Monday March 8th 2021

weekly astrology forecast- 8/6-8/12

***all times are PDT***

monday august 6th-
the only major aspect today occurs at 7:41am when the sun in leo parallels retrograde mercury in leo, echoing the sun/mercury conjunction that occurred last saturday 7/28. with the conscious self and ego aligned with the mind and intellect- insights, aha moments and important communications can arise with information we do not want to miss- so pay attention!


tuesday august 7th-
venus moves out of gemini and into cancer at 6:43am, shifting the focus of the Goddess of Love and beauty from the mind to the heart. with venus in cancer we are supported in attuning our energies to our home, inner life, family life and the past. venus in cancer can get stuck in the past though, so we need to be aware of the her tendency to get emotionally stuck and attached in ways that are stagnant and not life-enhancing.

at 10:40pm mercury stations direct at 1’26 leo after his 3 week retrograde station. we have been given an opportunity to rethink/review/revise our ego energies, our need for attention and coddling, and our need to perform. we have also been supported in getting clear on our identity, personal needs, self-esteem and our need to shine. with mercury stationing today be aware that all manner of mercury retrograde snafus (issues with communication, technology and travel) are at their highest! the closest aspect to stationing mercury is a trine to the evolutionary north node- pay close attention to insights, aha moments and important communications had at this time. messages are coming in- but you have to have ears to hear them!


wednesday august 8th-
the only major aspect today involves recently turned direct mercury in leo semisextile to venus in cancer, exact at 10:14pm. with the mind aligned with the heart we are supported in communicating our feelings and sharing from the heart. particularly with mercury now direct, all the information we have been processing over the last several weeks with mercury retrograde can now be ready to be acted upon.


thursday august 9th-
the day starts off with venus in cancer quincunx to the north node in sagittarius at 9:34am. with the goddess of Love and beauty in tense aspect to the north node of destiny and evolution, issues in Love and money can come up today that need to be dealt with. our attachments to the past can hinder our growth and evolution that is ahead. seeing what needs to be let go of today and doing it is key.

venus, newly in cancer, trines retrograde neptune in pisces at 3:34pm, aligning the lower heart and Higher Heart in harmonious ways. compassion, empathy, sensitivity and Unconditional Love are enhanced right now. this is a great time for romance, spirituality and selflessly serving others. watch out for the rose colored glasses though- they will come off eventually!


friday august 10th-
recently turned direct mercury in leo trines the north node in sagittarius at 8:53pm, echoing the aspect they made on 8/3 when mercury was retrograde. with the mind aligned with our evolution we would do well to pay attention to important communications, insights and aha moments coming in that are pointing us in the direction of our growth. this is the closest aspect made to mercury as he stations so it is VERY potent. take note.


saturday august 11th-
the day starts off with mercury in leo quincunx to retrograde neptune in pisces at 8:47am. mercury/neptune can be very spiritual, mystical and psychically opening, but it can also be confusing, delusional and even deceptive in communication and thinking. paying attention to the deeper Unconscious messages coming in is recommended.

retrograde uranus in aries semisextiles retrograde chiron in pisces at 1:06pm, aligning the great awakener, revolutionary and rebel with the wounded healer. opportunities for deep and sudden healing is possible right now, but we have to be open to the form it may come in. pay attention to dreams and be open to kundalini energy!

the day ends with retrograde uranus in aries sesquiquadrate to juno in scorpio at 8:41pm. with the planet of freedom and independence in tense aspect to the asteroid goddess of marriage and partnership it is safe to say that stuff will be up in important relationships today. ultimately we need to navigate through the waters of partnership and find a balance between our own journey/need for space and our commitments and connections to others. whichever one has been neglected will be up for review today!


sunday august 12th-
the day starts off with mars in libra sesquiquadrate retrograde chiron in pisces at 11:24am, bringing tension between the warrior and will and the wounded healer. old wounds around the masculine (within and without) can be up today big time. dealing with boundaries, assertiveness, speaking up and taking a stand can be a theme today.

the day and week end with mars in libra quincunx juno in scorpio at 5:00pm. fiesty-ness and arguments are likely to be up today in partnership. finding new ways to assert our needs without attacking others is needed. if energy is stuck in relationships- this aspect can help shift it, positively or negatively!

enjoy your week…

~divine harmony

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