weekly astrology forecast- week of 6/20-6/26

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are PDT***

monday june 20th-
the first aspect of the day and week is exact at 12:59am when the sun at 29’25 gemini trines retrograde (and set to station direct in two days) juno at 29’25 libra, aligning the conscious self and ego with the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage and commitment. juno has been hovering at the 29th degree of libra since june 7th and she will be there until july 7th- bring a deep and poignant focus to relationships and commitments in our lives. the 29th degree is a karmic degree as it’s the last degree of it’s sign- with an energy of transition infusing it as it hovers at the edge of one sign and the next. with the sun and juno in this liminal space degree- today can be very a very karmic day of completions, endings, letting go and releasing. this can be internal- in terms of ending an old way of thinking, believing and operating in the world. or it can be external in the form of major endings in relationships or commitments in our lives. with both bodies in air- communication is key. since our thoughts create our reality- today is a good day to examine our thoughts and make changes internally and externally that reflect the reality we really want to be living.

the full moon at 29’32 sagittarius is exact at 4:02am, marking the midway point of the lunar cycle we are in that began with the very intense Mutable Grand Cross new moon in gemini on 6/4. this is the second full moon in sagittarius- the first was on 5/21 at 1’14 sadge and it was conjunct retrograde mars. so this second full moon at the last degree of sadge is what you would call an astrological blue moon (two full moons in the same sign- a rare event). a process that began in may is coming to a completion in june. this could be around beliefs, attitude and discerning the Truth. interestingly the only major planetary aspect this full moon makes is an opposition to venus on the sun- showing that the focus right now is on finding out the Truth in regards to our relationships, finances, values and self-worth. with the full moon almost exactly sextile juno at the last degree of libra who is stationary retrograde and set to go direct on 6/22- discerning the Truth of commitments and important relationships in our lives (romantic, business and otherwise) is key right now. for more information on this full moon check the lunar insight posted a few days to a week before the full moon is exact. and be sure to read your weekly horoscopes!

venus in cancer trines mean black moon lilith in scorpio at 5:45am, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the Dark Goddess of passion, intensity and power. venus/BML in water signs can bring us face to face with deep emotions and feelings to navigate- but luckily this is a trine so the emotions arising can feel like a balm to the Soul. what we hold onto or hold in weighs us down. what we freely move through and allow to move through us becomes cleansing and activating in meaningful ways. getting in touch with passions and desires of the Soul is supported right now. getting down to essence rather than staying on the surface can be transformational and heart opening right now.

at 7:55am mercury in gemini opposes retrograde saturn in sagittarius and at 10:11am mercury squares retrograde neptune in pisces- forming a T-square between the mind, the Lord of Karma and the God of dissolution. both the sun and venus triggered the saturn/neptune square at the start of the month- and now it’s mercury’s turn. the push pull between truth and lies, reality and illusion, what IS and what will never be is up right now. it’s important that we all communicate from a place of integrity, self honesty and personal accountability. any tendency to hide the Truth or make it something it is not can bite us in the butt right now! with mercury/saturn we are aware of all the limitations, restrictions and negativity- while mercury/neptune makes us want to check out, confuse, delude or deceive ourselves and others. not everything is what it seems right now- so be willing to ask questions, dig a little and get to the Truth beyond the surface truth this month.

jupiter cojoins the true north node at 15’47 virgo for the 3rd and final time at 10:18am (the first one was 1/23 at 22’52 virgo and the second was 1/28 at 22’32 virgo)- with the jupiter/mean node conjunction coming up on 6/24! the first 6 months have been under the auspicious energies of jupiter/north node- an aspect that aligns the planet of expansion, positivity and abundance with the evolutionary north node of growth and destiny. because the true node position is erratic this conjunction occurred 3 times, while the mean node alignment with jupiter only occurs once in a few days time. with the last true node conjunction and the only mean node conjunction happening within 4 days of each other and right around summer solstice- let me tell you the great, positive, expansive things being set into motion in your life are going to be HUGE for you! jupiter/north node brings major opportunities for growth, evolution and destiny to unfold. with both bodies in virgo the focus is on being of service, showing up to do the work, staying aligned with integrity and discerning the Truth about ourselves, others and the world around us. it’s also a great time to get healthy, whole, organized, efficient and bring order to our lives. use the super positive energy present right now wisely! good things are in-coming!!!

the sun moves out of gemini and into cancer at 3:34pm marking the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. the seasons are changing! the last week or so has been the dark moon time of the previous season (spring in the north, fall in the south)- with a focus on endings, letting go of the past and preparing for the new. in the northern hemisphere the summer solstice marks the highest point of the sun- which is a time to celebrate life, Light and all the growth and positivity that comes with the longest day of Light! with the sun in cancer for the next month the focus is on home, family, roots, foundation, nurturing, care taking, safety and security. just watch out for the shadow side of cancer- being overly emotional, attached to the past and having a hard time moving on when it’s time to move on ;)

tuesday june 21st-
retrograde mars in scorpio quincunxes eris in aries at 1:19am and mars quincunxes ceres in aries at 2:05pm, creating tension and friction between the will, warrior and drive and the Goddess of Discord and Harmony and Great Mother Goddess of death and birth. from 6/18 to today mars has been triggering the uranus/eris/ceres conjunction and the first uranus/eris conjunction occurred on 6/8 earlier this month. with mars still in his retrograde phase for 8 more days- he is starting to slow down and come to a stop to station direct. due to this slow motion he is in aspect to uranus/eris for the next 3 weeks (after he stations direct he will quincunx eris 7/8 and uranus 7/13). this is a powerful aspect to have with a stationing planet. deep things are being penetrated into with a need to see what is beneath the surface that no one wants to see. this can play out personally and collectively. retrograde mars in scorpio wants you to ruthlessly face any and all shadow pieces within the self that up until now you have avoided, denied, projected or disassociated with. with uranus involved we have the Rebel and Revolutionary bringing upheaval so that what is stuck, stagnant and hiding within can come out. with eris involved we have the Dark Goddess tossing the apple of discord into areas of life that on the surface look shiny and pretty but underneath they are toxic, decaying and in need of some clearing out. if you happen feel anger, rage, irritation or frustration today- know that this part of this astrological signature. with ceres involved there can be upheaval and change playing out in home/family dynamics, in regards to our personal feelings of safety and security as well as with our earth and her environment. as ceres is the Goddess of womb and tomb- she can help us to make decisive transitions in our lives rather than holding onto the past out of fear of the unknown. much intense energy is up to navigate and the key is in working with these emotions consciously- not stuffing them or repressing them but not acting them out either. looking at our shadow relationship to sexuality, control, dominance, lower vibration desires that come from the ego, fear, jealousy, possessiveness and more is the focus right now. if you are willing to do deep work- mars, uranus, eris and ceres will rise with you and support you as you move through the valley of the shadow of death (a psychic place where we get faced with our biggest stuff). if you are not willing then you may find chaotic, unpredictable energy and events coming into your life and seeming like fate. the key is in realizing we create our fate by the actions we take- both present and past. a true creator takes responsibility for his/her actions in the past and makes changes in how he/she acts in the present so as to impact the future. keep this in mind this week and over the next 22 days!

ceres cojoins eris at 23’34 aries at 7:28pm, aligning the Goddess of Discord and Chaos with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess of birth and death. two powerhouse archetypes aligning and being activated by uranus is definitely unleashing some potent energy right now!!! there is upheaval energy playing out today in regards to home, family, safety, security, planet earth and our environment. the good news is that whatever is being unearthed or revealed personally or collectively is helping us to see things for what they are, not just what they can be- which is the precursor to implementing any kind of positive change. watch how you use your anger and how you move about in the world. if you don’t have healthy outlets for anger and rage you can get aggressive, accident-prone, implosive or depressed. channeling this energy into conscious action and conscious direction is highly recommended!

wednesday june 22nd-
mercury in gemini is quite busy throughout the day as he squares the nodal axis at 8:14am, squares jupiter at 3:59pm and quincunxes retrograde pluto in capricorn at 10:39pm. major energies are afoot right now in communication, thinking and perception. mercury/jupiter tends to think he knows the Truth and knows what is up- but mercury/nodes and mercury/pluto can bring things up that were hidden, unconscious or purposely ignored/denied. pivotal points of choice are possible right now- and communications or information incoming can be very important so pay attention. be sure to pay attention to what is NOT being said as much as to what is said. the surface that you see is not the entire picture.

at 1:00pm juno stations direct at 29’24 libra, bringing the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage to the karmic completion degree (29th degree) in the sign of relationship, commitment and connection. juno is in very deep territory this year. she began the year in deep, intense scorpio and stationed retrograde on 3/2. on 5/29 she aligned with the Dark Goddess black moon lilith- bringing in an intense energy of wildness, independence and shadow dancing into relationship situations. on 6/7 she backtracked into libra and today she stations direct at the 29th degree where she will stay until 7/7 when she moves back into scorpio. the next 15 days are very karmic and have a focus on what is ending, completing, dying or leaving in our lives- literally, metaphorically, emotionally and psychologically. honestly looking at relationships and commitments- romantic, business and otherwise- and assessing what has moved beyond it’s expiration date and needs to be LET GO OF is key right now. with mars in deep territory right now and juno as well- we all have great opportunities to look at any shadow dynamics playing out in relationships in our lives. facing our own demons, obsessions and fears is key. new cycles will be birthed on the death of the old- so don’t stand there and avoid closing one door otherwise a new one cannot open.

thursday june 23rd-
at 5:07am uranus cojoins ceres at 23’58 aries, aligning the rebel and revolutionary with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. ceres speaks to what we need to feel safe and secure- personally and collectively- whereas uranus brings in change, upheaval and unexpected events! sudden and unexpected events in home/family dynamics, in the environment or on planet earth are possible. positively this energy can bring to Light what needs to be looked at and addressed, but it can also bring an unstable, anxious energy- with a sense that safety and security is missing and that we are waiting for the other shoe to drop. using uranus’ liberation energy and ceres’ capacity to move through death and rebirth processes in tandem with each other can help us not only embrace but also be an active participant and creator of much needed change in our personal and collective lives right now.

friday june 24th-
the sun in cancer trines mean black moon lilith in scorpio at 3:49pm, aligning the conscious self and ego with the fierce Dark Feminine! earlier this week venus trined BML and today the sun does- linking up our conscious sense of self and our emotions with the depths, passions and power of the Dark Goddess. sun/BML is psychic, intuitive, powerful and magical. accessing our own deep reservoir of emotions, feelings, passions and desires is supported right now. with such watery, psychic energies afoot- pay attention to your dreams this week!

at 3:37pm jupiter cojoins the mean north node at 16’17 virgo, aligning the planet of expansion, positivity and abundance with the evolutionary north node of growth and destiny. because the true node position is erratic this conjunction occurred 3 times, while the mean node alignment with jupiter only occurs once in a few days time. there are great, positive, expansive things being set into motion in your life right now! destiny is calling and evolution cannot be put off any longer as jupiter/north node brings major opportunities for growth, evolution and destiny to unfold. with both bodies in virgo the focus is on being of service, showing up to do the work, staying aligned with integrity and discerning the Truth about ourselves, others and the world around us. it’s also a great time to get healthy, whole, organized, efficient and bring order to our lives. use the super positive energy present right now wisely! good things are in-coming!!!

saturday june 25th-
there are no major aspects today. the moon is in watery, mystical, compassionate and idealistic pisces all day long. the moon trines the sun and venus early morning to midday- making for a beautiful flow of watery, emotional, intuitive energy. add in black moon lilith and we have a Grand Water Trine formed which makes the day extra psychic, Soulful and spiritual. in mid to late afternoon the moon triggers the saturn/neptune square- asking us to get emotionally honest with ourselves about where we are checking out, ignoring, denying, lying or playing the victim or the martyr. getting real about our feelings and our lived experience is the precursor to creating what is possible. anchoring dreams into reality requires we work from the ground up- today, this week and this year.

sunday june 26th-
at 5:30am jupiter in virgo trines retrograde pluto in capricorn, forming the 3rd and final trine between these two that began on 10/11/15 (the second one was on 3/16/16). jupiter/pluto harmoniously aligns the planet of expansion, abundance and positivity with the planet of wealth, power and transformation. this is a wonderful aspect that helps us access the deep reservoirs of wealth and power within us and around us (materially, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically). with both bodies in earth signs, attending to the tangible world (via physicality or materiality) can be beneficial, productive and successful right now! this is also exceptional astrology for physical healing, inner work and transformation. the body can be the gateway to much healing and evolution right now. honor it and work with it accordingly. in addition we have jupiter on the north node with both aligning with pluto- so all of june but especially 6/16-6/26 has TEN STARS surrounding it (more than 5 stars ;) we are all able to anchor into new foundations in our lives upon which we can expand and grow far into the future. use this potent astrology wisely- and pursue only that which your heart and Soul truly Loves!

mercury in gemini quincunxes retrograde mars in scorpio at 8:16am and sextiles eris and uranus at 1:47pm and 7:31pm respectively- triggering the long standing retrograde mars/uranus/eris quincunx that is happening right now due to mars coming to a standstill and stationing direct (exact 6/29). mars quincunxed uranus/eris om 6/21 and he will do so again 7/8-13 after he is direct- so this aspect is in effect for 3 weeks! with mercury involved today pay attention to communications, conversations, information, thoughts and ideas that are incoming. some can be revolutionary and positive! others can be shocking and what you least expect. either way you want to be willing to see and hear the Truth right now (from yourself, others or the world around you). be sure to have healthy outlets for anger and aggression- otherwise conflict oriented communication can ensue (with bridges burned being a possible consequence).

venus in cancer quincunxes retrograde saturn in sagittarius at 8:00pm, creating tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. over the next 24 hours venus will trigger the saturn/neptune square- which is a potent transit that is all about facing reality and seeing through illusion, delusion or deception (of the self, from others or regarding the world around you). this is a get real aspect- forcing us to see what IS and not be focusing on what could be in some distant future. getting focused and serious is supported right now but it can also be a day of feeling depressed, low energy and aware of all that is wrong and not what is right. with chiron stationary (retrograde tomorrow) deep wounds and pain are up right now. try not to stuff them, fight them or project them and instead sit with them and allow the wisdom of your emotions to guide you inward where True Healing can take place.

have a beautiful week ahead!

~divine harmony

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