weekly astrology forecast- week of 8/7-8/13

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are PDT***

PLEASE NOTE: this week’s forecast includes only major aspects- as i am on holiday with family and at a campsite with no internet :) the in-depth forecasts will return next week. thanks for your understanding and readership <3 ***if you enjoy these free forecasts and are not already a member please consider signing up to be one (which will give you access to members-only weekly horoscopes and monthly forecasts in addition to all my free content). i now have sliding scale membership fees from 5.55 to 22.22 a month that allow one to choose a price that both honors the value you find in my work while also honoring your financial situation. i LOVE writing and want to continue to have a lot of free content on my site. signing up to be a member supports me in being able to do that :) for more information click here- https://www.divineharmony.org/registration***

monday august 7th-
the lunar eclipse at 15’25 aquarius is exact at 11:11am PDT- initiating us into the eclipse portal that will unfold over the next 2 weeks. lunar eclipses are massive full moons where the earth comes between the sun and moon and eclipses the sun’s light that is reaching towards the moon- creating an eclipse effect on the moon. this eclipse is not total, it is partial- so we will only see a small portion of the moon go dark. full moons brings things to climax or crisis points and with the shadow of the earth sweeping across part of the moon, symbol of the Unconscious, lunar eclipses are great for bringing to Light hidden shadows that are not being looked at. this lunar eclipse is in aquarius with the moon opposite the sun and mars in leo. the last 2 lunations have had mars tied into them (new moon in cancer conjunct mars, full moon in capricorn opposite mars)- and the next 2 lunations that are eclipses will also have strong mars energy. mars is good for taking action, taking initiative and making things happen! but he is also the planet of war and he can be impulsive, aggressive, reactive and immature. we all need to be super aware of how we work with our mars/yang/masculine energies as if we relate to them unconsciously they can get out of hand! with uranus ruling this lunation we have the Great Awakener energy present. the key with uranus is being willing to wake our selves up and create change in our lives proactively- that way the Universe does not have to pull the rug out from underneath us to get our attention! with the aquarius/leo axis in focus it’s important to look at where we are overly coming from the head, divorced from the heart- personally and collectively- so that we can make the proper course corrections. in the time of atlantis knowledge and power overload compassion and wisdom- and we are in a similar time right now where decisions points are incoming. we cannot escape our humanity- but we try to. this eclipse is a reminder that without heart and compassion we are merely machines. for more information on this eclipse read the lunar insight posted a few days to a week before the full moon is exact.

happy solar lammas! today is the exact midpoint of the sun’s journey through leo. many celebrate lammas on august 1st but actually it’s when the sun hits 15 leo that the true midpoint of the summer solstice and fall equinox occurs. the cross quarter days (imbolc, beltane, lammas and samhain) occur at the exact midpoint of the solstices and equinoxes- so the solar sabbats are the most potent times to celebrate these festivals. lammas is a festival of harvesting/reaping that which we have sown. celebrating material and spiritual harvests are supported today!

tuesday august 8th-
happy 8-8 lion’s gate! what is the lion’s gate? for more information read this great article by david wolfe- https://www.davidwolfe.com/4-things-need-know-lionsgate-opening-august-8th/

this period of time is also the most potent for seeing the perseid meteor showers- which technically are here for a month but from the 8th through the 13th it’s the peak of the shower and if you go out at night where there’s little light pollution you can see A LOT of meteors streaking across the sky. not to be missed!

wednesday august 9th-
the sun in leo quincunxes retrograde pluto in capricorn at 1:10pm, creating tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of the Underworld. sun/pluto is great for diving deep, confronting shadow and seeing what is hidden within and without. yet the tense nature of the aspect can also unearth power struggles and intensity that comes from behind the scenes in relationships. with the sun in a yod formation with neptune and pluto- it’s very easy to be deceived or deluded right now. we need to stay in the brilliance of our hearts (sun in leo) in order to make use of the mystical energy of neptune and transformational energy of pluto in positive ways. both neptune and pluto are deeply connected to the Unconscious- while the sun is the symbol of consciousness. the hero’s journey is possible right now IF we can maintain our sense of self and integrity and navigate murky waters with clarity and consciousness. steer clear of power struggles and the desire to check out and/or turn to addictions to numb out. stay present with eyes and heart wide open and meet reality on it’s own terms!

thursday august 10th-
at 2:03am mercury in virgo sextile venus in cancer, aligning the mind and the heart in sweet and expansive ways. mercury is about to go retrograde so he will link with venus twice during the upcoming month of august- so pay attention to what you hear, think and say today as there can be intimations of what is to come during mercury’s retrograde journey. with the mind and heart linking this is great for compassionate communication, sharing of thoughts and feelings, and seeking points of compromise. of course mercury’s retrograde journey also includes two conjunctions with mars- which can bring in a decidedly feisty energy into communication as well. the key is to find balance between asserting oneself and seeking points of compromise with others.

mars in leo quincunxes retrograde neptune in pisces at 6:31am, creating tension and friction between the yang masculine planet of will and drive and the planet that dissolves the ego and surrenders the will. between today and the 16th mars forms a yod with neptune and pluto- just like the sun did from the 5th through the 9th. where mars wants to be direct and take action- neptune brings a nebulous energy from the behind the scenes that can be hard to discern. where is our will and drive energy coming from? where are our motivations sourcing from? we may think we are operating from a place of consciousness but there is much going on behind the scenes. it’s important to be honest and direct right now- as anything done from place of deception or omission of Truth can come to bite us in the butt in the coming weeks!

the sun in leo sextiles jupiter in libra at 2:24pm, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of expansion and abundance in positive ways! this is great astrology for growth, luck, confidence and optimism! we just need to be aware of where we might be overdoing it- taking on too much, spending too much, eating too much or coming from a place of hubris. the sun is in the midst of triggering the jupiter/pluto square- so if we are coming from a place of wanting to have power and control our efforts to dominate and control can get exacerbated right now.

friday august 11th-
at 10:42am mercury cojoins vesta at 11’33 virgo, aligning the mind and intellect with the priestess asteroid that is focused on her purpose and calling. typically mercury/vesta in virgo has a purity of mind and intent and a precision in words and communication- yet mercury is stationary about to go retrograde, into the Underworld, and he does so in opposition to neptune the planet that makes things nebulous and confusing. today is a great day to pay attention to what you think, hear and say and to question the undercurrents going on underneath the surface. being super focused on the details and getting to the bottom of things is important- as if you only gloss over the surface you will miss a lot of what is going on behind the scenes. if you have not read my mercury retrograde blog which has more information on mercury’s underworld journey you can do so here- https://www.divineharmony.org/cosmic-insight-divine-harmony/divine-harmony-astrology-blog/mercury-retrograde-discerning-underneath-surface/

retrograde uranus in aries semisquares retrograde neptune in pisces at 2:49pm, bringing a minor but tense aspect between the rebel and revolutionary and the planet of illusion, ideals and otherworldliness. uranus/neptune can be great for sudden insights, spiritual awakenings, intuition and psychic knowing! yet the tense aspect can make things come up from the Unconscious in shocking and unexpected ways. staying grounded and connect to reality is key to make the most of this astrology. steer clear of substance abuse and spiritual bypassing.

retrograde neptune in pisces trines ceres in cancer at 9:05pm, aligning the planet of compassion and Unconditional Love with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. both venus and ceres are in cancer and they heading into form a Grand Cross with jupiter, uranus, pluto and eris in the coming weeks. yet today they both are linking with neptune- the Higher Heart- helping us to open our hearts and anchor Love on the planet. neptune/ceres is the all loving Mother who forgives and understands with deep compassion and Love. there can be a sweetness present right now- but it needs to be balance with seeing the shadow and dealing with reality otherwise we will use this energy to simply spiritually bypass and keep our heads buried in the sand. if you have not heard about the FREE anchoring Love global eclipse meditation series i am apart of click the link below to find out more information and sign up! my day to share a meditation is on august 16th but today my husband saul david raye is sharing a meditation- so don’t miss it! http://rcc.ontraport.com/t?orid=109729&opid=47

at 10:17pm venus in cancer trines retrograde neptune in pisces, aligning the lower heart and Higher Heart in beautiful ways! venus/neptune is great for compassion, romance, creativity and mysticism. with both bodies in water signs our emotions and feelings run deep. honoring our own and others vulnerability and needs can be deeply nourishing and nurturing right now.

at 10:58pm venus cojoins ceres at 13’31 cancer, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the Great Mother asteroid GOddess- both of whom are heading into exact alignment with Sirius the fixed star that brings the Sacred into the mundane. a lot of Divine Light and Divine Love are coming through on a high level frequency right now. as Sirius is the Spiritual Sun of our sun- the frequencies this star emits are massively activating and illuminating. meditation, heart opening and grounding are HIGHLY recommended today.

saturday august 12th-
the sun in leo trines mean black moon lilith in sagittarius at 8:46am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the fierce Dark Feminine. between today and tomorrow the sun links with saturn and lilith- bringing an anchored, focused energy to our intuition, passion and power. saturn is a symbol of patriarchy and lilith is a symbol of the wild, powerful feminine- an energy the patriarchal consciousness has actively repressed. saturn/lilith can be super intense but it can also show us harnessing the wild and chaotic energies of the Dark Goddess in ways that help reveal the Truth and set us free. paying attention to what unfolds personally and collectively in the coming 10 days (as the exact saturn/lilith conjunction is on 8/21 the day of the total solar eclipse) is key!

mercury stations retrograde at 11’38 virgo at 6:00pm, commencing mercury’s Underworld journey. mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise matters- and in virgo there can be a focus on health, well being, work, service and the details of life. mercury stations retrograde conjunct vesta- the priestess asteroid that helps us to focus on what matters the most. mercury links with venus and ceres in cancer as well- bringing lots of feminine, nurturing energy into focus. there can be home/family matters that are tied up with this mercury retrograde- and dealing with the past in order to resolve what was left unfinished in order to move forward and onward in life is key. with mercury opposite neptune- there can be confusion around specifics, details and the Truth. it’s important to be honest, above board and direct in the coming weeks- as anything hidden can come to Light and anything purposefully hidden can have karmic consequences! for more information on this retrograde journey be sure to read the astrology blog that will be posted in a few days (as of the time of this writing 8/2).

sunday august 13th-
at 2:06pm the sun in leo trines retrograde saturn in sagittarius, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of mastery, integrity and hard work. sun/saturn is great for grounding down, having patience and being able to stick with things to see them through. with so much fire (leo/sadge) our passions and desires can get out of hand but saturn helps to contain them so that we can work with our creative and passionate fire with wisdom and awareness of long term consequences. of course saturn is aligned with lilith right now- so we can work to masterfully align with the Dark Goddess and her gifts of seeing into the shadows. OR we could find ourselves repressing our own intuition, anger and power which can express as reactivity, rage, depression or illness. navigating the energies with consciousness is key!

venus in cancer semisextiles mars in leo at 11:43pm, which typically aligns the Divine Lovers in sweet and positive ways. venus is in very yin cancer- nurturing, nourishing and caring for others. mars is in very yang leo- focused on being creative, passionate and going after what he wants. if we can get these two to work together we can experience their gifts our relationships with others right now. yet we cannot look at planetary aspects in isolation- we have to see what else is going on the Bigger Picture. when we do that we notice that right now both venus and mars are headed into intense activation with pluto (15th-16th)- which can show shadow dynamics coming to Light in relationships and partnerships of all kinds. steering clear of power/control situations and instead focusing on standing in our own power rather than giving it away and playing the victim or lording it over others and playing the tyrant is key.

have a beautiful week!

~divine harmony

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