Wednesday December 1st 2021

***all times are PST**

PLEASE NOTE:  this forecast is more basic as i am teaching at sedona yoga festival and have a sick child (who is on the mend) so i have not had time to write the full in-depth forecast.  i will resume writing the full forecast next week!  thank you for your understanding :)


monday march 13th-

at 2:55am mars in Taurus trines the north node in virgo, aligning the will warrior and drive with the evolutionary north node of destiny and growth!  Mars/north node is great for taking action and moving into new directions in life that help us grow!  The Universe is pointing the way and our lower egoic selves are willing to heed the call!  With both bodies in earth signs the focus is on embodiment, abundance and physical/real world self mastery.  Be humble and willing to do the work required of you right now- it will be worth it and can set you off into new directions in life!

Mercury moves out of pisces and into ariesat 2:07pm, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from water to fire, yin to yang, omega to alpha.  Mercury in aries is a fire starter!  He speaks his Truth and is willing to take a stand for what he believes in.  with mercury ruling the north node and mars ruling aries- the mars/north node trine earlier in the day is tied up with this aspect and can bring hugely significant ideas, information and/or communications into the mix today.  Stay open to hearing/speaking/seeing the Truth and to moving into new evolutionary directions right now!


tuesday march 14th-

Mercury in aries quincunxes the north node in virgo at 6:46pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the north node of evolution and destiny.  Mercury in aries wants to say what he thinks and feels and he does so in the moment!  Yet he can be rash, implusive and reactive in communication as he does not come with a great capacity to think first and count to 10 before speaking ;)  the north node in virgo demands discernment and awareness of the implications of saying or doing things in the long or short term.  Being able to reign in our ego desires so that we are acting and thinking from a place of Big Picture awareness is key today.

The Sun cojoins chiron at 24’42 pisces at 7:41pm, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Wounded Healer planetoid.  Sun/chiron brings potential for deep self awareness and healing- but if often comes by way of old wounds and pain arising pointing the spotlight on our core stuff that we keep playing out and getting stuck in.  over the next few days the sun will trigger the Saturn/chiron square- similar to how mercury and the full moon did earlier in the month.  Being willing to own where we are wounded, stuck in old patterns, in denial, escaping responsibility, turning to addictions to numb out and/or are spiritual bypassing in our lives is key to making this astrology work most for you.  Be willing to face you wounding/wounded patterns so that you can shift your relationship to them and stop acting out of them Unconsciously!


wednesday march 15th-

there are no major aspects today.


thursday march 16th-

at 11:44pm Uranus in aries cojoins eris at 22’54 aries- aligning the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener with the Goddess of discord and chaos!  the first of the Uranus/eris conjunctions occurred 6/8/16 and the second was on 9/25/16.   This is the 3rd and final alignment between these two whose main focus has been to disrupt the status quo, turn the apple cart upside down and reveal what is going on beneath the surface.  Think back to last june and see how life- personally and collectively- has turned upside down!  This astrology can feel chaotic and destabilizing but the key is to realize that eris only seeks to reveal what is truly going on.  Her intention is not to create chaos where there was none but to instead strip back the surface of denial so that we are all forced to see what truly lies underneath. Only then are we empowered to truly change things in true activist fashion.  Having healthy outlet for anger and rage is key right now as it can be up big time.  Taking action needs to be coming from a place of awareness not reactivity and impulsivity or it could cost you.


friday march 17th-

the sun in pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius at 2:48pm, bringing tension and friction between our ideals and dreams and the reality that is actually playing out in life right now.  Sun/Saturn can be great for getting real, serious and focused- but if we ungrounded and not wanting to face or deal with reality then this can be a very in-your-face time.  Any issues, obstacles or delays that arise now have their purpose and learning to navigate them wisely is key.  Being willing to look at where we have been in denial, buried our heads in the sand or otherwise avoided taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions or decisions in life is key right now.


saturday march 18th-

at 5:27am mercury cojoins retrograde venus at 9’05 aries, aligning the mind with the heart in significant ways.  Insights, information or communication in or about relationships or finances can be the focus.  Remember venus is retrograde so we are all in a period of reevaluating our relationships, needs, desires and values.  Getting clear on what is working and what is not is the first step in discerning what can be done about it.  Pay attention to what you hear, say or think today


sunday march 19th-

there are no major aspects today.


have a lovely week!


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