Tuesday October 26th 2021

***all times are PDT***

monday july 30th-
the only aspects today involve the sun triggering the uranus/pluto square. at 12:09am the sun in leo quincunxes retrograde pluto in capricorn and at 10:21pm the sun trines retrograde uranus in aries. with the sun bringing Light and consciousness to the uranus/pluto square we can expect to get some very clear messages about the evolution, change and releasing of the past that is being required of us right now. sun/pluto can bring up power/control dynamics and shadowy behavior. the sun is in the sign of the ego- so it can be very easy to be attached to our need to be in control. the sun/uranus aspect is more liberating and expansive- helping us to see where we need to let go and let change in! all day long we are supported in getting clear on what is breaking down in our lives so that we can move towards breakthroughs. pay attention and take note!


tuesday july 31st-
at 12:38am venus in gemini trines saturn in libra, harmoniously aligning the goddess of Love and beauty with the planet of stability, structure and commitment. this is a great aspect for getting clear and grounded in regards to Love and money situations. it confers the ability to think long term and make decisions/commitments that have legs to stand on. this aspect occurs in the early morning hours, so pay attention to your dreams upon waking for important messages from the Unconscious.

the only other aspect that occurs today involves the sun in leo quincunx to retrograde chiron in pisces, exact at 5:10am. this tense aspect can bring up a lot of old wounds and pain to be processed and addressed. leo is the sign of identity and individuality, while pisces is the sign of dissolution and merging with everyone and everything. with these two very different energies in tense aspect there is a need to get clear on our boundaries and balance between individual identity and cosmic connection. old wounds and pain can surface today that require we address wherever this imbalance plays out for us- so pay attention.


wednesday august 1st-
the only major celestial occurrence today involves the full moon in aquarius, exact at 8:27pm. with the sun in leo opposite the moon in aquarius the polarity between individuality and community, independence and interconnection is highlighted. full moons tend to bring things to Light, fruition, completion or crisis- so whatever was begun at the new moon in cancer on 7/18 involving home, family, roots and connection to the past can be a focus today. the sun activates the uranus/pluto square in the full moon chart and the moon is the midpoint between uranus and pluto- so what is up for us emotionally today is intimately connected into the massive changes, transformation, death and rebirth that uranus and pluto require. it’s time to let go of the past!


thursday august 2nd-
the day starts off with the sun in leo sextile to jupiter in gemini at 2:56am, harmoniously aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of optimism, abundance and growth. this is an auspicious and expansive aspect that can help us see the glass as half full, and the silver lining in any clouds.

then at 8:53am the sun in leo semisquares venus in gemini, bringing tension between the ego and the heart. our ego’s needs can be at odds with our hearts needs and this can create confusion/tension in our relationships right now. finding ways to honor both is ultimately what is being asked- but we need to address where something is missing first in order to get to the place of balance we seek.

the day ends with mars in libra sesquiquadrate retrograde neptune in pisces, exact at 9:00pm. a tense mars/neptune aspect can be very spiritual, idealistic, intuitive and compassionate- yet it can also weaken our will, drive and self-assertiveness. mars is the warrior and he typically is very forth-right and direct, but in the sign of libra he can vacillate and have difficulty figuring out where he stands. with the tense aspect from neptune dissolving the will this tendency can be exacerbated. taking time to tune in and see what we need and where we are at is key. meditate!


friday august 3rd-
at 4:53am mars in libra semisquares the north node in sagittarius, creating tension between the will and drive and our Higher Self’s path of destiny and evolution. we need to get clear on our motives and our direction- because if they are at odds with where our growth is we will be counterproductive in our energies right now. with the last two aspects involving mars occurring overnight it is recommended to pay attention to your dreams upon waking for important messages from the Unconscious about how you relate to the mars energy in your life.

at 11:13am retrograde mercury in leo trines the north node in sagittarius, creating a harmonious energy between the conscious mind and intellect and our path of growth and destiny. important communications, insights and aha moments can arise today that point us in the direction of our growth- so pay attention and take notes.

mars in libra parallels saturn in libra at 11:29am, aligning the will and drive with the planet of grounding, discipline and mastery. on 8/15 these two will align by degree and today they do so by declination. between now and then we are in a mars/saturn frequency which can show up in one of two ways. we can either find ourselves mastering and disciplining our will, drive and warrior energies OR we can find our masculine energy being inhibited, restricted, depressed and repressed. saturn demands that we come into a greater sense of integrity with whatever he touches. he also demands that we realistically deal with things and let go/prune away what is no longer working. with mars in libra we need to look at how we deal with our warrior energies and perhaps even confront where we over-compromise to keep the peace in a way that is detrimental for our health and well being. over the coming couple of weeks paying attention to how we express our mars energy is key!

the day ends with retrograde mercury in leo quincunx retrograde neptune in pisces, exact at 9:06pm. when mercury is retrograde he is already connected to the Unconscious and with a tense aspect from the planet that rules the Unconscious this is enhanced and/or exacerbated. positively our intuition, psychic ability and spiritual awareness is heightened. yet the shadow of neptune can cause us to believe in illusions, delusions and deception. we need to be clear where we are believing in what is possible or where we are in denial. pay attention to your subconscious urges and ideas- they can be very illuminating right now.


saturday august 4th-
the day starts off with venus in gemini contraparallel retrograde pluto in capricorn at 8:57am. this tense venus/pluto aspect can be passionate, deep and Soulful or it can be shadowy, manipulative, secretive and controlling. with venus involved relationships and finances are the focus- so pay attention to the shadow in Love and money situations. do not avoid dealing with it or it will just come up in greater force later!

retrograde neptune in pisces squares the north node in sagittarius at 1:54pm, bringing tension between the planet of spirituality, illusion and deception and our path of growth and destiny. the north node is where our growth lies and in sagittarius it lies in seeing the Bigger Picture, understanding how everything is interconnected and getting out of our small, limited minds (shown by the south node in gemini). with neptune square to the nodes we can have spiritual experiences that open our minds OR we can have delusional experiences that are simply illusions that are serving to try and keep us asleep. the north node in sagittarius demands Truth, but neptune prefers the Truth be pretty, so the degree to which is it not is the degree to which deception, illusion and denial can come in. this can be experienced personally but it can also be experienced collectively- so pay attention to what is going on in the world and use your discernment to tell the Truth from the lies.

the day ends with pluto in capricorn semisquare to juno in scorpio at 9:47pm. with the lord of the underworld in tense aspect to the asteroid goddess of partnership it is safe to say that the shadow is likely going to be up in partnerships right now (romantic, business and otherwise). pluto rules juno so the needs in partnership are for depth, Soulfulness, growth and transformation. yet the shadow of pluto/scorpio can arise right now: power/control dynamics, manipulation, jealousy and possessiveness. looking at the shadow in our relationships is necessary if we can them to evolve. if we ignore what is up then things can get ugly- so best to address things now rather than later, no?


sunday august 5th-
there are no major aspects today. the day starts off with the moon in mystical, sensitive pisces and it goes void around 11am. at 2pm the moon moves into firey, assertive and dynamic aries. the energy shift from inward to outward, receptive to active can be felt palpably.

enjoy your week!

~divine harmony

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