Thursday January 23rd 2020

***all times are PST***

monday november 27th-
at 3:48am venus in scorpio quincunxes retrograde uranus in aries, creating tension with a need for adjustment between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener. venus in scorpio wants depth and intimate connection. she always wants rawness and Truth. uranus on the other hand wants space, freedom and lightness of being. with both bodies in mars’ ruled signs passion can run high but so can anger, aggression and the desire for dominance. staying open to shifts and changes in relationships, finances and our values is key. if you are not conscious of your need for space and freedom you may act it out in Unconscious ways or attract Unconscious projections of it into your life. see yourself in the mirror reflections of Others in your life for real awakening.

at 4:21pm mars in libra squares juno in capricorn, creating tension and friction between the will and drive and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. today there is a potent T square formed between mars in libra, juno in capricorn and eris in aries (mars opposes eris and they both square juno) which can bring intensity into relationships, contracts and partnerships (romantic, business or financial). watch out for contention, arguments, passive aggressiveness and power/control dynamics unearthing in relationships. holding onto old ways of doing and being that are no longer serving (shadow juno in capricorn) or being passive aggressive (mars in libra) is not helpful right now! change is happening and we can either move with the changes or we can be dragged kicking and screaming!

mars in libra opposes retrograde eris in aries at 6:55pm, bringing wake up/shake up energy between the will and drive and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! from 11/19 mars started to make a series of intense aspects to pluto, today eris, and soon chiron and uranus. this is bringing focus to relationships in our lives- romantic, business and otherwise- helping us to see where things are out of balance and not working right. eris reveals the shadow underneath- and in aries that shadow could be related to anger, rage and places where we sweep these under the carpet to keep the peace. being willing to bring into the Light that which needs addressing is necessary right now!

at 8:45pm juno in capricorn squares retrograde eris in aries, bringing upsets and revelations into relationships of all kinds (romantic, marriage, business and financial). remember eris comes into reveal where things are out of balance/out of integrity. she does not just come into to stir the pot unnecessarily. she reveals what others are not looking at or are pretending is not there. using this powerful energy wisely is key. being willing to see and own our shadow and breathe new life and energy into relationships OR terminating them if they clearly are not working is key.

at 10:58pm mercury cojoins saturn at 27’35 sagittarius, aligning the mind and intellect with the planet of karma and mastery on the Galactic Center (GC)! this is the 1st of 3 mercury/saturn conjunctions as mercury is about to station retrograde in a couple of days time (12/2). pay close attention to the reality checks, serious conversations and places in your life where you are being asked to step it up and get more integrous, honest and aligned. important messages or insights incoming can be illuminating considering the GC is involved. stay open to home Truths revealing themselves- about yourself, others and the world around you. the Truth can set you free- but first it might piss you off ;)

tuesday november 28th-
there are no major aspects today.

wednesday november 29th-
at 3:11am venus in scorpio semisextiles saturn in sagittarius, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the planet of mastery and commitment. venus/saturn can be great for commitment and mastery around Love and money situations. being willing to hold out for long term benefits rather than short term rewards is a gift of venus/saturn!

at 2:47pm the sun in sagittarius sesquiquadrates retrograde eris in aries, creating a minor but tense aspect between the conscious self and ego and that likes to see the positive side of things and eris who likes to reveal the shadow. being willing to see what is going on behind the scenes and address it is key. watch out for being too Big Picture thinking without seeing/addressing the details and in particular the shadow. if you can only see the Light/positive and are avoiding seeing what is negative- the astrology this week could be about helping you to wake up so you can see it ALL.

mercury in sagittarius semisextiles venus in scorpio at 10:00pm, aligning the mind and the heart in harmonious ways. this is a great aspect for communicating from the heart- sharing both thoughts and feelings with others. venus in scorpio is deep, passionate and interested in the hidden shadows while mercury in sadge is Light and likes to see the positive side of things. finding balance between the two makes for transcendent AND deep communications and connections with others right now.

pluto in capricorn quincunxes the north node in leo at 10:34pm, creating tension between the Lord of the Underworld and the node of destiny and evolution. wherever capricorn and leo fall in our natal charts- these areas are at odds right now. the capricorn focus is what we are holding onto/stuck in/playing out old paradigms. it’s also where we are overly responsible or even shut down at the expense of our inner child, creativity and FUN! the leo north node asks us to come into better relationship with our inner child. this is a call to authenticity, self-expression, creativity and playfulness. it’s also a call to come more into the heart and alignment with our deepest passions. if we are holding ourselves back from what we truly Love- this transit can put the pressure on us to transform and change. too much adherence to obligations, expectations, rules and regulations can keep us in a box of our own making. now it’s time to break free and we can choose that consciously or pluto can drag us kicking and screaming ;) the old is moving out- the new is coming in! be a facilitator of your own evolutionary process!

thursday november 30th-
at 12:26am mars in libra quincunxes retrograde chiron in pisces- creating tension and friction between the will, warrior and drive and the Wounded Healer planetoid. mars/chiron brings up deep old wounds and pain around our masculine sides or around men in our lives. any issues around anger, aggression, taking action, taking a stand, saying no or setting boundaries can arise for us to face today. both libra and pisces are signs that tend to over focus on others at the expense of the self. not losing the self in others and being able to set and maintain boundaries is key for personal health as well as the health of any relationships we may be in. it’s a great day to be in therapy or getting body work. any healing modalities utilized today can assist you in getting into your core wound- not so you can stay stuck there but so that you can truly feel ALL if it and release the Unconscious hold it has on you.

at 3:02pm the sun in sagittarius semisquares juno in capricorn, creating tension between the conscious self that sees the positive and the Goddess of partnership and commitment that sees reality. remember juno was just in an intense configuration with mars and eris earlier in the week and the sun is now triggering them by minor aspect from wednesday to saturday. all week long the tension and intensity in relationships, contracts and commitments- business, financial, romantic and otherwise- are high. navigating this terrain with consciousness so that we are seeing not just the positive/what is possible but also the shadow and what is not working is necessary.

friday december 1st-
venus moves out of scorpio and into sagittarius at 1:14am, shifting the Goddess of Love and beauty from water to fire, shadow to Light. venus in scorpio was passionate, intense and possessive- while venus in sagittarius values her freedom and prefers to traverse the heights than the depths! venus in sadge is a great time to travel, explore and expand our minds and hearts. just watch out for the shadow side of venus in sadge- always thinking the grass is greener on the other side ;)

at 2:05am mars in libra opposes retrograde uranus in aries, creating tension between the will and drive and the rebel and revolutionary! this is a powerhouse aspect that can express as radical change and innovation or it can express as impulsivity, reactivity and unexpected events that turn us upside down. being aware of how we express our will, drive and anger is so important right now- as Unconscious expressions of this energy can result in accidents and bridges burning that cannot be rebuilt. relationships are in the midst of activation and change right now! and any facades we may be living under can be destabilized right now!

the sun in sagittarius sesquiquadrates retrograde uranus in aries at 3:54pm, aligning the conscious self and ego with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener! with mars uranus this morning and then sun uranus in the afternoon- the entire day is filled with uranian energy which is electric, destabilizing and unexpected. having healthy outlets for anger and rage is important right now as any anger or rage stuffed OR reactively expressed can cause problems right now.

retrograde chiron in pisces sextiles juno in capricorn at 4:05pm, aligning the Wounded Healer with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. this is a lovely aspect that supports healing and expanded heart awareness in relationships and commitments in our lives. connecting with others via an open heart, compassion, empathy and vulnerability can be deeply healing right now. the right balance between openness (chiron in pisces) and healthy boundaries (juno in capricorn) brings deeper connection in relationships right now.

saturday december 2nd-
at 12:09am ceres cojoins the north node at 17’27 leo, aligning the Great Mother with the node of destiny and evolution. ceres is slowly coming to a standstill- as she stations retrograde on 12/16. right now there’s a potent alignment of ceres on the north node with both quincunx pluto. the exact pluto/ceres quincunx is not until 6/3/18 but this month that alignment is being energized. ceres/north node reminds us that our evolution and growth requires nurturing and caring for the child within. the north node in leo is a call to expand our self-expression, creativity and passions in life! ceres on the north node remind us that this needs to come from our heart- not our head. loving and nurturing ourselves, others and the world around us is key. yet with ceres and the north node quincunx pluto there can be some big time intensity playing out in home/family situations, with children, or regarding the child within. from a more mundane perspective ceres also has to do with Mother Earth, the environment and our precious natural resources (food, air, water, earth). pluto/ceres can speak to massive shadow energies arising around how we are (or are NOT) taking care of Mother Earth, the environment, our natural resources and more. shadow situations arising need to be addressed asap- personally and globally.

at 3:22pm the sun in sagittarius semisquares mars in libra, aligning the conscious self and ego with the will and drive in tense ways. the sun has been triggering the mars/juno/eris T square all week long- bringing focus to the shadow that is coming to Light in relationships, commitments and contractual arrangements. sun/mars is a call to take positive action- but we need to make sure it’s coming from a grounded place and not from an impulsive or reactive one. there’s some extra fire in the air right now! wielding it wisely so it’s creative rather than destructive is key.

jupiter in scorpio trines neptune in pisces at 6:19pm, aligning the two planets of spirituality in auspicious and expansive ways! this really lovely transits helps us to access the depths, passion and transformative potential that jupiter’s journey through scorpio carries. this astrology is great for spiritual pursuits, mystical experiences, creativity, compassion, altruism, empathy and being of service. the heart is very open and Unconditionally Loving right now! this is great astrology for tapping into the deeper reservoirs of our Spirit and Soul. with both bodies in water our intuition, psychic perception and artistic energy is enhanced too! make use of this beautiful transit today and over the next 9 months (there will be 2 more aspects in 2018).

at 11:34pm mercury stations retrograde at 29’18 sagittarius, taking us into our last mercury Underworld journey of the year! mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise the past. yes it is a time when technology, commerce, travel and communications can go wonky. the key during mercury retrograde is to know that things may have to be redone or returned or we may have issues with travel and communication. if we go into this period knowing this and making space for it- it becomes less irritating and challenging. what mercury retrograde is GOOD for is going over the past. we can deal with unfinished things, complete things, get more information and do the work to see the whole picture. in sagittarius this Underworld journey is about Truth. what is Truth? spiritually, politically, philosophically and more? being willing to see where we don’t know it all or where we might be wrong is important right now. not all is being seen and our willingness to admit when we are wrong or are missing the whole picture is necessary. for more on this mercury retrograde journey check the astrology blog posted a few weeks ago (you can find in the toolbar under cosmic insight, astrology blog).

sunday december 3rd-
at 3:44am the sun in sagittarius squares neptune in pisces, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the planet of nebulousness and confusion. this can be great astrology for mysticism, meditation, creativity and inner journeys. but it’s not so great for clarity, discernment and seeing things realistically. watch out for illusion, delusion and deception- of self, by others or of others! seeing where we don’t want to see is not easy right now but necessary! too much idealism and seeing the positive at the expense of seeing the shadow and reality is not recommended right now!

at 6:01am the sun in sagittarius semisextiles jupiter in scorpio, aligning the conscious self with the planet of expansion and optimism! this is great for seeing the positive side of things and being willing to learn, grow and expand. just watch out for too muchness- as both sadge and jupiter don’t like limits, restriction or discipline of any kind ;) balance is key.

full moon at 11’40 gemini is exact at 7:47am PST, marking the midway point of the currently lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in scorpio on november 18th. that new moon (also lunar samhain) focused A LOT on the scorpio depths- with the sun, moon, venus, jupiter and vesta all in scorpio. in addition pluto was aligned with juno- pointing to transformation, evolution, death and rebirth occurring in relationships and partnerships of all kinds. with this full moon in gemini- there’s much coming up from underneath the surface particularly around information, communication and Truth. this full moon is almost EXACTLY square neptune- which points to confusion, illusion, deception, denial, escapism and something being nebulous and unclear. the gemini moon wants to be clear but clarity is not forthcoming. with the ruler of this lunation being mercury who just stationed retrograde late last night at the karmic 29th degree- this month’s Underworld journey is a huge one. mercury stationed conjunct saturn- conjunct him on 11/27 and will do so again on 12/6. this is a time to get real, masterful, discipline and attend to the bottom line. sadge likes to see the possibilities but saturn demands we see reality. of course with neptune square the full moon reality is hard to see. we need to be aware of where we may be deluding ourselves, in denial and outright avoiding reality. we also want to make sure others are being honest and above board with us- and make sure we are doing the same. for more on this lunation check the lunar insight posted a few days to a week before the full moon is exact.

venus in sagittarius semisquares pluto in capricorn at 8:11am, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the Lord of the Underworld. venus/pluto can be intense, deep and cathartic- but they can also unearth shadow and power/control dynamics in Love and money situations. relationships are in the midst of activation and change right now- our willingness to dive deep and address the hidden shadows is required for transformation.

at 8:14am retrograde uranus in aries squares juno in capricorn, creating tension between the rebel and revolutionary and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. the uranus/chiron semisextile has activated juno this week- bringing potential for healing and awakening in relationship! yet today with uranus tensely linked to juno- our willingness to break free from old patterns, old paradigms and stuck ways of doing relationship is key for the evolution. uranus shakes up relationships to wake them up- be it romantic, business or financial partnerships. change is in the air and there is no getting around it! so being willing to change and being willing to let go of old patterns/people/situations that do not support our growth is necessary.

at 11:23am mars in libra sesquiquadrates neptune in pisces, bring tension between the will and drive and the planet of illusion and idealism. with sun/neptune this morning and mars/neptune at night- both the masculine planets are in tense aspect to the planet of illusion. it’s really important that we are being above board, honest and in integrity right now. being willing to see where we are seeing what we want to see OR where we are portraying how we want to be seen- rather than seeing/portraying ourselves honestly and realistically is key. too much passiveness or desire to escape/check out can cause problems right now. addiction to the Light as a means to avoid the shadow can cost us. diving deep is the only way out and through!


~divine harmony

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