Saturday October 24th 2020

***all times are PST***

monday january 9th-
at 2:18am jupiter in libra sextiles juno in sagittarius, aligning the planet of expansion and positivity with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. juno is getting majorly activated in the first days of 2017. she trined uranus on 1/5, squared chiron 1/7, sextile jupiter today and cojoins saturn on 1/10. the uranus/chiron semisextile, the saturn/uranus trine, the jupiter/uranus opposition and the saturn/chiron square are all linking up with juno right now. big energies for transformation, evolution, healing and growth in partnerships are present right now (romantic, business, financial and otherwise)/ jupiter and juno are a couple in greek mythology as jupiter is zeus and juno is his wife hera. opportunties for growth and expansion in relationship is present right now. jupiter in libra requires we learn the art of relationship- give and take, self and other, my way and our way, what is good for me and what is good for the relationship. with juno in sadge- fostering indepedence and learning/growing/traveling together can bring much expansion and fun!

at 8:49am eris stations direct at 22’32 aries, bringing the Goddess of discord and chaos to a standstill in the sky. eris will make several aspects over the next week- trining saturn, squaring the sun, jupiter will oppose her and mars will harmoniously aspect her as well. lots of activation by the Goddess of Change! staying open to things being revealed- personally and politically- and doing things differently to effect a different outcome are recommended right now!

at 6:6pm the sun in capricorn parallels saturn in sagittarius, creating an aspect by declination between the conscious self and ego and the planet of mastery and maturity. on 1/12 these two will aspect each other by degree as well- making for a super aspect between these two that lasts the first 4 days of this week. sun/saturn is great for getting real, focused and getting the job done. the sun is already in saturn’s sign so the saturn energy of dealing with reality is extra potent today and throughout the first half of the week. use this astrology to get clear on your goals and take small, steady but powerful steps towards fully realizing them (just like the mountain goat!)

tuesday january 10th-
at 2:51am venus in pisces parallels the karmic south node in pisces, echoing the venus/south node conjunction by degree that happened on 1/8. with these two aspecting by degree and declination we have a super aspect in effect between them from 1/8-1/10. venus/south node aligns the Goddess of Love and beauty with the karmic south node of the past. the south node represents an energy that is easy and comfortable but also something we can default to and avoid growing into new uncharted territory. with venus on the south node there can be some interesting energies arising in relationships and finances right now. old patterns and old ways of being in relationship or dealing with money- particularly patterns that involve wearing rose colored glasses and choosing to be in denial/delusion or deceptive of self or others are up big time right now. old karmic relationships can be in focus right now- new people coming in or existing connections that have roots deep in the past (past lifetimes). but the lesson right now is to discern when something from the past was karmic and you want to complete it and when something is dharmic and can actually help you to heal, grow and evolve into the future. be aware of any tendencies you have to play out old behaviors and stay stuck in the same old patterns. opportunities to break free and move into new frequencies in relationship and financial abundance are present if you so choose. with venus exalted in pisces the Higher Heart energy is strong! coming from unconditional Love for self and others combined with healthy boundaries can be a positive and life expanding experience. try it ;)

the sun in capricorn squares uranus in aries at 8:22am, bringing a wake up/shake up energy into the day! over the next 3 days the sun will trigger the uranus/eris conjunction- the alignment of the rebel and revolutionary with the Goddess of discord and chaos. with the sun in capricorn- a sign known to like order, continuity and the familiar- this astrology can be unexpected, unnerving and even anxiety producing. being willing to let go of old structures/traditions/obligations in order to open up to the new is key right now.

at 5:38pm saturn cojoins juno at 22’29 sagittarius, aligning the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage with the planet of karma, discipline, commitment and self-mastery. saturn/juno is great for commitment, loyalty and relationships that can go the distance. using saturn’s energy to stay connected even when it’s touch and big lessons are up is key. this also bodes well for business partnerships that are formed based on reality, honesty and maturity. just watch out for the shadow side of saturn/juno- fear of commitment or intimacy or holding onto to relationships that are well past their expiration date. if it can still help you grow it can be good- if it holds you back from growing it may be time to let it go. the saturn/chiron square has triggered juno in the last week- but so has the jupiter/uranus opposition. there are intense things arising in relationship right now but also amazing opportunities for growth and expansion. the key is to make sure you do your inner work as any outer connection can only evolve as far as you have evolved for yourself ;) (so don’t expect to leave something without doing your own work to shift things otherwise you will attract a similar experience in the future).

juno in sagittarius trines stationary direct eris in aries at 8:38pm, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the Goddess of discord and chaos! luckily this aspect is harmonious- helping us to bring much needed change into existing relationships in our lives. eris is not malevolent- she only turns the applecart upside down when we are refusing to deal with the toxicity that lies underneath situations or in ourselves. when we use her energy wisely she helps us to see what needs to be seen so we can deal with it and move on! relationships of all kinds benefit from radical honesty and a willingness to see our own stuff and grow.

at 11:15pm mars in pisces sextiles pluto in capricorn, aligning the lower will with the Higher will in positive, transformational ways! mars/pluto can help us get our egos on board with the work we need to do to transform and evolve in our lives right now. mars is in mystical, creative pisces and pluto is in grounded, practical capricorn. bridging worlds- scared and mundane- is the path to mastery right now. mars/pluto gives us a lot of strength and endurance to stand the test of time and get things done! use this energy wisely today.

wednesday january 11th-
at 2:53am saturn in sagittarius trines stationary direct eris in aries (she just went direct on 1/9). saturn is an anchoring, grounding energy. he brings in mastery, maturity and the ability to reign things in in masterful ways. with this link with eris, the Goddess of discord and chaos, he is helping us to master and wisely use the chaos energy right now. chaos is not bad- sometimes when things have gotten stuck and stagnant we need upheaval to wake us up out of our stupors! enter uranus and eris who have been conjunct since june 2017 and their last conjunction is incoming in march of this year. this is wake up/shake up energy and luckily saturn is helping us to use this energy with maturity and an eye to the future and the long term implications of radical, revolutionary actions taken today. when life feels upside down sometimes it’s us who have to change! radical, revolutionary change is incoming- personally, politically and collectively. harness it and make it work for you!

the sun in capricorn sextiles chiron in pisces at 3:35am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Wounded Healer planetoid. sun/chiron is a lovely aspect that helps us to see ourselves more clearly- our wounds and pain, also our Light and capacity to help, heal and serve others. with earthy capricorn linking with spiritual, otherwordly pisces this astrology can support us in having one foot in both worlds- sacred and mundane, practical and mystical. healing around the self, ego and identity is also supported today. knowing who we are at our essence- and allowing the fulness of that to come through- allows us to fulfill our dharmic path and massion here on planet earth!

venus in pisces parallels neptune in pisces at 8:20pm, creating an alignment between the lower heart and Higher Heart in loving, creative and spiritual ways. venus cojoins neptune by degree tomorrow- so over the next 24 hours we have a super aspect between these two that amplifies and perhaps exacerbates their energies together! venus/neptune can bring revelry, idealism, romance, creativity and mystical states. yet from 1/8-1/12 we had venus triggering the neptune/south node conjunction (with two super aspects between venus/south node and venus/neptune to boot!) which can exacerbate the shadow side of pisces: denial, delusion, confusion, illusion, deception of self or others, addiction, escapsim, codependency, unhealthy or nonexistent boundaries and spiritual bypassing. because this is venus we are talking about any of these shadow tendencies expressing in romantic relationships or in regards to finances needs to be looked at. there is a desire for that which is transcendant right now- which is not a bad thing! just watch out for an aversion to reality and a desire to not see or own the shadow ;)

at 8:43pm the sun in capricorn squares jupiter in libra, bringing tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the planet of expansion but also exacerbation. sun/jupiter is great for optimism, taking risks and having fun! we just need to be aware of where this goes overboard so that we don’t over do it, over spend, overeat, overextend with no sense of healthy limitation or restriction. balance is key.

thursday january 12th-
the full moon at 22’27 cancer is exact at 3:34am PST- marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in capricorn on 12/28/16. with the cancer/capricorn axis there can be things up right now around home family life and career/profession and how we balance the two (or not). there can also be some big stuff up around parental dynamics- both in our home/family lives and archetypally in the collective. looking at where we play the parent or the child in relationships with others- rather than operating from a place of equals- can be illuminating right now. this full moon is opposite the sun and pluto- which can make it particularly intense emotionally and deeply revealing so pay attention to what is going on in your personal life and also in the political sphere. with the moon opposite the sun/pluto conjunction- all 3 bodies are square jupiter opposite uranus- so this full moon is a Cardinal Grand Cross full moon. a pressure cooker for sure!!! there can be upheaval energy in home/family dynamics, emotionally, related to the past and to our sense of safety and security right now. the key is to be able to discern what is toxic and needs to be let go of versus what is worthwhile and can be evolved or transformed. for more information on this lunation check the lunar insight posted a few days to a week before the full moon is exact.

at 5:24am the sun in capricorn squares now direct eris in aries, bringing tension between the ego and the Goddess of discord and chaos. if we have crystalized in our ideas about ourselves and the world around us- resisting the new and seeing things in a different way- this kind of astrology can upset the apple cart! make sure to have healthy outlets for anger and rage- as suppressed anger and rage can get explosive right now!

mercury, now direct, moves back into capricorn at 6:03am, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from fire to earth, spirit to body, optimism to realism. mercury in capricorn is a great time for research, pragmatism, seriousness and deep focus. where mercury in sadge flew from idea to idea, mercury in capricorn sticks with one idea to see it through (even when/if it loses its novelty and starts to get boring). being cautious and thinking things through rather than taking risks is recommended right now. just watch out for the shadow side of mercury in capricorn: depression, conventional thinking and refusing to change your mind ;) keep in mind mercury is still in his back end shadow of his retrograde- he is going over all the degrees and making most all of the same aspects he made twice already. we are not out of the back end shadow until 1/28 and then a few days later we have the mercury/pluto conjunction (1/29)- so there’s still more underworld energy present with a need to get to the bottom of things! stay open to seeing/hearing/understanding yourself, others and the world around you in a new way.

the sun in capricorn semisextiles saturn in sagittarius at 8:32am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of mastery, maturity and karma. sun/saturn is great for getting real, focused and getting the job done. the sun is already in saturn’s sign so the saturn energy of dealing with reality is extra potent today. use this astrology to get clear on the goal and take small, steady but powerful steps towards fully realizing it (just like the mountain goat!)

at 1:54pm venus cojoins neptune at 10’02 pisces, aligning the lower heart with the Higher Heart in the sign that venus is exalted in. this aspect can bring revelry, idealism, romance, creativity and mystical states. yet from 1/8-1/12 we had venus triggering the neptune/south node conjunction which can exacerbate the shadow side of pisces: denial, delusion, confusion, illusion, deception of self or others, addiction, escapsim, codependency, unhealthy or nonexistent boundaries and spiritual bypassing. because this is venus we are talking about any of these shadow tendencies expressing in romantic relationships or in regards to finances needs to be looked at. there is a desire for that which is transcendant right now- which is not a bad thing! just watch out for an aversion to reality and a desire to not see and own the shadow ;)

the sun in capricorn semisextiles juno in sagittarius at 9:18pm, aligning the conscious self and ego with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. this is a great aspect for getting clear on relationship needs, agreements and commitments in our lives (both romantic, business and otherwise). finding a balance between connection with others and independence, learning by contraction (saying no to many things so you can say yes to one thing) and learning by expansion (moving beyond preconceived ideas into a new field of awareness) is key right now :)

friday january 13th-
happy friday the 13th! i personally love friday the 13th although western culture has a stigma about it being evil and unlucky. yet if you look deep into the roots of both friday and the number 13 you will find some interesting mysteries hidden there. friday is vendredi in french- named after the goddess Venus. yes, friday is venus’ day! 13 is also deeply connected to the Goddess- it is one of her sacred numbers and is mystically connect to the moon- one of the Goddess’ sacred planets. there are 13 lunar (moon) cycles each year and the progressed moon moves 13 degrees each year as well. let’s not forget the maligned 13th sign ophiuchus which is associated with kundalini, healing and magic (all Dark Goddess areas of expertise) and the debased 13th apostle- Mary Magdalene- and maybe you can start to see the funny distorted picture? we call a day that is most connected to the Goddess evil- just as we have demonized, repressed and controlled the empowered Divine Feminine for millenia. anyone else out there ready to change the tradition!?! if so- do something to celebrate the Goddess (within and without) today!

there are no major aspects today but there are some pretty significant aspects by declination. at 2:09pm the sun parallels pluto and at 11:02pm the sun parallels mercury. tomorrow mercury will paraellel pluto- so the sun is triggering the super aspect between mercury and pluto that runs from 1/14-1/29. super aspects amplify but also exacerbate the energy of the two bodies in aspect to each other. if you recall in my mercury retrograde astrology blog i talked about how mercury stationed retrograde very close to pluto back in december and he will perfect his conjunction to pluto right after he exits his back end shadow end of january (1/29)- so the mercury/pluto aspect has been a big signature of the entire mercury retrograde journey. this is big energy for diving deep, getting to the root and Truth of matters and penetrating beyond the facade. yet it can also unearth some pretty big shadow within and without that needs to be seen, owned and addressed. any tendency to want to see the shadow without but not the shadow within can create some pretty big shadow dynamics in our lives- so be aware and be willing to dive down deep and own your stuff right now ;) pay close attention to what occurs this weekend in communication, thinking or information received (personally, politically, collectively and otherwise). it can be very revealing! in a good way or in a shocking way- but either way the Truth shall set you free! (if you have not read it you can find that here-

saturday january 14th-
at 3:14am venus in pisces contraparallels uranus in aries and at 6:22am venus in pisces parallels jupiter in libra- bring a declination trigger of the jupiter/uranus opposition. the 1st of 3 jupiter/uranus oppositions occurred on 12/26- and these two will aspect by declination twice in january (1/19 and 1/31)- making for a super apsect between these two that lasts from end of december throughout january! with venus triggering both there can be some wake up/shake up energy playing out in relationships, finances, our values and self worth. jupiter is in venus’ sign- helping us to grow and learn how to be in relationship. venus is in her sign of exaltation- bringing our lower desires and personal needs into a Higher frequency where compassion, unconditional Love and care for others is the focus. staying open to shifts and evolution in relationships, finances and in our spiritual lives is key right now :) unexpected change for the better can be incoming!

mercury in capricorn parallels pluto in capricorn at 9:03am, aligning the mind and intellect with the Lord of the Underworld. these two came very close to aligning back in december when mercury stationed retrograde and they will perfect their conjunction on 1/29 once mercury has moved out of his backend shadow. because today they aspect by declination and on 1/29 they aspect by degree we have a super aspect between these two for the last 1/2 of january! it’s time to dive deep and have penetrating and revealing communications with ourselves, others and the world around us. seeing the shadow, going beyond the surface and being willing to question ‘what we have always done’ is key right now. this is exceptional astrology for shadow work. just steer clear of power/control dynamics with others- particularly via intense communications where one is trying to dominate the other. finding middle ground is not easy but is required for transformation, rather than destruction, right now.

the sun in capricorn squares ceres in aries at 2:07pm, bringing focus to home/family dynamics as well as environmental issues and things going on with Mother Earth. remember in previous blogs i talked about the uranus/eris/ceres triple conjunction that began in june 2016 and lasts through this month (with the last uranus/eris conjunct in in march but by then ceres will be in taurus). we just had ceres conjunct eris on 12/31- and now the sun is squaring both of them this week! being willing to look at and address what is NOT working in family situations or environmentally is key right now. if we keep on doing what we have always done- we will keep on getting what we have always got. to have a different outcome we need to be willing to make some radical changes. as within, so without- so start with yourself, then extend to your personal life/relationships. the energy you build by doing this will contribute to the collective and bring possibilities for a global shift of major significance!

sunday january 15th-
the only major aspect today is exact at 11:29am when mars in pisces semisextiles uranus in aries, aligning the warrior with the rebel and revolutionary in harmonious ways! mars is in the last sign of the zodiac and uranus is in the first- linking omega and alpha, endings with new beginnings. mars/uranus is great for being innovative and taking outside-of-the-box action in our lives. doing things differently- even in wild and crazy ways- can generate new energy and break us out of ruts! go for it! mars will trigger the uranus/chiron semisextile today and tomorrow- so opportunities for waking up and healing in regards to our masculine energies or with men in our lives is incoming. but in order to heal you have to feel- so don’t check out or escape. stay with what arises- be present to it and allow it to lead you through and beyond to liberation and healing!

have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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