares standstill direct eris in aries at 1:47pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! eris just stationed direct on monday but as she is the furthest planet in our solar system that we are aware of- her stations and standstill position at one degree and minute lasts for a couple weeks. so this trigger of eris is STRONG. much is getting exposed and revealed! stay open to seeing the Truth!!! the sun triggers the separating pluto/eris square today through the 16th- so be prepared to shake up old stagnant energy and challenge outdated patriarchal constructs and traditions that no longer serve.


friday january 14th-
at 3:41am mercury stations retrograde at 10’20 aquarius, taking the messenger planet into his first Underworld journey of the year. mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise and in Aquarius we are focusing on science, inventions, innovation, community, the collective and progressive changes. this is a time to go over the past and see what needs to be addressed in friendships, communities and social groups- as well as regarding our hopes and dreams. this mercury retrograde stations closely to a square to uranus- but that won’t happen until he is direct and past his backend shadow. we also have mercury conjunct pluto THREE TIMES – and we also have had venus in her Underworld phase align with pluto three times as well. the heart (venus) and mind (mercury) are in the midst of some intense Underworld journeys. this is a time to go over the past, question things, face the shadow and do some deep inner work. with uranus square mercury after his journey is over- prepare for some sudden realizations to come in post-retrograde.

at 1:21pm ceres stations direct at 27’57 taurus bringing the Great Mother asteroid Goddess to a standstill in the sky. we are in the midst of ceres transiting the pleiades and aligning with the north node of destiny 3 times- the first was august 24th when the north node was in gemini, the second was december 20th with the north node at 1 gemini- just before ceres retrograded back into taurus and the north node also moved into taurus. the third and final one will be in taurus on january 24th, 2022. destined and fated things have been coming in around home, family, mothers, children, our needs, nurturing and nourishment. on the world stage this is spotlighting the environment, food supply and natural resources. with the pleiades involved we can receive messages from the stars and the Divine Mother/Divine Feminine Herself so tune in! with this 3rd and final alignment in taurus we can also receive messages about what needs to CHANGE in our lives this year (personally and collectively). as this is the year of choice and change (listen to my 2022 yearly forecast video and horoscopes for the full download)- the Divine Mother is revealing what that is about right now <3


saturday january 15th-
at 11:12am mars in sagittarius trines now direct eris in aries, aligning the warrior and drive with the warrior Goddess! mars and eris are brother and sister in greek mythology. the war God and war Goddess are aligned in harmonious ways today- supporting us in taking action, pursuing our passions and taking charge! with mars in sadge we have his energy helping us to grow, expand, travel, teach, learn and explore. with eris in aries (where she is for 122 years because of her slow movement)- we are empowered to channel our will and drive into activism, individuality and taking a stand! use this fire wisely!


sunday january 16th-
the sun cojoins pluto at 26’26 capricorn at 6:51am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Lord of Transformation, Death and Rebirth. the sun has been triggering the pluto/eris square from 1/13 to today and eris just stood still to go direct on 1/11- so the last week has likely been intense. pluto square eris was a defining transit of 2020-2021 but we still have it energized right now by venus retrograde and mercury retrograde- so we are still very much in the territory of exposing what is in the shadow. sun/pluto can be about transformation and evolution but it can also be super intense and can unearth power/control dynamics and force us to face hidden shadows within. use pluto’s energy to dive deep and do the work to transform and use eris’ energy to face the shadow, embrace change and stand up for Truth!

at 5:49pm juno in capricorn squares stationary direct eris in aries, bringing upsets and revelations into relationships of all kinds (romantic, marriage, business and financial). eris comes into reveal where things are out of balance/out of integrity. she does not just come in to stir the pot unnecessarily. she reveals what others are not looking at or are pretending is not there. being willing to see and own our shadow and breathe new life and energy into relationships OR terminating them if they clearly are not working is key. with eris standstill all week (and next week) she is powerful right now! juno will trigger the pluto/eris square from today through next week- so use this energy to see what is stagnant, stuck, toxic, patriarchal and old paradigm so you can let it go.

retrograde mercury in aquarius semisquares mars in sagittarius at 7:22pm, bringing tension between the mind and intellect and the will and drive. mercury is in his Underworld journey- rethinking, reviewing and revising the past. the minor tense aspect to mars can make for intense communications and revelations today. watch out for arguments, conflict and aggression. mars in sagittarius can be hubristic and self righteous! if you can have wide angle vision you will be able to se beyond your own position so you can access greater awareness of the Truth.


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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