weekly astrology forecast- week of 2/23-3/1

by | Feb 20, 2015 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are PST***

monday february 23rd-
the sun in pisces quincunxes retrograde juno in leo at 3:06am, creating tension and friction between our needs to merge and experience Union with others and our need to attend to our own desires, boundaries and sense of self. with juno involved this can come up in the context of committed relationships- with a need to find a better balance between self and other, give and take, being hidden and being seen. attending to imbalances in our relationship (inner and outer) so that we can work to find harmony in them is key today.

the sun in pisces squares saturn in sagittarius at 5:56am, creating tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the planet of limitation, construction and mastery. over the next 3 days the sun will trigger the saturn/neptune square- a long term transit that lasts until the end of 2016. saturn/neptune pits reality against dreams, the mundane against the spiritual. this is an aspect of spiritual crisis or spiritual mastery- and with the sun triggering it over the next few days we’d do well to pay attention to where the balance or imbalance between reality and ideals or dreams lies. sun/saturn can be a time that we see all that is NOT working in our lives- which can be depressing but it can also be very grounding as we are supported in seeing what IS rather than focusing our energies on ungrounded fantasies that many not take form. pay attention to what is up for you today and get clear on what the saturn/neptune square is going to ask of you in the coming couple of years.

tuesday february 24th-
at 1:31am venus in aries trines retrograde juno in leo, harmoniously aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage and commitment. with both bodies in fire signs there is a focus on passion, creativity, self-expression and having fun in relationships right now. we are supported in finding balance between what we want (venus) and what we need (juno) in relationships in our lives right now.

venus in aries trines saturn in sagittarius at 6:58am, harmoniously aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the planet of stability, commitment and tradition. venus/saturn is great for deepening commitments and getting more serious in Love, money or creative endeavors. venus in aries has passions and saturn in sadge supports her in anchoring those passions into the material world.

wednesday february 25th-
mars in aries trines retrograde juno in leo at 4:30am, aligning the will, warrior and drive with the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage and commitment. right now a Grand Fire Trine is forming between venus and mars (the Divine Lovers), juno and saturn- bringing a lot of powerful, solidifying and grounding energy to partnerships, relationships and commitments. we are supported in getting clear on what we want and need and then sharing that with important others in our lives so that connections we have are based on mutual exchange and meeting of each other’s needs- but not excessively to the point of codependency. we are also meant to meet our own needs and not demand that others do the very things for us that we cannot do ourselves. working towards the end-goal of integration and wholeness benefits all relationships- and is a wonderful foundation upon which to build relationships that will last far into the future!

mars in aries trines saturn in sagittarius at 7:08pm, harmoniously aligning the will, warrior and drive and the planet of mastery, integrity and personal responsibility. mars/saturn helps us to discipline and contain our impulsive, restless ego selves in ways that support taking action with awareness of the long term consequences and rewards. we can really move mountains today if we want. keep your eye on the goal and be ready to work hard to realize it.

the sun cojoins neptune in pisces at 8:55pm, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet that dissolves ego boundaries. sun/neptune is great for intuition, creativity, inspiration and spiritual pursuits- but sun/neptune also dissolves ego boundaries in ways that are not super healthy. being aware of any tendencies towards playing the martyr or victim, engaging in codependent or enabling relationships or being in denial or avoidance of dealing with reality is key right now. use the sun/neptune energy to tap into the unseen dimension beyond for best results.

thursday february 26th-
the only major aspect today is exact at 10:22am when venus in aries semisextiles neptune in pisces, harmoniously aligning the lower heart with the Higher Heart. the the lower heart (venus) in the sign of action, initiative and pursuit of the heart’s desires linking up with the Higher Heart in the sign of Unconditional Love, service and altruism- we are supported today in linking alpha (aries) and omega (pisces), yang and yin in ways that benefit our relationships and interactions with others. taking our deep Love and empathy and using it in service for something greater is supported today. it’s also a great day for romance and deep heart connections with others (romantic or not)- so make use of the sweet energy available to you today!

friday february 27th-
at 2:04am mercury in aquarius trines the north node in libra and sextiles the south node in aries, bringing in evolutionary and growth oriented communication, thinking and connections with others. this is the 3rd and final aspect mercury makes with the north node due to mercury’s retrograde journey- so think back to 1/14 and 1/28 when these aspects were also made to get insight into what Higher information or illumination has been trying to come into your life the last two months. the mind is being aligned (or realigned) with our personal and collective path of destiny, growth and evolution. stay open to new ideas and inspiration that comes seemingly out of nowhere!

the last aspect of the day and month involves retrograde jupiter in leo quincunx to pluto in capricorn (exact at 3:11pm), echoing the jupiter/pluto aspect that was made on 9/5/14. this aspect will be made one more time in the summer and it activates a yod that is currently in effect between jupiter, chiron and pluto. this yod is very powerful and it is bringing us all opportunities to heal around our self confidence, our egos, and our ability to embody Who We Really Are. jupiter/pluto brings tension and friction between the planet of expansion, abundance and growth and the lord of the underworld! this is a great aspect for empowerment and generating spiritual or material wealth. yet these two are in tense aspect- so we need to be aware of power/control dynamics and overblown ego games. steer clear of these and play all games above board- or better yet don’t play games at all!

saturday february 28th-
the first aspects of the day are not until night time! at 9:20pm the sun in pisces semisextiles venus in aries, harmoniously aligning the conscious self and ego with the Goddess of Love and beauty. sun/venus is lovely for relationships and for finding balance between our own identity and goals and our interconnections and commitments to others. with the sun in the last sign of the zodiac and venus in the first- we have a linking of yin and yang energies in ways that support us finding balance within ourselves and as a result being able to find balance without in the relationships we are involved in.

sunday march 1st-
the first aspect of the day is exact at 7:44am when mars in aries semisextiles neptune in pisces, aligning the will, warrior and drive with the planet of compassion, mysticism and idealism. both the sun and venus have linked up with neptune and now it’s mars’ turn. it’s definitely a great week for romance, spirituality, creativity and artistic expression! when mars links up with neptune we have the capacity, drive and will to take our spiritual or compassionate ideals and visions and put them into practical application. the Highest expression of mars/neptune is the spiritual warrior- being able to take a stand for the things that matter and pursue our Soul’s desires over our ego’s desires is supported today!

all the other aspects today involve mercury, who is happily picking up speed now that he is moving in direct motion. at 7:55am mercury in aquarius sextiles uranus in aries and at 6:25pm mercury in aquarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn, creating an energetic connection between the mind and intellect and the uranus/pluto square. the aspects are harmonious so we are supported in opening our minds, seeing what we could not see before and doing something useful and perhaps liberating based on that information. pay attention to all communications, conversations, ideas and intuitions you have today- they can be just the thing you need to break free!

the only other aspect today is exact at 1:15pm when mercury in aquarius opposes retrograde jupiter in leo, pitting the conscious mind and intellect opposite the planet of expansion, optimism and excess. mercury/jupiter is great for communication, learning and seeing the Bigger Picture, but because this is an opposition we have to reign in our tendency to think we know it all or have it all figured out. communicating with others has to be balanced with listening to others today ;)

have a lovely week ahead…

~divine harmony

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