Tuesday June 15th 2021

***all times are PST***

monday january 15th-
venus in capricorn semisquares neptune in pisces at 1:47pm, creating tension between the lower heart and Higher Heart.  this can be great for compassion and empathy but it can also get exacerbated and create a tendency to wear rose colored glasses, see what we want to see, be in denial, delusion or avoidance of reality.  watch out for victim/martyr dynamics and steer clear of using substances/people/things as a means of escape.  use this energy to elevate the lower heart into the sphere of the Higher Heart.  unconditional Love for self and others is possible right now- it just needs to be balanced with grounding and healthy boundaries.

venus parallels pluto 5:49pm, echoing the venus/pluto/sun conjunction last week tuesday the 9th.  that was the day/morning of the horrific mudslides in montecito that took 19 lives (the latest number), destroyed 100 homes and partially destroyed hundreds of others.  we have essentially been having a super aspect between venus and pluto that lasted from last tuesday to this monday- and a super aspects between sun and pluto that lasted from last tuesday to last thursday.  this has been amplifying but also exacerbating the sun/venus/pluto energies.  with the Goddess of Love and beauty aligned with the Lord of the Underworld- venus/pluto has been taking us into very deep waters in Love, partnership, business and money situations.  this can be amazing for deep transformation regarding Love and money situations- but it can also unearth intensity in personal and business relationships.  pluto can bring shadow dynamics to Light and also initiate us into Underworld journeys.  he is also the planet of death and loss.  deep emotions are up right now- and navigating them with consciousness so that we can move through them and heal and not get stuck in them and drown in them is key.  have compassion for those around you right now- much intensity is up in the collective.  be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle.

at 8:13pm jupiter in scorpio sextiles pluto in capricorn for the 1st of 3 times throughout 2018 (the 2nd two will be 4/14 and 9/12).  with the planet of expansion and opportunity linking with the Lord of Transformation and Evolution- we have some very profound opportunities to get deep and majorly transform and evolve ourselves personally and collectively.  there is much power to harness right now and jupiter in pluto’s sign with pluto linking to him is helping us to do just that!  this can be exceptional for career success and evolution but also in regards to personal growth and inner work.  scorpio has passion and potency while capricorn has commitment and perseverance.  put the two together and we can move mountains right now.  channel this energy into what means the most in your life right now!

tuesday january 16th-
at 10:01am mercury cojoins mean black moon lilith at 7’38 capricorn, bringing an intensity and penetrating insight into communications, thinking, ideas and information.  this is great for plumbing the depths and getting to the root and Truth of matters.  but it can also be super intense in terms of both communication and thinking.  watch out for depression and getting stuck in the depths.  using lilith’s energy to see clearly into the shadows is supported right now.

the new moon at 26’54 capricorn is exact at 6:17pm PST, commencing a new lunar cycle that is focus on the foundations in our lives, work/career, structures and traditions, as well as the government and structures on the world stage.  capricorn is a HUGE focus in 2018- with saturn there, pluto there, mars retrograde there during the summer and the karmic south node heading there in november.  there is no escaping the intensity and transformative energies present in the capricorn part of our chart and the capricorn part of the sky!  we can either get with it and start working with these energies or we can be dragged kicking and screaming!!!  this new moon is conjunct venus, widely conjunct pluto, square uranus and eris, and sextile mars.  the mars/uranus quincunx is almost exact and it ties directly in with the new moon.  how we take action, how we wield our will and drive are very very important right now.  we want to be aware of the long term consequences of actions taken- but we need to balance that with a willingness to take risks and leap into the Unknown.  some of us are overly focused on security and safety while others of us tend towards impulsivity and restlessness.  true mastery requires we push past whatever is our particular growth edge.  because venus is involved- like she is in all 3 lunations this month (full moon on the 1st, new moon today and full moon eclipse on 31st)- relationships, Love and money situations, business partnerships and financial partnerships are in focus and in the midst of transformation.  for more on this lunation check the lunar insight posted a few days to a week before the new moon is exact.

wednesday january 17th-
at 4:05am the sun in capricorn semisquares neptune in pisces, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the planet of idealism, altruism, illusion and denial.  this can be a confusing time where it’s hard to see reality clearly.  a lot of emotions are up and the desire to escape, spiritually bypass and avoid reality are strong.  this can be great for meditation, contemplation and dreams- but not so great for being practical, logical and realistic.

venus at 29 capricorn squares pallas at 29 aries at 4:30am, creating tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and Beauty who values the past, the old and the familiar and the Warrior Goddess that is in the sign of the pioneer and change!  a push pull between creature comforts and going beyond our edge is up right now.  we need to be willing to see where we keep on doing the same old thing getting the same old result.  change needs to happen right now!

at 1:37pm mars in scorpio quincunxes uranus in aries, creating tension between the will and drive and the Rebel and Revolutionary.  uranus is in mars sign- and his electric and unexpected energy has a strong warrior/yang energy right now.  mars/uranus amplifies that and can also exacerbate that. watch out of anger, aggression and rage.  also watch out for accidents and even violence (extreme shadow manifestation).  finding healthy outlets for our anger and will is necessary.  anger is not a negative emotion- what we do with it determines if it is positive or negative.  anger is a motivator to act- and we want to be taking action from a conscious, aware place that is tuned into the Higher Mind.  if we can take our Higher Vision into the depths and the shadows- we can use this astrology in powerful ways for transformation and evolution for all!  blessed be!

venus moves out of capricorn and into aquarius at 5:44pm, shifting the Goddess of Love and beauty from earth to air, body to mind, stability to instability and change.  venus in aquarius values relationships that are evolutionary, unconventional and forward moving.  relationships that give us freedom to be ourselves are valued right now!  breathing new air/new life into Love and money situations is supported.  just watch out for the shadow of venus in aquarius:  being impersonal, detached emotionally and confusing independence with fear of intimacy and vulnerability.

thursday january 18th-
at 12:55am mercury in capricorn semisquares mars in scorpio, making for some intense communications, thoughts and information arising.  mercury/mars can be fiery, feisty, argumentative, reactive and impulsive.  luckily this aspect is in the early morning hours so may be more likely to show up during the dream time (unless you are out/up late).  be aware of communication and transportation.  lack of awareness can lead to conflicts and accidents.

at 10:02am mars in scorpio trines chiron in pisces, linking the will and drive with the Wounded Healer planetoid.  mars/chiron is lovely for healing and deepening of awareness around our will, drive and ego energies- as well as healing with the masculine within and without.  with both bodies in water signs there’s a deep emotional, intuitive and psychic energy present.  tapping into our depths, our feelings and emotions can be the Source of our wealth and joy today!

friday january 19th-
venus in aquarius sextiles vesta in sadge 11:21am, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the Priestess asteroid Goddess.  venus/vesta helps us to get focused in matters pertaining to the heart.  with both bodies in super independent signs we can get super focused on what we need for space, freedom and evolution via our relationships.  because venus also rules finances, values and self-worth- we can also be focused on these areas of life.  getting clear on what we need for our personal evolution and growth in all of our relationships (romantic, business, financial and otherwise) is supported today!

juno in aquarius opposes retrograde ceres in leo at 1:25pm, creating tension between the wife asteroid Goddess and the Mother asteroid Goddess.  this can bring up conflicts in partnerships of all kinds- polarizing between being committed to another person and being committed to family, children and caring for others.  interestingly juno is on the karmic south node- bringing up karmic energies in romantic relationships and business partnerships.  ceres is on the north node- pointing to our evolution and growth personally and collectively- as being tied up with caring for others, coming from the heart and attending to Mother Earth and the environment.  this can also bring up issues in current relationships in regards to us projecting our unresolved childhood issues and issues with parents (likely Mother issues but could be father issues too) onto others we are in partnership with.  opportunities to see old patterns we keep playing out in relationship are present right now!  it’s up to us to use the astrology to dig deep and face these inner shadows.

at 5:08pm mercury in capricorn sextiles neptune in pisces, linking the logical practical mind with the intuitive, otherworldly planet of mysticism.  mercury/neptune is great for intuition, imagination, empathy, creativity and mystical visions.  with mercury in earthy, grounded capricorn and neptune in his home sign of spiritual and transcendent pisces- we are supported in bridging the heavens and earth so that our spiritual vision can be grounded, embodied and practically applied in the real world and in our lives.

pallas moves out of aires and into taurus at 6:29pm, shifting the Warrior Goddess and Wisdom Goddess from air to earth, spirit to body.  pallas in taurus can take a stand for the environment and for physical safety and security.  she is very tuned into the physical world- and her focus is on justice and peace materially and physically.  demetra george says pallas in taurus fights for the land as is very involved in earth ecology and land reform.  she moves into taurus just in time as Mother Earth needs us all to fight for her!!!

the sun moves out of capricorn and into aquarius at 7:09pm, shifting the conscious self and ego from earth to air, body to mind, the past towards the future.  the coming month of the sun in aquarius is a time to break free, embrace change and do things differently!  this is a time to be social, be community oriented and join forces with Kindred Spirits to realize our goals!  just watch out for the shadow of the sun in aquarius: coming from the head disconnected from the heart, and being so addicted to being different and to change that we end up throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

the sun in aquarius squares pallas in taurus at 7:24pm.  both the sun and pallas are at 0 degrees of aquarius/taurus respectively- bringing turning points regarding Mother Earth, fighting for the land/environment and initiating radical changes, revolutionary ideas and getting community involved in the changes that need to happen on earth right now.

saturn parallels pallas at 8:44pm, bringing serious and focused energy to what needs to shift and change regarding Mother Earth and the environment.  this is a time to GET REAL, see reality and start taking the necessary steps to dealing with it.

saturday january 20th-
venus in aquarius semisextiles saturn in capricorn at 3:45pm, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the Great Task Master, Lord of Karma and Father of Time.  venus/saturn is great for getting focused, committed and realistic in matters of Love and money.  venus is in a saturn-ruled sign (saturn ruled aquarius before uranus was discovered)- which is of support.  venus in aquarius wants freedom and space in relationship- while saturn understands that sometimes we surrender our own needs and demands in order to be in commitment and relationship with others.  finding balance between individuality and commitment/partnership is key right now.

mercury in capricorn quincunxes retrograde ceres in leo at 7:00pm, creating tension between the conscious mind and intellect and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess.  mercury is triggering the ceres/NN/pluto quincunx between today and the 24th when mercury aligns with pluto.  this alignment is quite potent and intense bringing up big issues and even experiences of loss around safety, security, family, Mothers, children, fertility, pregnancy, women’s health issues (breasts and wombs particularly), Mother Earth and the environment.  the motencito mudslides, thomas fire, loss of Mothers/women/children, health issues and other events that people have been undergoing lately are all connected to this potent alignment.  with mercury involved- pay attention to communication, thoughts and ideas incoming right now.  information incoming can shed Light on what this potent alignments is about and what we are going to be journeying with in the coming 6 months (the last ceres/NN conjunction is 4/30 and the exact pluto/ceres quincunx is in june 2018).

sunday february 21st-
mercury in capricorn semisextiles juno in aquarius at 1:33pm, aligning the mind and intellect with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage.  communications and information arising right now about partnerships- financial, business, marriage and committed partnerships- can be insightful right now.  pay attention to what you think, hear, say or otherwise realize right now.  with mercury triggering ceres/NN and pluto in the coming days- deep and penetrating insights as well as intense realizations are possible.  staying open to receiving them is key.

at 11:52pm mercury in capricorn quincunxes the north node in leo, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the north node of destiny and evolution.  if we are overly rigid, conforming, controlling or fearful- we can miss the messages coming in right now.  the north node in leo is asking us to come from the heart, not the mind.  it is also asking us to follow our bliss- which often is the opposite direction of following the path of safety, security and the known.  pay attention to information, communications, dreams or thoughts that arise today- they can be clearly showing you where your default is and what you need to do to move into a new direction!

wishing you a gracefully deep week…

~divine harmony

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