Friday August 17th 2018

***all times are PST***

monday january 1st 2018-
happy new year!!!

the first aspect of the day, week and year occurs at 12:51pm when mercury in sagittarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn, psychopomp and guide to the Souls (mercury) with the Lord of the Underworld (pluto) where the Souls go after they die.  this lovely link supports us in getting deeper in communication, thinking and contemplation.  research, investigation and getting to the root and Truth of matters is the focus.  this is a great time to be in therapy or to be doing any kind of excavation of Truth work!  mercury has made this aspect to pluto a total of 3 times due to his recent retrograde journey.  pay attention to the insights, realizations, communications and Truths coming to Light right now.  they can be deep, profound and liberating!

the first full moon of the year occurs at 6:24pm with the full moon in cancer!  this full moon marks the midpoint of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Center on 12/17/17.  massive downloads of High Frequency information and illumination are possible.  but we must remember that lots of Light tends to illuminate the darkest shadows as well.  this full moon opposes lots of capricorn placements (saturn/lilith/sun/venus/pluto)- bringing into focus parent/child dynamics, safety/security issues and deep karmic patterns passed down ancestrally and perhaps even throughout humanity.  this can be a highly emotional full moon- but luckily it is in a Grand Water Trine with mars, jupiter and neptune.  if we can take action from the Higher Heart and allow the Higher Self to guide us, we can start this new year on a powerful note.  this full moon also reminds us that to truly move forward and evolve we must deal with and address the past.  if you have not seen the lunar insight i posted on this full moon you can find that under the astrology blog (it was posted on 12/27/17).

tuesday january 2nd-
at 1:37am the sun in capricorn sextiles neptune in pisces, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of mysticism, spirituality and compassion.  sun/neptune is dreamy, romanctic, mystical and loving.  taking time to turn within and access the richness of Spirit hidden within ourselves and the material world is key.  tapping into intuition, paying attention to dreams, accessing creativity and more are all supported right now!

jupiter in scorpio squares retrograde ceres in leo at 6:04am, creating tension between the planet of expansion and excess and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess.  we are currently in a powerful alignment of ceres with the north node and both quincunx to pluto.  intensity and shadow dynamics coming to Light around home/family situations, relationships with children, the environment and how we disrespect the feminine and the Great Mother are in focus right now.  jupiter is exacerbating this dynamic as jupiter is linking with ceres, the north node and pluto very end of 2017 and throughout the first month of 2018.  focusing on proper balance of self care and care of others and the world around us is key.

at 6;11am uranus stations direct at 24’34 capricorn, making the rebel revolutionary and Great Awakener the most powerful planet in the sky!  the past several months of uranus retrograde has been a time to focus the energies of change and revolution within, but now that he is waking from his slumber we can expect some big shifts and outer movement in our personal and collective lives. this week/month the electric, sudden and impulsive energy can be high! our need to change and be free needs to be balanced with some grounding and stability or we will feel like we have been plugged into an electric outlet that is giving more energy that we can process. watch out for anger and aggression (in yourself, in others)- both are likely to be high right now. with this powerful shift occuring two days into the new year know that the trickster energy is dominating the scenes right now. stay open to shifts and changes- but watch out for impulsivity, anger and conflict orientation at home and in the world around you today! use uranus’ energy to be out with the old and in with the new! just make sure you can determine which is the baby and which is the bathwater ;)

wednesday january 3rd-
at 9:38am venus in capricorn sextiles neptune in pisces, aligning the lower heart with the Higher Heart in sweet and loving ways.  venus/neptune is great for romance, spirituality, compassion and creativity.  there’s a lovely neptune vibe present at the start of the year which supports being of service, being altruistic and rising into a Higher Heart frequency right now.  with venus in earthy capricorn and neptune in watery, mystical pisces- bridging the idealistic/romantic/mystical with the material via embodiment is supported right now.

stationary uranus in aries quincunxes vesta in scorpio at 2:36pm, creating tension between the rebel and revolutionary and the priestess asteroid Goddess.  shocking or unexpected things coming to Light are possible right now- particularly shadow dynamics not out in the open.  spiritual awakenings and seeing beyond the veil are supported as well.  with both signs ruled by mars- having healthy outlets for anger and rage is key.  watch out for power/control dynamics with others!  an awakening of the warrior Goddess energy is present right now- channel it wisely!

saturn in capricorn sesquiquadrates the north node in leo at 3:38pm, creating tension between the Lord of Karma and the node of evolution and destiny.  saturn tensely aspects both nodes- bringing tension and karmic circumstances into focus.  the north node is where we are going and the south node is what we are leaving behind- yet saturn’s tense aspects bring a sense of blockage, restriction or limitation.  a sense of feeling stuck is possible right now- but the key is not to give up but to instead persevere, stay the course and have patience.  this, too, shall pass!

at 10:10pm chiron in pisces trines vesta in scorpio, aligning the Wounded Healer planetoid with the Priestess asteroid Goddess.  sweet, spiritual and healing energy permeates the priestess tonight.  tapping into and trusting our intuition, instincts and psychic inner knowing is key.  accessing the depths of scorpio and the heights of pisces can help us see the whole picture- not just the trees, but the entire forest.  with the uranus/chiron semisextile activating vesta- there’s an awakening happening with women and priestess energy right now. tap into it and make use of it!

thursday january 4th-
at 4:53pm mars in scorpio squares nodes, creating tension and friction between the will and drive and the nodes of destiny and karma.  we are at a turning point in our evolution- personally and collectively.  which path will we tread?  the old path of karma that keeps on going ad nausea?  or a new path that takes us into new, uncharted territory?  being wise in our use of anger, will and drive is key.  when we act from the head but not from the heart repercussions will reverberate throughout time (and timelines).  self mastery and a capacity to respond rather than react is key!

saturn in capricorn sesquiquadrates retrograde ceres in leo at 7:41pm, bringing reality checks and a need to see what is really going on in home/family situations, in the world around us, regarding the environment, the food and water supply, the air we breathe and more.  seeing the karmic patterns we keep playing out and how we do the very things to perpetuate them is key.  change must start from within!

mars in scorpio squares retrograde ceres in leo at 11:27pm, creating tension between the will and drive and the Great mother asteroid Goddess.  mars is triggering the ceres/north node alignment- bringing us to critical points of decision in home/family situations, relationships with children, our environment, Mother Earth and more.  turning points are upon us!  which way will we choose to go?

friday january 5th-
at 1:19am mars in scorpio semisquares saturn in capricorn, creating a minor but intense aspect between the will and drive and the planet of Karma.  both scorpio and capricorn are powerfully willful and focused.  with these two in tense aspect we need to be super aware of how we wield our ego energies.  domination and control will not work.  reigning in our lower chakra desires for power so that we are taking action not from a place of fear or obsession but instead from a place of self mastery is key!

mercury in sagittarius trines retrograde eris in aries at 3:21am, aligning the mind and intellect with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos.  mercury will trigger eris, uranus and chiron in the coming 2 days- completing the 3rd and final triggers of these planets due to mercury’s recent Underworld journey.  this can make for some powerful, revealing communications!  mercury in sadge wants the Truth and eris in aries will reveal it at any cost!  over the next few days mercury triggers eris and uranus- bringing wake up/shake up communications, information and revelations!  stay open to seeing more Truth in yourself, others and the world around you!

saturday january 6th-
at 3:03pm the sun in capricorn quincunxes the mean north node in leo, creating tension between the conscious self and ego that wants control, solidity and security and the north node that wants passion, creativity and fun!  tension between responsibility and enjoyment of life can arise right now.  also tension between what we ‘should be doing’ and what our hearts/Souls/Spirits want.  seeing what we need to strip away and release (in the capricorn part of our chart) to fully come into some new aspect of ourselves and our journey is key right now!

at 3:39pm mercury in sagittarius trines stationary direct uranus in aries, aligning the lower mind with the Higher Mind in expansive ways!  the mind is innovative, outside of the box and brilliant right now!  important insights, aha moments and bolt out of the blue awarenesses are possible.  so are out there ideas and sudden information coming to Light.  opening the mind and being willing to see/hear/speak more of the Truth is supported right now!

at 3:51pm the sun in capricorn quincunxes retrograde ceres in leo, creating tension between responsibility and obligation and self-care and self-nurturing.  ceres is on the north node and they both are tensely aspected by the sun right now (and the sun rules the sign they are in!).  we are wanting to come more into our radiance and brilliance- which requires that we see where we are keeping ourselves stuck and small.

mars cojoins jupiter at 17’55 scorpio at 4:39pm, aligning the will and drive with the planet of expansion and excess.  we have had a super aspect between these two since yesterday as mars paralleled jupiter in the morning hours- which amplifies the connection between these two!  mars/jupiter can be great for action, initiative, confidence and going for it!  yet jupiter can also exacerbate things and too much mars energy can express as violence, power/control dynamics and with scorpio involved massive hidden shadows playing out behind the scenes.  with uranus stationary direct all week in the sign of mars we need to be very careful how we wield our ego energies!  luckily mars and jupiter are trine neptune and trine the full moon that kicked off the new year.  if we can make sure the Higher Heart (neptune) and Higher Self/Higher Mind (jupiter) lead the way- then actions we take right now can be deeply healing and transformational.

at 8:06pm mercury in sagittarius squares chiron in pisces, bringing tension between the conscious mind and intellect and the Wounded Healer planetoid.  old wounds and pain can get triggered and arise in the mind and in communication with others.  watch out for thinking you know everything or have it all figured out.  staying open to not knowing is actually the key to true wisdom and understanding- as it’s the only way new ideas or insights will have the space to come in ;)  having healthy outlets for emotions and feelings- so that we are not rising above them prematurely and spiritually bypassing what is really going on underneath is the path to true, healing communication and revelation right now.

sunday january 7th-
at 12:40am retrograde ceres cojoins the mean north node at 16’33 leo for the 2nd of 3 times during her 9 month journey (the first was on 12/10/17 and the last will be on 4/30/18).  ceres/north node creates an alignment of the Great Mother with the node of destiny and evolution.  right now there’s a potent alignment of ceres on the north node with both quincunx pluto.  the exact pluto/ceres quincunx is not until 6/3/18 but this month that alignment is being energized (and it will happen again in late april due to her Underworld journey).  ceres/north node reminds us that our evolution and growth requires nurturing and caring for the child within.  the north node in leo is a call to expand our self-expression, creativity and passions in life!  ceres on the north node remind us that this needs to come from our heart- not our head.  loving and nurturing ourselves, others and the world around us is key.  yet with ceres and the north node quincunx pluto there can be some big time intensity playing out in home/family situations, with children, or regarding the child within.  from a more mundane perspective ceres also has to do with Mother Earth, the environment and our precious natural resources (food, air, water, earth).  pluto/ceres can speak to massive shadow energies arising around how we are (or are NOT) taking care of Mother Earth, the environment, our natural resources and more.  shadow situations arising need to be addressed asap- personally and globally.

venus in capricorn quicnunxes retrograde ceres in leo at 1:13am and the north node in leo at 1:16am- creating a trigger of the Goddess of Love and beauty with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess on the north node of evolution and growth.  similar to yesterday when the sun made this tense aspect- we are being asked to look at where expectation, obligation and old paradigms are keeping us stuck.  breaking out and breaking free is key.  we are being called into our passions, our fire, our creativity and leadership!  looking at where we are stuck and stagnant in relationships, Love and money situations, home/family situations and more is recommended right now.

have a blessed first week of 2018!

~divine harmony

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